Most Popular Motorcycle Gloves For Ladies

best motorcycle gloves for women

Motorcycle riding is tough on the body. Think about it – that wind force you get when rushing along the freeway is no joke. Padded gear is a must to keep you safe from weather, wind and the harsh realities of a potential accident. Don’t leave your fingers out of it!

Your hands are an essential part of your body – and your riding experience – so if you haven’t invested in a good pair of women’s motorcycle riding gloves yet, it’s about time you stock up. Luckily, motorcycle gloves for women have the one thing ladies love: endless choices! From fingerless pairs to winter, leather and colorful styles, there’s something to match with every closet.

Women’s Motorcycle Gloves Quick Review

ProductBest ForOur Rating
1. Fox Racing Sidewinder Glove – Women’sVersatility
2. Black Gauntlet Deerskin Women’s Motorcycle GlovesCold Weather and Great Grip
3. Swift Unisex Motorcycle GlovesPrice
4. Alpinestars SMX-1 Air Women’s Street Motorcycle GlovesStyle and Design
5. Warmen Womens Nappa Leather Motorcycle GlovesSummertime

Top Choice: Fox Racing Sidewinder Glove – Women’s

How often do you do laundry? I’m hoping it’s not less than once a week! Get a pair of gloves that you can just toss in with your next load to keep your rides fresh and breezy. The dirt and dust that accumulates in just a week of riding is mind-boggling, like you’re taking half of the outside world home with you!
1. Fox Racing Sidewinder Glove – Women’s
Best For


Our Rating
2. Black Gauntlet Deerskin Women’s Motorcycle Gloves
Best For

Cold Weather and Great Grip

Our Rating
3. Swift Unisex Motorcycle Gloves
Best For


Our Rating
4. Alpinestars SMX-1 Air Women’s Street Motorcycle Gloves
Best For

Style and Design

Our Rating
5. Warmen Womens Nappa Leather Motorcycle Gloves
Best For


Our Rating

The Countdown

Ten fingers and ten things to look out for when choosing the perfect pair of motorcycle gloves. We’ve drawn up this super handy list so you can refer back to it while shopping.

10. Style

While we’d love to rank this higher, style takes position ten because it’s not the most essential factor when thinking about the intended purpose of motorcycle gloves, which is of course safety. Look for a color that you love and if it’s not available, be a big girl and make a compromise. You can always get another pair in a different color later. The more the better, right girls? Especially when it comes to awesome riding gear. Here’s some inspiration for stylish motorcycle gloves that might give you an idea of what design you like best.

9. Intended Purpose

A winter glove will make your hands melt if you’re out riding in summer. Fingerless gloves are a terrible choice for winter months and colder areas unless you don’t mind losing a fingertip to frostbite. Think about the riding conditions where you live and shop accordingly to make sure that your hands are comfortable and ventilated when you hit the road.

8. Size and Fit

Excuse the pun, but your motorcycle gloves need to fit like a glove (yes, a truly terrible pun!) Signs of a well-fitted glove include good grip on the handlebar when worn, freedom of movement for your fingers and a snug fit that doesn’t allow material to bunch up around the knuckles, fingertips and palm area. Gloves that extend above the wrist are generally safer and provide the best coverage.

7. Buying a Female Glove

Tempted to buy a men’s glove in the smallest size because it seems cheaper? Don’t fall for it. Ladies, we are blessed with narrower palms and often slender and smaller fingers. Women’s gloves are tailored to provide the best fit for the average ladies hand so don’t settle for a cheaper, ill-fitting option. Unisex gloves should be okay but make a point of it to check out reviews from ladies and see how the sizing worked.

6. Try On Different Sizes

Every brand has its own unique sizing range. A small from one brand might fit exactly the same as a medium from another brand, just like clothing stores vary vastly. Trying on a size up and a size down for several brands is a great way to find the glove that fits perfectly, regardless of the size label.

5. Measure Both Hands

If you’re buying a glove online, it’s probably a good idea to measure both hands according to the website’s sizing guide. Sometimes one hand can have a slightly bigger or smaller palm – no judgement, no one’s perfect. Once measurements are taken, go with the widest measurement of your two hands to ensure that the gloves will fit well on both hands.

4. Materials

This is a big thing to keep in mind when choosing your motorcycle gloves. A leather pair will undoubtedly last longer, although there are some great textiles and construction materials that provide bonus features (more about that below). Try to find a pair that will last you at least a while. Most gloves need a good amount of breaking in to fit perfectly and this is not an exercise that you want to repeat often.

3. Features

Buying the perfect motorcycle gloves for women will require a good amount of thought. Draw up a list of the features and characteristics that you would like your pair of riding gloves to have and go from there. Some key features to look out for are wind resistance, water repellence, heating (think fleece and inner linings), strength and ventilation.

2. Price

Sadly, budgeting can put a real hamper on your motorcycle gear shopping spree. Try to find a glove that suits your safety requirements and riding style instead of just fitting your wallet. Gloves that are cheap are cheap for a reason – there will certainly be features lacking and poorer quality of materials.

Mid-range options usually deliver a good balance of affordability and quality so shop around for a good deal and don’t go for the cheapest thing (unless it’s really the best option, although we’re skeptical!)

1. Safety

Safety first and that’s why it’s first on our list. Motorcycle gloves need to provide the maximum level of safety for your fingers in any and every situation, from cold weather to road rash and collisions. Look for durable materials, sturdy construction, a hard shell and the best fit possible to increase the level of safety provided by your gloves. It’s as important to ride with a proper pair of gloves as it is to ride with a proper jacket or boots.

Top Tips!

  • Not all leathers are equal.
  • Deerskin leather is great for comfort and dry winters but won’t hold up well against water and snow, while cowhide is a good allaround choice for stretch, durability and comfort.
  • Stitched seams indicate good quality while glue tends to point to poorly constructed gloves and cheap materials.
  • Do your research before buying a pair of gloves. There’s a lot of information available online – some more accurate than others – but you’ll surely get a better idea of what glove type and style you’re after

Motorcycle Gloves for Women Review

1. Black Gauntlet Deerskin Women’s Motorcycle Gloves

Black Gauntlet Deerskin Gloves winter motorcycle gloves

Leather is always classy and a staple pair of black leather gloves belongs in every lady’s closet.

There’s nothing like a pair of all-purpose leather winter motorcycle gloves. These are perfect for long rides but can also be worn for special events, wintertime outings and casual daytime activities. The classy style will complete your biker outfit while keeping your hands warm and protected.

The wrist closure has a Velcro adjustment system to get that perfect fit and the palm is seamless, allowing you uninterrupted grip on your motorcycle handles. If you’ve ridden with a crappy pair of gloves before, you’ll appreciate the warm Thinsulate lining that these have to keep your hands nice and toasty!

  • Genuine leather
  • Velcro adjustment
  • Thinsulate inner liner
  • Huge size range
  • No padding on the palm area

2. Fox Racing Sidewinder Glove – Women’s

best motorcycle gloves for women Fox Sidewinder

How often do you do laundry? I’m hoping it’s not less than once a week! Get a pair of gloves that you can just toss in with your next load to keep your rides fresh and breezy. The dirt and dust that accumulates in just a week of riding is mind-boggling, like you’re taking half of the outside world home with you!

People often forget about the fact that gloves need to be washed. After all, you’re heading off on wild and dirty adventures and these are literally the buffer between nature’s debris – dust, mud and branches – and your skin. Here’s a pair of gloves that can be machine washed without harming the materials or durability.

It’s genius! From every day riding, to dirt biking, endurocross, motocross… these gloves can handle it all. A blend of synthetic leather, nylon, PVC and rubber make this a strong and versatile pair of motorcycle riding gloves.

  • Easy to clean
  • Mixed materials for extra durability
  • Awesome design
  • Versatile and flexible materials
  • Great price
  • Limited color selection

3. Swift Unisex Motorcycle Gloves

Swift Motorcycle Gloves motorcycle gloves for women

Wanna start a full-fledged war in your house? Get a comfortable pair of motorcycle gloves like these, ban your family from using them, sit back and watch.

If you’re heading off-road or enjoy the adrenaline rush of a motocross trail every so often, this is the pair for you. Strong motorcycle gloves should be reinforced and this pair has a double-layered padded palm, abrasion resistance and vibration support for those rough turns and bumps.

The material used is also moisture-wicking, making these perfect for hot summer days and pretty much any other type of mild weather. Keep these gloves out of reach – they’re unisex and so comfortable to wear that your significant other might just end up snatching them!

  • Unisex
  • Great for mild weather
  • Reinforced
  • Affordable
  • Not warm enough for winter

4. Warmen Womens Nappa Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Warmen Womens Motorcycle Gloves fingerless motorcycle gloves for women

Full-fingered genuine leather gloves might just drive you crazy in hot weather. Here’s a suitable alternative for the summer season.

Like cowhide, sheepskin is a durable material that’s strong yet supple enough to wear comfortably and makes for a perfect pair of motorcycle riding gloves for women. Since it’s summertime and a struggle to put on a warm glove when it’s hot, humid and/or sticky outside, a fingerless glove might be the way to go.

One nice feature with these gloves is a snap closure instead of Velcro – no more getting your sleeves or other materials all scratched up on the Velcro and it will still fit snugly. These gloves are thin enough to wear under other pairs and stylish enough to wear to a party if you happen to be attending any leather-clad events this summer!

Just remember that fingerless gloves do not offer as much protection as full fingered varieties, so these aren’t the ideal solution for long or rough rides.

  • Great for summertime
  • Durable leather
  • Affordable
  • Snap closure
  • Leather requires care

5. Alpinestars SMX-1 Air Women’s Street Motorcycle Gloves

Alpinestars SMX-1 winter motorcycle gloves

If you’re looking for motorcycle gloves to match with bright neon colors or pink riding gear that you already have, this pink pair is hot hot hot!

Touring and daily commutes demand good motorcycle gloves. There’s nothing worse than heading off to work on a day when you’re running late and fighting through a scratchy glove that makes your hands sweat as you attempt to weave through traffic. Don’t settle for a cheap pair, you’ll regret it – I know I did.

You can’t skimp on makeup. You also can’t skimp on motorcycle gear. Go all in and buy a durable glove like this one from Alpinestars that is reinforced with microfiber in the palm area for extra grip. Other great features are a full leather palm and mesh material on top to provide maximum airflow and ventilation while riding. And did I mention the lovely neon pink accents? Any biker chic’s dream.

  • Durable goat leather
  • Perfect for daily use
  • Optimized airflow
  • High price range

The Best Motorcycle Gloves for Women

Next time you look at buying a pair of motorcycle gloves for women, whether leather or synthetic, suited for summer or winter, remember to count off those ten things to look out for – one for each finger. Our choice for the best motorcycle gloves for women is the pair from Fox Racing.

It’s absolutely affordable, meets the safety requirements and somehow still manages to look absolutely stylish in a choice of black and lilac, or a cool Pine Green. The materials used provide comfort, just enough stretch for flexibility and reinforcement in case of collision. Très chic, ladies.