Best Youth Dirt Bike Goggles

Allowing your child to ride without goggles is like leaving him/her alone in the house. It’s pretty much just asking for trouble. Equipping your kid with a half decent set of goggles will ensure their eyes (one of our only five senses) are protected well into their adult life. Here are my top 5 recommended youth dirt bike goggles.

Buyers Guide: Best Kids Dirt Bike Goggles

Although, I must say, riding with goggles is not a 100% safety guarantee. Accidents can and do happen. I’ve ridden with a bloke who lost vision in his left eye, even while wearing his goggles. It was a long, dry and dusty ride through narrow trails. The purpose of goggles is quite obviously to keep the dust and dirt out of your eyes to help you see where you’re going.

They also serve to protect from any loose sticks and stones being flung up into your face from the rider in front of you. Well, in the case of the guy I was riding with, he unfortunately passed by a tree with a low hanging thorn branch that pierced the lens of his goggles and penetrated his eyeball. He lost his vision in his left, but he walked away with his life. Something which would not have happened if he had not been wearing his goggles.


Whilst writing this review I’ve come across a lot of websites that recommend goggles that don’t meet any kind of safety standards or testing criteria. I’ve hand selected these goggles from highly reputable companies that have been in the motorsport industry for decades, specialising in the development of protective gear. Don’t skimp on safety. In fact, here’s a complete guide to kids dirt bike gear.

Reviews – Best Youth MX Goggles

The following five goggles are what I consider to be among the best options for youth dirt bike goggles. Each has its pros and cons and is better suited to different riding conditions, terrain, and rider experience.

  1. Fly Racing Zone Youth Goggles

    Protection & Durability:★★★★★

    Value For Money:★★★★☆





    The Fly Racing Zone Youth Goggles offer great value for money. The lens has been treated with a high-quality anti scratch and anti fog coating which really helps in hot humid and cold weather riding conditions. The frame is sturdy, yet lightweight while the lens has been designed with a wide field of view to offer the most peripheral vision possible. This is great for motocross riders to be able to see any obstacles or riders alongside.

    The lens also has pre-installed tear-off posts which makes removing a dirty lens mid-ride a breeze. The wide variety of lenses also ensures that you’ll find a different lens for different seasons and riding conditions. For example, dark grey or reflective goggles are some of the best youth MX goggles for riding in the sun. 

    The foam padding on the inside of the goggles is fitted with multilayer moisture-absorbing foam which creates a nice snug fit around the face and seals of the eyes from dust and dirt. For a fresh new look, additional accessories like different colored lenses and straps are also available, although sold separately - just like the Fly Racing nose guard. The strap offers epic grip against the helmet with it’s 40mm width and silicone slip-proof coating.

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  2. Strata 2 Youth Motocross Goggles

    Protection & Durability:★★★★★

    Value For Money:★★★★☆




    The Strata 2 Youth dirt bike goggles are the fresh revamp of the original Strata 1 Youth MX goggles. The original Strata goggles were already close to perfect, but the new pair take another step closer to perfection. These goggles are perfect all-terrain goggles - mud, water, dust - you name it and the Strata 2 will deal with it. They do so with the use of the dual-layer foam padding which creates a nice seal around the eyes and effectively absorbs and deals with sweat thanks to the quick-drying foam. This also helps the goggles and rider in wet conditions - possibly the best youth motocross goggles for rain.

    The frame is purposely designed with a small amount of flex which allows it to conform to the rider's face and helmet offering a superior fit. The lenses are top-quality Lexan complete with an anti-fog coating. 100% have an industry-leading standard of securely fitting the lens to the frame with their unique nine-pin design.

    What’s great about the 100% youth dirt bike goggle range is that all the lenses and tear-offs are interchangeable across the different goggles. So if you previously had a Strata 2 or an Accuri 2 model, the lenses are compatible. Nice job 100%. If you like the brand but would like a little extra foam padding - try out the 100% Accuri Goggles - extremely popular among many of the top riders. The extra padding on the Accuri goggles might also give a bit of extra room if your kid wears glasses. OTG dirt bike goggles are not commonly found in kids sizes.

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  3. Scott Sports Agent Mini Youth Goggles

    Protection & Durability:★★★★☆

    Value For Money:★★★★☆




    This is your entry pair of youth dirt bike goggles. They come in at a competitive price point, although lack many of the features that the top youth MX goggles have. If you’re looking for cheap youth dirt bike goggles that will get your child started in motorsport while still offering the needed protection, the Scott Youth Agent Goggles will be your best bet. It’s fitted with an anti-fog 100% UV-protected lens and a non-slip silicone strap. The lens is not replaceable. These goggles are designed as the bare minimum entry-level goggles for children aged between 3-6 years old but serve well in their role as youth motorcycle goggles.

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  4. Thor Youth Core Goggles

    Protection & Durability:★★★★★

    Value For Money:★★★★☆




    Little interesting fact for you – I ride with these exact goggles – just in the adult size of course. I find the frame of these goggles to fit a little bit smaller than most other brands and that seems to work with my face and nose which helps me to breathe better. Although I would say this is definitely a matter of personal preference and fit. Perhaps these are just good for big noses.. Although I do think these are the best youth motocross goggles for the money.

    Thor has been in the motocross sport for over 40 years so it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing. They have put a lot of time, effort and money into manufacturing some of the best motocross gear – (including kids goggles) around.

    The combat goggles are a nice set of Goggles that won’t break the bank. These goggles don’t come with any mirrored lens – I actually don’t like riding with a mirrored lens – but you can buy replacement lenses separately.

    What you do get with these goggles is an anti-fog lens which is also scratch-resistant and offers full UV protection. The frame has been fitted and designed with an optically correct polycarbonate lens which helps to reduce any kind of visual distortion – meaning that you get a clear picture through the lens. These goggles are tear-off ready. You just need to pick up a set of tear offs and install them.

    These goggles also offer pretty good ventilation which is another reason why I like them. If things do get a bit hot and sweaty, you’ll find the 12mm face foam tends to do a good job at absorbing sweat. You’ll also be pleased to know that these helps have passed the European Standards and are safety approved.

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  5. Fox Racing Youth Goggles

    Protection & Durability:★★★★★

    Value For Money:★★★★☆




    The new 2021 Fox Racing Youth Goggles pack all the features you could ask for in a pair of children’s dirt bike goggles. Firstly, and most obviously – they look awesome. But, that’s not all. The looks are matched by the features and quality of the build.

    Fox Racing has some of the best product innovations in the dirt bike goggles space. Their “Variable Lens System” (VLS) allows your goggles to take foth the stock standard lenses as well as the injection-molded lenses – all in the same goggle frame. You don’t see this with many other goggle brands.

    These goggles have a really nice large eye port for maximum viewing pleasure and peripheral vision which is super important on the track and the trails. The lens also features the lens tear-off option which comes in super handy while riding and racing.

    Fox really does pack all the features you could want into this set of goggles and I highly recommend them. They’re also perfectly fine to use with ATV’s, BMXing and cycling. I might even recommend these as the top Youth Atv Goggles.

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Lasso Brag

Top Youth Dirt Bike Goggle Brands

FLY Racing

Fly racing has been at the forefront of development since its establishment in 1998. They’ve quickly established themselves with some of the best dirt bike gear on the market, including youth MX goggles. Fly Racing also covers the BMX, downhill, snow and watersports categories.


The logo is 100%. The website is spelled 100percent. Originating back in the 1980’s, the 100% brand has always been in the motocross sport. The brand was and still is synonymous with the typical Americana motocross scene. If you’re not familiar with the scene, just check out some of the best motocross movies of the ages and you’ll be sure to spot a few 100% gear items.

Fox Racing

Fox Racing has the unmistakable logo known worldwide in a wide variety of sports. From riding gear to casual wear, fox has some of the best gear around. Fox continues to bring out better and better gear each year as their innovative game steps up to the top step of the podium in the Moto, MTB and BMX worlds. Fox racing also make some fantastic youth dirt bike helmets. In fact, the Fox V1 helmet makes the top of the list in my recommended dirt bike helmets for kids.

Scott Sports

Perhaps the oldest brand in the game. Scott Sports has been around since 1958, although they only entered the moto industry in 1970 – still a few decades before that of some of the competing brands.

Thor MX

Another iconic brand is that of Thor MX. Well known for their high tech and competitively priced dirt bike and motocross gear. They offer the full range of MX gear from helmets and goggles to socks and boots.


Founded in 1976 with the ideology of providing extreme motocross riders with top quality gear they can count on. Answer Racing has a ton of world championship motocross riders wearing their gear and for good reason. With over 40 years of experience in the dirt bike gear game, they have some of the best youth mx goggles around.

Criteria – What To Look For

Here’s a few of the key criteria you should look out for when choosing a pair of goggles.

Value For Money:


We all want to get the best bang for our buck. Pay close attention to cheap goggles that might look cool and fancy. Looks are not everything. Safety is. The top youth dirt bike goggle brands will give you all the features and safety you could want. It’s up to you to choose the price tag.

Protection & Durability:


Make sure your goggles offer protection in the right places. The frame should be rigid but not too rigid. There should be a small amount of flex for better fitment and to absorb any impact. The lens should offer full UV protection as well has be treated with anti-fog and anti-scratch resistant coatings



The features you want will determine the price you’ll pay. You don’t need to have all the features, but it sure is to have them. As a bare minimum, make sure the lens is UV protected as well as scratch and fog-resistant. Basic lenses will be clear and will normally have a replaceable lens sold separately. More premium lenses offer different colored tints which adapt your vision to the sun, shadows, and terrain. Most of the goggles I’ve recommended are kitted with tear-off visor posts. This is a feature that all riders use. Goggles straps should be thick enough (around 40mm) to give a secure fit around the helmet and the straps should be lined with anti-slip rubber. Some goggles offer nose guards which are usually sold separately and are a nice to have but not a must. For a more detailed guide, check out my review on the best dirt bike goggles (adult riders version).



One of the more important factors for me. It’s difficult to enjoy your ride or have a good race if you’re constantly trying to adjust the way your goggles fit on your face. Try on a few different pairs and see what works. More importantly, try them on while wearing your helmet. The helmet can often change the way the goggles sit on your face.

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Last Checkpoint

Well done for making it all the way to the last checkpoint. If you skipped to the bottom to find out my final list of recommendations here you go. For the overall best youth dirt bike goggles I would give the title to the 100% Strata 2 Youth MX goggles. They are packed full of features and look spectacular. The best youth MX goggles for the money would have to be the same set of goggles that I ride with (in adult size) – the Thor Combat Youth Goggles. They’re extremely competitively priced and offer many of the same features as the top goggles – except for the mirrored lens. The best beginner toddler riding goggles would be the Scott Sports Agent goggles. Ideal for little kids, first-timers, and the not-so-serious dirt bike rider.

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