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100 Harley Riders Answer The Most Popular Questions

We're searching for the answers to the most common Harley-Davidson Questions on the internet. The best part? Your questions get answered by real Harley riders!!
harley rider inspiration

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Welcome To First Checkpoint

The search continues – Most Recent Submission:

Earlier in June 2020 – I set out on a personal mission to search the never ending pages of Instagram & Facebook with the intention of finding some of the most inspiring Harley-Davidson owners and their rides.

There’s a good chance you’re reading this as a result of my pestering messages and questions – A Big Thumbs Up for reaching this point and taking a few moments of your time to share your story, your ride, and your answers to some of the most common Harley Davidson questions asked around the world.

The Goal Seemed Simple​

1.) Find an awesome and inspiring Harley picture on the Internet.

2.) Track down the fortunate owner/rider.
(Not too difficult most of the time)

3.) Contact YOU, about your bike, your story, and your helpful tips for others.
(Surprisingly – not too difficult either)

So, What's The Problem?

#harleydavidson – 14,000,000+ Instagram tags

Finding 100 of the most inspiring Harley Davidson pictures out of ~14 MILLION that exist on Instagram alone could take some time..

Without getting too technical – that means finding and contacting the owners of the 0.0000071% most inspiring Harley pictures. Which could take a forever..

#mindblown – 1,100,000+ Instagram tags

So, What's Next?

This is the part where I ask for your help.

In return, you and your story will forever be a part of the 0.0000071% of Harley riders that made this all possible.

From all the messages that I’ve sent and received over the last few weeks I’ve come to learn that Harley owners form an extremely passionate and surprisingly friendly community who are more than happy to share their pictures and their stories which makes me very excited for what’s about to happen here.

So, How Can You Help?

With all that said, my search is underway and I must admit, I’m in over my head.

Which is why I need your help (and approximately 6 minutes & 30 seconds of your time).

I’ve broken the process down to 3 simple follow along steps.

Step 1: (5 Minutes)

Share your thoughts on the following questions. Parts of your responses will be used alongside your pictures below. Parts of your responses will be used in other awesome blog posts like this one to help our readers with their common questions. 

Trust me when I say that I hate spam more than you do. Your email address will not be shared or used. You will not receive future emails. This is simply a way to prevent spam on this thread.

Step 2: (30 seconds)

Help me connect with more inspiring Harley riders by sharing this page with your friends and riding community so they can submit their photos and help answer these common Harley-Davidson questions as well.


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Last Step: (60 seconds)

The best part – submit your ride to be featured in this post for everyone to see.

Tag the First Checkpoint Instagram account by clicking the link below and tagging the picture(s) you’d like to submit. (@first.checkpoint)

Inspiration Starts Here

HUGE THANK YOU to all of you that have taken a few minutes of your day to share your thoughts and your photos. There’s something very moving about the Harley community and I, along with many others, look forward to being a part of it.

Read the Answers to Our questions:

Thank You & Enjoy

While I've loved bikes all of my life (I blame my uncle), I've been riding for eight years now. It's been such an incredible journey, to say the least. As a native New Yorker, I feared jumping on a bike in traffic, but it's not as bad as people make it. Stay safe, vigilant, and ride defensively, and you'll make the most of it.

@_odaddy (Riding)
@sajorffej (Creative Page)
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Two Wheels Move the Soul. ❤️

A post shared by ODaddy (@_odaddy) on

Im chris but they call me rocket😉 i am 36 yrs old married to a beautiful wife with to kids daughter 9 and a little guy 1 yrs. Iv been riding almost 20 yrs from sportbikes to Harley-Davidson ❤️✌🏽 Had the chance to upgrade from a sportster And i bought this beautiful 2016. 103 fat boy mean while I'm a bike restorer and detailer too so dirt or dust on my bikes for sure . As for plan be i have a 2015 Kawasaki z1000 that I bought it new and i love it too anyways when your a biker i say all the bikes are beautiful 🙏


Riding for 10+ years. Mum to 2 working as a travel marketing manager on the Gold Coast in Australia. I ride for the freedom. That wind of the face feeling is like no other. It’s an adrenaline rush challenging yourself out on the road. The sound of the motor and the vibration which you feel. The view going on around you. It’s an embracement of senses and acts as oxygen to your soul. I love the sheer enjoyment of being on a motorcycle.


Born in the beautiful island of the Philippines and migrated to the US in 1991. I work in the Medical Device technology field for almost 30 years here in the Silicon Valley/Bay Area in California. I used to travel a lot for work. But, recently realized that I value the time I spent with my family more than traveling or being a road warrior and constantly on my own. Following that decision to switch career, I scratched the itch to get back on riding a motorcycle. I’ve had the opportunity to own different bikes but this Street Bob has been the most fun I’ve ever had on a motorcycle. The adrenaline rush and that feeling of freedom when riding a motorcycle is just very therapeutic for me and also for my wife. Despite the current situation, we now look forward to the weekend with more excitement. Our goal is to ride across the USA some time in the near future.


I have a 2018 Softail Streetbob with the Milwaukee eight engine. First I've changed the pipes and put on the Kesstech valve system because that's the only legal way to ride, loud“ in Germany.

During the last two years I've changed the bars (12“ fat apes by Harley and 1.25“ rider by Thunderbike) the rear fender (also a Thunderbike part) the turn signals break and clutch levers.

After the stock tires where down I've put on some Dunlop white walls. I also changed the derby and timer cover to the Harley brass collection. And for short storage I have a swingarm bag by Harley. Small but cool mod was the 2“ tanklift. I wanted to have a cool custom bobber and I love apehangers 🙈oh i forgot and I moved the headlight 1“ out with the Memphisshades headlight block.


When I'm not on the bike, I work as a K-9 dog handler for the police in Switzerland. I live near Zurich, in Switzerland. I have been riding a motorcycle since I was 18 years old. I started with a Honda Chopper 125cc. Then I drove a 1500's Kawasaki Drifter for a few years. About 15 years ago I fulfilled my dream of owning a Harley. An HD Vrod NightRod which I had completely converted step by step. I've been riding the breakout for 3 years now and I love this bike. I love the sound and vibrations of the V-Twin and the wind in my face. It is a feeling of freedom and contentment.

Harley Davidson Softail Breakout from 2015. With an Ape Hanger from RSD (Roland Sands Design), flap exhaust from Kesstech, a rear from Ricks with an Airride for optimal driving comfort.


I am 25 year old from Minnesota. I have been a local 669 fire sprinkler fitter for about 5 years now. When someone from my part of the state hears my last name they think Harley Davidson, is riding was never really a choice... it is my life. From my uncle being one of the most respected bike builders in the Midwest to my dad having never around bike constantly I couldn’t wait to turn 16 and get on my first Harley, which is exactly what I did.

2016 Dyna low rider. Arguably one of the best Dynas Harley has made. This light weight beast comes stock with a 110 ci screaming eagle, along with the stock premium emulsion shocks, cruise control. And dual disk front brakes. Making it the perfect platform for me to build a purpose built bike with.

First I started with adding some cams to wake up the monster of a 110. Then went to Conelys and got a larger T sport fairing. After that was the FM 12 inch risers, FLY racing bars and Flo moto pegs. The riser/bar set up defiantly gave me more control of the bike compared to the apes I’ve always had on bike previous.

Finally I got my Saddlemen step up seat to really bring the gold together. This bike has way more to it than it’s looks. I built this bike to ride! As a rider that usually gets 10,000 miles per Minnesota summer (4 months) I wanted this thing set up for performance and reliability. Going with a performance build has definitely made this bike fun to ride. Being able to keep up in the corners with the sport bikes and wheelie on the straights is a blast.


Alex here, i m from Romania, i m an entrepeneur , i love bikes since i was a kid, but my first real bike was this awsome HD that i bought Last year. The feeling u get when the engine roars, the eyes staring at you, the vibration of the engine, the wind in your chest, the friends and the freedom are the thins i love the most.

Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Iron Base model from 2012, with a lot of mods: custom exhaust (+db killer) ,Bobber seat, Short fork and fork covers, Shortened fenders, Fork rubber protection, Rear shocks 10.5inch burly, led 3in1 blinkers, full led headlight, Aluminium headLight grill, Aluminium handles, Footpegs, Custom side bag made from an extinguisher, Nardo Grey tank paint, Custom tank decal text, Fork front signals, Dragbar handlebar, Flush tank cap, custom air filter, Custom plate mount, Iron cross mirrors, Side spedometer, Side gas rezerve, & Power comander.


I live in Perth, Western Australia and have been riding motorcycles since I was 6 years old. I raced motocross when I was young and have always loved two wheels. I run a coffee company and a YouTube channel called The Moto Barista. For me my favourite kid of riding is long distance camping - whether solo or with some friends, nothing beats long days on the open road.

2019 Harley Davidson Sport Glide, customised with: S&S Carbon Fibre Teardrop Air Cleaner, S&S 2:1 SuperStreet Exhaust, Redshift 468 Performance Cam, Saddlemen Seat, Kraus Risers + MX Bars, Memphis Shades Windscreen are the standout pieces of customisation.


I‘m 42 years old, based in south Germany, being a marketing manager in the health section and i'm riding motorcycles since 26 years.

As long you respect your life and the machine you will have fun and you won’t die.

Night Rod Special, heavily modified with, valve exhaust, custom shocks, forward controls, seat, handcrafted ape, 260 back tire, turn signals and wrapped front fender.​


I am 46 years old and have had my motorcycle license for 6 years now! Before I used to go with my husband and at some point I didn't want that anymore! way too uncomfortable and boring! I love driving My own bike and come down and chill when we go out by bike! i love weekend trips on the bikes with my husband and friends! Finding new Friends everywhere!

I have a Harley Davidson 48 from 2015 and it is total Custom up for a caferace in Mentos Colors! So i call it Mentosbomber! This one is only for Fun and Short distance! And i have A realy nice Sportglide from 2019, very convenient for long distances with great cornering! I Love to chill and cruise with my Sportglide.

Enjoy life and respect others and their opinions and preferences! Have Fun but always be Save! oh and my motto is: doesn't always have to be black!

My name is Megan and I’m a trial attorney as well as co-owner of a car wash company. I live in Maryland. I’ve only been riding for about a year. I love riding because it makes me feel free and takes my mind off of all of my other problems and stressors.

I recently traded in my sportster for a Harley Davidson Low Rider S

When I first started riding, I followed a female rider on Instagram that had a shirt that said “ride like a girl.” I liked that because it implied that riding like a girl can be a good thing and that women have a place in the motorcycle community.

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