Ladies Stay Stylish With These Cool Women’s Biker Shirts

A shirt is one of the ultimate fashion statements. Read where to find this season’s best ladies motorcycle t-shirts to wear on – and off – your motorcycle!

best womans motorcycle shirt

Yes, you can throw on a ragged old t-shirt that you got at Old Navy four summers ago. Or you can dive into the wonderful world of women’s biker shirts and discover a new staple item for your wardrobe that’s hardcore, cool and stylish.

And for those who like a splash of color or a dusting of sparkles, don’t despair – there are biker shirts in every shape, style and size. Is a biker shirt essential to the experience of riding? Well, no. But it is a great way to embrace the motorcycle culture and look awesome while doing it. Check out some of our favorite women’s biker shirts below.

Summary: Best Women’s Biker Shirts Reviewed

Handpicked 5 awesome motorcycle shirts for lady riders.

ProductBest ForOur Rating
1. Harley-Davidson Women’s Glory Bar Sleeveless ShirtSexy Look★★★★★
2. Helmet Hair Don’t Care Motorcycle Riding T-ShirtStyle★★★★
3. Funny Vintage Motorcycle T-Shirt EvolutionHumorous Design★★★★
4. Harley-Davidson Women’s T-Shirt, Bar & ShieldClassic Design★★★★★
5. Tulucky Womens Fashion Angel Wing Loose T ShirtCasual & Comfortable★★★★

Top Choice: Harley-Davidson Women’s Glory Bar Sleeveless Shirt

A sleek and sexy Harley tank that’s perfect for any occassion.

A Quick Detour

Your biker shirt will have to be covered while you ride. Sadly, there’s just no trade-off for wearing sturdy safety gear while riding so your glorious t-shirt will have to shine once you’ve gotten off your sweet ride. ALWAYS wear a jacket when riding, even on the hottest summer day when it feels like you’ll sweat away under your protective gear. Luckily, there are some awesome jackets that you can get to complete any biker outfit. There are summer jackets, leather Jackets a range of pants and helmets… there’s an abundance of choices for every budget.

Best Biker Shirts For Ladies Review

5 favorite shirts and tops for lady motorcycle riders.

1. Funny Vintage Motorcycle T-Shirt Evolution

womens motorcycle shirts

Bet you didn’t know motorcycle t-shirts could be witty and funny without being totally lame. Here’s proof!

This t-shirt has been doing the rounds across all genres and fields from computer science to engineering and just about anything else. Finally, it’s been made into a women’s motorcycle shirt with an appropriate ladies fit.

The design is classic and the t-shirt is available in a bunch of different colors so go ahead and get one to fit with every outfit. Get one for your man to have cute matching t-shirts when you head out on your next road trip. It’s a fun conversation starter and the perfect casual biker t-shirt for long runs.

  • Trendy design
  • Lightweight
  • Ladies fit
  • Great price
  • Limited ladies sizing

2. Helmet Hair Don’t Care Motorcycle Riding T-Shirt

helmets with bling

Don’t fear the helmet hair! This shirt has your back.

Helmet hair is one of the biggest tragedies facing biker ladies today. Flat hair, scraggly bits of fringe sticking off the top of your head, that terribly unattractive wind-swept look that only movie stars can pull off… we don’t need to explain this to you.

We have an article to help you manage hairstyles that look good under a helmet but just in case you have a bad hair day nonetheless, you’ll need this shirt. There’s nothing as powerful as not caring about helmet hair. It takes bravery and courage. Embrace it and put it on your shirt to spread the message in a chic way!

  • Multi-purpose (this shirt works for motorcycling, biking, horse riding and even skateboarding!)
  • Chic script
  • Quality stitching
  • None! The price is great and the shirt is quality.

3. Harley-Davidson Women’s T-Shirt, Bar & Shield

womens biker shirts

What do you get when you mix Harley Davidson with pink? An amazing twist on a classic biker shirt!

The classic, must-have Harley shirt but in pink! This is a staple wardrobe item and the ultimate biker girl shirt. If you own a Harley, this IS a non-negotiable ladies motorcycle t-shirt to have. The logo is loud and proud, perfect for slipping under a motorcycle jacket before hitting the road. The t-shirt is made with soft material and the fit is flexible enough to suit all body types.

It’s not the cheapest women’s biker shirt you’ll find on the market but it’s probably the coolest – and if we’re being honest, still really affordable as far as classic quality t-shirts go. Designer shirts go for at least 10 times this price without featuring a classic design like the Harley logo. In fact, the classic Harley design is even regarded as one of the 10 most iconic t-shirts of all time. (source)

  • Classic Harley design
  • Pretty in pink
  • Soft cotton
  • You’ll have to get a classic Harley shirt in black, too

4. Harley-Davidson Women’s Glory Bar Sleeveless Shirt

women's biker shirts

A sleek and sexy Harley tank that’s perfect for any occasion. Gauranteed to be a show stopper when you rock up on that gorgeous Harley of yours. If you’ve ever wondered what Harley Davidson motorcycles are best for woman, check out the most popular woman’s Harley Davidson rides.

What’s better than a biker t-shirt for women? A sexy, sleeveless biker shirt adorned with a vintage-style Harley design. A classic fit, flattering curved neckline and Harley logo on the back make this a fantastic biker shirt to slip on – whether you’re riding or not. Match it with a hot pair of tight leather motorcycle pants for ladies and a pair of womens motorcycle boots for the ultimate biker chick look, or dress it down with casual denim and some cowboy riding boots. This is an awesome sleeveless Harley Davidson shirt for ladies.

  • Sleeveless and soft
  • Sexy scoop neck
  • Classic Harley logo on front and back
  • Limited sizing available (S/M only)

5. Tulucky Womens Fashion Angel Wing Loose T Shirt

Cool biker shirts for women

An awesome silhouette design makes this loose-fitting t-shirt the perfect complement to every motorcycle outfit.

This one doesn’t scream motorcycle but it fits the biker look perfectly. The angel wing silhouette design on the back is casual but paired with a flowing loose fabric and cut-out shoulders, this shirt is hot! The thin fabric flows beautifully, making this the perfect summertime biker shirt for ladies. Check out this same design in a bling version if you’re looking for something fancier. This distinct design will have heads turning when you get off your sweet ride and whip off your stylish motorcycle jacket, flinging it across your shoulder as you stroll off feeling like the biker chick that you are. Power on, sister!

  • Soft and flowing fabric
  • Different colors available
  • Casual and comfortable
  • Awesome wing silhouette
  • The image gets sticky when tumble dried – best let this dry naturally!

biker t shirts for women


Funny or classic, sexy, casual… have your pick! There’s an abundance of women’s biker shirts available and these are our favorite picks. The designs are quite different but equally stylish and a great finish for any women’s motorcycle outfit. Our top ladies biker shirt is the sexy sleeveless black tank from Harley Davidson, graced with a vintage-looking American flag design.

It’s breezy and easy to dress up or dress down. The casual fit makes it comfortable to wear on long days and the light cotton makes it a low maintenance clothing item that works for every occasion. Whichever motorcycle t-shirt for women you end up buying, remember to snap a picture and send it over so we can feature you on our blog!

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