A Riders Guide To The Best Motorcycle Trailers

The complete guide to finding the best motorcycle trailer for your rides. Featuring the best single, double, triple and covered motorcycle carriers.

You may well have spotted the ads reading ‘motorcycle trailer for sale’ and they could have got you thinking about how useful it would be to have one, but the big question is which is the best motorcycle trailer?

Before you invest in a trailer, it is worth exploring the various options available and certainly once you have made a shortlist of the best motorbike trailers for you, it is worth researching and learning about them. If you are after a bargain, look out for ‘motorcycle trailer for sale’ adverts in your local papers, advert boards and online.

Five Of The Best Motorcycle Trailers Reviewed

We’ve covered the five best motorcycle trailers for different purposes. From the best single bike carriers to the best motorcycle trailers for camping.

TrailersBest UseRating
1. Trinity MT3 TrailerOverall Multi Bike Trailer★★★★★
2. Black Widow MCC-600Best Single Motorcycle Trailer★★★★
3. Black Widow AMC 400Small Single Bike Carrier★★★
4. GoPlus 600 Lbs Motorcycle CarrierSingle Heavy Bike Load★★★★
5. MX South Drop Tail TrailerCarrying 2 Bikes★★★

Top Choice: Trinity MT3 Trailer

The Trinity MT3 is not only versatile with the number of bikes it can carry, it can be swiftly converted to a 5′ x7′ diamond patterned (non-slip) utility vehicle by simply removing the rails.

What To Consider When Buying A Trailer

When choosing a motorcycle trailer, you are encountered with a number of very different options and styles. There are a number of factors you should consider.

The first consideration is that the motorcycle trailer for sale should be one that is specifically designed for carrying motor bikes safely. These trailers have special wheel grooves for holding the bike steady and a number of anchorage points. There is a choice of a single bike trailer or double and triple trailers on the market, where the bikes are secured next to each other across the width of the trailer.

Intended Use

motorcycle trailer

The first major questions to ask yourself are “Why do I need a trailer?”, “What will I use the trailer for?”. Lots of off road enthusiasts like to take their bikes to the start of the off road circuit and for this need a trailer that will be light and maneuverable and for covering modest distances.

This contrasts sharply with the family man who is off on holiday with his family but would prefer to travel in the car with them rather than travelling on his own and of course, this is particularly true in inclement weather or on a long drive down to the chosen holiday resort which could involve travelling the length of France and Spain! If you plan to take your bike with you, consider a motorcycle cargo trailer.

A third scenario is when groups of bikers meet up for a ‘ride out’ and some prefer to haul use a hauler to carry their their bikes to the starting point. In this case, there could well be sense in looking at double or even triple bike trailers and splitting the costs.

Covered Trailer Vs Uncovered Trailer

There are two main groups of trailer available on the market; covered and uncovered. The main plus for getting a covered trailer has to be protection from the weather! Bikes stay beautifully dry in rainy weather and certainly won’t need a towel off! Security is another big advantage with opting for a covered trailer because your bike is out of view and the trailer can be securely locked too.

Another real bonus too is that with the protection of a covered trailer, your precious bike will not get scratched, bumped or suffer from stone chips. There is usually space in a covered trailer for gear and even helmets – especially if you opt for a ‘v nose’ model which has a pointed front end (better for aerodynamics).

There are disadvantages to consider with covered trailers as they are not always aerodynamic and are very wind resistant so they can be moved by cross winds causing them to be buffeted, making driving far more difficult and it it is strongly recommended to lower your speed in such conditions.

The fuel economy for the towing vehicle is severely impacted too. Thankfully, the newer models on the market have been designed to be lower and much more sculpted to improve air flow over and around them and thus dramatically increase fuel efficiency in the towing vehicle.

Covered Motorcycle Trailer

Whether you opt for a covered trailer or not, the weight of the trailer does need some careful thought. It is important to have a trailer that is as stable as possible – especially for longer journeys – but the trailer must suit your vehicle, be it a car or small van, because if the trailer is too heavy, it will affect the balance of your car and even be dangerous. Even if your empty trailer is the correct type for your vehicle, you must check weight distribution once you have loaded your bike – for example, a single motorbike on a double bike trailer can affect the weight distribution on some trailers and this in turn leads to instability and uneven tyre wear.

If you are planning to take your off road bike on the trailer, the hassle and mess caused by putting your muddy bike in a covered trailer on the homeward route might prove prohibitive, especially as on an open trailer, much of the pieces of mud on your bike will be flung off

Size, Weight And Storage

When considering any motorcycle trailer for sale, storage can definitely pose a problem and this needs to be thought about in advance. Uncovered trailers and a folding motorcycle trailer are definitely more versatile, especially as some models can be up ended or stored on their side against garage walls etc. In answer to endless storage dilemmas, several collapsible models are now available on the market – with claims that they fold small enough to fit in a car boot – you could consider a small motorcycle trailer too which solves storage problems and the need to tow a trailer and are attractively priced too.

Loading And Unloading

There are various methods for loading the bike onto the trailer. Some trailers have platforms that tilt on the axle so the motorcycle is pushed on and the platform automatically tilts back into a horizontal position. Others have drop beds which means that the platform is lowered by hydraulics, the bike is then rolled into place, secured and the platform raised. The third type of trailer has ramps for the bike to be pushed up – narrow ones, just wider than the bike’s tyres or wider ones which are easier.

This last point is really well worth thinking about because a light ‘off roader’ is relatively easy to manoeuvre, but a large touring bike can weigh 450 lbs+ and require two of you so a lightweight motorcycle trailer is not likey the answer in this case!

If you have never pulled a trailer before, there are certainly some important points to know in advance and the NTTA Guide to Safe Trailer Use is full of good info for anyone, anywhere. There is plenty of other information and different clips available on YouTube too.

Having discussed the distinguishing features of various types of trailers, it’s about time we get down to the best motorcycle trailer for sale. Each of these motorcycle trailers is one of the most popular in its group.

There is a range in prices and qualities available and much will depend on your own requirements – how often you will use the trailer, for what type of journey and dare I say it, how well will you maintain it? After all if you look after the trailer well, remembering to grease lug nuts, checking the wear on tyres and keeping the trailer in good condition, it will last you longer and (should you want to change it at any stage) will hold its second hand value.

That being said, here are our picks for the best motorcycle trailer for sale.

Buyers Guide To The Best Motorcycle Trailers

Riders will find peace of mind when looking into the most reputable motorcycle trailer brands. Included the most reliable brands are GoPlus, Black Widow and the Trinity MT3 trailers, built specifically with motorcycle enthusiasts in mind.

Best Three Bike Trailer

Trinity MT3 Motorcycle Trailer

The Trinity MT3 is not only versatile with the number of bikes it can carry, it can be swiftly converted to a 5′ x7′ diamond patterned (non-slip) utility vehicle by simply removing the rails.

Made from tubular steel with 13” chrome wheels, this trailer is both versatile and keenly priced. it can comfortably carry one large bike, two cruisers or three sport/off road bikes. If you are transporting one large heavy bike, it is best to load it on the centre rail for improved balance and stability. There is a loading ramp with automated wheel chocks meaning one person can comfortably load or unload the bikes.

The trailer weighs 425 lb and its deck measures 5′ x 7′. The trailer’s overall width is 84” with folded length of 90” and extended length of120” The maximum length for bikes on the side rails is 97” and on the central rail 105”. This trailer has a Torson axle which makes for a smooth journey – even when carrying three bikes.

We love this trailer so much, we did a full review of it. Find that over here.

  • Torson axle for smooth transport of up to three bike
  • Tubular steel frame makes it a lighter and more muscular trailer
  • Easy conversion to a 5′ X 7′ utility trailer
  • The light bulbs do blow and it is an advantage to fit LED ones
  • The loading ramp can feel a little narrow for wider bikes
  • Price
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Best Single Motorcycle Trailer
Black Widow MCC-500 Steel Motorcycle Carrier

The Black Widow Carrier is ideal for sports, street cruiser and off road bikes.

This motorcycle carrier makes light work of transporting your bike! It is made from heavy duty steel, with black resilient paint and is a hitch-mounted carrier that slides into a 2” class 111 or 1V vehicle hitch receiver. It includes a 5/8” hitch pin and reverse anti-tilt bracket. There are four stabilising tie-down points and a seven position adjustable wheel chock.

The single motorcycle trailer measures 79” X 34.5” and has a maximum weight capacity of 600lbs The carrier itself weighs 99 lbs and has a removable loading ramp measuring 72” x 7.5” which easily fits on the carrier for transport. It is essential to check that your vehicle has the capacity to bear the weight – 99lbs carrier weight + bike weight.

We found that this carrier has enough room for large bikes, however there is a possibility of some bending of the platform when carrying heavy bikes over 500lbs. Even though this is a right side load, left side offload carrier which are generally easier, you may still face some difficulty loading – perhaps even a two man job. Speaking of a two man job, If you’re not very good at assembly or instructions you may need some assistance as the assembly instruction manual is rather unclear for some.

  • Ideal for larger bikes
  • Right side load, left side offload
  • Multiple tie down points and wheel chock positions
  • Simple to use
  • Ratchet straps and covers are not provided
  • Heavy bikes may bend the platform
  • Unclear Assembly Instructions
  • Loading is a two man job
  • Night driving requires reflective tape/lights
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Single Bike Carrier

Goplus Motorcycle Carrier

The GoPlus is a safe and stable, compact motorcycle carrier that can carry a hefty 600 pounds with no problem

You’ll find this carrier to be a safe and stable option, featuring two quick-release locks to help fasten the bike in place. Designed with sports and enduro bikes in mind, it is good for off-road riders and has no problems with holding your bike stable over bumpy roads. This carrier can be a bit of a challenge to carry on your own, and assembly can be bit a confusing as the instructions are rather ambiguous; it’s a good thing all the bolts are the same size.

This motorcycle carrier arrives in kit form and takes 30-45 minutes to assemble and fix to the back of your vehicle. It can support a load up to 600lb in weight and has a 79” carrier track that is 8” in width. There is also a 79” long loading ramp which has a raised adjustable wheel stop that acts like a stabilising wheel chock which owner’s say makes loading and unloading a bike on your own relatively easy. The loading ramp is easily stored on the carrier although you might need to put a little effort into ensuring the ramp is stored securely as the latch holes may need need to be reemed out.

  • Sturdy on bumpy roads
  • Anti-Rust
  • Well sized widely applicable mounts using your vehicle’s 2″ receiver
  • Easy Loading with the stabilizing wheel chock
  • Heavy
  • Ambiguous installation instructions
  • Ramp may need some force getting into correct position
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Best Two Bike Trailer
Drop Tail Trailers Cruiser/Sport Class Bike Trailer

This trailer can be used to transport trikes plus all terrain and utility vehicles making it an ideal multi-purpose trailer

This is a well built and sturdy pull behind motorcycle trailer that can be configured for one or two bikes. This aluminum motorcycle trailer is made by MX Smith and it has a fully aluminium deck with an area of 70 x 106 inches and has an auto lock feature and two ea Promax ‘self stand’ cycle chocks. The wheels have sturdy mud guards and reflectors.

This double motorcycle trailer weighs 805 lb and measures 47” x 98” x 100”, and can be loaded by one person – but ideally, two people are needed to fold it. This trailer also has a guide on rail kit and an owner’s manual. Ideal for street cruiser motorcycles, street, sport, and off-road motorcycles. A manufacturer’s warranty is available on request.

  • Convenient drop tail system
  • 2 ea Promax ‘self stand’ cycle chocks
  • Stone guard protection against chips
  • Can be stored either flat or in a stand up position
  • Very Heavy
  • Storage space may be an issue
  • Price
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Our Top Choice – The Best Motorcycle Trailer

Never be in a hurry to buy a motorcycle trailer/motorcycle carrier, take a moment to think things through and check that the motorcycle hauler for sale will do the job you would like it too.

  • Do you have sufficient storage space?
  • Is the trailer suitable for the size and weight of your bike?
  • Is the trailer/carrier suitable for your vehicle ?
  • Will you be able to load/off load your bike safely?

Well, by now you are fast coming to a decision about the ideal motorcycle trailer for you and your bike! The Trinity MT3 three rail motorcycle trailer is certainly an attractive idea as it is versatile in the type and number of bikes it can carry and also speedily converts to a utility trailer when needed. It is the best of the lot, but might be pricey for some riders.

  • Great for use with multiple bikes
  • Converts into utility vehicle
  • Relatively expensive

If you don’t have the storage space or money and are looking for a cheaper way to transport your bike, the Black Widow MCC600 heavy duty steel motorcycle carrier is strong, robust and well-priced, but probably could do with some small adaptations to be ideal for your needs!

  • Ideal for people with limited storage capacity
  • Price
  • Single Bike load

Buying your trailer from a reliable stockist or straight from amazon does have bonuses including warranties and repayment schemes, but if you prefer, it is worth exploring the second-hand market. A number of manufacturers deal in reconditioned and ex-display models which are attractively priced – but don’t be swayed by the price tag alone as this will prove to be false economy in the long run. We hope this has helped you find the best motorcycle trailer for sale.

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