Trinity Mt3 Trailer Review

Looking for a strong and convenient motorcycle trailer to last you a lifetime? The rust-resistant Trinity MT3 motorcycle trailer is your solution.

Time to talk trailers. There are a few ways of getting your baby from point A to B. In this post we take a deeper look into one of the best trailer’s on the market, stick around and find out what makes our top choice in this Trinity MT3 Trailer review.

As the weather begins to warm up across the country, it’s increasingly tempting to hop on our bikes and set off on an adventure under sunny skies. That fresh spring fragrance, clean roads that are free of ice, a warm breeze that won’t freeze your fingers… we can’t wait! For those who are lucky enough to live in a place that’s warm year-round, well, give us our moment.

But regardless of where you live, spring and the coming summer season herald a time of off-road circuits, breakfast runs and of course, summer vacation. While these activities don’t necessarily require a trailer, having one makes things much easier. It’s not always convenient or practical to ride your motorcycle everywhere but with a sturdy trailer like the Trinity MT3 motorcycle trailer, you don’t have to worry about that

Best Three Bike Trailer

Trinity MT3 Motorcycle Trailer

The Trinity MT3 is not only versatile with the number of bikes it can carry, it can be swiftly converted to a 5′ x7′ diamond patterned (non-slip) utility vehicle by simply removing the rails.

Made from tubular steel with 13” chrome wheels, this trailer is both versatile and keenly priced. it can comfortably carry one large bike, two cruisers or three sport/off road bikes. If you are transporting one large heavy bike, it is best to load it on the centre rail for improved balance and stability. There is a loading ramp with automated wheel chocks meaning one person can comfortably load or unload the bikes.

The trailer weighs 425 lb and its deck measures 5′ x 7′. The trailer’s overall width is 84” with folded length of 90” and extended length of120” The maximum length for bikes on the side rails is 97” and on the central rail 105”. This trailer has a Torson axle which makes for a smooth journey – even when carrying three bikes.

We love this trailer so much, we did a full review of it. Find that over here.

  • Torson axle for smooth transport of up to three bike
  • Tubular steel frame makes it a lighter and more muscular trailer
  • Easy conversion to a 5′ X 7′ utility trailer
  • The light bulbs do blow and it is an advantage to fit LED ones
  • The loading ramp can feel a little narrow for wider bikes
  • Price
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Trinity MT 3 Trailer Alternatives

Best Two Bike Trailer

Drop Tail Trailers Cruiser/Sport Class Bike Trailer

This trailer can be used to transport trikes plus all terrain and utility vehicles making it an ideal multi-purpose trailer

This is a well built and sturdy pull behind motorcycle trailer that can be configured for one or two bikes. This aluminum motorcycle trailer is made by MX Smith and it has a fully aluminium deck with an area of 70 x 106 inches and has an auto lock feature and two ea Promax ‘self stand’ cycle chocks. The wheels have sturdy mud guards and reflectors.

This double motorcycle trailer weighs 805 lb and measures 47” x 98” x 100”, and can be loaded by one person – but ideally, two people are needed to fold it. This trailer also has a guide on rail kit and an owner’s manual. Ideal for street cruiser motorcycles, street, sport, and off-road motorcycles. A manufacturer’s warranty is available on request.

  • Convenient drop tail system
  • 2 ea Promax ‘self stand’ cycle chocks
  • Stone guard protection against chips
  • Can be stored either flat or in a stand up position
  • Very Heavy
  • Storage space may be an issue
  • Price
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Single Bike Carrier

Goplus Motorcycle Carrier

The GoPlus is a safe and stable, compact motorcycle carrier that can carry a hefty 600 pounds with no problem

You’ll find this carrier to be a safe and stable option, featuring two quick-release locks to help fasten the bike in place. Designed with sports and enduro bikes in mind, it is good for off-road riders and has no problems with holding your bike stable over bumpy roads. This carrier can be a bit of a challenge to carry on your own, and assembly can be bit a confusing as the instructions are rather ambiguous; it’s a good thing all the bolts are the same size.

This motorcycle carrier arrives in kit form and takes 30-45 minutes to assemble and fix to the back of your vehicle. It can support a load up to 600lb in weight and has a 79” carrier track that is 8” in width. There is also a 79” long loading ramp which has a raised adjustable wheel stop that acts like a stabilising wheel chock which owner’s say makes loading and unloading a bike on your own relatively easy. The loading ramp is easily stored on the carrier although you might need to put a little effort into ensuring the ramp is stored securely as the latch holes may need need to be reemed out.

  • Sturdy on bumpy roads
  • Anti-Rust
  • Well sized widely applicable mounts using your vehicle’s 2″ receiver
  • Easy Loading with the stabilizing wheel chock
  • Heavy
  • Ambiguous installation instructions
  • Ramp may need some force getting into correct position
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Best Single Motorcycle Trailer

Black Widow MCC-500 Steel Motorcycle Carrier

The Black Widow Carrier is ideal for sports, street cruiser and off road bikes.

This motorcycle carrier makes light work of transporting your bike! It is made from heavy duty steel, with black resilient paint and is a hitch-mounted carrier that slides into a 2” class 111 or 1V vehicle hitch receiver. It includes a 5/8” hitch pin and reverse anti-tilt bracket. There are four stabilising tie-down points and a seven position adjustable wheel chock.

The single motorcycle trailer measures 79” X 34.5” and has a maximum weight capacity of 600lbs The carrier itself weighs 99 lbs and has a removable loading ramp measuring 72” x 7.5” which easily fits on the carrier for transport. It is essential to check that your vehicle has the capacity to bear the weight – 99lbs carrier weight + bike weight.

We found that this carrier has enough room for large bikes, however there is a possibility of some bending of the platform when carrying heavy bikes over 500lbs. Even though this is a right side load, left side offload carrier which are generally easier, you may still face some difficulty loading – perhaps even a two man job. Speaking of a two man job, If you’re not very good at assembly or instructions you may need some assistance as the assembly instruction manual is rather unclear for some.

  • Ideal for larger bikes
  • Right side load, left side offload
  • Multiple tie down points and wheel chock positions
  • Simple to use
  • Ratchet straps and covers are not provided
  • Heavy bikes may bend the platform
  • Unclear Assembly Instructions
  • Loading is a two man job
  • Night driving requires reflective tape/lights
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Why Buy A Trailer?

If you think about it, a trailer makes a lot of sense. You might be heading off on holiday with your family, pets and baggage included. It certainly wouldn’t be feasible to pack everyone and everything on a few motorcycles and hit the road. With a trailer, you can drive with your family in the car and your motorcycle can tag along silently behind you – there’s no need to sacrifice your leisurely riding time or your family’s comfort.

Trailers are also an ideal solution for things like transporting more than one bike at a time. Off-road enthusiasts often transport their bikes to the start of off-road trails and a trailer makes this so easy to do. A double or triple trailer like the Trinity MT3 means you can share the costs with friends and load the bikes together.

This encourages shared transportation to the starting point and definitely adds to the experience of enjoying the value of community and fellowship with other motorcycle fans. Although trailers are a convenient method of transportation, there are potential risk’s involved that you should be aware of so make sure your safety checks are in place.

Last Checkpoint

As you can see, other options are available on the market depending on your requirements. Regarding larger trailers, the Trinity MT3 motorcycle trailer is our top choice for carrying more than one motorcycle. Its multi-purpose features – it can even carry an ATV when the rails are removed – make it an attractive piece of equipment that is sturdy, strong and easy to use. We’ve covered a few different options in our guide to finding the best trailers for transporting motorcycles.

The price is fair for high-quality features such as aluminum wheels, integrated chocks and radial tires. Find out more about the Trinity MT3 features here and let us know what you think about this Trinity MT3 trailer review by commenting below.


  1. Hi,

    Did you investigate the Kendon trailers or the Smart-Tow trailers? Their 3 rail trailers are similar design.


  2. Thank you.

    From what I can ascertain, Kendon, Tow-Smart, and USA Trailer all buy the same trailer – the Trinity MT3. Kendon adds wheels to store upright and the other two do not. I bought one, so will find out if it does what I want. They do have rampless trailers now for single haul bikes.

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