Best Supermoto Boots For Beginner, Amateur, and Pro Riders

The best boots for supermoto are ultimately the pair that offer enough mobility, flexibility, feel, and protection while entering corners and racing around both dirt and paved parts of the track.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying – you can’t have the best of both worlds. Whoever came up with that has obviously never heard of supermoto. Supermoto is a unique motorcycle racing style where riders race around a track which is built with three different surfaces. These race track surfaces include the typical hard-packed dirt of flat track racing, rough dirt with jumps, ruts, and obstacles of motocross racing, and paved tarmac of street racing.

Each supermoto track is different and has different ratios of dirt and tar. Generally, supermoto tracks comprise of 50-75% tarmac with the remainder of the track built with dirt like hard packed clay and sand. The clay and sand are used to create exhilarating obstacles and burms.

One of the challenges with supermoto racing is finding the right riding gear. Since the track is multipurpose and multi-surface, you’ll need to be prepared to handle all situations. From rough dirt corners, ruts, jumps, and various obstacles, to high-speed leg out cornering around the tarmac sections.

The Best Supermoto Boots – Best Of Both Worlds

The best boots for supermoto are the pair of boots that offer enough mobility, flexibility, feel, and protection so that you’re still able to find both your gears/brakes as well as the floor while entering corners and racing other parts of the track.

Hands down the best boot on the market is the Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS – at least in my opinion and by popular choice in the Supermoto racing championships around the world.

Can I Use Dirt Bike Boots For Supermoto?

Can I Use Dirt Bike Boots For Supermoto?

If you have to make the choice between track boots or best dirt bike boots for supermoto racing, go with the dirt bike boots. They offer much more heel and toe protection since they usually have steel or reinforced toe caps (very useful in the rough dirt) and the heel is often reinforced making them much thicker and larger and far more capable of absorbing knocks and shocks to your heels. 
The other added benefit is the ability to slide into the corners foot down, without dabbing your shiny track boot into the pavement. Dirt bike boots were designed to take on damage and withstand impact, so your feet are going to be a lot more protected.
The disadvantage to racing supermoto with dirt bike boots is that you might find it uncomfortable to find your gears/brakes and might even lose some of your “foot finding feel”, as well as some mobility in the ankles. There is however a solution to this problem.

Can I Use Street/Track Racing Boots For Supermoto?

Since the track is mostly tarmac, you might think that racing with a typical street racing style boot would be the best option. However, street boots don’t necessarily offer the protection, durability, or the feel that you need when racing supermoto.
The most common problem you’ll face if you have, or plan to race supermoto with street boots is the lack of heel and toe protection offered by a typical road boot. Think about it, these boots are typically designed for guys taking their superbikes out to the big race tracks – not for those of us racing around a go-kart track covered in dirt.
Supermoto consists of sharp tight corners where you’re often going to have either your leg out or your knee down. On a superbike, you’re never going to have your leg out while going around the corner so you don’t need as much heel and toe protection as you would while racing a supermoto on a small tight, and twisty track.

Last Checkpoint

There are usually only three requirements to ride at a supermoto track. Approved boots, helmet, and leathers. Try not to skimp on either of these 3 vital pieces of gear. They could just save your life. Even if it means you can’t buy the best supermoto boots, try one of the options above as they all tick the “must have” criteria for me.

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