The Best Oakley Dirtbike Goggles

Oakley MX goggles are the best option for motocross and off-road motorcycling. Looking for reliable protective eyewear for motorcycle riding? Try Oakley!

I love my Oakley MX goggles. There are a lot of great eyewear brands out there that promise quality features but few of them deliver. Oakley is a mammoth company that owns popular brands including Ray-Ban, Persol and Oakley. They design, manufacture, distribute and sell several brands in popular shops worldwide – and more than a few of their pairs have found a spot in my house (once you get your first pair, they become irresistible – you’ll see).

Oakley MX Goggles

Motorcycle goggles are an essential piece of riding equipment that protects the eyes and honestly, it’s not something you should skimp on. Whether you’re wearing a full or open-face helmet, Oakley goggles are a reliable piece of protective gear. Here’s everything you need to know before choosing the best Oakley goggles for your needs.

Top Choice: Oakley Mx O Frame Motorcross Goggles

Affordability is always a plus. Oakley has a range of goggles available for riders who already spent the bigger part of their budget on other motorcycle gear and equipment.

ProductBest ForOverall Rating
Oakley Mayhem Pro Mx GogglesStyle★★★★
Oakley Airbrake Heritage Mx GogglesWide field of vision★★★★
Oakley Mx O Frame Motorcross GogglesValue Buy★★★
Oakley Crowbar Mx Nemesis GogglesComfort★★★★
Oakley L-Frame Graphic Motocross GogglesVersatility★★★

The History of the Oakley Company

Just a short bit of history to highlight the success of Oakley over the years. After all, I can’t tell you it’s a successful brand without telling you why. Back in 1975, the founder of Oakley James Jannard started the company out of his garage. Despite a humble beginning with just $300 investment, the Oakley brand has grown to the massive company it is today and holds hundreds of patents for performance gear, materials and eyewear. Today, Oakley creates several eyewear ranges for motorcycle riding and in particular, motocross and dirt bike riding.

Best Oakley Dirt Bike Goggles Review

Oakley has been making top-quality dirt bike goggles for ages – these are 5 of the best options.

Best for Comfort

Oakley Crowbar MX Nemesis Goggles


Are you clumsy? I am, which makes this shatterproof, impact-resistant pair of goggles a great choice.

Here’s the perfect example of a motorcycle goggle that was created with trademark Oakley features. The lenses are clear and offer a fantastic wide view. The O-Matter frame is made with a type of nylon-infused plastic that makes it more flexible, allowing the frames to better absorb impact and adjust to temperature changes without cracking – pretty much ideal for any weather condition.

I don’t know about everyone else but I’m clumsy. I don’t need to be on a bike, or even near a bike, to drop a nice pair of goggles and have them snap, break or smash. For obvious reasons, I always opt for a pair that is impact-resistant and strong enough to withstand heavy wear and tear.

  • UV-A/B/C protection
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Good price
  • Big lens size
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Best for Style

Oakley Mayhem Pro MX Goggles

Affordability is always a plus. Oakley has a range of goggles available for riders who already spent the bigger part of their budget on other motorcycle gear and equipment.

Remember we told you about the removable nose guard? This is one of the pairs that features a nose guard to make wearing goggles over the long term that much more bearable. Summer is coming and these would be a great option for Oakley motocross goggles that offer ultimate protection and comfort.

Oakley’s Mayhem Pro range is favoured by professionals due to the inclusion of another patent Oakley product, namely Prizm MX lenses. Basically, the lenses are made with special technology that maximizes contrast and controls light transmission in various conditions. For motorcyclists, this means that Prizm highlights shades and light to improve depth perception and road texture recognition. If you don’t think that’s useful, you probably haven’t spent enough time out on the trails!

  • Prizm lens technology
  • High impact resistance
  • Removable nose guard
  • Better depth perception
  • Expensive
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Best for Wide Field of Vision

Oakley Airbrake Mx Goggles

We’ve covered the cheapest option from Oakley above, if you’re looking for a set of dirt bike or MX goggles with a bit more tech – or a lot more tech rather – the Oakley Airbrake goggles could be the pair for you.

Certainly not the cheapest option, but definitely one of the most advanced pairs of riding goggles available.

The Airbrake goggles have a huge field of view thanks to the design, which offers a near frameless look and feel. The Airbrakes must have the best field of view compared to all other dirt bike goggles. The frame is just about invisible when looking through the lens, the only thing you’ll be able to see is the nose guard, if you ride with one. These few extra degrees of vision both horizontally and vertically could make the world of difference when heading down an technical pass.

Separating the frame from the face foam is a unique breathing vent which offers superior ventilation while preventing dust from entering the goggles with the use of a thin foam dust filtering layer. You might think this would restrict airflow but it actually improves the airflow and also helps to get moisture out of your goggles as you ride. No moisture, no fog, no problem. In fact, the Oakley Airbrake goggles would live up to the expectation as both the best motocross bike goggles for winter and best motocross bike goggles for summer.

The Switchlock Technology in the Oakley Airbrakes is a feature that enduro trail riders may not need (although it’s still nice to have). This technology allows for super simple and super fast switching of your dirt lens for a clean one. You won’t find a pair of goggles that make switching lenses faster or simpler than these.

The Lens is arguably the most outstanding feature on the Oakley Airbrake goggles.With Oakleys latest Prizm Lens technology you’re protected from just about anything. The Plutonite material is incredibly strong and holds up against scratches and cracks from the toughest of roost and rocks. This really is a step forward into a future of ultimate dirt bike goggle protection.

The Prizm lens is also designed to adapt to the terrain you’re riding in which makes instant decision making that little bit quicker and easier. The lens improves your depth perception by adjusting the forward contrast which really helps when transitioning between terrain or riding behind your buddy in a cloud of dust. In fact, these would be your best bet if you’re looking for the best motocross goggles for dust.

The lens helps to accentuate shadows and create contrast between colors in the path and it even comes in an impressive variety of colors.

The Oakley Airbrake goggles work great in both hot and cold weather. In the cold weather, the curved tear off wings make it super simple to reach and clear your goggles. In the hottest of conditions ventilation is second to none. Zero problems with fogging even with a face full of sweat makes these best dirt bike goggles for rain. This is further improved on with a dual expansion lens making the Airbrakes the best dirt bike goggles for dual lens riding.

  • PRIZM lens technology
  • High Impact Plutonite Lens
  • F3 Anti-Fog coated lens
  • Switch-Lock Lens Technology
  • Awesome outrigger system
  • Precise optical clarity
  • Super strong, lightweight frame
  • Ventilation second to none
  • Extremely comfortable
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Best Value for Money

Oakley O-Frame Graphic Frame MX Goggles

Affordability is always a plus. Oakley has a range of goggles available for riders who already spent the bigger part of their budget on other motorcycle gear and equipment.

Despite the high quality of Oakley goggles, there are still great options available across all price ranges. These babies come with a clear lens and a carbon fiber construction, using the signature Oakley O Matter frame. The anti-fog treatment holds up well in hot weather and the lenses are also scratch- and impact-resistant.

Why not level up your off-roading with these goggles? The clear lenses are perfect for night-time riding and as long as your bike is geared with some extra lights, they could be the perfect companion for off-roading in the dark. Maybe you could head to the tracks right before the sun comes up and switch out the lenses for a tinted version as the day breaks.

  • Clear lens
  • O Matter frame
  • Great price
  • Three lens tints available
  • Sizing runs small
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Best for Versatility

Oakley L-Frame Graphic Motocross Goggles

Slip these goggles over your prescription eyewear with no trouble at all – perfect!

Anybody out there wear glasses? Here’s a pair of goggles that fit over prescription eyewear. Corrective glasses are no longer a reason to stop riding – simply slip these goggles over your glasses and hop onto your sweet ride. The liner is made of moisture-wicking fleece and offers great comfort, even when the goggles are worn over glasses.

The goggles are quite large to make sure that they fit well over glasses so make sure to fit these with a helmet before buying them. The lenses are strong and impact-resistant, with a silicone strap that’s non-slip for the most secure fit you could wish for.

  • Fits over prescription eyewear
  • Inner liner foam
  • Affordable
  • No nose guard
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Choosing the Perfect Pair of Goggles


The first thing that should come to mind when you think about goggles is the safety factor. Motocross is a rough adventure, and off-roading is a crazy ride that drives your wife crazy because you’re bound to return home with more than just a few scrapes and bruises. Goggles will protect your eyes from the many objects that fly at you while riding, whether it’s dust, rain, wind, insects or rocks that are sent your way by other riders on the trail. When choosing a pair of goggles, look for a pair that is sturdy and offers impact protection.

Another thing to look out for: protection against the sun. Goggle safety extends beyond just protecting the eyes against physical objects. Although we love a spot of sunshine while hitting the road, too much sunshine could be a problem. Motorcycle goggles protect the eyes from bright sunshine that could harm your eyesight and even cause accidents due to obstructed vision.

Here’s a thorough list of just some of the eye injuries that can occur if you fail to wear protective eyewear, especially when you have an open or half-face helmet on. None of them are pretty. In fact, they can be extremely painful, harmful and often expensive to treat.


Whether you’re wearing an open or full-face helmet, motorcycle goggles need to fit well under the helmet. Too big and they could cause pressure around the eyes and on the bridge of your nose. Too small and they could shift around while you ride or cut into your eyes in an accident. Some helmets even have grooves cut into the helmet so that the goggles fit better. If the fit feels way to small, you might even be trying on a pair of youth dirt bike goggles.


The need for eyewear protection is something you can’t escape, so you might as well go in for comfort. Many motorcycle goggle pairs are padded with sweat-resistant and moisture-wicking material for extra comfort on rides – something that you’ll definitely appreciate once you hit the long road on a hot summer day! Similarly, a pair of motorcycle goggles with good vents for airflow will increase comfort while riding.


Visors do come with tinted options but if you want a real customized eyewear experience, get an Oakley pair of motocross or dirt bike goggles. Oakley has a wide range of lenses that comprise different materials. Features such as UV protection, anti-fog treatment and impact protection are just a few of the options that your Oakley goggles can offer. Choose orange or yellow lenses for better vision on dreary days, and clear lenses for easier night-time riding. Interchangeable lenses also allow you to insert prescription eyewear.


This is a big point for many people, and understandably so. Motorcycles are an expensive hobby – from buying the actual bike to acquiring protective gear and accessories, you might very well use up your monthly grocery budget on making your motorcycle look amazing. My philosophy: instead of buying a cheap piece of gear ten times over, get the proper piece of gear from the start and make sure that you’re spending your hard-earned money on a pair of goggles that you actually want. If the item is beyond your budget, try borrowing a pair of goggles from a friend until you can save up the amount you need. In the meantime, set up a savings plan to budget for your big purchase. Or maybe you could ask for an advance on your birthday gift? (nudge, nudge!)

What to Look for in Oakley Motorcycle Goggles

Many riders that are daily commuters or take short rides often don’t see the need for an extra level of eye protection. However, dirt biking and motocross riding (even with full helmets) require a level of extra protection. Oakley motorcycle goggles provide a high level of protection for precisely these purposes, without compromising on comfort.


Choose a pair of Oakley’s that fits well under your helmet and doesn’t restrict your peripheral vision.

The Frame

Oakley has specially crafted frames such as the O Matter frame that is lightweight and flexible.


The Oakley O Matter patent includes strap connections to help control goggle pressure around the eyes and head.


Oakley offers special lenses and materials to provide UV and blue light protection. Some pairs come with switch-lock lenses that make it easy to change between lenses, and some Oakley’s even have features like allowing you to see slight changes in dirt conditions – the perfect feature for off-road and motocross riding, right?

Nose Guard

Some Oakley pairs come with a removable nose guard that can be attached for extra comfort.

The Best Oakley Goggles

Oakley dirt bike goggles

There’s a fantastic selection of Oakley dirt bike goggles available for riding. The Oakley goggles are multi-purpose and can be used for other activities like casual riding, touring and even snow-mobile riding – yet another great reason to invest in a good pair that is sure to last. Our vote for the best Oakley MX goggles is the Oakley O Frame.

The Prizm lenses offer superior features like added road perception and increased depth awareness, things that can really make the difference between simply enduring and actually enjoying your off-road or motocross ride. The price is reasonable for the quality and in terms of getting the best product tailored for MX and off-roading, this pair of goggles ticks all the right boxes. Well, what are you waiting for?

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