Build the Perfect Motorcycle Storage Shed Or Garage

Build the Perfect Motorcycle Storage Shed Or Garage

By Wesley Pestana | Updated Oct 10, 2019

how to build a motorcycle storage garage or shed

Riding a motorcycle can be, in some ways, compared to riding a pedigree horse - there are enough emotions from the ride. But, unlike a car, a bike does not "forgive" management or service mistakes, so repair and adjustment procedures take twice as much time. Certainly, each owner wants to keep all the technical features and performance qualities of his/her bike as long as possible. That's why it's essential to have a decent place to store it. An excellent solution is to build a garage for your motorcycle, make a personal plan, and provide for all nuances in the set-up of the premise. Every owner should understand, that a bike should be stored securely in a garage, otherwise, it won't last long under the open sky.

Some erect large structures, hard-wall accommodations, set-up a workshops or warehouses. Other bike lovers are limited to building compact metal sheds. Such structures can be quite small but still allow you to protect your bike from intruders, negative atmospheric and physical impacts.

Today we will consider in more detail how to build a garage for a motorcycle with your own hands, what nuances and important things to take into account. We will learn how to build a shed, pros and cons, features, and design. The main task is to build a high-quality, reliable, and durable design.

Motorcycle Shed Design

According to, the first thing to do is to determine exactly what your garage is all about. Before you begin, you should already have a drawing, a plan with specified dimensions and design features of the structure.

The price of a good motorcycle is often not inferior to, and sometimes exceeds the cost of a new sedan, so the design of your garage should be serious.

Experts note an interesting point - even if you are focused on the construction of a compact shed, you still need to calculate its size with a certain reserve. After all, you can then use this garage for your new motorcycle. For example, now you have a small bike, and then you want to buy a longer wheelbase model or a large road bike. Of course, building a new shed every time is not rational.

That's what the size of a bike garage can be. The necessary area is 6.6 x 9.8 feet (2 by 3 m). Some people make their shed 4.9 feet (1.5 m) high, but still, it's better to focus on your height, to move freely inside the premise. You can also make a minimum size when the height is only 4.3 feet (1.3 m). It is necessary to provide 2 opening sections: the top and 1 narrow wall.

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motorcycle storage shed

Motorcycle Shed Materials

There are a lot of materials at quite democratic prices now in the construction market, as well as possibilities to save money and build your shed fast. You will need the following materials.

  • Cement and crushed stone with sand for an entrance platform and foundation.
  • A bar is used at the erection of the foundation. Parameters should be 4x6" (100x150 mm), and the length is determined according to the specified dimensions of the shed.
  • A bar is also required for the frame. Here you can do with a smaller cross-section material, e.g. 2x2" (50x50 mm).
  • Keep in mind that you have to make doors, as well as a roof for the premise.
  • Finishing is carried out with the use of paintwork, as well as fire protection products.
  • Ruberoid coating will protect from moisture and precipitation.
  • You will also need a toolset: a drill, shovel, anchors, screws, a container for the concrete mixture dilution.
  • Remember that you will have to install a secure lock. It is advisable to use two - a padlock and a crossbar lock.

Motorcycle Storage Garage Construction

The first step is to lay the foundation. It is also necessary to make a good access ramp. Experts note that the entrance should be built from the side where the door is located (narrow wall). Then the other two walls can be left blank. It will be necessary to protect the shed from the ingress of waste waters. For this, the ground level should be below the foundation level.

Now let's consider the process of work in more detail.

  • First of all, a trench is dug out along the whole perimeter of the future shed. The projection from the edges is 8" (20 cm). The depth of the trench should be 4-8" (10-20 cm).
  • Then a "pad" is laid at the bottom of the pit. Two layers of 2" (5 cm) of crushed stone and sand are laid out and tamped well.
  • In order to fill the foundation properly, it is advisable to make a formwork of small width wooden planks.
  • Now take two hardwood bars for the basis of the shed. They are used to have about 18" (45 cm) long rebar pegged in. They should be in the ground. Be extremely careful: the bars are positioned so that their halves are above the foundation, and the other half is directly in the foundation.
  • Then you have to sink two bars 2x2" (50x50 mm) into the ground. They should be on both sides of the bar, which is located at the base of the garage wall.
  • In order to make the fastening more secure, some owners drive the pegs into the bar with nails.
  • Mix the cement mortar. Carefully fill in the foundation. The mortar completely fills the area under the foundation bars. You should then have 2 bars (that are halfway into the foundation) and 2 for the shed frame.
  • Make a convenient ramp to enter the shed.
  • Carefully align the floor inside the shed.
  • Build a frame. You will need a 2x2" (50x50 mm) bar.

For your motorcycle shed to last longer, you need to take care of waterproofing and prevent moisture accumulation. Make the longitudinal bar 3" (8 cm) higher than the front wall of the shed. This will allow sediments to flow off the surface easi

Motorcycle Storage Garage

Completing Your Motorcycle Storage Shed

The frame can be covered with a fireproof chipboard. The sheets are screwed on with self-tapping screws. Fasten the cover so that it opens towards the wall of the main garage. The door is mounted with sheds, and it is also attached to the outside of the lock bracket.

It is advisable to cover the lid with roofing membrane, to protect it from rain. Wooden elements are covered with drying oil to provide wear resistance. At the final stage, you can also decorate your shed with a sign or inscription.

Pros and Cons of Building A Motorcycle Storage Shed Garage

Of course, the main advantages here are low-cost and high efficiency of work. The level of comfort in such a structure is also quite high, and it's more cozy to stay in than the metal structure.

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages as well. The most essential is the low resistance of the structure to burglary - experienced intruders will be able to cope with it. It can be additionally covered with a lining or reinforced with metal sheets. The locks and sheds can also be additionally overlaid.

Another negative factor is the low fire-resistance value. It should be treated with flame retardants several times. The optimal solution is to choose a non-combustible building material, but it will require high costs.

Experts advise to make a shed of metal and use the chipboard for finishing. Then the structure will be more reliable, safe, and durable.

Motorcycle Storage Unit

Materials to Avoid When Building A Motorcycle Storage Unit

  • There is no need to explain why structures in the form of tents or shells are not suitable for storing motorcycles. In fact, it's a good option for temporary shelter, e.g. during camping. But for permanent bike storage and maintenance, there is simply not enough space there for serious repairs and regular maintenance.
  • Garages made of sip panels, regular chipboard, and other combustible materials are not quite suitable for motorcycle storage. Even with a good ventilation system, gasoline vapors will be absorbed into the wall material like in a sponge, and at some point, the entire structure can burn down completely.
  • It is pointless to build a full-fledged permanent garage made of foam block for motorcycle storage. This is like allocating a separate room for a canary. For parking and maintenance of a motorcycle, 97-107 square feet (9-10 sq. m.) are quite enough - such a garage can easily allocate a quad. Even if you build a cut-down version made of foam block, the cost of construction and long-term burdensome problems with the legal registration of land and capital construction will nullify all the possible benefits.

Store Away

With all that said, the entire process may seem a little daunting at first, but once you get into and start getting your hands a little dirt you'll quickly discover how enjoyable it actually is to create your own motorcycle storage shed.

If you have any questions, drop them in the comments below, and I'll do my best to lend a hand.

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