Yamaha R15 M Specs and Review

Read our detailed review of the Yamaha R15 M Check specs for all year models, best insurance options, spare parts, and top competitors

Yamaha R15 M Review

The R15 is a renowned name among bike enthusiasts. Yamaha initially introduced their famous R15 series in 2008. Due to its incredible success in different countries, the Japanese bike manufacturer has been updating R15 models over the years, offering bike lovers improved variations of the initial R15 series. After the launch of the R15 V2 and V3, Yamaha manufactured the R15 M.

This sleek sports bike is heavily inspired from previous R15 models and has plenty of the attractive features that previous variants had, with some improvements. R15 M has an exceptional aerodynamic design, perfect for penetrating the air, especially when riding at high speeds. The bikes brand new LED headlight is bi-functional and offers D class brightness.

The R15 Ms front cowl is aerodynamic and has modern headlights, giving the bike a sporty look, especially at the front. Yamaha implemented an upside down front suspension of 37mm, a feature that was not present in the previous R15 variants. This suspension ensures that the bike is capable of absorbing more shocks, making it ideal for riding on bumpy terrains.  

The side stand engine cut off technology is another noteworthy addition in the R15 M and it ensures the engine does not start, unless the side stand is up. Like the previous versions of the R15 series, this one also has dual channel ABS. However, the bike’s rear wheel has a radial tire of 140 mm, which is reasonably thick and provides a safe and comfortable riding experience.

R15 Ms LCD meter console is fully digital and has a brand new design. The LCD displays vital information, which includes phone notifications and riding mode. You can also connect your smartphone to the Y connect app and use it while you are riding the bike. The inclusion of the Quick Shifter technology offers seamless gear shifting, particularly helpful for high speed riding.

As far as this bike’s engine goes, it uses the SOHC, 4 stroke155 CC engine with variable valves actuation, liquid cooling technology along with the slipper clutch technology. The engine’s max torque is around 7500 rpm and the bikes overall fuel capacity is 11 liters. With the introduction of numerous brand new features, implemented with the excellent technology of previous R15 variants, the R15 M is definitely worth the investment.

Yamaha R15 M Specs

Best Motorcycle Insurance For Yamaha R15 M

There are some great insurance options for the Yamaha R15 M. We recommend you fill out the complete both of the simple quote forms from both All State Insurance and the Life Gains company and assess your best option.

Where To Buy Spare Parts For Yamaha R15 M

We’ve found the best places to purchase spare parts and OEM replacement parts for the Yamaha R15 M. Check out the three options below to find the best deals.

Yamaha R15 M Top Competitors

These following options may not necessarily be considered the top competitors. They are, however, the most common comparison requests for this model.

  • Yamaha R15 M vs KTM RC 200
  • Yamaha R15 M vs Apache RR 310
  • KTM Duke 200 vs Yamaha R15 M
  • Yamaha R15 M vs MT 15
  • Yamaha R15 M vs force


The Yamaha R15 M has a dry weight of 142.0 kg (313 pounds)

The Yamaha R15 M has a top speed of 150 km/h and 93.2 mp/h

The Yamaha R15 M has a seat height of 815 mm (32 inches)

The Yamaha R15 M has a maximum of 18.4 HP @ 10,000 RPM

The Yamaha R15 M has an MSRP of 1,87,400 INR or 2,374 USD

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