Ladies – Could These Be The Best Motorcycle Pants

Need to upgrade your riding gear? Motorcycle pants for women, leather motorcycle pants or motorcycle chaps… the choice is yours!

Need to upgrade your riding gear? Motorcycle pants for women, leather motorcycle pants or motorcycle chaps… the choice is yours! “I have nothing to wear” is a statement that makes men go running. They know what this means: multiple outfit changes are coming, along with a side dish of tears and maybe even a fit of rage on a bad day.

motorcycle chaps for women

Choosing an outfit can be stressful on a regular day and when it comes to motorcycle riding, it gets even harder – especially if you need to find pants that are suitable for activities beyond riding on your motorcycle. Here’s how you can pick the best motorcycle pants for women that will work for any occasion.

Best Motorcycle Pants For Women

Choosing the best looking motorcycle pants is completely subjective. But here are some of the top motorcycle pants for women.

Recommended Pants For Women
Dainese New Drake Air Women’s Pants
Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 Riding Pants
Icon Women’s Hella 2 Pants
Rokker Diva Black Women’s Jeans

Reviews: Best Womens Motorcycle Pants

Top Choice: Dainese New Drake Air Women’s Textile Pants

Jeans are always a good idea. If you’re a bike rider, motorcycle jeans are the best idea.

Essential Protection with Comfort and Style

Dainese New Drake Air Women's Pants

Engineered with a meticulous eye for safety, comfort, and style, Dainese's New Drake Air Textile Pants are a remarkable asset for the discerning female rider. The pants are trendy and can be dressed up with a nice blouse and subtle motorcycle boots. The CE-certified composite protectors at the knees provide substantial safety coverage, which sets a reassuring tone when riding in various conditions.

The Dainese New Drake Air Pants utilize a large amount of QuickDry fabric, known for its ability to keep riders dry and comfortable even in hotter climates. This pairs superbly with the well-placed air inlets on the thighs, allowing for optimized ventilation on warm rides, a feature missing in the Tour Master Overpant Women's Motorcycle Pants.

An additional feature that stands out for the Dainese New Drake Air Pants is the jacket-to-pants fastening system, enhancing the overall protective coverage by ensuring the pants remain securely fastened to the rider's jacket. This feature is particularly beneficial for more aggressive rides where the risk of the pants sliding down is higher.

However, there are areas for improvement, notably the price. Dainese's New Drake Air Pants are on the higher end of the price range compared to other models. However, for the level of protection, comfort, and versatility offered, many riders will consider this a worthwhile investment.

  • Removable composite protectors
  • Ventilation with air inlets on the thighs
  • Large use of QuickDry fabric
  • A bit pricey
  • Limited color options
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Protection & Comfort on the Road

Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 Riding Pants

Black pants are a wardrobe staple and these motorcycle pants will combine easily with your daily outfits.

Every woman needs a pair of motorcycle pants that are subtle enough to wear to any occasion. Joe Rocket’s motorcycle pants for ladies are well-designed with great features and look casual without being sloppy.

Some awesome features include removable hip padding, removable waterproof liners, leg zippers, adjustable hem for height, a jacket attachment and an adjustment system… phew! Is there anything these pants don’t have?

  • Heavy duty
  • Removable padding and liners
  • Customized height and fit
  • Jacket attachment
  • Not ideal for hot summer days
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Combines Style, Comfort, and Protection

Icon Women's Hella 2 Pants

The Icon Women's Hella 2 Pants meet the unique balance of style, comfort, and protection that female riders crave. Offering a seamless blend of fashion and functionality, they notably stand out in the women's motorcycle pant segment.

Compared to the Dainese Women's Pants, the Icon Women's Hella 2 Pants feature an eye-catching design that merges durable denim with premium leather. The integrated stretch panels ensure a comfortable fit that adapts to the rider's movements while on the road, a feature that aids in making long rides less fatiguing.

The adjustable D3O knee armor provides a customizable protection option that significantly enhances safety while allowing for tailored comfort. This feature is an excellent addition that offers riders a chance to adjust the level of protection to their personal preference and riding conditions.

When compared to the Joe Rocket's Ballistic Riding Pants, however, the Hella 2 lacks specific performance-oriented features. For instance, it doesn't provide significant ventilation for hotter climates and is not waterproof, which could be a drawback for riders who often encounter diverse weather conditions.

Despite these drawbacks, the Icon Women's Hella 2 Pants showcase an impressive evolution from the previous models, paying attention to both aesthetics and rider protection. They meet the style quotient while not compromising on safety and comfort, a balancing act that's not often seen in the women's motorcycle gear market.

For the style-conscious female rider seeking a mix of fashion and functionality, the Icon Women's Hella 2 Pants certainly make a compelling case.

  • Fashion-forward design
  • Durable construction
  • Adjustable knee armor
  • Lacks ventilation features
  • Not waterproof
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Bridging Style and Protection with a Premium Feel

Rokker Diva Black Women's Jeans

Motorcycle gear that combines casual styling with robust protection is a sought-after commodity, and the Rokker Diva Black Women's Jeans are a worthy contender in this regard. These jeans bring a blend of style and substance that sets them apart from their peers.

Constructed from 14oz coated denim integrated with Schoeller-Dynatec, a uniquely abrasion-resistant material, the Rokker Diva offers a sturdy build quality. This material choice is an enhancement over the regular denim used in Icon's Hella 2 Pants, providing a higher level of protection while maintaining a similar casual style.

D3O hip and knee armor are integrated into the Rokker Diva Jeans for added safety. This armor system, while comparable to the one found in the Dainese Women's Pants and Icon's Hella 2 Pants, benefits from the robust denim/Schoeller-Dynatec combination, making these jeans an appealing option for riders keen on both style and protection.

One advantage that these jeans hold over the Joe Rocket's Ballistic Riding Pants is their wind-resistant and water-repellent features. These traits lend an additional level of comfort and practicality for riders dealing with variable weather conditions.

However, these jeans come with a couple of drawbacks. Unlike the adjustable armor system in the Icon's Hella 2 Pants, the armor in the Rokker Diva Jeans is not adjustable, which could affect the comfort and protective efficiency for some riders. Additionally, they come at a higher price point than most of their counterparts, including the Dainese Women's Pants and Joe Rocket's Ballistic Riding Pants.

Despite these downsides, the Rokker Diva Black Women's Jeans hold their own in the market with a unique balance of casual styling and robust protection, justifying their premium pricing. They are an embodiment of the evolution in women's motorcycle gear, striving for an effective blend of style, comfort, and safety.

  • Robust construction with Schoeller-Dynatec
  • Stylish, casual appearance
  • Good protection
  • Lack of adjustability in armor placement
  • Pricey
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Can Motorcycle Pants Be Stylish AND Functional?

Unfortunately, you can’t just pull on a pair of old jeans, silk linen trousers or anything in between and head off on your sweet ride. Should your sweet ride go for a bitter fall, all you’ll end up with are some not-so-sweet injuries and inevitable road rash that will leave you aching for days. This is why motorcycle pants need to have some stand-out features:

  • Some kind of padding/armour
  • Abrasion-resistant material
  • Good fit
  • Comfortable
  • Durable with strong seams
  • Adaptable to weather conditions (think waterproof, ventilated, etc.)
  • Affordable (unless you’re rich!)

As the list gets longer, it seems increasingly unlikely that you’ll be able to find a pair of pants that meets these requirements and somehow manages to look stylish and trendy, too. While not impossible, this task is certainly difficult and a great place to start looking for the best motorcycle pants for women is by doing your research. That’s where we come in – read on to find out more about important factors such as construction, materials, fit and purpose.

Construction and Materials

There are so many materials and combined materials that can be used to make sturdy motorcycle pants (source). Although denim is an old favorite, it ranks quite low on the list of abrasion resistance and protection.

leather motorcycle pants for women

Rather, materials such as ballistic nylon, Kevlar and Gore-Tex offer better features for protection and comfort. Ballistic nylon is a thicker synthetic fabric with better strength, and you’ve probably heard of Kevlar for its abilities as body armor. It’s also used in motorcycle gear to increase heat and abrasion resistance, while Gore-Tex is a material that’s both waterproof and breathable.

And then, of course, we have leather motorcycle pants for women – those typical black motorcycle leathers. A heavy type of leather that’s thicker than 1.3mm will hold up well against abrasion.

The Pros and Cons of Leather

The textiles above are somewhat cheaper than leathers, although quality leather with strong stitched seams will last longer than ballistic nylon and other similar materials. It is resistant against friction and abrasion, and can often be repaired after a crash. It’s also durable and it looks hella stylish, let’s be real.

The downside? Real leather requires special care (source) to ensure it stays strong and still looks good. And then there’s the comfort part: although leather breaks in well and sits comfortably, it provides little ventilation and can get quite heavy to wear in summer. Leather is also a bit more difficult to enhance for waterproof capabilities and airflow.


If the pants don’t fit correctly, you can forget about their effectiveness in protecting you in case of an accident. Pants that don’t sit correctly could slide around, move the armor or even slide off when you hit the ground.

Here Are Some Important Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing the Best Motorcycle Pants for Women:

Waist Size

Buying a pair of motorcycle pants is not the same as purchasing a pair of jeans or slacks. Don’t assume that your regular size will be the same for motorcycle pants, too. Take the measurements for your motorcycle paints by measuring the circumference of your waist just below your belly button.


Again, the inseam will differ a bit on motorcycle pants since you will be leaning forward most of the time. To take accurate inseam measurements, measure from the heel to the highest point of the crotch.

Safety Ratings

Some gear is CE-approved, which means the armor is reinforced according to European safety standards. You wouldn’t skimp on safety when it comes to your gloves, and you shouldn’t for your pants either. Read more about safety standards here.

Extra Features

Here are some extra things to look out for:

  • Adjustable settings: Some pants are made to be adjustable, which makes it much easier to ensure that you can get the best fit possible.
  • Reflective piping: Visibility is always a must for motorcycle riders and getting pants with reflective piping keeps you safe on the road.
  • Attachments: Motorcycle pants often have buckles or straps so that they can be attached to a <
  • Check out womens leather motorcycle jackets. Even if you fall, the pants will stay up and cover your legs and bottom by being attached to other gear that’s unlikely to be pulled off if you slide or crash on the road.

• Top tip! Take the measurements in centimeters and inches (source) so you can make quicker conversions for online shopping of European and other brands.

• Top tip! Always check the manufacturer’s sizing chart to make sure it aligns with your measurements. Reading reviews of gear will help you make sure that the sizing runs true to size.


Let’s focus on motorcycle pants for everyday riding. If you’re just a casual rider or looking for something that you can wear to work or even for a night out, a pair of neutral black (and if you need to look professional, non-leather) motorcycle pants should work just fine.

There are lots of plain pant styles available that don’t scream biker chick so shop around and find something that’s both practical and stylish. If you have a casual type of work, why not try a pair of leather motorcycle pants on colder days? Ladies

Confidence is key so don’t worry about hitting the gym beforehand, just be sure to find a pair that sits well and has a good level of protection. You can also look for a pair that comes complete with a ladies motorcycle gloves and some of the top women’s motorcycle jackets.

If you find that neither leather nor touring pants are satisfactory, you can always invest in a pair of motorcycle chaps for women or an overpant that can be slipped over an outfit and taken off when you reach your destination.

Motorcycle chaps and overpants offer a high level of protection and if the small inconvenience of removing them and having to carry them along when not riding doesn’t bother you, they are a great solution to still wearing that outfit you painstakingly picked out.

Check out our reviews below to learn more about chaps and overpants!


At the end of the day, the topic of motorcycle pants for women is complex and your choice of chaps will depend on your style and budget. For a casual pair of motorcycle pants, the Maxler Kevlar jean gets our vote since it has everything a rider needs. It’s easy to wear, perfect for almost any weather condition and works with pretty much any outfit. Chaps and overpants are nice alternatives but if you’re looking for a quick and easy solution that can be worn all day and for every occasion, denim is your best friend!


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