The 9 Best Women’s Moto Jackets This Summer

Summer calls for long days of riding – These are the 9 best womens motorcycle jackets and why we chose them.

Summer is finally here! The sun is out. Your motorcycle is ready to ride. The roads are open… it’s perfect. And, of course, every new season brings with it an opportunity to get some great seasonal riding gear. Some of the best women’s motorcycle jackets make the perfect go-to for hot summer days and breezy, cool sunset scenes alike. It’s not just a style statement – it’s an important piece of safety gear, too.

We’ve listed a few of the top women’s motorcycle jackets that can be worn over any outfit and will protect you from the road’s dangers, such as wind and surface contact, in case of an accident. Here’s everything you need to know when choosing the best women’s motorcycle jacket for your riding needs.

Reviews: Best Motorcycle Jackets For Women

These are some of the top motorcycle riding jackets for women.

Best Women's Lightweight Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

ICON Women's Mesh AF Jacket

This is one of the best jackets for summer riding. ICON have developed a slim fitting mesh jacket from highly durable textiles. The ventilation panels sit neatly in the front and rear to allow the smooth passing of air.

Snug windflaps allow you to customize the jackets fit to meet your own level of comfort and adjust the jacket depending on the speed you’re riding. This jacket takes on an ultra slim and streamlined design, yet has all the comfort and protection you would want in any jacket.

Safety is definitely a feature that has not been looked over. The CE certified protectors are found along the elbows, shoulders and spine. They’re also removable.

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Best Multi-purpose Jacket

Speed & Strength Spellbound Jacket

Speed and Strength have been in the business of making awesome motorcycle apparel for quite some time. The brand is synonymous with high quality rider gear that’s designed for both – speed and strength.

This spellbound textile jacket is a whole of jacket. It’s got that awesome casual look but offers protection in all the right places. The hoodie comes in a few different colors and is also removable so you could wear it as a causal jacket or a motorcycle jacket.

The protective padding along the elbows, shoulders and spine are also removable for those causal events. The jacket is water resistant and is manufactured with a super stretch material. This might be one of the most comfortable jackets in this review. It also allows for a great cut around the neck. It’s tailored in a way that there’s no bunching and irritation while sitting in the riding position.

There is ample storage space and ventilation spots which makes this a must have motorcycle jacket for any lady rider. The jacket also comes in many sizes like 4XL so this is your best bet for larger ladies looking for a women’s plus textile motorcycle jacket.

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Best Fitting Women's Motorcycle Jacket

ICON 1000 Fairlady Women's Jacket

When it comes to motorcycle jackets for ladies, it’s quite common that the feminine look get’s lost in the manufacturing process. ICON are known for having incredibly designed jackets for both men and women. The Fairlady jacket is no exception. It has a pleasantly comfortable tailored cut – known as the ICON 1000 sport fit.

The Fairlady jacket is designed with 3 multi purpose layers to add breathability and level 3 waterproofing while being completely sealed and fitted with top of the range YKK zippers. Beneath the beautiful exterior is the tough and rugged D30 impact resisting pads, as well as a removable vest liner made from an insulated Satin. All these features make this a great choice for a good 3 to 4 season touring jacket for women.

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Best Women's Motorcycle Jacket for Hot Weather

Fly Racing Women’s Flux Air Jacket

A simple design that strikes the perfect balance of comfort, style and protection. The Fly Racing Street Flux Air Jacket has the same exceptional quality that you would expect from any Fly Racing gear. This is the perfect jacket for summer and riding in hot weather.

This is a full mesh jacket that allows for maximum airflow while still offering the protection that you need. It’s worth noting that the elbow and shoulder padding is CE level which meets the EN1621-1 standard and is removable for when you’re not on the bike. The back padding offers good protection, however, the standard back armor is not CE rated. If you want the best women’s mesh motorcycle jacket with armor, you can upgrade the back armor to a fully CE rated padding called the FLY Barricade.

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Best Momen's Motorcycle Jacket with Armor

Alpinestars Women’s Eloise Air Motorcycle Jacket

No list of top riding gear would be complete without a feature by the Iconic Alpinestars brand. The Eloise Air jacket is on of their best sellers, and for good reason. It offers ultra comfortable riding positions with the pre-curved design. It also maximizes comfort with the slightly longer lower back covering which covers and protects in an upright riding position. Continuing with comfort, the collar has a super soft textile lining which minimizes rubbing and irritation.

Protection is also pretty top notch with CE certified shoulder and elbow pads. When it comes to the back side – there is the option to upgrade to the fully CE certified Alpinestars bionic chest and back protectors.

This is a really well rounded jacket that is highly durable and comfortable. The mesh inserts help tremendously with cooling during a hot ride. The exterior is made from 480 denier poly-textile which does a great job at improving this jackets durability against abrasion and water while still offering that nice casual look that looks great with a pair of jeans. Although, riding in jeans is definitely not recommended. Rather stay on the safe side and read our review of women’s motorcycle pants.

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Best Women's Jacket for Riding a Sport Motorcycle

Joe Rocket Cleo 2.2 Women’s Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jacket

A real lady deserves a well-fitted jacket. Contrary to popular belief, style does not have to come at the price of comfort.

This is a great example of a light summer jacket with plenty of extra features. The outer shell is waterproof and the interior has removable sleeve liners that have insulation capabilities, perfect for the odd cold day that might come up. The jacket has C.E. approved shoulder and elbow armor, with a removable spine pad and a pocket for additional protective gear.

It’s lightweight, ventilated and has an adjustment system across the lower back to ensure a tight and secure fit while riding. Remember, the jacket needs to be as comfortable as possible. This is easier to achieve if the fit can be adjusted for your specific requirements.

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Best Budget Women's Motorcycle Jacket

ILM Moto Jacket

Every closet needs an edgy jacket that’s perfect for an off-road adventure. Ladies, step up your style game with this addition.

This unisex jacket has quite a tough appearance so if you’re after a bit of an edgy look, this modern jacket is sure to suit your style. It’s not the typical tailored feminine jacket but it has a cool look that lets people know you are a bike rider. The shoulder, back and kidney armor is clearly visible and gives that sort of space-age look – pretty damn cool, and also more protective than most summer motorcycle jackets.

Reflective white lining makes this jacket a great choice for high visibility and the ventilation system is uniquely suited to handle the summer heat. If you’re a racer or trail rider looking for some summertime motocross fun, this is a recommendable choice with great ventilation and protection.

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Best All Season Women's Motorcycle Jacket

Viking Cycle Ironborn Armored Motorcycle Textile Riding Jacket

It’s difficult to get a sturdy motorcycle jacket at a decent price. In fact, it’s a mean feat to get any piece of motorcycle gear at a good price without compromising on quality. But not with this baby!

Another option that’s fitted with elbow, shoulder, and spine armor, this ladies summer motorcycle jacket from Viking Cycle is tough yet breezy. The ventilation system is adapted for hot, summertime riding with two front and two back vents, and the jacket includes some great features such as reflective material. There’s nothing quite as romantic as a summertime sunset drive – and few things more dangerous than a romantic sunset ride without reflective piping.

It’s one of the most affordable jackets out there and perfect if you’re looking for a one-season item that’s in style and trendy enough to fit with any jacket. Running low on your summertime budget? This jacket’s price is a sweet summery relief!

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Best Heavy Women's Motorcycle Jacket

BILT Techno Women's Motorcycle Jacket

This is the perfect combination of safety and comfort. A memory foam panel ensures the jacket will fit perfectly to your shape every time you slip it on.

Have you tried riding in summer with a tall collar that keeps poking you in the neck and making the sweat heap up around your shoulders? It’s the worst. Investing in a proper summer motorcycle jacket with shortened collars that are sturdy yet comfortable is worth the effort. Don’t overlook the small things; they make a huge difference to your riding pleasure. Be sure to fit on a few jackets in-store before ordering online; this will help you prioritize the jacket features that you prefer, many of which you won’t realize until you fit some jackets on and experience how irritating a sharp collar or stiff, pre-curved arm might be.

BILT has used a Techno mesh body material with reinforced panels for extra protection so if you’re a stickler for safety, this jacket is your go-to. High visibility reflective piping and a removable memory foam back panel are some added extras that will serve you well.

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Why It’s Important to Wear a Jacket?

Summer is hot (duh!) Leather motorcycle gear makes it worse, of course. It’s incredibly tempting to slip on some flip-flops and shorts, throw on a tank top and hop on your bike without breaking a sweat. We’ve all considered it – but safety should be your primary concern, even in the most sweltering heat.

Luckily, there’s a solution to wearing a heavy women’s leather motorcycle jacket on summer days. A summer motorcycle jacket made from the right materials makes for a great piece of gear that’s suitable for hot and dry climates. A motorcycle jacket is essential for safety. Just imagine the difference in pain if you’ve crashed in a tank top instead of a sturdy motorcycle jacket. Sorry to say ladies, a good summer motorcycle jacket is a non-negotiable accessory. The upside? It’s a fantastic piece of gear with a wide range of options to suit every.

Criteria: Top Ladies Summer Motorcycle Jackets

  • Moisture-wicking material
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy construction
  • Mesh
  • Ventilation/air flow
  • Correct fit
  • Stylish


Just a little side note – a fake leather ‘motorcycle jacket’ sold at a clothing store, however fashionable it may be, is not the protective gear that you should have for touring and casual rides. There’s not much about these jackets that are suitable for motorcycling and they certainly don’t have the protective features or ventilation that a riding jacket is meant to provide.

Summer motorcycle jackets should offer equal parts protection and comfort. The protection part comes in when you think about features such as impact-resistance and materials that are abrasion-resistant. Mesh and perforated materials are perfect for areas with very hot and dry climates as they’ll let the most air through without weakening the construction. A jacket with stitched seams will last longer than a flimsy garment, as will a jacket with adjustable straps that allow you to tighten or loosen the waist part depending on what you’re wearing.

A jacket with cooling capabilities and good ventilation is a must. (Especially when I ride in the Dubai desert. If you’re ever visiting, drop us a message and check out our dirt bike rental in Dubai.) The added airflow will help keep temperatures down, while a moisture-wicking material will absorb sweat and keep the jacket from smelling funky within minutes. Other features like removable liners that can be washed are great to have, as well as a waterproof coating for summer rainfall. And what’s a jacket without pockets and zippers that are easy to handle, even with gloves on? Pockets at the shoulders, elbows and back will allow you to add extra armor at any time so keep that in mind, too!

If you live in an area that’s generally cold even in summer – for those folks who live way up north – it might be worth considering a combination jacket with removable thermal liners. These thermal liners can be taken out in spring/summer and should make for a comfortable ride in cooler climates. Features like mesh and big vents for airflow are less important if you’re looking for a combination or all-year jacket.


Putting on a motorcycle jacket is not the same as fitting a casual or business jacket. The fit is extremely important, since the jacket needs to be both comfortable and protective. Try to forget about the usual fitting guidelines and find a jacket that sits correctly when you’re on your bike.

Jacket sleeves should be longer than usual and cover the wrists while leaning forward on your bike. Adjustable straps or Velcro at the wrists will make it easier to adjust the fit for your arm length, so look out for that feature when you’re considering which jacket to buy.

The motorcycle jacket should sit tightly across the chest but a bit loose across the back and shoulders when you are in riding position, allowing the material to cover your upper body when you reach forward. Make sure it’s long enough to cover your lower backside and that it fits well enough to not shift around. Having trouble deciding on how gear should fit? Here’s a great introduction guide for ladies on how to select motorcycle gear.

A note for the racers out there: a stronger leather jacket with a short collar and pre-curved arms is a great ladies summer motorcycle jacket that provides ample protection for track days and racing.


Style is always one of those subjective things where opinions differ wildly. But it’s pretty obvious that jackets come in all sorts of styles. Some jackets look like the typical black leathers that everyone imagines when you mention a motorcycle jacket. There are jackets in plain white, ones with mixed colors, modern ones… the list is endless and it all depends on the look that you’re going for.

There are so many styles to choose from and this is completely up to personal preference, there’s a little something to match your entire outfit. We’ve even got a great review on the best women’s motorcycle boots for you to choose from.

If you’ve got your feet covered and are looking for a new helmet. There’s really not a whole lot of difference between a guys and ladies helmet. But we’ve put together a neat list of what we think are the best women’s motorcycle helmets.


Are motorcycle jackets supposed to be tight?

When trying on a motorcycle jacket it should fit tightly but not too tight that it restricts your movement. The jacket should fit comfortably in the riding position and not only when standing upright.

What is the best hot weather motorcycle jacket?

The best motorcycle jacket brands for hot weather include: Alpinestars, Klim, Joe Rocket, Fly Racing, Bilt, Rev’it, Dainese, Icon, and Speed & Strength.

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The best women’s summer motorcycle jacket will depend largely on your preferred riding style and fashion choices. There’s something to suit every taste, whether you’re looking for a plain option to match with any outfit or a jacket that ensures ultimate comfort. The top picks go to the Speed & Strength Moto Jacket for it’s impressive versatility in varying riding conditions. The Icon 1000 Fairlady makes for a casual looking ladies moto jacket, but packs all the punch underneath the layers.

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