6 Safest Motorcycle Helmet Locks To Prevent Theft

Motorcycle helmet theft is a very real problem. Unfortunately there is not much one can do about it except for keeping your helmet on your person at all times, or using one of these great motorcycle helmet locks

Let’s face it. Wearing a helmet while out on the road or off on the trails is an essential part of the safety game. The problem arises once your wheels stop rolling. You climb off your bike, and now you’re stuck carrying this darn helmet around, unless, you’ve found a safe way to store your helmet. That’s where the beauty of motorcycle helmet locks come into play. I’ve gone ahead and identified all the key features to look out for as well as vetted all the options and come up with a complete list of the six best motorcycle helmet locks on the market. Check it out.

Summary: Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks

A look at some of the best motorcycle helmet locks to prevent theft.

ProductBest ForOur Rating
1. Kuryakyn Universal License Plate Helmet LockBest Motorcycle License Plate Helmet Lock★★★★
2. Helmetlok – Carabiner Style LockBest Universal Motorcycle Helmet Lock★★★★★
3. Bigpantha Motorcycle Helmet Lock & CableBest Motorcycle Helmet Combination Lock★★★★
4. Master Loc – Motorcycle Helmet LockBest Motorcycle Helmet Cable Lock★★★
5. Bikers Choice Helmet LockBest Motorcycle Helmet Handlebar Lock★★★★
6. Lock-it Lockstraps Helmet LockBest Motorcycle Helmet Lock Strap★★★

Top Choice: Kuryakyn Universal License Plate Helmet Lock

Probably the best helmet security purchase you can make

Reviews: Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks

We’ve chosen six of the best helmet locks for all types of motorcycles.

Convenient and Secure

Kuryakyn Universal License Plate Helmet Lock

Probably the best helmet security purchase you can make. This option is higihly recommended as the best universal motorcycle license plate helmet lock.

This is a really nifty device – It’s my personal choice for overall best motorcycle helmet lock. I actually have one of these installed on both of my bikes (Vespa & Ninja). If I could, I’d also put one on my dirt bike.

The lock itself feels incredibly secure. I think it would be quite a tough job for someone to barge their way through this device.

I also like the fact that you’re able to lock the device without having to insert the key – this can be a pain with many of the other motorcycle helmet locks.

The placement is also great, out of sight and out of mind. There is no need to fiddle with any cables, trying to get them through the helmet D-Rings, nothing to worry about lining up tiny little numbers on a pin lock, and nothing to worry about when it comes to storage as it’s pretty much self storage. As a bonus, you can never forget it behind! Just attach the keys to your ignition keys and everything is with you, all the time.

  • Highly Secure locking mechanism
  • Spring loaded latch
  • Easy Installation
  • Heavy duty backing plate
  • Attractive & well organized
  • Helmet will hang upside down (rain)
  • Not for curved license plates
Check Revzilla Check Amazon

Best Universal Motorcycle Helmet Lock

Helmetlok – Carabiner Style Lock

A highly simple but effective motorcycle helmet lock. This is a universal carbiner lock system for your helmet with lockable pin code.

As with most things, simple is often better. That’s how I feel when I look at a classic carabiner locking system. Fewer materials and moving parts means fewer access points. No cables, no fuss.

The actual carabiner is made from aluminium and covered in a protective plastic coating. The downside to the aluminium is that it’s weaker than steel, however the positive is the lighter weight that it comes with. The protective coating ensures you won’t have any issues with scratches to your belongings.

While the pin lock system has 4 digits (the more the better) the actual mechanism is made from a weather resistant zinc alloy, which feels a bit cheap when rotating them.

Overall, if you’re looking for something that will fit just about any bike/helmet/situation, this would be my go to for best universal motorcycle helmet lock as it’s super quick and simple to use and doesn’t require me to carry around a key.

  • 4 Digit Pin (keyless)
  • Simple & Easy to use
  • Small and portable – easy storage
  • Plastic coating
  • Made from aluminum
  • Plastic number rings
  • Weak hinge pin
Check Revzilla Check Amazon

Best Motorcycle Helmet Combination Lock

Bigpantha Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable

The BigPantha Helmet Lock is a security device that gives you an excellent layer of protection against helmet theft. This is a trusted helmet locking mechanism that utilise a combination key as well as stretchable cable making the BIG PANTHA lock one of the best helmet combination locks for just about every motorcycle.

This motorcycle helmet cable lock includes a few great features. It’s nice and long (1.8 metres), giving plenty of room to get creative with how and where you lock your helmet down, as well as providing enough room to lock up multiple helmets.

The thought of rubber coating the D-Ring is also a nice touch to prevent any unwanted scratches. The cable is also coated and self retracting, so there’s no need to roll up the cable yourself.

I do often question the security of thin cables like the one featured here as it would be fairly easy to cut through it with a decent sized wire/bolt cutter. It seems there are a few reports of peoples helmets going missing due to wire cutting, if you’re not planning on going deep into the hood over night, you should be OK.

The last detail which I’m not a fan of is the small numbers on the pin lock mechanism. It can be real tricky to get them right if you’re wearing gloves or even if you’re trying to punch in your pin without good lighting.

  • Rubberized to prevent scratches
  • Multiple lock placement options
  • 1.8M cable can lock multiple helmets
  • Rust Proof
  • Universal fit
  • Thinner cable can be less of a deterrent
  • Can you rely on your memory for the pin?
  • Small pin numbers can be a pain
Check Amazon

Best Motorcycle Helmet Cable Lock

Motorcycle Helmet Lock-Master Lock

This simple 14″ long cable is a great solution for deterring the casual thief or prankster. These types of locks are always simple to use and no fuss about them. Just remember to keep your keys safe and this could be the best helmet cable lock for your motorcycle helmet. This works well with ATV helmets as well.

If you’re looking for a more classic style locking mechanism, this product would be the way to go. It’s not overly large, although it’s not the smallest or most flexible object to keep in your pocket while you ride, but it could be worse. If you prefer adventure riding, these adventure motorcycle jackets have more than enough pockets to keep your keys safe.

The actual length of the cable could be a bit longer as it can get tricky to actually get the lock in place – another inch or two would have been perfect, but it’s still possible.

Like most locks, this is more of a preventative measure than a guarantee to the safety of your lid. If someone really wanted to get through, they would find a way, but this is a really good start as a deterrent.

  • Simple & Effective
  • Plastic coating prevents scratches
  • Price
  • Storage when not in use
  • Risk of losing the key
  • Short length cable
Check Amazon

Best Motorcycle Helmet Handlebar Lock

Bikers Choice Helmet Lock

A Perfect multi-purpose locking mechanism that makes for one of the safest Motorcycle helmet locks on the market.

If you’re looking for a handlebar mount, this is the product I’d recommend. I just want to highlight that this product comes with one way fasteners – which means once the lock is in place, it’s not going anywhere. For that reason, when you’re first finding the best place to install the lock, use a pair of regular bolts first, until you’re happy with the mounting position.

The biggest frustration with this lock is that it can be really tricky to lock and unlock it as it’s not spring loaded, meaning you have to use the key everytime you want to unlock it! This can be incredibly annoying if you’re working with limited space (which you will be).

Other than that, the lock feels really sturdy and would do a good job of keeping your helmet safe – assuming you can find a good spot to fasten the lock, which can be troublesome. If the handlebars don’t work, try out the front engine guard.

The chrome finish looks and feels really good and goes nicely with most bikes.

  • Quality chrome finish
  • Easy to install
  • Durable & Secure
  • Limited placement options
  • Requires key to lock device
Check Revzilla Check Amazon

Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock Strap

Lock-it Lockstraps Helmet Lock

Let me start by mentioning the size of the carabiner is way larger than what the picture actually portrays. If you’re looking for something small and easily storable, this is probably not for you. The size and material used really do weigh a fair amount. It’s safety and secrutiy first with this one whicih makes a great motorcycle helmet lock strap by Lock-It

If that’s not an issue for you, the overall feel of the lock is secure and sturdy. What I really like about this lock style is that can be used in many different situations, like fastening your bags and or jackets to your bike while doing long distance rides. It can even be used to lock objects to your car’s roof rack.

The nylon straps have a good rigid feel to them thanks to the inner cable which is made of 3mm thick stainless steel – Pro: Strength, Con: Weight

Watch out for where you place the lock strap on your bike as there is no protective layer on the big and heavy carabiner which could easily do some damage to your helmet or your ride.

  • Heat Treated Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Multi-purpose
  • Durable Treated Galvanized Rivets
  • No protective coating on carabiner
  • Storage due to carabiner size and weight (very big)
Check Revzilla Check Amazon

Why You Should Use a Motorcycle Helmet Lock

In an ideal world, where everyone rides a motorcycle, there is no crime, and safety isn’t a concern – we probably wouldn’t need helmet locks, or helmets for that matter.

However, in today’s society where we rely on expensive equipment like bluetooth motorcycle helmets and helmet safety is such a concern that we need looking twice before you cross the road, and checking twice that your bike is locked, is probably two times to few, we have to take our helmet with us wherever we go. Even when we park the bike. This presents two problems.

Problem 1: You have to carry a cumbersome and odd shaped object everywhere you go, among all the other things you’re carrying already, phone, wallet, glasses, gloves, bags etc. etc.

motorbike helmet lock

Problem 2: You have nowhere to safely stash your helmet away from the ever-watching ambitious eyes of your neighborly kleptomaniac.

The Solution: Motorcycle helmet locks, of course. The beauty behind them is that they solve both problems. First, you can safely lock your helmet to your motorcycle without having to worry about someone snatching it for themselves. Secondly, you no longer have to schlep the thing around with you, freeing up your hands for whatever task presents itself. Although many ladies carry around large bags, they might be OK to hold a ladies motorcycle helmet as well.

What to Look for in a Motorcycle Helmet Lock

Locking Mechanism

This quality pretty much comes down to two options. The lock and key, or the pin lock. Both are equally as effective at keeping unwanted guests away from your goods, you just need to ask yourself whether you trust yourself to carry a key with you and lose it, or if you trust yourself to remember a 3 or 4 digit pin combination to the lock.

My personal preference is the pin combination, purely because I tend to lose my belongings fairly regularly, one less thing to carry, one less thing to lose.

Material & Construction

This simply refers to the quality of the material used in the lock. Obviously higher quality material will be far more of a challenge to break through, however as with most things in life, better quality does not come with a better price.

The best motorcycle helmet locks will be mainly built using metal. Ideally you want to look for items that have hardened through some kind of heat treatment or specially strengthened steel.

The higher quality materials will also prevent any kind of erosion or weakening of the locking mechanism so it should be good to use for a long time to come.

Storage and Transport

Ask yourself the question: What will I do with the lock when I’m not using it?

Think about it, you’ve gone for a ride, you’ve locked up your helmet, you’ve finished your lunch and now it’s time to cruise home. Where do you put the lock?

Different lock styles will have different storage options. If you don’t have a bag with you, you probably don’t want to opt for a full on cable lock type with extra chunky padlock. You might want to consider something more portable like the HelmetLok which could easily fit into your pocket. Read the full review below.

Alternatively, if that thought throws in a whole new dynamic that you hadn’t even considered, and don’t want to consider, you could skip the hassle completely. A great option is looking into a license plate helmet lock. In this case, you physically attach the lock to the rear of your license plate so you’ll never have to worry about remembering to bring the lock with you, or about packing it away when you’re done.

This offers the added benefit of deterring thieves from trying to get their hands on your helmet speakers.One of the best license plate helmet locks I’ve come across is the Kuryakyn License Plate Helmet Security Lock

Different Types of Motorcycle Helmet Locks

Best Motorcycle Helmet Combination Lock

bike helmet lock

While this refers to the locking mechanism, not actually the type of lock I feel this is an important aspect to highlight. Many different types of locks will have this locking mechanism so to identify the best you want to make sure that it’s safe.

As mentioned earlier one aspect of security comes down to the materials being used, the other aspect is the number of digits in the pin. The more digits the pin has, the more possible combinations someone will have to try to crack the lock. Ideally look for a lock with 3 or more combination dials. A great option from Amazon would be the BIGPANTHA cable lock.

Best Universal Motorcycle Helmet Lock

What makes a lock Universal is its ability to be used with any type of motorcycle and helmet combination. Perfect for dirt bike helmets as well. Some locks are designed to be mounted on the motorcycle number plate, if your number plate has very different dimensions to the lock plate, you might have some issues. The main issue you could run into is whether your on a dirt bike or not. (By the way, ever wondered if motocross helmets are road legal? Check out this post!)

Other lock types fit over the handlebars. These often work quite well as universal helmet locks as they offer the ability to be tightened around different sized bars, so this could be a great option if you’re looking for the best harley motorcycle helmet lock.

In my opinion, if you’re in the market for the best motorcycle helmet lock and the key feature for you is the universal aspect, check Amazon here for what I think would make the best universal motorcycle lock with a classic carabiner lock system or a motorcycle helmet cable lock. See below for the best options.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Cable Lock

As the name implies, this lock style is simply a rugged cable that uses either a pin or key lock mechanism. Most often found on bicycles, however, you do get versions that are much tougher for motorcycles. They’re both simple and effective.

The only downside to this lock type is the ability to easily store it when it’s not being used. Sure you could fasten it to somewhere else on your motorcycle, possibly the forks or license plate, but just remember there could be some rattling when you’re on the road. Try to avoid any unnecessary scratches to your baby by either securing the cable really tightly, or buy a motorcycle helmet cable lock with a rubberized finish.

Best Motorcycle License Plate Helmet Lock

One of the best aspects of the license plate locks is that it’s out of sight and out of mind. You simply attach it to the rear side of your license plate where it will remain permanently, without having to worry about storage, or remembering to bring your lock along.

The best motorcycle license plate helmet locks are also very quick and easy to install. Most of them will only require a spanner and a few minutes of your time. There is the chance you might need to drill some new holes into the plate, but usually this is not the case.

Something else I really like about license plate locks is that some of them actually have a dual lock system for two helmets if you have a passenger with you. Two birds, one stone!

Check Amazon for my top pick for the best motorcycle license plate and read the review below!

Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock Strap

Lock straps could be my personal favorite option for locking my motorcycle helmet. They’re extremely easy to use and offer you a wide array of choices as to where on the motorcycle you actually want to fasten your helmet. You could lock it in around the wheel, the handlebars, the forks – the options are endless. In addition you can use lock straps in so many other scenarios – not just for your helmet, for example you might want to lock your bags down while travelling.

The downside is remembering to actually bring the lock strap with you, without it you’re back at square one, wondering where to put your helmet down. Read below for the full review or check out Amazon for my top choice of best motorcycle helmet lock strap with a super simple design and a nice price tag

Best Motorcycle Helmet Handlebar Lock

Another interesting motorcycle helmet lock type is the handlebar lock. As the name would suggest, they simply fit around your handlebars. Most of them will fit anything from 7/8″ to 1-1/4″ tubing. This means you don’t necessarily have to use the lock on your handle bars but you could look for other spots that you might prefer. Just be sure to use an area of straight piping as any tapers will prevent the lock from closing properly.

I’ve noticed that many Harley riders actually opt for this lock type – could this make it the best Harley motorcycle helmet lock? Check out my top choice for best motorcycle helmet handlebar lock on Amazon.

Motorcycle Helmet Locks Keep Honest People Honest

Motorcycle helmet lock

Now that we’ve looked at all the different types of motorcycle helmet locks, it’s difficult to say which is the overall best motorcycle helmet lock. At the end of the day, you need to remember that a helmet lock is not a guarantee, rather a deterrent. If someone really wants your helmet, they will find a way to get it, regardless of what lock you’re using.

My personal preference for the best motorcycle helmet lock would be the license plate helmet lock. This takes away the worry of having to store the lock when your not using it, remembering to take it with you and remember a pin code. The Kuryakyn license helmet plate lock looks good, feels good, and most importantly, it locks good.

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