The Best Winter Motorcycle Jacket To Prevent Frostbite

best winter motorcycle jacket

The severe winter period has more often than not been a pain in the flesh for many locals who prefer remaining indoors to being out in the unrelenting cold. Bikers have been on the receiving end for long, a move which goes a long way in adversely altering their daily activities. A majority of the riders end up finding utmost comfort in their cozy homes rather than sprawling their legs over the saddle.

However, there are those few notable riders who put their lives on the hanging balance by refusing to be cowed by the unconventional weather. These people have a strong resolve, but also are smart and keep themselves warm with proper gear. A balaclava under the helmet, a pair of heated motorcycle gloves go a long way – but the most important thing to wear is a warm and safe jacket.

Cruising in cold weather is undeniably not-cool (ignore the pun) in the long run if you are not fully armed with cold prevention gear. This poses a great health risk as the freeze snakes its way through the body to the chest and other vital organs. Moreover, the stiffness accrued from cold weather causes numbness which reduces body reaction times in case of an emergency. However, armed with the best winter motorcycle jacket, you can comfortably scale to greater heights during the winter period.

Cold Weather Motorcycle Jacket Quick Review

ProductBest ForOur Rating
1. The Hot Black Leathers Classic Motorcycle JacketVersatility
2. The Mastermind Motorcycle JacketVersatility
3. The Premium Natural Buffalo Leather JacketValue For Money
4. The Event Biker Leather Motorcycle JacketMoney Value
5. The Xelement Leather Motorcycle Biker JacketVersatility

Top Choice: The Hot Black Leathers Classic Motorcycle Jacket

This jacket is a perfect definition of how to serve two masters at the same time. It serves as a great outfit to wear when going out for that most important date due to its inability to crinkle and smell of leather, which is ideal in making that first impression.
1. The Hot Black Leathers Classic Motorcycle Jacket
Best For


Our Rating
2. The Mastermind Motorcycle Jacket
Best For


Our Rating
3. The Premium Natural Buffalo Leather Jacket
Best For

Value For Money

Our Rating
4. The Event Biker Leather Motorcycle Jacket
Best For

Money Value

Our Rating
5. The Xelement Leather Motorcycle Biker Jacket
Best For


Our Rating

Things to Look for in a Winter Motorcycle Jacket

Choosing the perfect winter motorcycle riding jacket can be an uphill task. However, equipping oneself with in-depth information on the best features goes a long way in ensuring that you pick one that best suits your needs. This puts you a step ahead in singling out possible business operators who might be out there to dupe you into purchasing substandard jackets. Below are some of the features to keep in mind before making a purchase.

winter motorcycle jacket

Does Your Jacket Offer Basic Safety for Riding?

While a warm jacket is important, choosing a safe motorcycle jacket is more important. This seems to go without saying but a warm jersey with a windbreaker is not a substitute for a safety. Always ensure your jacket meets basic safety standards and read our other piece on picking a safe motorcycle jacket before choosing a winter jacket.


Is Your Jacket’s Visibility Top-Notch?

One key point of focus in singling out that killer jacket is its visibility options. Having a jacket that connotes your presence on the road is a sure way of keeping yourself safe from other road users. This is aided by the attachment of stripes and inserts on the jacket’s body that sparkles at the mere reflection of light, and the feature facilitates your smooth ride at night across the streets. The move does not only ensure your safety, but also keeps you at par with traffic rules incorporated by various county by-laws. (Source).


Does Your Winter Motorcycle Riding Jacket Have a Hood?

Winter doesn’t last forever. When pressing the purchase button for that winter motorcycle riding jacket, you should have it in mind that summer will soon catch up. Therefore, a great feature to watch out for is the presence of a removable hood in the jacket. The hood allows the user to free up some bulk off the jacket whenever the weather conditions are warmer and favorable giving them a sense of style and comfort. You don’t want to throw your jacket into the trash when winter is over, do you? (Source)


A Motorcycle Riding Jacket Should Be Waterproof

When sourcing for a riding jacket; your major need is warmth. Therefore, the jacket must have an outstanding ability to prevent water from penetrating through to your body, and at the same time keep you off from the adverse effects of heavy winds.

Before you cash out the bucks, make an enquiry on whether the jacket meets the exquisite waterproof and windproof standards to avoid being hoodwinked into purchasing a jacket that will leave you seeking medical attention. The best suited in this field are those made from leather. (Source)

winter motorcycle riding jacket

What Are the Advantages of a Winter Motorcycle Riding Jacket?

If you are sitting out on a long journey or dashing out across the streets, it is prudent for you to have the right motorcycle safety accessories in place. This ensures that your ride is smooth and safe. Wearing the correct motorcycle winter jacket gives you a leeway through which you are made visible to other riders and road users. The blurred vision that is more often alluded from the foggy weather might pose poor visibility, therefore leading to preventable accidents.

You need to get a jacket that is equipped with studs on the elbows to prevent extreme damages to the body in case of an accident, and having one minimizes the risk of losing your organs. A winter motorcycle jacket guarantees your protection from adverse winds and water if you embark on a long ride during the cold season. This kind of protection is mainly viable with leather jackets. (Source)

Winter Motorcycle Jacket Review

1. The Hot Black Leathers Classic Motorcycle Jacket

winter motorcycle jacket winter motorcycle riding jacket

This jacket is a perfect definition of how to serve two masters at the same time. It serves as a great outfit to wear when going out for that most important date due to its inability to crinkle and smell of leather, which is ideal in making that first impression.

The Black Leathers Classic Motorcycle Jacket has a wide array of features that make it ideal for use by long distance motorcycle riders. It weighs 6.7 pounds with its sizes varying between Large and Extra-Large. The jacket can be used during warmer seasons since the liner attached is removable. Its exterior has three zipper pockets which enables the rider to chip in small valuables during their journey.

The jacket’s waterproof nature enables the rider to cruise through the breathtaking muggy weather without getting soaked. This nice heavy duty leather does not easily crinkle on friction, and the half belt buckles and laces create a great disposition for the rider to firmly attach the leather on their bodies.

  • Has light weight of 6.7 pounds
  • All-weather since the liners can be detached
  • It does not crinkle
  • The pocket buttons are of low quality
  • Only available in black
  • Has a shorter length

2. The Mastermind Motorcycle Jacket

winter motorcycle jacket review motorcycle winter jacket

This is the type of jacket that will make you worry free should the weather go South due to its exquisite leather that is waterproof. Its removable shell gives you the sole option of wearing it in all sorts of weather; therefore, this investment is worthwhile in the long run.

The mastermind men’s motorcycle jacket from the reputable First Manufacturing prides itself in having the best features a rider might be looking for. The men’s jacket is made up of soft milled cowhide measuring between 1.1 to 1.3 millimeters. It is equipped with full length utility pockets with two more in its interior and exterior to give you the utmost storage you require in storing small valuables.

The icing is on the jacket’s ability to provide the rider with fresh air arising from its dual 14 inch vents located at the front with a very heavy mesh liner to facilitate full ventilation. Its fabric is made up of 100% leather, and comes in a variety of sizes spanning from XX-Large, X-Large to Large. The removable interior shell makes it compatible for use during warmer seasons. The jacket weighs 6.1 pounds.

  • It’s 100% leather making it waterproof and windproof
  • Great airflow
  • All weather jacket
  • Has smaller vents
  • The plastic zippers wear off easily

3. The Premium Natural Buffalo Leather Jacket

best winter motorcycle jacket winter motorcycle jacket

It can be really tormenting to purchase new hoods every time your body changes. However, this type of jacket enables you to adjust it to fit your body through the use of its adjustable laces and belt buckles.

This leather motorcycle jacket is not only ideal for every rider out there, but also a great masterpiece of the current set of riders. The jacket provides a wide room for high-end individuals cutting across security firms to outriders due to its two concealed gun pockets. The pockets are able to withstand the weight of small firearms such as pistols. You can sprawl your legs over the saddle at any temperatures due to the presence of thermal insulated liners which lock out cold air. Its high quality buffalo fabric that is 1005% leather singles out the jacket among many since it does not wear off.

The jacket has been built to cover all sorts of people despite the variation in their body sizes. Adjustable in-built belt and buckle system give you the sole opportunity of buckling it up to completely fill in your shape with the aid of the side laces. With a 6.61 pounds weight, your smooth ride is without doubt guaranteed.

  • Has adjustable laces and belt buckles
  • Has an inbuilt warmth regulation liner
  • Durable since its 100% leather
  • Only available in Black
  • Available in small sizes

4. The Event Biker Leather Motorcycle Jacket

winter motorcycle riding jacket winter motorcycle jacket review

Before throwing your leg over the saddle, look for a hood that allows you to patch up small portables. With this jacket, you are guaranteed of a bigger space to store your valuables throughout the journey due to the many pockets it possesses.

The Event Biker basic motorcycle leather jacket with pockets boasts of having a promotional Grade leather measuring between 1.2 and 1.3 millimeters. It has a light weight of 5.51 pounds measuring 23*14*6 inches. The cowhide leather is very tough with a flexibility feature despite its thick nature. Its heavy duty zippers are easy to pull and last long.

Notably, the jacket has a total of six pockets, two pockets with snaps in its interior with a flap and snap feature. The side laces ensure that the jacket fits you completely, and offers a classic biker throwback look for maximum vision.

  • Has adjustable laces and belts
  • Long lasting since its 100% leather
  • Has many pockets
  • The pockets are small
  • Phthalate used to make it is cancerous

5. The Xelement Leather Motorcycle Biker Jacket

motorcycle winter jacket best winter motorcycle jacket

Cruising around in a heavy jacket can be banal at times. This jacket serves as the best remedy for a that long ride across the streets due to its light weight.

The Xelement B7100 top grade leather motorcycle jacket is the original product from the Xelement firm. It’s made up of high quality cowhide and heavy duty silver zippers. The high end features incorporated in its manufacture have set a great precedence for its consumer popularity. It’s a classic design equipped with zippered cuffs alongside quilted polyester liner. The inbuilt multi pockets and belted waist cushion the rider when carrying their small-sized valuables.

The jacket is the lightest with a total weight of 4.4 pounds, and is available in X-large and large sizes.

  • Lightweight
  • It is durable
  • It has heavy duty silver zippers
  • Only available in Black
  • It has small pockets
  • It does not have laces

The Best Winter Motorcycle Jacket

Having delved deep into the realm of motorcycle riding during winter, I’d have to say that the Hot Black Leathers Classic would be my choice as the best winter motorcycle jacket. The jacket stands out among the other products due to its ability to conform in different weather conditions, a move facilitated by its detachable liners.

winter motorcycle jacket review