Yamaha MT 125 Specs and Review

Read our detailed review of the Yamaha MT 125 Check specs for all year models, best insurance options, spare parts, and top competitors

Yamaha MT 125 Review

The Yamaha MT 125 went through a massive overhaul in 2020 and it was arguably the biggest since its introduction in 2014. This bike’s engine cleaner heavily features the famous VVA technology along with stylistic changes that make the Yamaha MT125 better looking and sharper than ever before.  MT 125’s brand new look is accompanied by a variety of fresh looking and new colorways, which make the bike really stand out.

With the brand new VVA technology (variable valve activation) this bike bolsters top end power. While this bike from Yamaha may not have the best torque, its gears are spaced perfectly and make the most of what the bike offers, something that long distance riders should never miss out on.

The assisted slipper clutch is another notable update on the Yamaha MT 125 and is especially ideal for bike enthusiasts who are still honing their craft. While the change is really appreciated, the bike levers throw is fairly long and can cause riders to shift their position using the instep, which can be a slight inconvenience.

It would be fair to say that the Yamaha MT 125s chassis design is inspired from the YZ5 125 bike, which is a great thing, as it greatly improves the machines overall handling dynamics. This bike’s braking system is also top notch, containing a disc of 292 mm. What’s more, there are two channel ABS that make sure everything points in the right direction, improving the front brake’s power and bite.

The bike’s seat is big enough and offers plenty of room no matter how big you are. However, Yamaha could have made the seat a little softer, especially considering the main audience for this bike is long distance riders.

There aren’t many bikes that get the amount of attention like the Yamaha MT 125. Bike enthusiasts as well as non-bikers showed a great deal of interest in it due to its excellent look and various technical expectations. The handling and power dynamics of this bike go toe to toe with some of the best bikes out there, making the Yamaha MT 125 an option worth considering.

Yamaha MT 125 has a top speed of 120 km/h with a maximum hp of 35.5, proving to be an ideal option for long tracks as well as regular commute. And while this bike has a kerb weight of 142 kg, balancing it will not be an issue, especially because of its excellent design and handling dynamics.

The firm seat and gear change are the only main issues of this bike and can easily be forgiven considering how great other features of this bike are. Also, you can always address these two problems by getting an aftermarket solution.

Yamaha MT 125 Specs

Best Motorcycle Insurance For Yamaha MT 125

There are some great insurance options for the Yamaha MT 125. We recommend you fill out the complete both of the simple quote forms from both All State Insurance and the Life Gains company and assess your best option.

Where To Buy Spare Parts For Yamaha MT 125

We’ve found the best places to purchase spare parts and OEM replacement parts for the Yamaha MT 125. Check out the three options below to find the best deals.

Yamaha MT 125 Top Competitors

These following options may not necessarily be considered the top competitors. They are, however, the most common comparison requests for this model.

  • Yamaha MT 125 vs KTM Duke 125
  • Yamaha MT 125 vs Kawasaki Z 125
  • Yamaha MT 125 vs MT 15
  • Yamaha MT 125 vs XSR 125
  • Yamaha MT 125 vs Suzuki GSX S125


The Yamaha MT 125 has a curb weight of 142.0 kg (313 pounds)

The Yamaha MT 125 has a top speed of 120 km/h and 74.5 mp/h

The Yamaha MT 125 has a seat height of 810mm (31.88 inches)

The Yamaha MT 125 has a maximum of 35.5 HP (24.8 kW) @ 12000 RPM

The Yamaha MT 125 has an MRSP of ₹ 1,20,000 or $1538

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