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best kids dirt bike gear

Complete Recommended Kids Dirt Bike Gear For $1000

This guide serves as a summarized form of all our kids dirt bike gear reviews. I’ll provide you with my recommended gear for each category. If you’d like more details on any piece of gear, I’ll also include a link to the full review should you wish to check out some of the alternative options. I’ve offered my gear suggestions with best value for money item at mind. The complete list of gear will cost you just over $1000.

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quiet dual sport adventure helmet

Quietest Dual Sport Adventure Helmet

The problem with a dual sport helmet is that they are more a jack of all trades, master of none. This is especially true when it comes to fulfilling specific needs riders like myself are looking for. One of my frustrations is the constant noise, or rather lack of noise reduction.

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best dual sport bluetooth helmet

Best Dual Sport Helmet With Bluetooth

As the name implies, Dual sport helmets offer the advantage of being compatible across multiple riding and sport disciplines. Combining this advantage with a built in bluetooth piece makes a bluetooth enabled – dual sport helmet, the best multipurpose helmet a rider could own.

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