The Best ATV Helmets On The Market

The advancement of helmet technology has lead to incredibly designed multipurpose dual sports helmets perfect for ATVs, UTVs, Street & Enduro riding. Lets take a look at the top features across the best ATV helmets around.

First things first. Do you know what to look for in an ATV helmet? Do you understand what riding would be appropriate for a modular helmet or an enduro helmet? If you’d like to learn more read on. If you’re simply looking to find the best ATV or UTV helmet, we’ve found that too.

Best ATV Helmet Reviews

The best ATV Helmets should have all your basic features, and a few others, just like these world class helmets.

Best ATV Helmet for dust

Klim Krios Pro Helmet

Our Rating: 4.7

Warranty: 5 years

Head Fit: Intermediate

Weight: 1300 grams

Safety Rating: ECE, DOT

Our Vote For Best ATV/UTV Helmet on The Market

The Klim Krios Pro helmet is one of the top of the range ATV helmets on the list – both from a pricing and feature perspective. If you’re shopping in this price range, you won’t find better than the Klim Krios.

Klim is well known for using their own start of the art fiber technology called Koroyd which serves to replace the typical EPS liner system found in most helmets. While the major component in Koroyd is actually air, the remainder is developed from a certain type of plastic which offers 25-35% more energy absorption than the standard EPS liner.

Koroyd is also amazin in the way that it’s performance does not change under different conditions, like hot or cold weather, dry or sweat soaked. These factors lead to both a lighter and safer helmet for riders.This also provides much better ventilation than helmets fitted with an EPS liner

The shell is created with a carbon fiber construct making this an incredibly light helmet at only 1300 grams in size large.

Right out of the box , the Klim Krios Pro helmet is fitted with a photochromic lens which will automatically transition between a light and dark tinting through different lighting conditions. It comes standard as a pinlock ready helmet which further adds to the versatility of use under different riding conditions.

Many of the helmets in this line offer a dual ability to convert between two or 3 different configurations. The Klim Krios Pro helmet brings in an extra fourth configuration making it one of the most adaptable ATV helmets on the market.

Our final verdict is that the Krios Pro helmet is one of the most versatile and feature rich ATV helmets. An ATV helmet that works well for all riding disciplines from hard enduro, adventure riding, dual sport, and street riding. It’s excellence in engineering, super lightweight and rich features make this helmet our top pick for the best ATV helmet.

  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Shell
  • Advanced Koroyd technology
  • Pinlock-ready
  • Automatic transition photochromic lens
  • Quick release shield and visor system
  • Aerodynamic visor and spoiler
  • Refined aerodynamics, vents, liner system for quieter ride
  • Fully adjustable chin and forehead vents
  • Tooless helmet configuration transitions
  • Klim Radius Goggle compatible
  • Fid-lock strap closure
  • Sena 10U compatible
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Best ATV Helmet for Glasses

Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Helmet

Our Rating: 4.3

Warranty: 5 years

Head Fit: Intermediate Oval

Weight: 1696 grams

Safety Rating: DOT, ECE

Our Vote For Best ATV helmet for the money

The Bell Moto 9 Adventure MIPS is the adventure counterpart of the Bell Moto 9 MX helmet. Your typical MX or enduro helmets weren’t designed to be used at high speeds with heavy wind drag. That’s where the Bell Moto 9 Adventure MIPS helmet comes in.

It’s fully equipped with the MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection) technology which is essentially an inner liner for the helmet that provides low frictional movement that provides for a small amount of controlled rotation within the helmet itself. The effect this has is to remove some of the forces that would be absorbed by your head and neck. The MIPS liner is actually so thin you won’t even realize it’s there.

The MX 9 adventure comes standard with an integrated face shield, ideal for sit up riding and faster speeds down the highway. The dual sport nature of this helmet allows you to remove the integrated face shield and swap it for your own pair of goggles should you be into the off road and enduro scene. A great on the go feature is the simple screwless ability to remove the visor in an instant with little effort.

Bell has put a lot of work into designing a state of the art ventilation system which they refer to as the Velocity Flow Ventilation system which offers riders a controlled way to adjust the amount of air intake through the mouth port.

Straight off the shelf, this helmet is packed full of features that you would not typically find in a helmet in this price range. Complete with a lightweight injected polymer composite shell, the advanced ventilation system and soft inner moisture wicking liner that is removable and washable – each of which are considered requirements in the search for the best UTV helmet.

The helmet also comes in a variety of sizes at varying weights. All weights per size of this helmet are relatively low weight in comparison to some of the competitors in this range.

One of the drawbacks is the lack of built-in speaker pockets. This means that you’re not actually able to insert your own bluetooth communication system, However installing your own headset like a Sena speaker will work with a little bit of 3M double sided adhesive which you can fix to the plastic of the inner shell. The end result is a comfortable fitting speaker that doesn’t aggravate you during your ride.

Overall, this really is a top quality ATV helmet with incredible features at a great price point. The versatility of being able to convert between an enduro and street helmet in a second is ideal for multipurpose use.

  • MIPS Multi-Directional Impact Protection System
  • Lightweight polycarbonate shell
  • Integrated and removable face shield
  • High velocity-flow ventilation
  • Moisture wicking, removable/washable inner liner
  • EPS-lined chin bar
  • Adjustable mouth vent
  • Padded D-ring chin strap
  • Five-year warranty
  • DOT and ECE certified
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Best ATV Helmet for the money

Arai XD 4 Helmet

Our Rating: 4.1

Warranty: 5 years

Head Fit: Intermediate round oval

Weight: 1642 grams

Safety Rating: Dot, ECE, Snell

Our Vote For best all season ATV helmet

Arai is a helmet manufacturer that has been at the forefront of technological and safety advancements right from the beginning. When it comes to the Arai XD4 it’s possibly the best ATV helmet on the market. Like any other helmet, it has its flaws (although less of them) but this perfection does come with a heavier price tag.

The Arai XD4 is an extremely dynamic and well thought out helmet. It offers the ability to be worn as a regular dual sport helmet with the face shield and peak attached, or you can remove the roost guard or visor converting the helmet into a fully equipped motocross helmet able to be ridden with motorcycle goggles.

If you plan on using a helmet for multiple purposes, weekend enduro riding or daily commuting this is a great option. For daily commuting it’s definitely recommended to wear the standard setup without the peak which will minimise drag and noise riding on the highway.

Arai XD4 Helmet Safety

Arai is well known for the effort they put into making some of the safest motorcycle helmets. The XD4 is no different. It’s one of the few helmets that is Snell approved. There are a great number of features that add to the safety of this helmet.

The shell composite is created from a complex laminate construction which involves something that Arai call “superfibers” – a type of high grade fiberglass. The aim is to create a sturdier shell capable of absorbing more impact.

The Arai XD4 is built with your standard double-d ring chin strap fastener which is not a bad thing. The inner also includes a quick release emergency system so that if you were involved in an accident first responders would be able to safely remove your helmet.

Arai XD4 Helmet Noise

The new model of the Arai XD4 offers better ventilation over its predecessor, the XD3. Good for longer enduro riding, not so good as a commuter helmet as this can allow more road noise into the helmet. To combat this issue, Arai have taken a new look at the interior lining of the helmet with a focus on reducing noise.

It really depends on the type of riding you plan on doing. When I’m out in the rocks and bushes, noise is the last thing on my mind. I actually prefer to hear a little bit of noise from nature and the wild.

That said, many riders that use this helmet for a daily commuter have found this to be one of the quietest ATV helmets. If noise is an issue, there are a lot of steps you can take to cancel out the noise before changing your helmet. Ride with earplugs, adjust your visor, change your helmet vent settings, cover your engine, etc.

Arai XD4 Ventilation 

The Arai XD 4 brings a good ventilation upgrade over the XD3. The chin features 3 air intakes, 2 in the upper face and the visor actually has some really good sized air scoops at the top. These will really help to get the air circulating around your head.

At the back of the Arai XD4 are four large exhaust vents as well as a nicely placed vent on the collar region around the neck padding. 

With all these new and improved vents the helmet really has become a breath of fresh air. What’s great about the XD 4 is that all the front vents have the option to be open or closed. This will help you tone down any noise if you decide to take your bike for a ride on the highway.

Arai XD4 Shield & Goggles

The face shield on the Arai XD4 has its pros and cons. What’s great is the size and fit. It offers the rider a massive field of view while also fitting firmly on your face, while still providing enough breathing room and room for glasses if you wear them.

If you’re a hard enduro rider, you’ll probably want to remove the shield and swap it out for a set of Goggles. The reason for this is that the visor basically has two settings. Open and closed. There is no in between which is a pity, but probably for the best. It does have the option to add a Pinlock anti-fog insert which could be a huge relief on those interesting riding days.

Arai XD4 Peak-Roost Guard

When it comes to riding with XD4, different riders will either leave the Peak on or take it off. Keep it on when riding outdoors on the trails to protect your face from any roost being flung up. At higher speeds the peak will catch the wind pretty good and you’ll definitely feel the drag ripping your head back.

This is no different to any other ATV helmet though. What is different is the ability to remove the peak, which is what you’d want to do if you plan on riding faster than 60/70 MPH.

The peak is also built in a way that it would essentially break off if you’re involved in an accident. This is a common safety feature of most helmets these days.

Arai XD4 Comfort & Sizing

Most Arai helmets are better suited to an oval shaped head, which is the majority of the population so you should be OK unless you’ve got a head like a sideways watermelon.

The XD4 is equipped with an incredibly comfortable inner liner with multiple removal panels for washing and replacement. The foam padding is great for sweat absorption and keeping you cool.

If you find that your helmet starts to fit becomes looser over time, you always have the option to buy new cheek pads or even insert thicker or thinner padding depending on your preference.

Arai XD4 Weight

ATV helmets and adventure helmets are typically not your lightest helmets in the world. The XD4 is no exception. Weight is not the main focus of the XD 4, but even still, it’s not so heavy that you’ll notice much difference to what you’re currently using. It weighs at around 1.65 KG or 3.6 pounds. This is slightly over the typical weight range of about 1.5 Kg for most full face helmets. 0.15kg is a small difference in weight for a HUGE difference in quality.

  • Ultra comfort headliner with removable pads.
  • Washable and replaceable interior liner.
  • Dry-Cool technology
  • FCS (Facial Contour Support)
  • Improved aerodynamics at higher street speeds
  • Impressive exhaust vents
  • New front vent on the chin guard
  • Snell M2020 approved
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Best ATV Helmet for hunting

Shoei Hornet X2

Our Rating: 4.2

Warranty: 5 years

Head Fit: Intermediate

Weight: 1814 grams

Safety Rating: DOT, Snell

Our Vote For best aTV helmet for Adventure Riding & hunting

The Shoei Hornet X2 is an extremely dynamic helmet and offers some great features. The most obvious is the big V-460 visor which is larger than the older design. Since the size increased, Shoei came up with a design in their own wind tunnel to minimize drag and offer awesome aerodynamics.

Just like any other helmet, you’re going to feel the drag at high speeds, but for normal paced or off road riding and kind of wind drag won’t be a problem.

What’s most impressive about this as an ATV helmet is the simplicity of the dual nature. The dual sport helmet has a fast release mechanism that allows you to quickly switch between the fitted visor or your own goggles.

The ventilation is great. Up front you have four big intake vents and that are adjustable. At the rear are 7 perfectly placed exhaust vents allowing some solid air circulation around the helmet.

The Hornet X2 makes a great ATV helmet with its interior liner that is easily removable, washable and replaceable. You might even be interested to check out the padding exchange program that Shoe has on offer where you can switch your cheek pads for the right fitting sizes at no cost!

A standout feature is the removable ear pocket pads. This is a feature you don’t see on strict enduro helmets. These are ideal for anyone planning to use this helmet on the road. It’s not advisable to be wearing any kind of headset or bluetooth system if you plan on doing any serious off road riding.

What I love about this helmet is the fact that it comes fitted with a no-fog Pinlock EVO insert. If you really want to adjust the visor (which already does a great job at blocking any UV light) you can also get tinted versions. Removing the shield is really simple as well. No tools needed.

Even your goggles will fit with the shield in place which is fantastic for off road riders. This gives you the option to completely cover up should the weather turn against you.

This is a great multipurpose ATV/UTV helmet that offers huge features for any riding style. It fits good, feels good, and looks good. Sure it’s a little heavier than the other top helmets, but it certainly does carry its weight really, really well.

  • Multiple cheek pad thickness options
  • Max Dry System inner liner greatly absorbs and dissipates sweat and moisture
  • V-460 Visor has an innovative design for ventilation and aerodynamics
  • Simple tool free visor removal.
  • Excellent front and rear ventilation ports
  • Comes with removable breath guard and chin curtain
  • Snell 2015 and DOT approved
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Best Modular ATV/UTV Helmet

Scorpion EXO-AT950

Our Rating: 4.5

Warranty: 5 years

Head Fit: Intermediate Oval

Weight: 1710 grams

Safety Rating: DOT

Taking the Scorpion EXO-AT950 out for a test quickly led to the result that his helmet could be the best modular ATV helmet on the market. What’s better is that the price point is incredibly competitive when you consider all the features packed into this gear.

The helmet was first launched a few years ago in 2016 at a price point below $300. A good deal back then and still a good deal today.

The helmet comes with 3 different configurations to choose from on the day, depending on the type of ride ahead of you. 

If you’re an off-roader like myself, removing the face shield is quick and straightforward. This allows you to switch the standard modular face or visor of the helmet for your own set of riding goggles while maintaining the integrity of the helmet peak.

The adventure configuration is ideal for a long ride with versatile riding terrain. Keeping the peak and visor installed allows you to adjust the flip-up face on the go for when you need a bit more air. This is also incredibly convenient during quick fuel stops or speaking to other riders.

Touring configuration offers the versatility of a modular face, while minimizing the drag of air being caught through the peak. The overall appearance now resembles a sleek looking helmet designed for street riding and long cruising at high speeds.

One of the drawbacks we found is that switching between the 3 modes is not quite as quick as some of the other helmets on this list that feature a screwless system. On the Scorpion-EXO AT950, the process is still simple, just not as convenient. You need to use a screwdriver or something similar to unlock the two screw mountings on the sides of the helmet. This isn’t a big deal if you intend to use the helmet in one mode for each ride which I think is a good idea anyway.

If you’re not a fan of riding with sunglasses, or changing the tinting of your visor is not ideal, this modular ATV helmet has an internal visor that drops down on demand acting as a handy sun visor. This would probably only be used by the street or adventure guys. Enduro riders will likely switch the visor for a set of goggles. 

A quick note on fitting your own goggles. The eye port is relatively small. If you’ve got a set of goggles that are much larger than something like your typical Oakley L frame goggles you might have a bit of an issue getting that nice secure and air tight seal around your face. The Oakleys will get the job done just fine – but it’s worth testing your goggles first.

With a lot of bang for buck in this helmet and all the added features of being a modular helmet, this one will come in a little heavier than your typical helmet. Only a concern for longer weekend enduro riding, not so much for street or adventure rides. This helmet is perfect for anyone riding across a diverse landscape with a tendency to spend a little more time on the road than off the road.

  • Dual Density EPS inner liner
  • Dual position mouth vent (Defroster & Ventilation)
  • EverClear No-Fog Face Shield
  • EverClear SpeedView drop down anti-fog sun visor
  • KwikWick II anti-microbial helmet liner
  • Kwikfit removable cheek pads
  • Communication system speaker pockets
  • DOT Approved
  • 5 year warranty
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What To Look For When Buying an ATV Helmet

The answer to this really depends on who you’re buying the helmet for and how they plan to use it. If you’re buying a birthday present for a kid who rides an electric quad, you obviously don’t need to buy the top of the range youth 4 wheeler helmet.

If you’re a hard enduro rider like myself, you’re going to want something a bit more premium with all the right safety and comfort features.

best ATV helmet for desert riding

ATV/UTV Helmet Comfort

Uncomfortable helmets can ruin a ride and not mention that they could be a safety concern. Helmets that don’t fit the contours of your face properly could result in impaired vision. Not ideal for any rider. If you’re buying an ATV helmet for your kid, make sure the helmet is comfortable.

You want your kid to actually want to wear the helmet and not see it as something uncomfortable and not worth wearing. Safety is always the main concern and it’s important to get that right while they’re still young.

The inner lining of your ATV helmet is where a lot of comfort can be found. You want the cheek pads to fit securely. They should squeeze your cheeks enough that it gently pushes the inner cheek of your mouth over your teeth, but not too tight that it’s an irritation. We’ll get more into how to fit your ATV helmet size correctly in a second.

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Helmet Safety Rating & Certification

Helmet safety ratings should be considered gospel when buying the best ATV helmet. Never overlook safety. We’ve covered the safety ratings in incredible detail in our search for the safest motorcycle helmet safety standard.


All of the best ATV and UTV helmets will be fully compliant with one or more of the top governing safety standards, DOT, ECE, SNELL. In addition to these certifications, you want to look out for a particular component within the helmet which is usually referred to as the EPS lining.

safest ATV helmets

The EPS lining is the part of the helmet that will essentially do all the protecting of your head should you be in an accident. I’ve been in enough of those to know that having a solid EPS lining should definitely not be overlooked, especially if you’re looking for the best UTV helmet.

The EPS lining is the dense foam designed to absorb all the force on impact. Most helmets including UTV helmets are required to meet a minimum EPS standard. A good majority of helmets exceed this standard for obvious reasons. 

In the below reviews we’ll explore some of these reasons and what set’s each UTV helmet apart. Don’t forget that any helmet with a chin bar should also have the EPS lining across the chin bar – not just the round outer shell. Even the best youth 4 wheeler helmets and kids dirt bike helmets should have this liner.

Ensuring the correct fit

Getting the correct fit for your ATV helmet is really important. Too tight and you’ll ruin your ride. I’ve ridden in tight helmets before. Possibly the worst decision I’ve made.It’s like arm-pump for your face. It stops the blood from circulating efficiently to your brain, where it’s busy trying to deliver the oxygen a tight fitting helmet would starve it of. It doesn’t take too long for a compression headache to set in.

So let’s get the fit right. Slide the helmet on, your head should slide or maybe even a squeeze slightly into the helmet. It should feel snug, like it’s not going to spin around your face. But your ATV helmet shouldn’t feel so tight that it begins to squeeze your eyes closed.

The padding around the viewport should feel secure over your forehead. Pay attention to the amount of pressure on the temple area. Riding for a long time with too much pressure on your temple can do more harm than good. When your head is inside the helmet it should almost feel as though they are one.

For an ATV helmet to feel comfortable, give your head a shake and make sure the helmet doesn’t slide around too much. A little bit of shake is good, but it shouldn’t be able to spin over your eyes.

Bear in mind that the inner padding will soften and thin over time. Most helmets have removable padding for easier washing and replacing when the padding becomes too thin. Your first couple of rides will wear the helmet in pretty quickly once you start working up a sweat they’ll also become a lot softer, just like a sponge filled with water. So make sure the padding is tight enough to be secure but comfortable through different stages of your ride.

Different Types of ATV Helmets

There are so many different types and styles of helmets on the market these days that it actually gets quite confusing to place each of them into categories that don’t overlap. For the purposes of finding the best ATV helmet we’re going to narrow these helmet types into a few commonly known categories.

best ATV helmet

Best Off Road ATV Helmets

These are the type of helmets I use. I do a lot of enduro riding in the mountains, valleys and rivers. A bit more “swimming” in the rivers than I’d like to admit. As a big off road rider the benefits to this style of helmet is that it offers amazing protection for your entire head, while allowing you the ability to remove your dirt bike goggles in times when you need more air. 

It can be tricky to find a set of goggles that fit your helmet just right. I usually ride with a set of Oakley goggles that are very comfortable. The other issue which this type of helmet may lead to is unique to people that wear glasses. My dad always wore glasses and it was nearly impossible to wear goggles without having them fog up. At least you can get a pair of OTG goggles to fit over glasses.

If you’re big into offroading, I’d definitely suggest sticking to the offroad ATV helmet. If you’re more of a supermoto / go kart rider you’ll want to be looking in the full face helmet section below. If you do both, the choice is yours. Ever wondered if a dirt bike helmet can double as a road helmet? Check out our detailed answer on whether it’s legal to use a dirt bike helmet on the road.

Best Full Face ATV Helmets

Full face ATV helmets offer a few neat features that enduro helmets don’t. The solid front visor is an obvious one, but things like ventilation ports and bluetooth helmets are a lot more common.

best modular ATV helmet

While the front visor is one of the stand out features of a full face ATV or full face UTV helmet, it is also one of the main reasons you wouldn’t want a full face helmet while enduro riding. Visors are expensive to replace compared to a lens for your off road goggles.

Some of the best dirt bike Goggles can also sustain a lot more damage from tree branches than a solid visor which has a high chance of scratching and even cracking if hit by a small stone.

Admittedly, I’ve never taken a quad bike out on a pair of slicks. The closest I’ve come to doing that is probably on the go kart track. If you’re hooked up with a set of slicks on your ATV, then a full face ATV helmet will be your go to design.

If you’re after a full face helmet to block out noise and get a more peaceful ride, you want to check out our review on the quietest motorcycle helmets.

Best Open Face ATV Helmets

I don’t see any real reason to look into open face helmets, unless your riding is slow and almost touristic. Open face helmets are not suitable for any type of competitive riding and shouldn’t even be considered for racing. This style is ideal for long rides cruising through the mountains on your harley with the wind in your face. As an ATV helmet, it’s rare that an ATV rider would use an open face helmet. Unless you’re going on some kind of gentle adventure ride, but even then, why compromise safety.

Best Modular ATV  Helmets

Modular helmets have been growing in popularity over the years. The stand out design enables the rider to choose to ride with an open face or closed face design. Whether it’s being used as a quad helmet or a 4 wheeler helmet, it offers the ability to switch from one style to another without much hassle. The most dynamic ATV helmets on the market. 

The issue I have with a modular helmet is that it requires the quad rider to make the decision as to when is the right time to switch to the safer full face style. Human error is always prevalent in accidents and injuries, so by removing the choice of when to ride with the safer full face position, we’re actually making the safest decision.

Some riding styles do warrant a modular helmet. If that’s you, we’ll get into a few best modular ATV helmet reviews below.

ATV Helmet FAQs:

What Is The Difference Between Atv Helmet And Motorcycle Helmet

ATV helmets are essentially the same as your off road, dirt bike, or motocross helmet. These definitions and helmets can be used interchangeably with one another. The defining features are the aggressive jaw guard lined with EPS safety technology. The extended jaw bone of the helmet allows strong airflow over the face of the rider which is the feature that separates an ATV or dirt bike helmet from a closed face or modular helmet.

Can You Use A Bicycle Helmet For ATV?

The short answer is yes. The safe answer is no. You should not wear a bicycle helmet to ride an ATV. Bicycle helmets do not offer sufficient protection for your head when riding an ATV or dirt bike. Safety should always be the number on priority and ensuring that you ride with a helmet that has been DOT or Snell approved is a must. If you’re not familiar with helmet safety ratings, please read this awesome guide we put together about the safest motorcycle helmet.

What Size ATV Helmet Is Right For 5 And 6 Year Olds

To ensure the right helmet fit for a 5 or 6 year old you first need to get a measurement of the circumference of their head. The average head circumference for a 5 or 6 year boy is between 48cm and 53cm (18.8” – 20.8”). The average head circumference for a 5 or 6 year old girl is between 47cm and 52cm (18.5” and 20.5”). Most helmets that meet these size requirements come in size Extra Small which ranges between 52-54cm.

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