The Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves For Safety

Mittens and gloves are old news. What you need to keep your hands warm while riding your bike in the winter is a pair of heated motorcycle gloves.

Isn’t technology great? It’s brought us Bluetooth helmets, better mileage on our bikes and now, finally – heated motorcycle gloves. There are a lot of fancy types of gloves out there. There are cheapie gloves that won’t help you at all, medium range ones with some better than others, and then the elite pairs with awesome features that regrettably will cost you a pretty penny.

Summary: Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves Reviews

A quick look at some of the top heated gloves for motorcycle riders.

ProductBest ForOur Rating
1. Gerbing T5 Heated Hybrid GlovesOverall★★★★★
2. Volt Heated Motorcycle GlovesMaximum Heat★★★★★
3. Savior Heated Motorcycle GlovesVersatility★★★★
4. Firstgear Warm and Safe Heated Motorbike GlovesValue For Money★★★★
5. BORLENI Heated Motorcycle GlovesWet Conditions★★★

Top Choice: Gerbing T5 Heated Hybrid Gloves

The T5’s are a true multi-season touring glove, there’s not much mother nature can throw at these that they won’t be able to protect you against.

Reviews: Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves

An in-depth look at some of the best-heated gloves for motorcycle riding in winter.

Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Gerbing T5 Heated Hybrid Gloves

The T5’s are a true multi-season touring glove, there’s not much mother nature can throw at these that they won’t be able to protect you against.

These babies come at a very affordable price for a pair that can be both battery operated or connected to your bike. I remember starting off as a rider and struggling to keep up with the high price of getting into the fun – helmets, protective gear, cool boots, fuel… it never ends. It’s nice to have a lower priced product that still offers great quality and features without breaking the bank.

The Gerbing heated motorcycle gloves have a double heating layer on the backside of your hand and come with a single heating layer to warm your palms making for a fully heated glove that connects to your motorcycle capable of heating up in 4 seconds.

Thanks to the interior lining, these Gerbing heated motorcycle gloves will keep you warm even when switched off. The gloves fit snugly and heat is evenly dispersed across the back of the hand and fingers to ensure no place is left in the cold.

The beauty behind the Gerbing range of products is that they all work together in harmony, your gloves can connect to your Gerbing Jacket and to your 12V bike battery. If this sounds like to much of an ordeal for you, don’t worry, the Gerbing T5 heated motorcycle gloves are also fully operational with rechargeable batteries which I highly recommend, although these are sold separately, it’s totally worth transforming them into a pair of battery operated heated motorcycle gloves.

  • Waterproof
  • Warm lining
  • Durable leather
  • Even heat distribution
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Great price
  • Batteries and charger not included
  • Not touch-screen compatible
  • Need to buy separate heat controller
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Best 3 Season Motorcycle Gloves

Volt Motorcycle Heated Gloves

There are 4 heat settings on the controller: Blinking green – 25% – Lets a little chill in Green – 50% – Perfect. The only setting I use Yellow – 75% – A little too hot for me Red – 100% – Check your pulse

It’s nice to have a heated palm while riding. Many battery operated heated motorcycle gloves fall short of palm length and lead to extra spending on things like heated palm grips and it can be quite a pain to keep up with all the different heated gear you’ve purchased. These gloves are long enough to cover the palm and even wrists so no worries here. These are great for keeping the cold from sneaking in and leave no man exposed.

Pre-curved fingers make for a comfortable fit and means you don’t have to wait weeks for the leather to be worn in. Wired gloves like these are the perfect companion for the long road, no charging required and they definitely won’t die on you as you head into the coldest part of your ride.

Seeing as the gloves are powered by your motorcycle’s electrical system, the Volt gloves can produce an impressive amount of heat. They come with a temperature controller and wiring harness and also feature a digital leather palm which helps to increase your grip and feel as you motor on. I’d pick these as a top contender for for the battery operated heated motorcycle gloves capable of keeping you warm all year round.

  • Full grain cowhide leather
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Great cold protection
  • Perfect for long runs
  • Covers wrists
  • Waterproof
  • Hottest setting is too hot
  • Price
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Best for Versatility

SAVIOR Heated Motorcycle Gloves

A perfect pair of gloves for riding, hiking, hunting, cycling, fishing, driving, skiing, snow shovelling… and pretty much everything else. One of the best battery operated heated motorcycle gloves for 3 or 4 season riders.

This is an example of the battery-operated heated motorcycle gloves mentioned above. These would be a great choice for short-distance rides for regular commutes to work or school. They can also double-up as a good pair of heated gloves for other outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, cycling and even fishing so you’re not shaking your wallet for nothing – it’s a great all-around investment!

These Savior gloves are already a warm pair of gloves even without the heating turned on, I’d suggest using the maximum temperature setting in seriously cold conditions, low or medium should be good for most riders, this is a good way to save battery life as well. These gloves are also really great at spreading the heat evenly across the top of your hand and down your fingers.

The gloves have a perfect not-too-bulky build which means you can easily switch gears and handle controls. A mixed material composition of leather and polyester makes these gloves durable and functional, weather-resistant and breathable. Perfect!

  • Heats up in 30 seconds
  • Three temperature settings
  • Velvet interior lining
  • Batteries included
  • Lasts up to 6 hours
  • Glove sizing runs small
  • Price
  • Expensive
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Best Cold Weather Motocycle Gloves

Firstgear Heated Motorbike Gloves

The Firstgear gloves are as thin as summer gloves but excellently designed to ensure optimal performance and heating throughout.

Bulky gloves can make it really difficult to control buttons and gears but technology has brought us the wonder of slim gloves that are equally functional. This is a good non-bulky pair if you like to feel every control while riding.

The gloves work in conjunction with the rest of the Firstgear heated riding gear so you can plug the gloves directly into a jacket liner or an optional wire harness which allows you to adjust the temperature of the gloves independently of the jacket using a dual heat troller that connects to your bike battery.

A Thinsulate layer makes these gloves waterproof and weather-resistant to last in those blizzards and snow storms that just can’t be avoided in the dead of winter. The gloves are versatile enough to be used in moderate weather as well since the heat setting can be turned off and the gloves will still be relatively warm. Keep an eye on the heat to keep from burning as the highest settings can get hot, hot, hot.

  • Breathable and waterproof
  • Compatible with Gerbing jacket/controller
  • Heating elements for fingers
  • Wide temperature range
  • Good price
  • Heat controller sold separately
  • Palm side isn’t heated
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Best for Comfort and Warmth During Cold Weather Riding

BORLENI Heated Motorcycle Gloves

BORLENI Heated Motorcycle Gloves are an advanced option for riders looking for an extra level of comfort and warmth during cold weather riding. These gloves stand out due to their cutting-edge features and innovative design.

The gloves employ an efficient heating system that circulates warmth to the fingers, ensuring that your hands remain warm even in freezing temperatures. The heating elements are well-distributed, providing a consistent and cozy warmth to the entire hand. Moreover, the gloves' three heating settings allow you to adjust the temperature according to your comfort, making them versatile for varying weather conditions.

They're also designed with a waterproof and windproof polyester exterior and thus excel in keeping your hands dry and protected against cold winds. The interior, made of soft and breathable material, enhances the comfort level, making them suitable for long rides. Their pre-curved fingers design supports natural hand movement reducing hand fatigue and make gripping the handlebars easy.

You'll appreciate their extended battery life, which ensures longer usage times on extended rides. The touchscreen compatibility has also been enhanced, allowing riders to operate their smartphones or GPS devices without having to remove the gloves.

When comparing BORLENI heated gloves to other popular brands like Gerbing T5 Heated Gloves mentioned above, BORLENI holds its own due to its excellent battery life, adjustable heat settings, and the comfort it provides. However, in the area of heating speed, Gerbing T5 heated gloves may have an edge.

  • Efficient heating system with adjustable settings.
  • Waterproof and windproof design.
  • Comfortable, with pre-curved fingers for natural hand movement.
  • Robust safety features including hard knuckle guards and reflective piping.
  • Excellent battery life
  • The gloves could be more flexible.
  • The heating speed is slower than some competitors.
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Some of us live in an area that feels like 10 months of winter and two months of spring – anyone from Montana, Vermont or Maine reading this? You know what a pain it can be to get around in winter on a motorcycle. These are the best heated motorcycle gloves you can get.

How Do Heated Motorcycle Gloves Work

Life is always going to be a battle against time, getting older leads to less effective circulation, which in turn leads to colder hands. And, that is just in summer! Now couple that with colder weather, and we have a serious riding problem!

On initial inspection, heated gloves seem to be a dangerous device. How does it even work? Do they light on fire? Are they battery-operated? Wired? Don’t worry, It’s not too complicated. Heated gloves usually have a battery in each glove that fits into a pocket fitted onto the glove. The battery is turned on to pass electrical currents through wires in the gloves and emit heat. Micro-alloy fiber heating elements are woven into the fabric of each glove to ensure that heat is spread evenly across the whole hand.

best winter motorcycle gloves

Generally, the battery can be adjusted to change the temperature of the gloves and keep your hands nice and toasty. Glove types can vary in voltage and draw to provide different temperatures. Some gloves have wires that can be connected to the motorcycle’s battery to be powered as you ride. This is very convenient for riders who have a motorcycle with an accessible plug-in spot. Wired heated gloves will allow you to ride far without having to stop and recharge the battery packs. There are also heated motorcycle gloves that are compatible with other heated riding gear such as heated motorcycle vests. When choosing a pair of wired gloves, be sure to check that your motorcycle can handle the electricity load required for proper functioning.

The wiring setup can seem complex although it’s actually quite simple, check out the installation video below.

Benefits of Heated Motorcycle Gloves

If you’re not busy trying too hard to impress anyone with your fingerless leather gloves you will realize that heated motorcycle gloves are usually well-designed and still boast the same protection and safety features as non-heated gloves for riding. Many models are available in durable leather and have reinforced knuckle areas and gel padding in the palm area.

Hands are one of the most important body parts that must be kept comfortable while riding. Your hands are used to manage controls and steer direction. There’s no need to compromise on the quality of your ride when the weather turns nasty and with heated gear like heated motorcycle gloves, you can triumph the cold and still enjoy your ride.

best heated motorcycle gloves reviews

The most obvious benefit is of course the heat that the glove provides to the entire hand. Heated gloves are the best option to warm the entire hand – including the backside and fingers – in even the lowest temperatures. A good pair of gloves protects the most vulnerable areas of the hand that are exposed to wind and cold and some even extend to heat the palm and wrist area.

Modern technology has allowed for motorcycle gear manufacturers to produce gloves in a variety of styles with tons of features. Heated motorcycle gloves are often waterproof to keep functioning properly in wet weather. They also have moisture-wicking material on the inside to evaporate moisture that forms easily inside heated gloves.

I can testify that riding in winter without a pair of heated motorcycle gloves is like challenging the elements – can you walk through a hurricane? It’s just a bad idea. I’ve done some experimentation with other types of winter gloves like fleece-lined and insulated pairs but it’s just not the same – especially if you have poor circulation that makes your hands even colder than usual.

Safety Concerns

There is a safety concern associated with the use of heated gloves, although these can easily be mitigated through careful use and following safety precautions. Wired heated motorcycle gloves need to be plugged into the motorcycle’s battery. The wires can easily get caught in various places such as your clothing or handlebars while you ride. To avoid this, take the time to figure out a good setup that causes minimal distraction and inconvenience while riding.

best heated motorcycle gloves battery powered

One disadvantage of gloves that are battery operated is that they can only provide heat until the batteries need to be recharged again. This can be really frustrating if you were hoping to head out for a long ride in the cold. It might be worth it to consider buying a portable charging device so you can recharge your heated gloves at a gas station or coffee shop along your route while you take a break from the freezing cold!

Heated gloves also burn your skin if the heat setting isn’t regulated well and the gloves heat up too much. A special controller can be purchased to control heat levels and keep the gloves at a comfortable level throughout your ride. However, there is no danger of short-circuiting or electrical shock as most models have safety features to shut batteries down in case of malfunction.


If heated motorcycle gloves don’t seem to be for you, there are some great alternative heating gear options that you could try. Heated motorcycle glove liners can be placed inside your regular gloves, but be sure that your gloves are roomy and can fit a thicker pair of liners. Insulated gloves and thermal material gloves can also provide the heat that you’re looking for to protect your digits in frozen weather. Wool and cotton blend gloves might help in moderately cooler weather for those who don’t live in arctic-temperature areas and a proper winter jacket can go a long way in keeping you warm without external heating.

Other heated clothing such as heated motorcycle vests and jackets, thermal socks and insoles, heated grips and heavy duty winter riding boots can also provide good protection against cold weather. Pocket warmers and heating pads are also a great choice for quick heating solutions if you find yourself in a pinch. Check out the video below which gives a nice introduction to heated gear options for winter riding.

Last Checkpoint: Our Pick

Heated motorcycle gloves are a must-have accessory for riders who want to take on the elements in winter without having to compromise on enjoyable drives, whether short-distance or out on the open road. Our top choice is the Gerbing T5 Heated Hybrid Gloves. The gloves are versatile and can be either plugged into your bike for long rides or run on rechargeable batteries for shorter rides when batteries are purchased separately.

The gloves are waterproof with durable leather and have a lining warm enough to provide heat even when switched off. The price is the most affordable we’ve seen but that doesn’t mean the gloves fall short in terms of safety or providing warmth. Gerbring gloves disperse heat evenly across the whole hand and fingers and you’ll feel like you’re riding on a summer day in no time.

These gloves offer:

  • Versatility
  • Affordability
  • Durability
  • Waterproof

Look past the price and think of the advantages that heated motorcycle gloves provide – it’s an investment that will take your riding from tolerable in cold weather to absolutely enjoyable in even the coldest conditions. Tell us in the comments section below about the coldest ride you’ve ever experienced and which you think are the best winter motorcycle gloves!

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