40 Ultimate Moto Lightroom Presets


The ultimate stack of 40 different Lightroom preset filters for moto pictures. Perfect for all social media posts. With this stack of 40 preset filters, you can turn any mediocre shot into an epic masterpiece.

40 Ultimate Moto Lightroom Presets

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This is a downloadable set of 40 preset filters finely tuned for moto maniacs.

This stack includes epic presets which have been custom-made for motorcycle pictures taken in different lighting and environments. This bundle includes:

7 x Dark Preset Filters: These come in really handy when your lighting conditions are extra bright. Perfect for increasing the depth of your images by darkening the shadows and adding an extra layer of detail to your shots. These are also ideal for pictures taken in overcast conditions, heavy fog, and intense sun.

8 x Light Preset Filters: Ideal for photos taken in darker lighting. This set helps to remove some of the shadows and raise the tonal contrast between your lights and darks. I use these presets for dirt bike riding in dark terrain and shadow-filled trails. Perfect for forest riding as well as early morning and evening shots.

8 x Vibrant Preset Filters: These are perfect for photos with plenty of colors. The vibrant filters enhance the colors of your pictures with an eye-catching pop. These have been created with both dark and light backgrounds in mind. Some of the vibrant filters work for whiter pictures while the others have been created with darker scenarios in mind. Something for each occasion.

8 x Orange & Teal Preset Filters: The O&T filters have become incredibly popular among bloggers for creating an intense and visually appealing look. The O&T filters create a beautiful cinematic look with softer shades of color. They have been designed with both dark and light environments in mind. Some will work for pictures taken in light conditions and the rest in darker environments.

9 x Subtle Preset Filters: The subtle look is for those not looking for a harsh filter, but still looking to enhance the depth and color contrasts of your moto shots. These are perfect for those “raw” yet beautiful looking snaps of your bikes – but can also be used for any other pictures you take.


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