Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts – Vibration & Waterproof

With the capabilities of today’s smartphones, every motorcyclist can have a GPS on his bike by using a motorcycle phone mount to hold your phone.

best motorcycle phone mount

Some of us older riders may remember – fondly or otherwise – the days in which the only maps you had on your bike were crumpled up, oil-stained paper items stuffed under your seat, and your navigation system was between your ears. Today, anyone who owns a smartphone has access to advanced GPS navigation systems almost anywhere in the world, and this has made traveling to new, unfamiliar places on your motorcycle a real breeze.

6 of The Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts

These are the 6 recommend cell phone mounts for motorcylists

ProductBest ForOur Rating
1. Tackform Enduro Series Metal Motorcycle Phone MountBest Motorcycle Phone Mount For Vibration★★★★★
2. Ciro Smart Phone/GPS Motorcycle Perch Mount Best Motorcycle Phone Mount For Harley★★★★★
3. Huanlang Water Resistant Phone MountBest Waterproof Motorcycle Phone Mount★★★
4. Ram Motorcycle Handlebar Phone HolderBest Ram Motorcycle Phone Mount★★★★
5. Rokform Pro Series Motorcycle Phone MountBest Off Road / Adventure Motorcycle Phone Mount★★★★
6. Rydonair Motorcycle Phone Mount With USB Charger Best Motorcycle Phone Mount With Charger★★★★

The only thing is, when you’re on your bike, you can’t exactly hold your phone to check the maps app. You could always listen to the navigation through your bluetooth helmet headset or on your built in bluetooth helmet, but often this can get confusing.

That’s why you need a sturdy, good quality phone mount on your bike to keep your phone where you can see it while you’re riding. You might have even considered upgrading your Harley speakers just so you can hear the navigation, but trust me, a phone mount is a much better solution. Another reason to buy on is the fact that they can fit on most bikes, so you can take yours off and keep it when you sell your bike.

Top Choice: Tackform Enduro Series Metal Motorcycle Mount

When you frequently ride over really harsh and bumpy terrain, you don’t want those vibrations to wiggle your phone out of the phone mount. The Tackform Enduro Series Metal Motorcycle Mount is a great, really solid phone mount that’ll grip your phone tight even over the worst terrain.

Reviews: Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts

1.Tackform Enduro Series Metal Motorcycle Mount

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount for Vibration

best motorcycle phone mount with charger

When you frequently ride over really harsh and bumpy terrain, you don’t want those vibrations to wiggle your phone out of the phone mount. The Tackform Enduro Series Metal Motorcycle Mount is a great, really solid phone mount that’ll grip your phone tight even over the worst terrain.

Tackform have built a phone mount guaranteed to last with their Enduro Series Metal Motorcycle Mount. As the name suggests, this phone mount has been designed with the dirt and quad bike enthusiast in mind. With the industrial spring system, once the Tackform phone mount has gripped your phone, it’s not letting go. This thing’s clamp grips like a pitbull’s jaws, so you can be confident that no matter what kind of terrain you’re riding over, no matter what speed, your phone isn’t going anywhere.

The machining and construction of this phone is top notch, and it’ll last for years…possibly longer than both your bike and phone! It’s guaranteed to keep your phone secure in any climate, from the most sweltering and humid ones to the most frigid and icy, in which you have to store your bike for many months over long, dark winters. This certainly is one of the best motorcycle phone holders if you’re looking for something waterproof.

  • Extremely solid construction
  • Industrial spring system offers excellent grip on your phone even when your bike is bouncing all over the place
  • Can accommodate a huge range of phones
  • Handlebar mounted so won’t fit all bikes

2. Ciro Smart Phone/GPS Motorcycle Perch Mount

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount for Harley

best phone mount for harley

The Ciro Chrome Finish 50310 Phone Mount is one of the few phone mounts that come with a quality chrome finish, and as such it blends seamlessly with the design elements of Harley Davidson cruisers. Check out this guide for more options where we’ve actually covered some of the best phone mounts for Harley Davidson motorcycles.

What’s one of the first words you visually associate with Harley Davidson cruisers? Chrome, polished, gleaming chrome, and lots of it. If you ride a Harley, the last thing you want is some cheap black plastic item to mar your bike’s good looks.

The Ciro Chrome Finish 50310 Phone Mount, which can be mounted either on the left or right of your bike’s handlebars, looks great on any Harley, with its chrome finish and sturdy build. It won’t fit Street models from 2014 and up, however. And while it’s billed as being ambidextrous, many users report that it works better mounted on the left, as it doesn’t block any controls there.

  • Chrome finish blends superbly with Harley design elements
  • Handy horizontal swivel adjustment
  • Fits most Harley models
  • Doesn’t fit 2014 and newer Street models

3. Huanlang Water Resistant Phone Mount

Best Waterproof Motorcycle Phone Mount

cell phone holder for motorcycle lazada

For motorcyclists without waterproof phones, a phone mount that keeps your phone dry in rain is a necessity. The Huanlang Water Resistant Phone Mount does just that.

While more and more phones are being manufactured to be completely waterproof these days, for those of us with older and cheaper phones that’ll get wrecked by getting ‘em wet, a waterproof motorcycle phone mount is necessary. The Huanlang Water Resistant Phone Mount is a completely encased waterproof bag into which you insert your phone. It’ll keep it bone dry during a downpour, but you’ll still be able to use your phone’s touchscreen via the TPU screen.

It attaches to your bike via the mirrors, but while this makes it fairly universal, it definitely won’t fit on all motorcycles. It’s cheap, so it’ll save you a bunch of dollars, and it’s pretty durable, but isn’t as sturdy as more expensive motorcycle phone mounts.

  • Keeps your phone completely dry in a downpour
  • Can still use your phone’s touchscreen through the cover
  • Great price
  • May not fit all motorcycles
  • Not as sturdy as more expensive phone mounts

4.Ram Motorcycle Handlebar Phone Holder

Best Ram Motorcycle Phone Mount

motorcycle phone holder ram mount review

Ram Mounts is one of the best known brands when it comes to motorcycle phone mounts, and their Handlebar Rail Mount with U-Bolt Base and Universal X-Grip Phone Holder is one of their most popular models, which fits a good variety of bikes and phones.

Ram Phone Mounts are some of the best known phone mounts in motorcycling. Their Handlebar Rail Mount with U-Bolt Base and Universal X-Grip Phone Holder is a well-known model that fits onto your motorcycle’s handlebars, and will hold most phones.

The X-grip system, which is already a very secure way to grip your phone, is enhanced by an additional strap if necessary. The materials used in the Handlebar Rail Mount with U-Bolt Base and Universal X-Grip Phone Holder are of a high quality, and this phone mount should last for years. It won’t fit on all bikes though, and if you have a very large phone, it won’t be able to hold it.

  • Fits a good variety of bikes and phones
  • X-grip mount keeps your phone very secure
  • High quality materials and manufacturing
  • A little pricey
  • Won’t fit all motorcycles as it’s a handlebar mount
  • Won’t hold very large phones

5.Rokform Pro Series Motorcycle Phone Mount

Best Phone Mount For handlebar wireless charging

best motorcycle phone mount with wireless charger

When it comes to dirt or adventure riding, you need a much sturdier phone mount than you would on the street. The Rokform Pro Series Phone Mount is as sturdy as they come.

If you ride off road or go on cross country, all terrain rides on an adventure bike, you’re going to need a far sturdier and safer phone mount than those used on street bikes. When it comes to adventure and dirt bike phone mounts, few are sturdier or more secure than the Rokform Pro Series Motorcycle Phone Mount.

Made entirely from military grade aluminum and manufactured to exceptionally high standards, this phone mount will keep your phone in place even on the bumpiest dirt tracks and rockiest trails. All of this safety and stability for your phone does come at a price though; the Rokform Pro will cost you close to $120.

  • One of the sturdiest motorcycle phone mounts on the market
  • Made entirely from military grade aluminum
  • Designed for harsh environments and bumpy terrain
  • Much more expensive than other phone mounts

6.Rydonair Motorcycle Phone Mount With USB Charger

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount With Charger

wireless charging magnetic mount for motorcycle

While a phone mount is a handy accessory in and of itself, one with a charger, like the Rydonair Motorcycle Phone Mount with QC 3.0 USB Charger Socket, takes it up a notch in terms of usefulness.

What’s more useful than a motorcycle phone mount? The answer to that question is a motorcycle phone mount that comes with a charger. If you’re going on a long bike trip into unfamiliar territory, the last thing you want is for your phone to die on you.

If you’re using a phone mount like the Rydonair Motorcycle Phone Mount with QC 3.0 USB Charger Socket, however, this won’t happen. You just wire up the charger to your battery and charge your phone while you’re riding. While the Rydonair phone mount is a very useful one because of the charger, it’s not, however, quite as sturdy as some of the more expensive options.

  • Comes with a USB 3.0 charger to keep your phone charged while riding
  • Fits a wide range of phones from 4.0 – 6.5 inches
  • Fits a range of handlebar sizes
  • Not as sturdy as some of the more expensive phone mounts

Phone Mounts – A Useful Item, But Which One Is Right For Me?

Because motorcycle phone mounts are mostly universal items, in that a single model of phone mount can be fitted to pretty much any motorcycle, and because they’re relatively cheap and not particularly complex items, the market is flooded with all sorts of phone mounts, including some very cheap and very nasty Chinese items.

While it may be tempting to head on over to ebay and simply pick the absolute cheapest Chinese phone mount you can find, you may not be so happy about saving a few dollars when your $500 phone goes flying off the mount at 60mph and gets crushed under the wheels of a semi on the interstate.

When selecting a motorcycle phone mount, you need to pick one that will perform best at the important function of keeping your phone attached to your ride when you’re moving at speed. Phone mounts are incredible handy tools if you ride with gloves. Fumbling around inside your pockets can be a nightmare, especially in winter when your heated gloves make your hands large and clumsy. Even dirt bike gloves make digging inside pockets tricky so save yourself the hassle with a phone mount.

best wireless motorcycle phone mount

How Do I Adjust A Universal Mount to Hold My Phone?

Are all motorcycle phone mounts actually universal? Do all of them seriously have the capability to fit any and every phone on the market? Well, considering the fact that most smartphones these days fall into a fairly standardized range of sizes, you can be sure that your phone is likely to fit most phone mounts. So, how does the phone mount actually hold your phone?

Some of them use rubber straps to secure your phone in place. Others use clamps that you tighten around the body of your phone. Other phone mounts use an X-shaped clip to grip your phone around all four corners. Whichever style you go for, check before you buy it that the phone mount will actually accommodate your phone’s dimensions. If you get a decent quality phone mount, it will come with detailed instructions on how to mount your phone, whether it’s by straps, X-grips, a spring or clamps.

How Do I Install My Phone Mount?

Motorcycle phone mounts, much like different types of chain lube, come in a variety of styles in terms of where they’re mounted. Most commonly they’re designed to be attached to your bike’s handlebars, but for motorcycles with clip-on style bars, to which phone mounts designed for handlebars simply wouldn’t fit, there are many alternatives. Some motorcycle phone mounts can be attached to your bike’s brake fluid or clutch fluid reservoirs, while others clip on to your motorcycle’s mirror stems.

Others can be attached to your bike’s dashboard, or to your motorcycle’s fuel tank, while some can be attached to the fuel cap. Whatever style of bike you ride, you can be sure that there’s a phone mount that will fit it. Installation is usually very simple, and generally won’t require any mechanical knowledge or tools beyond a screwdriver and/or an allen key.

Is There An Ideal Spot Where I Should Mount it On My Handlebars?

If you’re going to be buying a motorcycle phone mount that’s designed to be fitted to your bike’s handlebars, the first question you’re likely to ask yourself is where on your bike’s bars you should be putting it. Obviously, the reason you’re getting this item is so that you can look at your phone while you’re riding, so you’ll need to mount it somewhere on your bars where it’s always easily visible.

If you have a spot between or near the clamps that fix your handlebars to your motorcycle, this is a good location because, like your bike’s clocks, it’s pretty central and easy to see with a simple glance downard, without having to take your eyes off the road for too long while your riding. Wherever you fit your phone mount on your bars, it should be somewhere where you can see your phone at a glance, but which won’t obstruct your vision while riding. Safety first, always!

best motorcycle phone mount and charger

How Long Will My Phone Mount Last?

As long as you buy a decent quality motorcycle phone mount, chances are it’ll outlast the phone that it’s holding. Again, this is a reason to buy a sturdy, well-built item rather than the cheapest Chinese junk you can find on ebay. Not only will a well-made phone mount do a better job of holding and protecting your phone, it should also last many years (and will be with you longer than your phone, especially if you upgrade your phone every year or two).

Think of this purchase as an investment rather than an expense. For the best quality items, look for phone mounts made with durable materials, not simply the lightest, cheapest plastic the manufacturer could afford in order to keep production costs down.

Best phone mount for off road adventure motorcycle

If You’re Going to Carry A Phone On Your Bike, Use A Good Phone Mount!

Let’s face it, as cool and as practical as the arts of paper map reading and navigation are, most of us in this day and age are always going to be using our phones to navigate and find routes, and to do that safely on a bike you need a good phone mount. And carrying phones with you on a long motorcycle trip brings other benefits too; if you break down on the side of the road and don’t know how to start your bike well hey, you don’t have to hike for miles to a gas station to ask to use their phone. So if you’re going to be carrying a phone on your bike, do it in style (and with safety in mind) with a top notch motorcycle phone mount.

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