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​Gifts For Motorcycle Lovers(2018 Motorcycle Gift Ideas)

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Birthdays, half-birthdays (yes, they exist and you should celebrate them too!), anniversaries, weddings, achievements, graduations… these are events that happen all the time, to everyone you know. It can be absolutely exhausting to find the right gift each time. It’s equally exhausting to buy something that you think is right only to realize as the gift is being opened that it might not have been the best choice after all. But if you need to buy a gift for a motorcycling buddy, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of 20 great gifts for motorcycle lovers of all ages below – you can thank us later.

Thermal Fleece Balaclava 

Now, it might seem strange to give a full-face balaclava as a gift but any motorcycle fan will love it, especially if they live in a colder area. This great piece of gear is warm, wind-proof and long enough to cover the face and neck while still being breathable and lightweight. The best part? It’s versatile and has a hinged design, making it possible to wear the balaclava in several ways including as a ski mask and a neck wrap. 

  • check-circleGreat price
  • check-circleMultipurpose
  • check-circleThermal fleece
  • check-circleFits under helmet easily
  • One size fits all but sizing runs large


Bluetooth Headset 

Bluetooth headsets are an absolute must in today’s technologically wired world. These babies keep you connected on the road and allow you to use mobile phone applications such as call answering and GPS navigation without having to look at the screen.  Check out our Bluetooth headset article here for more great uses. These headphones are sweat- and water-resistant, stylish and offer features such as voice prompting and HD sound. The battery can run for up to 9 hours when fully charged and the set comes with extra accessories – a great gift idea for any motorcycle rider.

  • check-circleBluetooth version 4.1
  • check-circleQuick charging
  • check-circleAdjustable earhooks
  • check-circleWireless up to 33 feet
  • check-circleHands-free controls
  • Low battery signal is delayed


Bike Phone Mount 

This is a great gift choice for anyone who rides and doesn’t yet have a phone mount. Even if they have a phone mount already, this one is cool enough that it will still make a perfect gift. It fits all cell phone models up to 3.5 inches wide and can fit almost any handlebar size. The mount secures each corner of a device when inserted and the hard plastic clamps are secure and durable. A phone mount is a necessary piece of riding gear and a great gift for motorcycle enthusiasts.  

  • check-circleUniversal size
  • check-circleSecure grip to handlebars
  • check-circleQuality materials
  • check-circleAffordable
  • Not for off-roading


Wireless Motorcycle Earphones 

These Bluetooth headphones are an alternative choice to the option listed above. They differ in design: instead of hooking around the ear, the earpieces insert directly into the ear. I prefer these since my ears usually hurt after wearing other earphone styles and they’re great for working out, hiking and riding. When fully charged, these will last for up to 10 hours being used and 180 hours when on standby. And a really nifty feature – the earbuds are magnetic and stay together when not in use for convenient storage. No more earphone tangles, finally!

  • check-circleBluetooth 4.2 technology
  • check-circleLightweight
  • check-circleNoise cancellation
  • check-circleBuilt-in microphone
  • Not sweat-proof


Ratchet Straps Tie Down Kit 

Ratchet straps are multi-functional and usage extends far beyond traditional uses. They can be used to secure your motorcycle and pretty much any other item on an ATV or trail, making this a good gift for motorcycle fans who are always off on a new adventure. The maximum working load with these straps is a whopping 1800 pounds, with a working load of around 600 pounds. Rhino ratchet straps are strong yet only one inch wide, making them easy to use and perfect for transporting motorcycles – say goodbye to the nightmare of losing your baby on the turnpike.

  • check-circleLifetime warranty
  • check-circleCool packaging
  • check-circleMade in the USA
  • check-circleEasy to use
  • Pricey


Waterproof Motorcycle Dust Cover 

Regardless of where your friend lives, an all-season motorcycle cover is a useful gift. This particular one is designed to fit motorcycle sizes up to 108 inches and even fits most off-road motorcycles. It is mildew resistant and repels water to protect your motorcycle from dust, heat and pretty much any other potentially damaging element. Ever parked your bike under a tree and found it covered in tree sap within minutes? Me too, until I got one of these myself. Get one for your friends and start a revolution against the elements!

  • check-circleBargain buy
  • check-circleFits all bikes
  • check-circleLockholes and windproof buckles
  • check-circleWeather resistant
  • check-circleBreathable
  • Won’t withstand extreme weather conditions


American Flag Face Mask 

Sometimes it feels like everyone has a birthday at the same time and your coffers just don’t stretch that far. If you’re running low on funds and need to purchase a budget gift, a face mask like this one is ideal. The design is cool, it fits pretty much everyone and it’s completely seamless so no stitching can irritate you while you ride. It’s breathable and wind-resistant, making it the perfect piece of gear to put over your mouth and nose while riding – tell your friends to fold it double for extra warmth if you want to give it as a Christmas gift instead.

  • check-circleAmerican flag design
  • check-circleIdeal for outdoor use
  • check-circleMicrofiber polyester
  • check-circleDouble-sided
  • Colours could fade over time


Windproof Face Mask 

This is another good choice if you’re looking for a budget gift that can be given to several friends as a wintertime treat. The half-face mask extends to protect the ears and nose, in addition to keeping the neck warm. It can be used for other winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding and anything else done out in the cold. It sounds like it could get stuffy but luckily the mask has an air ventilation system to make it breathable and cool.

  • check-circleAdjustable Velcro strap
  • check-circleMulti-functional
  • check-circleExtremely low cost
  • check-circleNeoprene material
  • Eyewear might get fogged up
  • times-circleOnly available in black


Brake Bleeding Kit 

I’m a DIY guy so if I got this as a gift, I definitely wouldn’t complain. If you’re looking for something to give a less DIY-inclined friend, skip this one or get it for them but be sure to include a guide like this one. This automotive tune-up and brake bleeding kit contains everything you need to keep your motorcycle in tip-top shape. It comes with a hand vacuum pump, vacuum gauge and all the accessories you need.

  • check-circleEasy to use
  • check-circleAll accessories included
  • check-circleQuality materials
  • check-circleGreat troubleshooting tool
  • No storage case included


Skull Face Mask 

Here’s a bit of a quirky yet amazingly versatile gift to spoil a fellow motorcycle lover. It can be folded in 16 different styles to cover the head, face and neck while riding and sports an unusual skull design that matches the human face perfectly when worn as a face mask. Perhaps you can buy this as a Halloween party favor? It’s frighteningly cool. It’s also anti-bacterial, moisture absorbing and anti-UV.

  • check-circleMulti-functional
  • check-circleAwesome skull design
  • check-circleOne size fits all
  • check-circleBudget buy
  • Thin material


Fall Face & Neck Balaclava 

Here’s another fun balaclava mask available in several designs. Got a special lady friend who needs a gift? This is a nice choice as some of the patterns are more feminine. Bright lining colors make this mask visible in low light and the material is breathable – perfect for keeping warm in winter and cool in summer! This is also a great gift for ladies as it can keep their hair under wraps while riding. Check our article about headgear for ladies here and spoil your girl by getting her a nice helmet, too.

  • check-circle4-way stretch material
  • check-circleAnti-fog
  • check-circleLifetime guarantee
  • check-circleMoisture-wicking
  • check-circleVarious designs
  • Sizing runs small