100 Meaningful Quotes and Sayings By Harley Davidson Riders

We asked 100 Harley Riders for their favorite, meaningful quotes about life, motorcycles and of course, Harley Davidson.

As of July 14 2020, this post will be update every week with new responses from Harley riders around the world.

If that doesn’t make sense to you, I don’t blame you. Go check out this article where I’ve asked Harley Davidson riders and owners from around the world to answer a few of the most common Harley related questions.

This question in particular was asked out of interest because I love life, meaningful sayings and quotes, and of course – everything with two wheels. So i thought I’d combine them all together with a little help from the Harley community.

Through the process of reaching out and interacting with Harley riders through various social media platforms I’ve come to learn how close-knit and involved the Harley community really is. The support for one another is unrivaled.

What better way to see past the stereotype often portrayed by TV and the media than through a persons most meaningful quotes that they choose to live their life by.

I’ve reached out to a lot of Harley Riders so far (although not enough – please share this so I can get more quotes) and this has been a great eye opener and completely eradicates the stereotypical all black, leather, tassels, loud engines, fat tires, greasy hair, oily beards, gun slinging, drug dealing, thugs that TV portrays.

When I first thought about the questions I wanted to get answered, I decided I would try be specific, but not too specific. I wanted to allow the readers (and the riders) to be choose the direction of their answers. This makes for an awesome collection of quotes by Harley Davidson riders that covers a wide range of topics.

Some of quotes you’re going to read share the same thought pattern, while others are somewhat contrasting. This tells me that regardless of the company you keep and the lifestyle you live, the simple fact that we all come from different walks of life with a different story to tell could not be more true.

Our footsteps of the past pave the path for our future and it’s up to each of us to decide where that road takes us and how we choose to ride it – I think that will be own quote that I contribute to the list.

The Question:

Do you have any favorite inspirational Life / Harley / Motorcycle related quotes?

The Quotes:

Enjoy life and respect others and their opinions and preferences! Have Fun but always be Save! oh and my motto is: doesn’t always have to be black!

When I first started riding, I followed a female rider on Instagram that had a shirt that said “ride like a girl.” I liked that because it implied that riding like a girl can be a good thing and that women have a place in the motorcycle community.

Freedom is not given, it’s taken.

Those who give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety – Benjamin Franklin

Ride or die!! Life is short guys!

Life is a journey. Not a race.

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