Trinity Mt3 Trailer Review

Looking for a strong and convenient motorcycle trailer to last you a lifetime? The rust-resistant Trinity MT3 motorcycle trailer is your solution.

trinity mt3 trailer review

Time to talk trailers. There are a few ways of getting your baby from point A to B. In this post we take a deeper look into one of the best trailer’s on the market, stick around and find out what makes our top choice in this Trinity MT3 Trailer review.

As the weather begins to warm up across the country, it’s increasingly tempting to hop on our bikes and set off on an adventure under sunny skies. That fresh spring fragrance, clean roads that are free of ice, a warm breeze that won’t freeze your fingers… we can’t wait! For those who are lucky enough to live in a place that’s warm year-round, well, give us our moment.

But regardless of where you live, spring and the coming summer season herald a time of off-road circuits, breakfast runs and of course, summer vacation. While these activities don’t necessarily require a trailer, having one makes things much easier. It’s not always convenient or practical to ride your motorcycle everywhere but with a sturdy trailer like the Trinity MT3 motorcycle trailer, you don’t have to worry about that

Why Buy A Trailer?

If you think about it, a trailer makes a lot of sense. You might be heading off on holiday with your family, pets and baggage included. It certainly wouldn’t be feasible to pack everyone and everything on a few motorcycles and hit the road. With a trailer, you can drive with your family in the car and your motorcycle can tag along silently behind you – there’s no need to sacrifice your leisurely riding time or your family’s comfort.

Trailers are also an ideal solution for things like transporting more than one bike at a time. Off-road enthusiasts often transport their bikes to the start of off-road trails and a trailer makes this so easy to do. A double or triple trailer like the Trinity MT3 means you can share the costs with friends and load the bikes together.

This encourages shared transportation to the starting point and definitely adds to the experience of enjoying the value of community and fellowship with other motorcycle fans. Although trailers are a convenient method of transportation there are potential risk’s involved that you should be aware of so make sure your safety checks are in place.

As convenient as motorcycle trailers are, they usually require a significant financial commitment. You can always shop around for a budget option but you get what you pay for – cheaper trailer models will surely compromise on quality features.

That’s not the case with this Trinity trailer. It’s affordable and you really feel that you get your money’s worth with its great features that aren’t always included in other models.

The Trinity, like its namesake, can take up to three motorcycles at a time and can handle a combined weight of up to 2000 lb. Putting your motorcycle on a trailer – your sweet baby, your precious set of wheels – is no small feat.

You want your trailer to be safe and secure, whether loading one or more motorcycles. It needs to be sturdy and versatile enough to hold any kind of bike, from cruisers and dirt bikes to your Harley and touring bike. This is where the Trinity MT3 trailer comes in: the trailer rails are detachable and can be moved around to fit various motorcycles or even to carry gear.

Features And Benefits

Quality materials: The Trinity MT3 motorcycle trailer is constructed of rust-resistant steel, perfect for every weather condition. Aluminum tread plating helps ensure that the platform can bear a large load. The wheels are also aluminium, which makes them lighter than steel without limiting important factors such as traction. Aluminum wheels usually cost extra to add to a trailer but the Trinity MT3 includes them right from the start.

Easy to handle: The trailer is great both in terms of handling your motorcycle well and in the sense of being easy for you to manage. The Trinity moves smoothly and rests on a torsion axle that keeps it steady and responsive to controls. The trailer is lightweight enough to manoeuvre on the road – and off the road as well.

The empty trailer can be moved around easily and stored in your garage without extra effort. The tailgate can be folded on the trailer deck to take up less space and the trailer is strong enough to be used as a storing platform for things such as your working tools and other household items.

Wide rails and integrated chocks make it easy for even a single person to load motorcycles onto the trailer without assistance. The centre rail can take a bike measuring up to 105”, while the side rails have a maximum length of 97”.

Adaptable: The trailer rails can be removed quite easily. The Trinity MT3 measure 5’ x 7’ when the rails are removed and can thus be used as a multi-purpose utility vehicle for transporting items other than a bike.

There are a few questions to ask when considering the purchase of a motorcycle trailer. Your intended use, the size and weight of your bike/bikes, and your ability to load the bike onto the trailer by yourself are important to take into account. The Trinity MT3 motorcycle trailer can answer all of these questions, regardless of the requirements you might have. It definitely gets our stamp of approval for one of the best trailer options available today. Here is another guide to some of the best quality motorcycle carriers and trailers.

Easy to store: An excellent all round trailer – the rails can be removed to customize for your situation and even convert to a general purpose utility trailer.


  • 13” inch aluminum wheels
  • Radial tires
  • Attachable loading ramp
  • Wide-channel rails and integrated chocks
  • Versatile
  • Safety chains are cables with loops
  • Not reflective

Trinity MT 3 Trailer Alternatives

Mx South Drop Tail Trailer

This trailer is a good option if you have space limitations and need to store it in the upright position, which is a feature that the Trinity does not. The drop tail system on the trailer is convenient and easy to work with, while the auto lock feature ensures that motorcycles are kept in place even throughout bumpy rides. It’s a bit heavier and more expensive than the Trinity MT3 model but is another convenient multi-purpose trailer that can fit up to two bikes or an all-terrain/utility vehicle.

Drop tail trailers have the added advantage of making the loading and unloading process a lot simpler and a lot lighter. This is great for anyone that might not have the physical strength or youth needed to lift a motorcycle to the flat bed of a pickup.

Goplus 600 Lbs Motorcycle Carrier

I’m sure you’ve heard a story from a friend who has an uncle who know’s a guy that claims motorcycle carriers are not safe… Well, just to set the record straight, motorcycle carriers are perfectly safe as long as you follow the guidelines and limitations.

That being said, this model differs significantly from the Trinity model: it has a maximum load of 600 lbs. and can only handle a single motorcycle. Like the Trinity MT3, it’s composed of stainless steel and has a stabilizing wheel chock. Additional release locks help secure the bike for bumpy rides and the trailer attaches easily to your vehicle.

The Goplus trailer is a great option if you are just starting out with motorcycling and don’t have the biggest budget left after purchasing all your awesome riding gear.

Black Widow MCC-600 Motorcycle Trailer

Another trailer with a one bike capacity, the Black Widow MCC-600 trailer is ideal for off-road, cruiser and sports bikes. In comparison to the MT3, it takes a load of up to only 600 lbs. but comes at a much lighter price. This is a good mid-range option that might require some DIY skills for assembly and installation. A reverse anti-tilt bracket, seven-position adjustable wheel chock and heavy duty steel make it a sturdy bike trailer.

Last Checkpoint

As you can see, there are other options available on the market depending on your requirements. As far as larger trailers go, the Trinity MT3 motorcycle trailer is our top choice for carrying more than one motorcycle. Its multi-purpose features – it can even carry an ATV when the rails are removed – make it an attractive piece of equipment that is sturdy, strong and easy to use.

The price is fair for high-quality features such as aluminium wheels, integrated chocks and radial tires. Find out more about the Trinity MT3 features here and let us know what you think about this Trinity MT3 trailer review by commenting below.


  1. Paul Windrath says:


    Did you investigate the Kendon trailers or the Smart-Tow trailers? Their 3 rail trailers are similar design.


    1. Firstcheckpoint says:

      Hey Paul, I haven’t looked into them in detail but for a quick glance it definitely seems like a solid option. I do have another article with a few different trail options for you.

  2. Paul Windrath says:

    Thank you.

    From what I can ascertain, Kendon, Tow-Smart, and USA Trailer all buy the same trailer – the Trinity MT3. Kendon adds wheels to store upright and the other two do not. I bought one, so will find out if it does what I want. They do have rampless trailers now for single haul bikes.

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