Best Dirt Bike Goggles For Enduro, Trails & Motocross Reviewed

All dirt bike goggles serve the same purpose of protecting your eyes while offering the best visual clarity. But not all dirt bike goggles achieve this. Here are a few of the best dirt bike goggles that won’t disappoint.

There are a few features that set the best dirt bike Goggles apart from a mediocre pair. While not every rider needs the top of the line goggles, it’s still worthwhile finding a pair that tick all the critical requirement boxes. It’s also worthwhile mentioning that different types of dirt bike riding would require different features. If you’re here looking for a quick answer, The best dirt bike goggles on the market are:

  1. Oakley Airbrake Goggles (Gold Class)
  2. 100% Racecraft Goggles (Gold Class)
  3. 100% Accuri Goggles (Silver Class)
  4. Scott Prospect Goggles (Silver Class)
  5. Oakley O-Frame Goggles (Bronze Class)
ProductOverall Rating
1. 100% Racecraft Goggles★★★★
2. 100% Accuri 2 Goggles★★★
3. Oakley O-Frame Goggles★★
4. Oakley Airbrake Goggles★★
5. Scott Prospect Goggles★★

The Best Dirt Bike Googles Reviewed

With all the considerations and features taken into account, there are a pair of goggles that would fit each rider and your riding style. Here are the best dirt bike goggles.

Best Premium Dirt Bike Goggles

100% Racecraft Goggles

  • Overall Rating: 4.7
  • Value For Money: 4.3
  • Protection & Durability: 4.9
  • Features: 4.8
  • Comfort: 4.6
  • Style: 4.9
  • Ventilation: 4.7
  • Fit: True

As dirt bike riders we’re all very familiar with the flashy 100% logo worn by riders around the world. 100% design goggles for both dirt bikes and MTB riding. When it comes to their range, the 100% Racecraft goggle has all the features you could ask for. Large outrigger frame with excellent peripheral vision and built in tear offs. Removable nose guard and wide straps.

Many of the features of the Racecraft goggles are better suited to motocross riders and not necessarily needed by enduro riders. For example, I’ve never ridden any enduro trails with a set of tear offs attached to my goggles, they’d probably get in the way. Although you can simply use the goggles without any tear offs in place – no worries.

The standout features on the 100% Racecraft goggles:

The Frame has a brilliant design which does not impair your vision at all, peripheral vision is super wide and unobstructed. The top of the frame is raised slightly relative to other areas of the frame to increase the size of your vertical viewport. The goggle frame is pretty large in comparison to other models which means they’re going to take up a fair bit of space around your helmets viewport although I haven’t had any issues getting the Racecraft goggles to fit my helmets. Larger goggles are generally preferred as they increase your field of vision and give more distance between your face and the lens. If you like the feel of the frame but not so much the price tag, check out the 100% Accuri goggles which share the same frame but drop some of the other features including the price tag.

The Outriggers play a big role in helping the Racecraft goggles fit comfortably and securely over your helmet and across your face. The design of the outriggers really do make for a comfortable pair of goggles that sit even over your eyes. Attached to the outriggers you’ll find a tear off post for the MX riders which is a big improvement over the older bulkier tear off roll clip designs.

The Tearoffs are a big deal for track riders, although not so much for enduro riders. 100% offer the clear laminated tear offs which you can stack on top each other. What’s really great is that adding additional tear offs doesn’t cloud your vision like many other lenses do.

The Lens comes in a few different styles. 100% offer riders the option to choose between two lenses that come standard in the box, a clear lens and a mirrored lens. If neither of these are up to your standards (which is unlikely) there are an insane number of lens options for the Racecraft goggles covering the entire color spectrum.

The Strap has an awesome 45mm width with a silicone underside for maximum grip across your helmet, preventing the goggles from slipping and sliding. I’ve found all my 100% goggles to be extremely durable when it comes to the lifespan of the strap. I’ve also found them to be some of the coolest looking goggle straps on the market.

The Little Things are definitely not forgotten. With the Racecraft goggles being the top of the range pair from 100%, they’ve backed the box full of neat extras like a removable nose guard, a full pack of 20 tear offs and an extra lens. I don’t usually ride with a nose guard but I have tested a few different pairs of goggles and I will admit that 100% tend to make the best dirt bike goggles with a nose cover that fits my profile perfectly.

  • Patented air intake technology
  • Outriggers perfect for finding proper fit
  • Removable nose guard:
  • Triple layered foam for moisture absorption
  • Anti-fog coated Lexan lens
  • 45mm wide silicon coated strap
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Best Accuri Goggles
100% Accuri 2 Motocross Goggles
  • Overall Rating: 5.0
  • Value For Money: 5.0
  • Protection & Durability: 5.0
  • Features: 4.3
  • Comfort: 5.0
  • Style: 5.0
  • Ventilation: 4.7
  • Fit: True

The 100% Accuri goggles are the little brother of the Racecraft and big brother to the Strata. They’ve been around for ages, they perform excellently in all conditions and are one of the most popular pairs of dirt bike goggles on the market. They also have an attractive price point and even more attractive styling with over 30 color variations to choose from.

What sets them apart from their little brother – the Strata – is the wider strap and triple layered foam, the Strata has only a single layer so we will not be looking at the Strata in this guide. For a few extra dollars the Accuri are definitely a better bang for buck pair of goggles despite having an identical lens.

The Accuri Goggles offer excellent ventilation through the large foam openings around the entire perimeter of the lens. The shape of the frame has a small bulge towards the center which helps to channel air into the vents by slightly raising the goggles from the edges of the helmet. This also helps to improve the field of vision offered by the Accuri goggles.

The lens offers good visual clarity when riding and seems to hold up pretty well against fogging thanks to all the ventilation.

Overall, the Accuri goggles sit very comfortable, offer great ventilation and field of view. As a little bonus, with a purchase of the smoke lens model, you’ll also get a clear lens alternative in the box. The Accuri goggles also come in a youth size. I’ve placed them in my top 5 dirt bike goggles for kids.

  • Anti-fog, scratch resistant Lexan lens
  • 45mm silicone coated strap
  • All 100% goggles have the same lens and tear-offs
  • Curved Goggle fit for improved comfort and ventilation
  • Three layers of Moisture absorbing foam
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Best Cheap Dirt Bike Goggles

Oakley O-Frame Graphic Frame MX Goggles

  • Overall Rating: 4.1
  • Value For Money: 5.0
  • Protection & Durability: 4.0
  • Features: 3.3
  • Comfort: 4.7
  • Style: 3.8
  • Ventilation: 4.0
  • Fit: True

Oakley have been developing dirt bike goggles for years and years with many motocross legends like Ricky Carmichael wearing Oakleys to win multiple world championships. It goes without saying that Oakley goggles are among the leaders of innovation. Check out this article where I’ve reviewed the top Oakley MX goggles.

The Oakley O-Frame goggles are the entry pair of goggles by Oakley, but they’re also the best cheap dirt bike goggles you can buy. If you’re looking for a pair of goggles that offer all the ventilation, comfort, protection and style without the high end price tag, this is your go to pair.

The frame is flexible enough to withstand extreme heat and cold riding conditions as it’s made from urethane. An adjustable strap fastens the goggles in place over your helmet while still allowing for a comfortable fit over your face. The inner side of the lesne has been treated to minimize reflective glare from bright light or water. The lenses are also scratch resistant and offer great visual clarity.

The O-frames are compatible with the Attack Mask nose guard and meet both the US and EU safety requirements. What’s best about the O-frames is the triple layer moisture absorbing foam which is rarely seen on goggles in this price range.

  • Treated lens removes reflective glare
  • 2-pin attachment system for tear-offs
  • Triple-layer foam padding
  • Scratch resistance
  • Compatible with Attack Mask nose guard
  • Meets US and EU safety requirements
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Best for Wide Field of Vision

Oakley Airbrake Mx Goggles

We’ve covered the cheapest option from Oakley above, if you’re looking for a set of dirt bike or MX goggles with a bit more tech – or a lot more tech rather – the Oakley Airbrake goggles could be the pair for you.

Certainly not the cheapest option, but definitely one of the most advanced pairs of riding goggles available.

The Airbrake goggles have a huge field of view thanks to the design, which offers a near frameless look and feel. The Airbrakes must have the best field of view compared to all other dirt bike goggles. The frame is just about invisible when looking through the lens, the only thing you’ll be able to see is the nose guard, if you ride with one. These few extra degrees of vision both horizontally and vertically could make the world of difference when heading down an technical pass.

Separating the frame from the face foam is a unique breathing vent which offers superior ventilation while preventing dust from entering the goggles with the use of a thin foam dust filtering layer. You might think this would restrict airflow but it actually improves the airflow and also helps to get moisture out of your goggles as you ride. No moisture, no fog, no problem. In fact, the Oakley Airbrake goggles would live up to the expectation as both the best motocross bike goggles for winter and best motocross bike goggles for summer.

The Switchlock Technology in the Oakley Airbrakes is a feature that enduro trail riders may not need (although it’s still nice to have). This technology allows for super simple and super fast switching of your dirt lens for a clean one. You won’t find a pair of goggles that make switching lenses faster or simpler than these.

The Lens is arguably the most outstanding feature on the Oakley Airbrake goggles.With Oakleys latest Prizm Lens technology you’re protected from just about anything. The Plutonite material is incredibly strong and holds up against scratches and cracks from the toughest of roost and rocks. This really is a step forward into a future of ultimate dirt bike goggle protection.

The Prizm lens is also designed to adapt to the terrain you’re riding in which makes instant decision making that little bit quicker and easier. The lens improves your depth perception by adjusting the forward contrast which really helps when transitioning between terrain or riding behind your buddy in a cloud of dust. In fact, these would be your best bet if you’re looking for the best motocross goggles for dust.

The lens helps to accentuate shadows and create contrast between colors in the path and it even comes in an impressive variety of colors.

The Oakley Airbrake goggles work great in both hot and cold weather. In the cold weather, the curved tear off wings make it super simple to reach and clear your goggles. In the hottest of conditions ventilation is second to none. Zero problems with fogging even with a face full of sweat makes these best dirt bike goggles for rain. This is further improved on with a dual expansion lens making the Airbrakes the best dirt bike goggles for dual lens riding.

  • PRIZM lens technology
  • High Impact Plutonite Lens
  • F3 Anti-Fog coated lens
  • Switch-Lock Lens Technology
  • Awesome outrigger system
  • Precise optical clarity
  • Super strong, lightweight frame
  • Ventilation second to none
  • Extremely comfortable
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Best Dirt Bike Goggles For The Money

Scott Prospect Roll-Off Goggles

  • Overall Rating: 4.4
  • Value For Money: 5.0
  • Protection & Durability: 4.7
  • Features: 4.0
  • Comfort: 4.5
  • Style: 4.1
  • Ventilation: 4.5
  • Fit: True

The Scott Prospect MX Goggles have centered their focus to improving ride quality by maximizing both field of vision as well the way in which the goggles integrate with your helmet. The Scott lens design and locking system allow for a much wider viewport and also creates the opportunity for seamless lens swapping.

With so many different shapes and sizes of both helmet and goggles on the market, Scott has tackled this problem with expert precision. The large outriggers make for an extremely comfortable fit over just about every MX helmet. The outriggers coupled with a wide silicone layered strap keep the goggles in the perfect position no matter how much your head gets thrown around.

The Prospect Goggles also have a triple layer of foam padding which feels soft against the skin, but thick enough to absorb sweat and moisture which really does do a good job of holding back any fog. The inner foam layer is created from a soft fleece which forms a tight, yet comfortable seal around your face and actually helps to redirect any sweat from your forehead away from your eyes, keeping your vision on target. The harder outer layer absorbs all excess water and sweat.

For the price, the Scott Prospect goggles have all the features you need as a dirt bike rider, and few extra features just to keep you happy. As an enduro rider,I’ve found great joy in riding with Scott goggles with very few complaints which is why I would bestow the Scott Prospect goggles with the title of best dirt bike goggles for enduro.

The Prospect goggles come standard with a removable nose guard and two lenses with different tinting for rider preference.

  • Simple and fast lens lock system
  • Articulated outriggers
  • Triple layer sweat absorbing foam
  • NoFog anti-fog lens
  • Extra wide 50mm no-slip silicone strap
  • Removable nose guard
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These are the critical aspects to consider before buying dirt bike goggles;

  • Motocross Goggles and Enduro goggles serve different riding types and should be considered separately. The top motocross goggles have quick tear-off lenses enabling a rider to remove the roost from their lens in split seconds while launching from a jump.

    Enduro riding offers more time and more opportunities to clean the lens. As an enduro rider myself, a good portion of my riding time is actually spent with the Goggles slipped to the side or back of my helmet, although I definitely do not condone this.
  • The shape and size of dirt bike goggles vary considerably between models, brands, and manufacturers. It’s taken me years to find the shape of goggles that fits both my face and my helmet. Goggles that are too small will restrict your vision and your breathing by pushing against your nostrils. Goggles that are too big will rest on the face of your helmet and not your actual face.

    This might sound appealing but the goggles tend to move around as your traverse rocky climbs and steep descents because the elastic band to which the goggles are attached is flexible and will stretch with inertia as your head and body are thrown side to side which leaves me feeling disorientated and frustrated with the inconsistent field of view through the goggles.
  • The climate you ride in will play a big role in your decision as dirt bike goggles tend to fog up much faster in cold weather as the heat from your face condenses on the inside of the lens.

If you’re riding in a colder climate make sure to look for anti fog lenses – although no lense is 100% fog proof, I do have some tricks I’ve learnt over the years to help prevent fog. More on that later.

While you should wear your goggles all the time to protect your eyes, in extreme heat it’s incredibly tempting to switch the goggle position to the back or side of your helmet or even remove them completely. I’ve done it all – not the smartest thing to do, but in these conditions even a small bit of cool air rushing over your face feels like you’ve been reborn.

For hot weather riding it’s important that your goggles don’t give you this problem, the goggles should have optimal ventilation foam that allows for enough air to pass into your helmet while also soaking up the buckets of sweat running from your forehead.

  • Value for money doesn’t always come in the form of advanced high tech features. The goggles I found best for me were actually very reasonably priced – by no means top of the range stuff. Value for money really came down to my own personal satisfaction and comfort I find in the goggles I ride with. Sure I’d love a pair of goggles with a bit more tech but if they don’t feel right then they’re not really worth the money, are they?

I realise my perception of value for money may differ to those of you reading this that are set on finding the the best pair of goggles packed with as many features for as few dollars as possible and so I with this in mind I’ve done all the tech research for you and have found the best dirt bike goggles on the market.

Less critical factors to consider before buying a pair of goggles include:

Goggle Frames

Most goggles are made from a flexible urethane composite allowing the goggles to twist and bend so that they conform to your face.  When trying a pair of goggles on, they should form a tight even seal around your face, although not so tight that they’re uncomfortable. Your peripheral vision should be unobstructed with only a tiny amount of the frame visible.The frame should be both lightweight and durable.

Many goggles are designed with extended frame outriggers. These serve to increase your field of view while minimizing any loss of peripheral vision which is vital to any rider, no matter if you ride enduro or motocross.

The goggle strap that connects to the outriggers improves the way the goggles fit around your helmet, increasing comfort and helping to align your goggles in the right position over the view port and your face. Generally speaking, outriggers give your goggles a better chance of fitting different helmet styles and sizes.

If you wear glasses finding the right pair of goggles becomes a bit easier as your options are narrowed down to the “Over The Glasses” or OTG design. If you need your specs for riding, I suggest you take a look at the guide where I’ve already found the best dirt bike goggles for glasses.

Goggle Nose Guards

I’m not the biggest fan of nose guards although they do serve a purpose. Most goggles in the upper end of the price range will come standard with a nose guard which usually offer the ability to be removed if you wish.

As an avid enduro rider, I’ve been whacked in the face many times by unexpected thorn trees and sticks from low hanging branches. This is why goggles are so important. I’ve ridden with a fellow who lost an eye to a thorn tree, even while wearing goggles. Nose guards are also popular for motocross riders to prevent hard roost from being flung straight  into your snout.

Goggle Lenses

Finding the right lense has always been a bit tricky. There are so many options available for riders today that it’s become a bit overwhelming. Lenses differ in tint, materials, impact resistance and size. We’ll get to tinting options in a second. It’s worthwhile mentioning that most goggles today are made from a Lexan polycarbonate so you don’t need to worry too much about the type of plastic being used. The only exception is the Oakley Prizm lenses which are made from a more durable material that offers better protection against impact with mud, stones, sticks and whatever else ends up hitting you in the face.

Injection molded lenses offer the best visual clarity. Injection molded goggle lenses are curved before they go into the google, this helps to prevent any kind of visual distortion.

It’s incredibly important that your goggles meet all the relevant safety criteria. If you’re insured or something goes wrong and you end up damaging your eyes while riding with a non certified pair of goggles, you could be in for a bit of trouble. All the goggles I’ve recommended will meet either the US, EU or both required safety ratings. Be sure to look out for the safety certifications which are the ANSI Z87.1 for the US market, and EN 1938 for the EU market.

Goggle UV Protection

Many goggles on the lower end of the price range do not offer UV protection which is why I tend to prefer goggles in the intermediate to pro price range. Better quality goggles will come standard with 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection. The top quality goggles will even have blue light protection.

From a lens perspective, Scott have produced one of the best dirt bike goggle lenses in the form of the Single Works lens which offers incredibly UV protection. Another lense on the market which has some rather impressive standout features is the Oakley Prizm lens which aims to improve the color vibrance and tuning depending on the terrain you’re riding in.

Anti – Fog Lenses

My first solution to solving the widely experienced problem of goggles fogging up was to use the smallest drill bit in the tool box to make tiny holes on the top of the goggle lens. Unfortunately the holes were still big enough for dirt and dust to find its way through the lense and straight into the eyes which is super dangerous when holding the throttle open around a corner.

Luckily, many goggles today are already treated with an anti fog solution which helps to reduce the amount of fogging, but it doesn’t eliminate it completely. You could pick up some of the anti fog mixture to spray into your goggles before you head out which will help even more. A quick tip to help with fogging is to add a little bit of dishwashing liquid to the inner side of the lens. Smear it around with a soft dry anti scratch cloth, once it’s dry, use the same cloth to buff it off until you’re left with a nice shiny anti fog lens.

Lens Color

Although different colored lenses do serve different purposes, choosing the right lense color really comes down to personal preference and the terrain you’ll be riding in. If you’re riding in white sand dunes, you’ll want a lense that will dull the brightness and preserve your vision. If you’re riding out in the rivers and mountains, you’re going to come across a few dark or shaded passes where you need to be able to see and a clear lense would serve you better. It’s not very common to find polarized lenses on dirt bike goggles, some of the best dirt bike goggles have polarized lens capability but do not have a standard offer.

What Color Dirt Bike Goggle Lense Should You Ride With?

To answer this question, you need to understand which scenarios and terrain the different color goggles lenses are used for.

  • Clear Lense: Best goggle lense color for lowlight conditions.
  • Yellow Lense: Yellow lenses help to improve depth perception which makes them ideal for riding in conditions where your vision might be impaired by dust, fog, and clouds. Yellow lenses are also good for riding at dusk and dawn when the sun isn’t sitting directly above you.
  • Amber/Orange Lense: Orange tinted goggles are great for cloudy, rainy or overcast days. Orange helps to reduce glare while increasing the brightness and contrast of the terrain. Orange lenses could be considered a multipurpose lens as they’re not too dark or to clear.
  • Blue Lense: Blue dirtbike lenses are optimal for riding in muddy terrain as the blue improves contrast between light and dark obstacles in your path.
  • Grey Lense: Best for riding in bright light conditions
  • Mirrored/Iridium Lense: Mirrored lenses are perfect for riding during harsh sunny days or under competition spotlights as they help to reflect the sun rays and remove the glare from powerful lights.

Goggle Foam Liner

The foam lining on the inside of your goggles is the part that will get damaged the fastest and will ultimately be the reason you need to replace your goggles. Cheaper goggles will need to be replaced more frequently as the quality of the foam and the amount of layers used in production will be minimal. Most top quality goggles have at least 3 layers of foam which all have different purposes and densities.

The inner foam is often overlooked. What makes it so important is the fact that it provides the airflow and ventilation to your face, which in turn helps to prevent fogging and overheating.

The foam also soaks up all the sweat and stops it from blinding your vision as it runs down your face. High density foam will do a much better job at absorbing moisture and sweat than the cheaper alternatives. Goggles with multiple layers of foam will have a softer material to cushion your face and act as a moisture wicking material and a harder more dense foam on the outer layers.

Goggle Straps

A simple feature of the goggles right, a piece of elastic band wrapped in stretchy material. Not quite. The straps do not receive enough credit as they serve a bigger function than simply wrapping around your helmet. Over the years, the size of the strap has increased to around 40 or 45 millimeters and has a silicone injected underbelly which offers the most grip against the outer shell of your helmet, preventing your goggles from slipping and sliding like your back wheel as you mount rocks, roots and any other obstacles. Generally speaking, the wider the strap, the less chance of your goggles slipping off your helmet.

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