The Best Motorcycle Sunglasses – Guaranteed to Change Your View

Sunglasses are the ultimate motorcycle gear for hot summer days. Here’s how to beat the sunshine with the best motorcycle sunglasses of 2018.

Another eyewear article because, let’s be real, sunglasses are like motorcycle shoes – you can never have enough pairs. There are so many styles available and a lot of different features with everything from mirrored lenses to tints and colored lenses – not to mention the varying price ranges!

There are few things as bad as that road glare that hits your eyes and leaves a scorching trail of pain as you struggle to regain composure. Finding the best motorcycle sunglasses is a must for any rider so without further ado, here’s our review of the best sunglasses for motorcycle riding.

Summary: Best Motorcycle Sunglasses Reviewed

Five ideal pairs of motorcycle sunglasses that protect your eyes and look good!

Top Choice: Oakley Fives Squared Rectangular Sunglasses

We’re throwing around fancy words like cranial geometry and tapered frames but don’t get confused. Basically, Oakleys are built to fit well and you can’t go wrong with a good pair.For the Love of Sunglasses

Reviews: Best Motorcycle Sunglasses

Our five most stylish pics of motorcycle riders’ sunglasses

Oakley Men Fives Squared Rectangular Sunglasses

We’re throwing around fancy words like cranial geometry and tapered frames but don’t get confused. Basically, Oakleys are built to fit well and you can’t go wrong with a good pair.

Ahh, Oakleys… one of my favorite brands. All bias aside, Oakleys are quality and make a real effort to include features beyond just the normal features of UV protection. Oakleys has used cranial geometry (yeah, I also didn’t know it’s a thing) to make frames that taper in close to the head. If you’ve ever tried to fit a helmet over sunglasses that are too wide or big, you can appreciate what Oakley has done here: they’ve made a pair of sunglasses tailored for motorcycle riding! And with a great sense of style, too.

Oakley even have the option to turn your normal sunglasses lenses into a pair of prescription lenses. What’s great about this is that if you ride dirt bikes, you can actually use your sunglasses underneath a pair of OTG dirt bike goggles.

  • Fit well under helmets
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Sizing runs small
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Wynd Blocker Vert Polarized Motorcycle Sunglasses

I love it when I find a piece of gear that seems unbreakable, like the Nokia 3310 that will never die. Find a pair that will last through your toughest times.

It’s all in the name. A wind blocker is exactly what you need if you’re the bluetooth helmet type. The glasses have foam-lined eye inserts that seal well against the wind, with UV protective lenses to deal with the sunshine. A back strap can be attached for a more secure fit or can be left off for more casual wear.

A plastic frame and lenses make it difficult for these glasses to break easily – they’re anti-scratch and impact resistant. The price is also great so if you’re the clumsy type and do manage to break them, no worries!

  • Different color frames
  • Removable padding
  • Wind blocking
  • Great price
  • Not ideal for nighttime riding
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Wiley X Twisted Ops Sunglasses

I like looking cool. Get a pair that makes you feel good about your reflection and that fits well, too.

Can you say polarized? These glasses are amazingly stylish and without compromising on important features like polarization. There are safety standards for sunglasses – bet you didn’t know that. And these are actually certified as exceeding OSHA occupational safety standards so you can be sure these are pretty good quality. The glasses can also be used in occupational environments like sporting, tactical and even industrial safety (but we recommend sticking to your sweet ride!)

  • They just look damn cool
  • Polarized lenses
  • Multi-purpose
  • Replaceable lenses
  • No cushioned liners
  • Price
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Wiley X Men's Valor Tactical Sunglasses

Switching out lenses is a fun way to customize your sunglasses – and your motorcycle riding experience.

I love being able to change my lenses. Clear for nighttime, tinted for those long sunshine days in the summer… it might seem like a lot of effort to change out lenses but once you get into the swing of it, it becomes second nature. And even though they’re so easy to switch out, they don’t really pop out easily. These are great for changing lenses easily and I love the level of customization I get with these.

The glasses are anti-fog and UV protected, and come with a rubber insert for extra wind protection. Smoke lenses are great for bright sunny days, while the amber lenses are well suited for other weather conditions.

  • Different lenses included
  • Matte finish
  • Sturdy frame and lenses
  • Good protection
  • Higher price range
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Bobster Yanzhen Cruiser 2 Goggles

Padding and ventilation are really important in sunglasses – I’m giving you the Pestana promise on this one.

Here’s a perfect example of a wrap-around pair of sunglasses that can be adjusted for a secure fit. These are especially well-suited to motorcycle riding as they have great ventilation openings at the sides and really comfortable padding. Wrap-around sunglasses are perfect for all types of riding from off-roading and motocross to casual riding and touring. These are more of a google type eye wear – not quite a dirt bike goggle but just enough of a goggle to protect your eyes on the open road.

I’ve had a pair that didn’t have good padding OR ventilation and for lack of a better word – it absolutely sucks. Take my word for it and splurge on the extras that will really make a difference, you won’t regret it. The Pestrana promise.

  • Great for all types of riding
  • Sweat-absorbing frame
  • Ventilation slits
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • No anti-fog coating
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best sunglasses for motorcycle riding

Sunglasses are obviously vital for protecting the eyes from sunshine and can also be used to correct vision in prescription sunglasses. In cases of impact, sunglasses can help correct the eyes. If you’re driving with a half-helmet, a pair of sunglasses can even protect you from things like bugs, rocks and dust that could make it difficult to focus on riding. It might feel unnecessary to wear sunglasses under a full-face helmet but it’s a nice feature to have if you prefer clear shields.

The real challenge is finding a pair with a style that you love, a pair that’s comfortable to wear and fits within your budget… a challenge, but certainly not impossible. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the best motorcycle sunglasses:

Size and Fit

This is a no-brainer. If the glasses don’t fit properly, those babies ain’t gonna stay on your face. The glasses need to sit firmly on the face and fix behind the ears so they don’t move around while you ride. If you’re scared of the glasses sliding off, get a wrap-around pair with straps for a more secure fit. It might be helpful to take your helmet with to make sure that the sunglasses fit comfortably underneath.


This will depend mostly on your preference and is undoubtedly a fun part of the journey to finding your ultimate motorcycle sunglasses. Shop around and don’t settle for a pair you don’t like. If you are deadest on a steampunk pair, chase that dream. After all, you’re going to wear these on a daily basis. Here’s a fun quiz to help you find the right pair of sunglasses for your face shape and style.


Naturally, you can only shop as far as your budget allows. It might be less expensive to shop online. If you’re scared that the glasses won’t fit and you don’t want to go through the inconvenience of returning a pair, go fit them on in-store to make sure you like how they sit.


best motorcycle riding glasses

Lenses are one of the most important parts of sunglasses. UVA and UVB protection are important to have for protection from the sun, while impact and wind resistance are also great features to have. Other options include scratch resistance and wide frames with peripheral vision.

Look out for anti-fog coating if you’re going to be wearing the glasses under a full-faced helmet, can’t have any of that fogging business all up in your ride. Some lenses can even be switched out in favour of clear or tinted ones


Frames can be made from aluminium, plastic, carbon fibre (if you’re really fancy) and a lot of other things, with some manufacturers really getting creative. Plastic frames are a good idea as they are more flexible. Pay attention to the nose bridge of the frame and make sure that it sits correctly on your face. Try to choose a sturdy frame that won’t break or get damaged under the helmet. Some frames have a bit of flexibility and many are lightweight – choose one that will be comfortable for those long hours of open-road riding.

Last Checkpoint

Honestly, just buy all 5 pairs. I love collecting gear. I probably shouldn’t have as many pairs as I do, but a man needs to enjoy his hobby. There are good features to all of these pairs and you can’t go wrong with any of them. In terms of superior features, we vote for the Oakleys. Yeah, they’re gonna take a massive cut out of your budget but these are a pair that will stay for life.

The Oakleys are geometrically tailored to fit perfectly under a motorcycle helmet… how can these not be the best motorcycle sunglasses around? If you don’t have the money for that right now, get the great WYND Blockers in the meantime (still great quality at a good price) and save up for the pair you want for the long run. Stay cool!

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