The Best OTG Motorcycle Goggles (Over the Glasses)

Motorcycle goggles over glasses are the best solution for riders with prescription eyewear. We found 5 best pairs of OTG motorcycle goggles for you.

Over the glasses helmet

Luckily for me, I only really need to wear glasses when I’m working on my laptop. Unfortunately for my dad, (In the pictures here) he needs to wear his glasses all the time. Even while riding his dirt bike.

There are a few highly reputable companies that sell OTG goggles (Over the Glasses Goggles) that are ideal for wearing over spectacles. These goggles fit over the glasses and make it easy to enjoy outdoor activities without having to leave your eyewear at home.

In a perfect world, standard goggles would fit well over prescription eyewear but the reality is simply that OTG goggles need to be just a bit bigger and wider than normal to ensure that glasses can be worn comfortably underneath. OTG goggles need to ensure that factors such as comfort, safety, and vision are not impaired even when glasses are worn.

There are several types of OTG goggles available so whether you are looking for a pair to wear off-road or for street riding, it’s a great piece of gear that will serve you well.

Best OTG Dirt Bike Goggles

Top Choice: 100% Accuri 2 OTG Goggles

100% Accuri goggles have a great snug-fitting feel across my face. Minimal pressure on my glasses makes them comfortable to wear for the whole ride. They also have enough air space to prevent fogging. All for a reasonable price.

Best OTG MX Goggles
1. 100% Accuri 2 OTG Goggles
2. FMF Powerbomb OTG Goggles
3. Scott Sports Split OTG Goggles
4. Oakley L-Frame MX OTG Goggles

Best OTG Motocross Goggles Review

The following OTG goggles are what I consider to be among the best over the glasses motorcycle goggles currently available.

Best for Larger Glasses

100% ACCURI 2 OTG Goggle

Here’s a pair that offers the best peripheral vision you can find – especially practical if you have wider frames on your prescription glasses.

Remember the part above where we talked about how nice it is to have a wide field of vision with OTG goggles? Here’s another pair that exceeds the requirement of offering great vision. These frames have a raised section to offer a peripheral landscape that few other goggles have.

The goggles are curved to fit snugly over prescription glasses and come with a wide strap to ensure that the goggles are secured tightly around the head. Triple layer moisture-wicking foam and anti-fog lenses also ensure comfort while riding. With such a great company like 100% making great products that are used by the likes of Marvin Musquin – you can’t go wrong.

  • 45mm silicone-coated strap
  • Moisture-wicking foam
  • Scratch-resistant lenses
  • Curved fit
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Best Anti Fog OTG Google


FMF Racing has been a key player in the world of motorsports for almost 50 years. That much time committed towards any task is guaranteed to produce outstanding results. This is certainly evident in the quality of the FMF Powerbomb OTG Goggles.

FMF have partnered with 100% to create the FMF Vision line of goggles which presents two beautiful pairs of goggles. The Powerbomb and Powercore, although only the Powerbomb model has an OTG variation.

The OTG Powerbomb goggles feature a large viewport that fits even the largest of frame sizes for glasses. They come standard with a removable nose guard which is a really nice touch. Not all riders like to wear a nose guard, myself included. This is normally because i struggle to breath with the added pressure, however the Powerbomb goggles actually have a wider nose bridge which helps with a better fit and also reduces the amount of fog build up.

The Powerbomb goggles come stock with an anti-fog lens. FMF and 100% really thought the design of the FMF goggles brand through. All FMF goggles make use of the same size lens and tear off lenses. Kids goggles are different of course.

  • Expanded eyeport for larger framed glasses.
  • Cushioned foam pockets for relief of temple pressure.
  • Wider nose bridge.
  • Removable nose guard.
  • Anti-fog lens.
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Best Value OTG Googles

SCOTT Split OTG Goggle

Off-roading is fun. With proper riding gear, it’s even better! Trust me – or ask me to share some stories of my off-road adventures with poor gear, that should convince you. It’s even more important if you’re buying goggles for your child. If you have a child or are ever looking for a kids birthday present that won’t brake the bank, check out my review on the best youth motocross goggles.

Here’s a great pair of OTG goggles for the off-roaders out there. Dust and sand are a real pain in the eye even with a good pair of goggles. With glasses and OTG goggles, the problem is compounded – but luckily, Scott has equipped this pair with a dust catcher vent to ensure that your eyes and glasses are safe on the dustiest of roads and the wildest of adventures. The vent foam is thick enough to block out even the smallest of dust particles and sand, a luxury that you definitely need to splurge on if you want to enjoy your ride and actually be able to admire the view as you go.

  • Dust catcher vent foam
  • Grey lenses with UV protection
  • Affordable
  • Scott Fit System design
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Best Entry OTG Googles

Oakley L-Frame MX OTG Goggles

I heard about the Oakley brand a lot before I finally gave in and tried them out. Now that I have my own OTG pair, I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Not even a Harley. Okay, maybe for a Harley…

Oakley is a brand well-known for producing eyewear of all kinds. The Oakley over the glasses goggles are designed to fit over prescription eyewear comfortably and have extra features such as anti-fog, scratch- and impact-resistant lenses. The inner foam fleece is triple-layer and works effectively to wick away moisture and sweat that builds up on the road – this is a great feature since there’s really no way to wipe at your eyes under goggles or glasses while driving!

Oakley goggles also offer extra protection and are tested for impact in high velocity tests. 3-D CAD/CAM engineering is used to create a perfect fit and Iridium lens coatings make it easy for the eyes to adjust to changes in lighting conditions.

It’s easy to feel as if goggles are hampering your field of vision so I always look for a pair that extends far enough that I don’t notice the rims while riding. Oakley goggles are a good option if you want extended lens sizes to fit over pretty much any pair of prescription glasses.

  • Seal well against dust/water
  • Removable nose guard
  • Balanced pressure distribution
  • Anti-scratch lenses
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Indents for Glasses

OTG goggles are specially made with indents that fit glasses. They are also fitted with frames that are flexible enough to accommodate various sizes of eyewear without causing damage. This helps ensure that your glasses won’t be sliding around in the goggles if you happen to hit a speed bump or take a sharp turn.

The foam interior has cut-outs that allow the arms of glasses to fit into the goggles easily, which also helps stabilize your spectacles for rough rides. This is also important because it means that eyewear won’t shatter easily if you are in a collision.

Wider Field of Vision

over the glasses goggles

Goggles that fit over glasses often have wider lenses to ensure that your field of vision – both peripherally and downwards – is broad enough for safe riding. The goggles fit most standard-sized prescription glasses.

It can be a real pain if the OTG goggles are the same size as your prescription glasses – your peripheral vision is largely affected and driving can be dangerous especially in low light or at night. A broad field of vision is paramount to riding safely and a quality pair of OTG goggles will offer this feature.


OTG glasses are fitted with inner padding to provide extra comfort and additional protection against things such as dust and wind that could irritate the eyes while riding. The padding is also designed to relieve pressure on the temples when worn for extended periods of time.

Transitional Lenses

High-quality OTG goggles often include lenses that can be clear or dark depending on the lighting. This makes them suitable for night riding and ensures that the sunlight and glare don’t affect your ability to see clearly. Otherwise you would have to wear sunglasses over your glasses and under your goggles – quite a feat!


Aside from acting as a highly functional piece of motorcycle gear, OTG goggles can also be used for other activities such as swimming, bicycle riding and extreme adventure sports where it is difficult to wear prescription eyewear safely.

I’ve found them to be very practical in several scenarios that definitely would have ended the lifespan of my spectacles if I didn’t have a pair of OTG goggles. Despite the initial cost of my OTG goggles, I’ve saved a bundle of money in not having to purchase a new pair of prescription glasses every time I went off-roading.

Can Be Worn Without Glasses

OTG goggles will still offer a great fit on the days you decide to wear contact lenses. Simply adjust the head strap to ensure that the goggles are fitted securely and be on your way! The goggles can of course be worn with non-prescription sunglasses as well for days that are extra bright, and will remain useful even if your prescription changes or you get a new pair of glasses.

Same Features as Regular Goggles

OTG goggles don’t skimp on the important features of regular motorcycle goggles. They are built with anti-fogging properties, UV lenses and contoured fit, while ensuring that wind is kept out for comfortable riding. The goggles are generally lightweight and comfortable to wear.

OTG goggles also seal well to ensure that dust and other small particles are left where they should be – away from your eyes! Most OTG goggle pairs have lenses that can be swapped out for tinted, smoked and clear lenses depending on your preference.

Tips for Otg Goggles


Measuring your face is an important step in making sure that you buy correctly sized motorcycle goggles, especially if the goggles are available in different sizes. Although many pairs of goggles are one size fits all, getting a pair that is sized and compatible with the shape of your face will help ensure a closer and more comfortable fit.

Start by measuring the width of your face from temple to temple. For depth measurements, start from the middle of the cheekbone and measure to just above the eyebrow. Also take measurements while wearing your prescription eyewear to ensure that the goggles will be wide enough to accommodate your spectacles.

Fitting Goggles

OTG goggles need to fit properly, especially if you plan on wearing them for long rides. There are a few ways to check for proper fit. Goggles should not pinch down on the bridge of your nose. Although straps are adjustable, there needs to be enough room between the eye glasses and your nose for proper ventilation. The straps should not be cutting into your skin around the head area and no more than one finger width should fit under the straps when the goggles are put on.

If pressure is being exerted underneath the eye sockets, a larger framed goggle would be a better fit. Pressure from the goggle frames can also be prevented by either loosening the strap or selecting larger frames. Tightening the strap will help with goggles that slip off the bridge of the nose and if that doesn’t help, consider opting for a smaller pair of goggles.

Helmet Compatibility

Unless you wear half-face helmets, your OTG goggles should be able to fit comfortably under your motorcycle helmet. Goggles with frames that are too large for your helmet will press both the goggles and your glasses down onto your nose, which will quickly cause discomfort.

If the frames are too small, a large gap between the goggles and helmet could cause shifting and visibility complications. It may help to measure the inside of previous helmets to get an idea of which OTG goggles will fit well. Many helmets these days are made with this factor in mind. Manufacturers try to provide an eye-port large enough to fit most goggles and also give the rider a wider field of view. Some of the top dirt bike helmets and their advantages can be found here.

Caring for Your Accessories

Proper care will ensure that your goggles last a long time and stay in top shape with clean and clear lenses. Avoid placing the goggles anywhere with the lens side down as this could harm the coating of the lens and remove the UV protective layer. Use microfiber or similar soft cloths to clean lenses and never dry the goggles near intense heat sources when wiping away fog or moisture. To increase the longevity of your OTG goggles, keep them in a soft micro-fibre lined case when not being worn.

Best Motorcycle Goggles That Fit Over Glasses

OTG goggles are a great solution for riders who prefer to keep their prescription eyewear on while out on the road. The Oakley L-Frame Graphic Frame MX Goggles are our favorite choice for the best motorcycle goggles over glasses. The lenses are anti-fog and tested for impact resistance, while the inner foam fleece layer removes moisture effectively without reducing comfort. They come at a very affordable price and offer the key features that every standard pair of goggles offer – with the added convenience of fitting most sizes of prescription eyewear. My name is Dave Wilson and I wear motorcycle goggles glasses – and it works!

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