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Wesley – First Checkpoint Author

Born and raised in a world of two wheels. I am the lead rider and writer behind First Checkpoint.

I’m just your average weekend warrior with a passion for dirt bikes. I’ve never been much good on two wheels – but I’ve been around them long enough to know a few people who are..

I can’t actually recall the first time I sat on top of a motorcycle. Judging from my early childhood pictures, I I’m fairly certain it was before I could even crawl.

Although I didn’t get a bike of my own until my 16th birthday, the adrenalin-fuelled blood was already surging through my veins. My late uncle – Errol Dalton was a professional dirtbike racer. Growing up I’d attend as many of his races as I could. Motocross, Supermoto, and Hard Enduro. From the bottom right photo, you might say he was my first riding coach.

Hard Enduro stuck with me the most. I preferred the technical challenge of a hill climb over the speed of motocross and supermoto. My father and I ride enduro almost every weekend, and during the week when we get a chance.

I’ve since entered the Roof of Africa (The mother of hard enduro) twice. The first time I broke my arm. For my second attempt at the Roof Of Africa 2021 – The weather conditions were definitely not favorable. Race formats and courses had to be changed on the day along with the finish line. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of the few finishers of the 2021 ROA. I will be back.

Up until recently, Errol held the record for the most starts and finishes of the Pro class at the Roof Of Africa. 22 Times. It’s always been my goal to add 1 finish of my own. That’s the reason I ride with the number 23.

It’s his memory and legacy that keeps me going – on the bike, and in life. A true role model, a kind soul, a loving heart, and a gentle giant.
RIP Errol. We will ride again.

How Did First Checkpoint Start

First Checkpoint started as a passion project in 2018. It was a place where I could share my dirt bike adventures with people from all around the world. Over time, It became a place where could share more than adventures, but lessons I had picked up along the way as grew more and more fond of the dirt biking world. Every time I needed to repair something, I would research everything I could online and watch countless hours of videos learning how to fix the things I was so good at breaking.

Eventually, my riding improved and I began to break fewer things (although damage is inevitable in this sport). This meant I could stop spending money on repairs and start spending money on upgrades. Like buying a new set of boots or a shiny new helmet.

These purchases came with a ton of research. I knew if I was going to be spending that much money, I wanted to be damn sure that I was going to be happy with my purchases for many years to come. I figured other riders would be in the same position as me so I began to document and share all my research right here on First Checkpoint. To date, I’ve created hundreds of comparison guides with all the information I’d consider important for myself and other riders in the same situation.

As the First Checkpoint reader base began to grow, riders around the world began to ask questions I didn’t have the answers to. It was at that point I knew I needed to bring on a more experienced team to cover the topics I had not yet quite come to grips with.

Meet the guys..

First Checkpoint Author Michael Huber

Michael Huber

Former 82nd airborne paratrooper whose been been living as a digital nomad for over three years. Michael has been traveling The United States of America, Canada, Vietnam, and Mexico on his BMW GS1200.

First Checkpoint Author Jonathan Hemmings

Jonathan Hemmings

Jon is an experienced writer with five years of professional experience in a broad range of styles, including both fiction and non-fiction. He enjoys riding motorcycles almost as much as he enjoys writing, and has owned everything from 50cc scooters to 1100cc sports bikes over two decades of motorcycling.

Evan Rothman

Evan is a motorhead through and through. Having contributed to numerous online publications before joining the team at First Checkpoint. Most notable contributions include those in Top Gear. While 4 wheels are his passion, two wheels keeps him moving forward.

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