Yamaha FZS V3 Specs & Review

Read our detailed review of the Yamaha FZS V3 Check specs for all year models, best insurance options, spare parts, and top competitors

Yamaha FZS V3 Review

The FZ series from Yamaha includes sporty motorcycles that can also be used for regular commute. Yamaha introduced the first variant of the FZ series in 2007 and it became instantly popular, which caused the manufacturer to release updated versions of the FZ series almost every year. The third generation of the FZ series, known as the FZS V3 was introduced by Yamaha early in 2019.  This year’s updated model comes with some added features like Bluetooth connectivity and more.

This street fighter bike has a sporty, muscular look, something that Yamaha is quite famous for. While the aesthetic upgrades for the FZS V3 have been modest, they are quite noteworthy and different from the model released in 2019. Currently, the bike is available in 5 excellent color options with updated graphics, including Majesty Red, Metallic Grey, Metallic Black, Dark Matter Blue and Matte Red.

As far as the design updates go, the bike now has LED headlights, tail lights and DRLs along with a better fuel tank and halogen indicators. You can also use Yamaha’s patented connect X technology, which includes fantastic functions like bike finder, e-locking, answering back technology and much more.

The FZS V3s new model also comes with an LED instrument for displaying important information like adjustable meter trip, digital odometer, fuel gauge, ABS light, low and high beam indicators.  Unfortunately, the bike’s instrument cluster does not show the Bluetooth option, and you can only access it through Yamaha’s app.

Yamaha has a record of outdoing itself when it comes to engine specs and it did the same with this bike by including a 149 cc, BS6 compliant, 2 valve, 4 stroke and single cylinder engine.  The manufacturer also coupled the engine to a five speed, constant mesh gearbox, providing bike riders with a smooth driving experience.

This bike’s performance is decent and it is well capable of reaching 60 kmph within five seconds. The rides are quite comfortable and there is barely any vibration even at high speeds. With so many aesthetic improvements and feature upgrades on offer, the Yamaha FZS V3 is definitely worth the investment.  The bike is classy, stylish, and most importantly, comfortable, allowing riders to drive without worrying about pains and aches.

That said, there are some cons as well. First off, the bike is slightly underpowered, especially when compared to most of Yamaha’s recent bikes. Plus, the FZS can heat up quite easily due to the low headlight beam and absence of a liquid cooled engine. However, this bike’s pros definitely outweigh the cons, making it a worthwhile option for anyone looking for a motorcycle.

Yamaha FZS V3 Specs

Best Motorcycle Insurance For Yamaha FZS V3

There are some great insurance options for the Yamaha FZS V3. We recommend you fill out the complete both of the simple quote forms from both All State Insurance and the Life Gains company and assess your best option.

Where To Buy Spare Parts For Yamaha FZS V3

We’ve found the best places to purchase spare parts and OEM replacement parts for the Yamaha FZS V3. Check out the three options below to find the best deals.

Yamaha FZS V3 Top Competitors

These following options may not necessarily be considered the top competitors. They are, however, the most common comparison requests for this model.

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  • Yamaha FZS V3 vs BS6
  • Yamaha tzr 125 vs Xblade ABS
  • Yamaha FZS V3 vs Suzuki Gixxer
  • Yamaha FZS V3 vs Hornet 2.0


The Yamaha FZS V3 has a dry weight of 135 kg (297 pounds)

The Yamaha FZS V3 has a top speed of 100 km/h and 62 mp/h

The Yamaha FZS V3 has a seat height of 790 mm (32 inches)

The Yamaha FZS V3 has a maximum of 12.00 HP 7250 RPM

The Yamaha FZS V3 has an MSRP of 1,20,400 INR or $1,523 USD

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