Best Motorcycle Shed For Outdoor Storage

Picking the best motorcycle shed that suits your needs is no easy task. Here, I give you some of my top recommendations for the best motorcycle shed and present what makes each option worthwhile.

As much as I love to show my motorcycle off to friends, family and often complete strangers, it is just as important to me to keep it hidden and sheltered when not in use. As nice as it would be to have every passerby on the street go googly-eyed over my favourite toy, my preference is to use a motorcycle shed to keep it covered.

The best motorcycle shed will keep a motorcycle safe and away from the prying eyes of thieves. It will also secure and shelter the motorcycle from harsh sunlight and adverse weather. With the protection of a motorcycle shed, the motorcycle is sure to be ready to go for your next ride with a guaranteed start.

Summary: Best Motorcycle Sheds Reviewed

A quick look at the best motorcycle sheds we review in this article.

ProductBest ForOur Rating
1. Motorcycle Shelter Cover Hidey Hood 90Best Retractable Motorcycle Storage Shed★★★★★
2. Outdoor Basic 8×6 Ft Outdoor Storage ShedBest Metal Motorcycle Storage Shed★★★★
3. Yardstash IV: Heavy Duty, Space Saving Outdoor Storage ShedBest Portable Motorcycle Storage Shed★★★★
4. Suncast 8′ X 10′ Tremont Storage ShedBest Plastic Motorcycle Storage Shed★★★
5. Quictent Heavy Duty Motorcycle Shelter ShedBest Waterproof Storage Storage Shed★★★
6. Shelterlogic 10′ X 10′ All Season ShedBest Canvas Motorcycle Storage Shed★★★

Best Motorcycle Shed Reviewed

Safe storage for your motorcycle with these best motorcycle sheds

8×6 Ft Outdoor Storage Shed

This shed is best if security and being waterproof are your top priorities. Best suited for those who have some building ability since it needs assembly.

While this motorcycle shed is not going to turn any heads in the looks department, it offers many other features to set it apart in the motorcycle shed category. Being a solid and fixed structure, this shed is easily suited to a locking mechanism to keep your motorcycle safe. The potential for this add-on will give you the peace of mind that you are looking for.

While this shed is motorcycle-ready with a door width of 37.5 inches (955 millimeters), the fit might be a bit tight depending on the size of your motorcycle. It does features waterproof steel construction, however, which makes the Outdoor Basic 8×6 Ft Outdoor Storage Shed an attractive option for your motorcycle storage needs.

  • Waterproof
  • Secure and lockable
  • Cramped fit through the door
  • Quite a bit of assembly required
  • Does not include a floor
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Shelterlogic 10′ X 10′ All Season Shed

With canvas walls and steel frame, this motorcycle-compatible storage shed combines the best of both worlds.

The use of canvas all-season storage sheds increased substantially in the last ten years. Users love the simple assembly and enjoy not feeling attached to having a permanent structure. If you don’t like the location of this storage shed then you can simply take it down and re-assemble it somewhere else in your yard.

Well-suited as a motorcycle shed, this steel-framed option will keep your motorcycle away from harmful UV rays and inclement weather. At 10ft x 10ft (304 cm x 304 cm), this storage shed gives you ample room to store up to two motorcycles and have room for gear and accessories.

  • Waterproof
  • Ample space
  • Large entryway
  • Easy to assemble
  • Canvas not as secure as other options
  • Not well suited for alarm systems
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Yardstash IV: Heavy Duty Outdoor Storage Shed

If portability is most important to you in a motorcycle shed, then this is a great option that is very space-efficient and won’t break the bank.

The most affordable option of the bunch, this motorcycle storage shed not only has one of the smallest footprints but also offers the option of being portable. If you are travelling and wish to set up a motorcycle shelter on-the-fly, this is a great option.

There are no tools required and set up generally takes 10-15 minutes. While your machine will be protected from the rain and sun, there are a few drawbacks with this portable design. For one, this motorcycle storage shed is not very secure and won’t be suited to a high-end locking or alarm system. Also, with dimensions of 74 inches x 32 inches (188 cm x 81 cm), this portable shed won’t fit large cruiser-style motorcycles but will protect dirtbikes and other smaller machines.

  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Small footprint
  • Won’t fit larger machines
  • Gets hot inside during warm weather
  • Flimsier design than other options
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Motorcycle Shelter Cover Hidey Hood 90

This uniquely-designed storage option for motorcycles stands out in terms of design, style and ease of use.

Sometimes a new design comes along that revolutionizes the existing category. If there was one product in the motorcycle shed department to do so, it would be this one. The Hidey Hood 90 stands out from other products on the market due to its unique retractable design.

What I particularly like is the ability to suit many different needs. It is durable and secure since it needs to be fixed to a solid wall, but it is also space-efficient because it retracts and is easily stored when not in use. While not being as secure as other options because of its canvas design, the Hidey Hood makes up for it with its unique design.

  • Unique space-saving design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be put away when not in use
  • Needs a fixed structure to attach to
  • Not suited to added alarm system
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Suncast 8′ X 10′ Tremont Storage Shed

With a stylish look and durable vinyl construction, this motorcycle storage shed is a premium product with a premium price tag.

An amazing all-round motorcycle storage shed, the Suncast 8’ x 10’ Tremont Shed is a structure best suited to a fixed location. If you have dedicated space for your motorcycle storage shed and plan to keep it that way, then you should strongly consider this option. This shed is suited for those with and interest and ability for a fairly major construction project.

Because of the heavy duty and fixed design of this motorcycle shed, you’ll need to make sure you build on a solid foundation. After that, you’ll enjoy having the space to store your motorcycle and accessories and ensure they stay safe because this shed is lockable and alarm-system compatible.

  • Durable vinyl construction
  • Lockable doors
  • Spacious and modern design
  • Substantial assembly required
  • Pricey
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Quictent Heavy Duty Motorcycle Shelter Shed

An attractive design matched with durable and unique features makes this a stand-out option.

Sometimes you come across a product that includes so many features that you are shocked when you begin scrolling through the product details. The Quictent Heavy Duty Motorcycle Shelter falls into this category. With a weather-proof design, multiple size options, motorcycle-specific features, stowable design, included carry bag AND included TSA-approved lock for added security, this motorcycle shed provides lots of amenities for the value.

Sporting design elements unique from most one-size-fits all storage sheds, the Quictent Heavy Duty Motorcycle Shelter is bound to suit your motorcycle-specific needs and is compatible with a large array of motorcycle styles. With an affordable price tag, this purpose-built motorcycle shed is an extremely attractive option.

  • Unique and attractive design
  • All-weather protection
  • Easy to use and store
  • Affordability
  • Canvas is prone to wear and tear
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What Makes a Good Motorcycle Shed?

storing motorcycle in shed for winter

Safety and Security

If your main goal is to keep your motorcycle safe from thieves and other unwanted guests, the best way to accomplish this is to add an alarm to your motorcycle shed. While it might sound complicated or difficult, the reality is that installing a security system on your shed is surprisingly easy due to the vast array of products available on the market.

How Can I Put An Alarm On My Motorcycle Shed?

Security systems as simple as a locking combination code or key-based lock are good options to start with. In addition, several different types of alarm systems are available such as (link):

  • Switch alarms: typically a magnetic device senses when a door or window to a shed is detached, which trips the alarm.
  • Sensor alarms: a sensor detects motion, thermal or infrared activity, setting of either an alarm or turning on a light for security.
  • Cameras: very popular these days, cameras add another layer of security to your motorcycle shed.

While very few motorcycle sheds are pre-fitted with alarm systems, the very best motorcycle sheds will have the ability to add this feature.


That being said, a common storage size for a motorcycle is 5ft x 10 ft (1.5m x 3.0m) (link). This dimension comfortably allows a motorcycle plus accessories such as luggage, jacket, helmet and other maintenance items like motor 2 stroke oil and cleaners.

The standard dimensions of the motorcycle shed vary by what your intent is. Retractable and portable shelters tend to be on the smaller size while dual-motorcycle and permanent structures tend to be on the larger size.


motorcycle shed size

The materials and durability of the motorcycle shed will be essential to determine if it is waterproof or not. Canvas and portable structures, while typically being advertised as waterproof, are a lot more susceptible to water leakage. This is because most canvas sheds deteriorate over time and portable sheds tend to get leaks from being assembled and reassembled continuously. That is not to say that these types of sheds are inferior, but they have their limitations.

On the other hand, the more permanent a structure is, the more waterproof it tends to be. The most durable and waterproof storage shed is one that is framed and finished like a conventional home or shed, including wood framing, wood, steel or vinyl walls and a completely leak-proof roof. These are also perfect for winter storage. Check out this guide for more tips on storing your motorcycle over winter.

How to Build A Motorcycle Storage Shed?

Can you build your own? Try assembling a purchased package first

bike shed for motorcycle

How easy a shelter is to set up is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing the best motorcycle shed. In all cases, you will buy the building materials all-in-one, with accompanying instructions, and you will be tasked to assemble the structure.

To varying degrees, the motorcycle shed may be easy or difficult to build. While building a motorcycle shed from scratch is possible, I highly recommend going with one of the options included here because they give you the peace of mind that all the parts are included and the instructions are easy to follow.

Some examples will be as easy to set up as popping up a canvas motorcycle shelter, while others will be much more sophisticated, including the wood or steel options. In any case, be sure to understand your own experience with handling tools and your comfort level with setting up your perfect motorcycle storage shed before making your choice. I have however written an overview of the process should you be interested in building your own motorcycle shed from scratch.

The Best Safe and Secure Motorcycle Shed

best storage shed for motorcycle

I absolutely love the Quictent Heavy Duty Motorcycle Shelter. From a features stand-point, it is second-to-none and it is also designed with motorcycle riders in mind. This purpose-built shed is lockable, all-weather and has heavy-duty steel and canvas construction. It checks off so many of the boxes on the “what’s best” list that this is the storage solution that I find myself recommending time and time again to other motorcycle riders. When you add in the affordable price tag, the decision of what is the best motorcycle shed is an easy one.

What Size Motorcycle Shed Do I Need?

A motorcycle takes up a dimensional space of approximately 6.5 feet x 3.2 feet (2 metres x 1 metre). This includes the option for the motorcycle to be leaned over on the side stand. If using a centre stand or a separate upright stand accessory, the required space can be minimized slightly further. Here are a few great motorcycle jacks and stand options.

Is The Shed Supposed To Be Waterproof?

Ideally, the best motorcycle shed will be waterproof. Even better, it will protect your ride from many other weather elements like snow, wind and sun (link). A waterproof shed is important to prevent your motorcycle from getting dirty from rain specks. Not only to prevent the rain, but preventing condensation build-up on cool and dewy mornings is important to prevent corrosion and rust from affecting your motorcycle.

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