Five Tourism Locations That Offer A Great Dirt Bike Experience

Motorcycle travel destinations

When you are traveling the world, you may want to find places to ride your dirt bike. There are five locations listed below that allow you to ride your dirt bikes for hours at a time. You can take a trip through these locations on your dirt bike, and you could create an adventure that keeps you away from civilization while you ride. Continue reading to learn about the best places to ride your dirt bike that are far away from home. You can dirt bike through your next vacation instead of riding at home.

1. Moab, Utah

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You can get an economy rental GC cheap car hire, stay in Moab, and live the rustic lifestyle that people lived in the old west.

2. The Imperial Sand Dunes, California

The Imperial Sand Dunes in California are a great place to ride because they make you feel like you are riding over ocean waves. Most people who travel to these locations will be amazed by the way that desert goes on and on for miles at a time. You can chart your course before setting off, and you will have a wonderful adventure in the middle of the California desert.

Plus, you can stay in a local hotel that is far away from civilization. You have hundreds of square miles to explore, and you can create a new trail every day as you ride through the dunes.

3. The Ozark National Forest, Arkansas

The Ozark National Forest in Arkansas is a massive area that has trails and streams that are perfect for riding dirt bikes. You can start on a new trail every day, or you could ride with your camping gear as you make your way through the forest. This remote part of Arkansas is beautiful, quiet, and fun to ride.

You can stop on the banks of a small brook you have found, and the forests will give way to open fields here and there. Plus, you can come to Arkansas to get away from it all. You can travel so far into the forest that you end up in Missouri, or you could travel south until you run into the Arkansas River.

4. Halele’a Forest Reserve, Hawaii

The Halele’a Forest Reserve is an untouched forest in Hawai’i that allows you to ride smooth rides for miles at a time. You can see the mountains in the distance, ride among the trees, and travel across plains that sit among the trees. You are very close to the ocean, and you can smell the salty air the entire time you are on this trip.

This dirt bike adventure could be part of your beach vacation, or you could ride across the reserve every day as you take pictures of the birds, flora, and fauna in the area.

5. The Denali Highway, Alaska

The Denali Highway in Alaska will take you close to the tallest peak in North America. Mount McKinley is known by natives as Denali, and the Denali Highway allows you the most perfect view of the mountain as you ride across the cold plains of Alaska. This is a good ride for anyone on a dirt bike because you can turn off the trail to explore the forests in the area.

You could continue riding close to the mountain, and you can camp in several places as you make your way up the mountain.


These five locations allow you to ride your dirt bikes as part of your vacation. You can bring your dirt bikes with you, make a road trip out of each adventure, or use your dirt bikes to camp. These dirt bike adventures take you off the beaten path, and they allow you to see some of the most beautiful parts of North America.