Best Harley Davidson Cell Phone Mounts: What? Where? When?

Mounting your phone in the right place on your Harley offers a level of convenience that’ll leave you wondering why you never did it sooner.

Harley Davidson motorcycles have specific needs from a cell phone mount, but there are also some general guidelines to check out that apply across the board.

As tempting as it might be to get the cheapest cell phone mount on eBay or your usual online shopping destination, it is the worst thing you could do, at least without a bit of research first.

Most cell phones now cost a fortune, so the last thing you want is for it to fly off in the middle of your ride. Not only could you lose it or break it, but it will ruin your otherwise perfect ride.

So, whether you need a phone mount to use your cell phone for directions, or just to have it accessible I have put together some reviews of the best options out there. Let’s take a look.

What are the Benefits of a Cell Phone Mount?

  • You can use your satellite navigation apps, whether you connect it up to a bluetooth headset for audio or not, it is useful being able to see the map ahead of time so you can concentrate on the road ahead if you need to move lanes etc.
  • If you have a headset in your helmet you will be able to answer calls while riding and even play your music through your headset or speaker system. Now days you could even play your music through your smartwatch if you have one. If not, check out our review on smartwatches for motorcycle riders.
  • Mounted in the right place your cell phone could even video some of your rides, so you can look back on those memorable mountain passes or long desert roads.
  • Convenience. Some riders don’t carry much on them when riding, and a cell phone mount/holder can just be a convenient way to carry your phone when riding, it’s more comfortable than having it sit in your jeans pocket or tight jacket. 

Where is the Best Place to Mount a Cell Phone on a Harley?

You will want to mount your cell phone somewhere that is unobtrusive from any controls and somewhere that doesn’t block your view of the road but equally ensure it is within easy reach. Handlebar mounts are the most common place for riders to mount a phone. Riding with a tank bag has recently become a lot more popular. This is a safe and convenient place to keep your phone.

Things to Consider:

  • Waterproof and Dustproof – If you ride all year, through all weather, or planning on some touring then a waterproof and dustproof mount is probably the way forward. Mount your phone knowing it is protected from the elements and that you won’t have to stop riding if you get stuck in a sudden downpour.
  • Vibration Proof and Shock Absorption – Harley engine’s vibrate – Fact. It is part of their charm actually, a Harley that’s engine doesn’t make itself known by being loud and proud, can’t really be considered a Harley right? Add in to the mix potholes, speed bumps etc you can be in for a rough ride, so a phone mount that can handle all of that is what you need. Mounts built with rubber and silicone are going to be best suited for the job of shock absorption, moving with the phone instead of jolting it with every movement. 
  • Durability – It goes without saying that if you are researching a cell phone mount that you want something of substantial quality that can withstand what the road will throw at it. 
  • Look for mounts made of durable rugged materials like zinc alloy and if it has netting or bands to keep the phone in place make sure they are made of strengthened rubber/silicon. 
  • Handlebar Compatibility – Most phone mounts will adjust to fit different size handlebars. To ensure compatibility measure the thickness of your bars against the product description. An easy way to do this is using a piece of string, wrap one end around the metal of the handlebars, keep hold of the point of the string where the string end meets, then lay flat and measure with a ruler. Mounts can also be installed on your mirror stems, and clamped on to all sorts of places, there are even plates that can be bought allowing you to screw a mount in anywhere that can be screwed into on your bike. So, don’t be put off if you haven’t got much space on your custom bars, or don’t want a mount ruining the look of your mini apes. 
  • Easy Installation and Easy Removal of Phone – The last thing anyone wants is a piece of kit that you need a Masters degree in engineering to set up, then to mount and dismount your phone every time you go for a ride. A quality cell phone mount should come with clear instructions for initial set-up and provide an easy mounting system for your phone and equally easy removal.
  • Features – Some mounts will come with more features than others, such as waterproof covers to put over the top, or connecting charging ports, one good feature in a mount though is one that can swivel in any direction. This will ensure you can place your phone exactly where you need it and switch between portrait and landscape mode seamlessly. If you don’t find something that works for you in the following reviews, check out some of our other reviews of motorcycle phone mounts for even more options.

Best Harley Davidson Phone Mount Reviews:

The most convenient phone holders and mounts for Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Best Cell Phone Belt Holder

RAM Mounts Torque Bar Mount

In the realm of motorcycle mounts, few brands can match the reputation and reliability of RAM Mounts. Their Torque Bar Mount is a standout for devoted motorcyclists. 

The RAM Mounts Torque Bar Mount has been designed with an emphasis on stability and versatility. It has a superior grip and holds the cell phone securely even on rocky terrains where vibrations average 4.5 on the Richter scale. The mount also handles weight well, accommodating devices up to 2 pounds without any hint of looseness.

What distinguishes the RAM Mounts Torque Bar Mount from the pack is its patented ball-and-socket design. This feature allows a wide range of adjustability in all axes, enabling riders to position their device at the most convenient angle. It also comes with a device cradle that is compatible with a variety of phones, a flexibility that I've found to be quite beneficial. 

The RAM Mounts Torque Bar Mount stands out for its robust construction, flexibility, and wide device compatibility.

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Best Harley Cell Phone Tank Mount

Givi EA138 6L Tank Bag

This Givi tank bag isn’t just a tank mount for your phone, but a small practical sized tank bag also with a see through phone case that sits on the top of the bag. The 6 liter bag is big enough to throw all your essentials in there like your wallet and a bottle of water, but still compact and won’t look out of place on your Harley. This is a fairly unobtrusive option.

It is held on by two removable strong magnets which also makes it the winner of the best Harley Davidson Magnetic Cell Phone Holder. The bag comes with a waterproof cover to keep your contents dry.

The see through window will allow you to see your phone for directions and to see who’s calling. While this isn’t a traditional phone mount, it does offer quite a lot of extras that make it super convenient and an attractive cost.

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Best Harley Cell Phone Tank Mount

RAM Mounts Quick-Grip Wireless Charging Phone Holder

Not only does this RAM mount hold your phone in place, but it is also a phone charger, so it keeps juice in your battery as you ride. It comes with a safety tether too, just incase the road gets rough, so there is no risk of losing your phone.

The mount is waterproof so no need to pull over when the rains come down. Most impressive is the fact that it’s backed with a lifetime warranty and durable components. While this mount doesn’t come cheap it is packed full of features and built to last.

Ram mounts are known worldwide for being among the best phone and navigation mounting systems for all types of vehicles. Their attention to detail is second to none.

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Best Harley Cell Phone Tank Mount

RAM Quick-Grip Phone Mount with Handlebar Base

The Quick Grip Mount comes in two sizes a standard and XL which makes it my top pick also as the Harley Davidson Universal Handlebar Mount Phone Carrier. One of these two sizes will fit most phones on the market today and will hold it sturdily in place throughout your ride. 

As most top end iPhones are now bigger than ever the XL mount is the perfect size to hold yours in place. iPhones don’t come cheap and that’s why I think RAM mounts are without a doubt the Best iPhone Holders for Harley Davidson.

The mount comes with a roller ball built in so you can turn and face the phone in near any direction you see fit to suit your needs making it a very adaptable mount; whether you need to tilt it to avoid the glare from the sun or want to turn the camera to get the action shot of the road. 

The mounts come with a lifetime warranty. This is probably due to the manufacturing process which includes a powder-coated marine grade aluminium and high grade composite for durability in any conditions. The arms that lock the phone in place are non-obtrusive so you have full visibility of the screen.

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Final Checkpoint

There are so many phone mounts out there, the trick is not to be fooled into thinking they are all the same. By using this article with reviews and tips to know what to look out for, you should be able to pick up the best mount for you.

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