#Tested – The Best Motorycle GPS Trackers

Motorcycle GPS trackers can be used for navigation, riding data and anti-theft. Keep your motorbike from getting stolen with the best motorcycle tracker.

It can all come crashing down in the space of a few seconds when tragedy strikes in the form of theft. It’s more common than you think, so why take a chance? Getting the best motorcycle GPS tracker for your ride is an easy and effective way to track your bike if it gets stolen. We’ve handpicked the best motorcycle GPS trackers on the market and put them to a head-to-head test. The top GPS trackers on the market are:

Best Motorcycle GPS Trackers:

These are considered to be among the top GPS trackers for motorcycles.

  1. Trackmate GPS Mini Spy Tracker
  2. Monimoto Tracker MM6
  3. AmericaLOC GL300W Mini
  4. Spy Tec STI GL300 GPS Tracker
  5. Motosafety OBD GPS Tracker Device       
  6. Amcrest 4G Portable Mini GPS Tracker
  7. Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker
  8. Racelogic VBox GPS Tracker

Our top choice would be the Americaloc GL300W Mini. Its features and value for money set it apart from the rest, which makes this an appealing option for the majority of riders and makes it one the best GPS Trackers for all riders.

Considering all the available options on the market (too many), we’ve selected the following options to meet different requirements for different riders. These are the best GPS trackers for motorcycles:

Best Hidden Motorcycle GPS Tracker

Trackmate GPS Mini Spy Tracker

The Trackmate Mini would even be perfect for dirt bikes and mopeds.

You even get the added benefit of connecting a relay for ignition cut off which will automatically send a notification to your phone if the engine is started.

The internal battery pack can provide solid tracking for up to 6 hours. The device is connected to your engine with relative ease. It’s incredible that something smaller than your cell phone can be packed with so much technology. It’s size along with no antennas means it can be hidden just about anywhere on your bike in a few minutes.

The Trackmate Mini is basically a cellphone for your bike. It runs with a SIM card and 3G to transmit GPS tracking details in real time.

All the live data as well as your logs can be viewed directly through the App. The tracking plans start at around $10 per month which is a small price to pay for such peace of mind. With the tracking data you can also view information like, exact location, speed, outstanding fines and even receive alerts to your cell phone.

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Most Discreet Motorcycle GPS Tracker

Monimoto Tracker MM6

The Monimoto MM6 motorcycle tracker works perfectly for any kind of two wheel machine. Ranging from scooters, dirt bikes, Harley’s and cruisers. It also works well for any other mobile property of yours. The MM6 operates on both 2G and 3G networks while Syncs with your mobile device on the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

It also comes complete with an international micro sim card, keys, batteries, zip ties, and two months free subscription. Once your two months are up you’re looking at a reasonable $3.5 per month. The device looks ultra-discreet when attached to the correct places.

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Best Anti Theft GPS Tracker for Motorcycle

AmericaLOC GL300W Mini

Not the cheapest tracker on our list nearly double the price of others reviewed, and it still requires a monthly service fee. BUT… you get what you pay for, right? This motorcycle GPS tracker has optimal battery life and extended coverage, making it more effective in remote areas and allowing it to work in the US, Canada and even Europe. The device is also compatible with most weatherproof magnetic GPS tracker cases and has a long-lasting battery. You can pick up the compatible waterproof case right here

Unfortunately the GPS receiver won’t work in an underground area or a metal/concrete roofed area, but if we’re being real, the problem comes when your motorcycle is no longer in the underground/covered area where you parked it. Real-time alerts will be sent to your mobile phone the moment the motorcycle leaves its position of comfort and safety.

  • Long battery life
  • Almost worldwide coverage
  • Easily hidden
  • Customizable location updates
  • 1-year tracking history
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Best Motorcycle GPS Tracker for Battery Life

Spy Tec STI GL300 GPS Tracker

From time to time, my friends borrow my motorcycle. It’s difficult handing over your prized possession to a friend or family member, even ones you trust. I remember more than a few spats over speeding fines, nicks and scratches in the paintwork and little white lies of heading to the grocery store but actually visiting a girlfriend. With this baby hidden on my bike, my friends are screwed.

This bad boy has a full 2.5 week battery life so I know that I’m covered even over a long holiday away. So if you’re looking for the best motorcycle gps tracker with low power consumption, this is probably your best bet.

The SpyTec GPS offers geo-fencing, real-time location updates as often as every 5 seconds and a discreet battery size that’s easy to hide anywhere on the motorcycle. The Spy Tec device requires a contract to be taken out but it’s easy to cancel the service, which can be done by filling out an online form or contacting customer services.

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Best Value For Money Motorcycle GPS Tracker

Motosafety OBD GPS Tracker Device

This device is a great bargain – you get a motorcycle tracker AND a babysitter.

This GPS tracker includes nationwide coverage and even extends to Mexico and Canada so if you’re heading off on a cross-border adventure, this is a good option for a tracker that will work everywhere you go. In addition to having a reliable geo-fence function, it also lets you set a curfew alarm and allows you to review driving routes and data including speeding, rapid acceleration and harsh braking. Do your kids ever borrow your bike? This might help keep them in line!

Be sure to buy the wired version of the device for your motorcycle as the plug-in one is designed specifically for vehicles and trucks only. The device also comes with a free mobile app that works on iPhone and Android so pick up your technology game and beat motorcycle thieves at their own game.

The free mobile App for both iPhone and Android works really well with real time alerts for driving events like speed, off-hour use, braking etc.Installation is simple and the monthly subscription is reasonable. The downside is that with cheap devices you can often expect some software glitches.

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Best GPS Tracker For Dirt Bikes

Amcrest 4G Portable Mini GPS Tracker

Geofencing is a great feature that’s always mentioned with GPS trackers, and for good reason. What’s even nicer than geofencing, is geofencing that can be customized with different types of zones. This device lets you set up to three different zones with different triggers, such as max speed, proximity or time. This really heightens the chances of realizing sooner rather than later when your bike is on the move – without you on it.

Awesome battery life of 4-5 days is sure to keep you found while out in the bush if you’re an enduro rider. (Provided there’s signal out there)

Size is another great advantage with this one; it literally fits right into the palm of your hand. It’s probably the easiest device to hide on your motorcycle out of all the devices that have been reviewed. This will work especially well for those with a smaller bike.

  • Smaller size than most trackers
  • Unlimited alerts and updates
  • Good price
  • Personalized geo-fencing boundaries
  • Satellite, map and hybrid views
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Best Moped GPS Tracker

Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker

The Optimus 2.0 includes a sim card and data fee which justifies its slightly higher price in comparison to other options. Alerts are available for movement, speeding, geo-fencing and even low battery – but if you buy the hardwire kit and install the unit directly to your bike’s battery, you don’t even need to worry about recharging the unit. That’s the meaning of convenience, if you ask me. I’m that guy that always shows up to the party with a dead phone… This solves a huge problem for those of us who aren’t too hung up about charging our devices.

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Best GPS Tracker for Performance Racing

Racelogic VBox GPS Tracker

You’re not going to find a more feature packed GPS tracker on the market. It might even be wrong to call this a GPS tracker. It’s more like an all in one motorcycle gadget that just happens to track location as well.

Waterproof and small enough to be fit into your fist, you can literally mount this tracker on your handlebars. You may ask why would you mount a tracker on your handlebars, you don’t want peering eyes and red hands to find it so easily, right?

With Racelogic VBox GPS Tracker it shows all kinds of awesome details like your bike’s acceleration, how hard you’re braking and even your handling performance.

All the information is stored to a removable SD card which can be easily uploaded and analysed on your computer at home. Simple bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect the device to your phone with the Racelogic apps – Performance Test and Laptimer.

This is ideal for serious riders that are into shaving seconds off their lap times, not so ideal for the average commuter because of the high price.

Handle bar mounts are sold separately. This is important because in order for the tracker to function properly it needs to have clear reception from an outer mounting on your bike. It does however come with a velcro strap that allows you to mount the tracker to other areas like your tank or set grip.

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Motorcycle Theft Statistics

Statistics show that as many as 46,000 motorcycles were reported stolen in 2016, with summer months being a popular time to steal bikes. Less than 40% of these stolen motorcycles were recovered. Live in California? You should probably get a motorcycle GPS tracker since it’s the state that tops the list for motorcycle theft, followed closely by Florida, Texas and the Carolinas

The Excuses:

Now, most guys I’ve talked to have a list of excuses up their sleeve for why they really don’t need a motorcycle GPS tracker. Here are some of the most common reasons I hear:

  • “My bike has a steering lock/cable lock/disc lock”
  • “I keep my bike in my garage”
  • “I always lock up my bike in a well-lit area”
  • “My ride has an ‘alarm installed’ sticker on it”
  • “My bike has a kill switch”

While these are all great anti-theft measures, none of them will help you recover your stolen bike in the event that a thief does manage to find their way around the locks. Thieves are increasingly capable of disarming kill switches and often load the whole bike onto a truck, transporting it to a place where the locks can easily be removed with high-class machinery. Motorcycle theft is a lucrative business and thieves love a challenge.

Is It Worth Buying A Motorcycle GPS Tracker

A motorcycle GPS tracker is not an anti-theft mechanism per say but it’s a great addition to your bike that can be used for several purposes. GPS trackers can be installed discreetly on your motorcycle, meaning that thieves will not even know there is a tracking device installed. GPS trackers come in different sizes and have various methods of installation. The major areas where a GPS tracker can help are:


The obvious use for a motorcycle GPS tracker is to serve as an anti-theft mechanism for when a bike is stolen. Most GPS trackers provide features such as real-time tracking and preset geofencing. Geofencing allows you to set up specific geographic boundaries that trigger an alert when your motorcycle leaves these set borders. Accurate GPS coordinates are usually supplied, making it easy to spot in which direction the motorcycle is headed.

Alert notifications are sent to your smartphone, computer or tablet instantly, providing you with the ability to track your motorcycle as long as it is within cellular reception range. Often, a GPS tracker will allow you to remotely disable the motorcycle’s engine via text message. Several trackers have the ability to notify multiple contacts of suspicious movements so even if you’re heading out of town and leaving your motorcycle at home, you can have peace of mind that a friend or family member will be able to follow up on attempts to steal your bike.

Some trackers also have the ability to alert you of speed warnings in the event of surpassing the speed limit in a designated area – might as well spend the money for your speeding ticket on this nifty device, right?


Although not the common use for GPS trackers, these devices may help with navigation. There are a select few higher-end GPS trackers that have a screen for navigation purposes, while some GPS trackers may be used in real time on your smartphone to determine the fastest route to a destination.

If you’re looking for a device whose primary function is navigation, you might not even need a full GPS unit. You could simply connect a bluetooth helmet speaker to your phone or even get yourself a fully equipped bluetooth helmet that will speak to you and tell the directions as you ride, preserving your focus and attention for the road ahead of you.

 Riding Data

GPS trackers may even be used to glean riding data. There are GPS tracking devices available that offer riding data such as time, distance, speed, elevation and routes taken. This is a great feature to have, especially if you’re looking for a device that offers multiple purposes in addition to theft prevention.

Previous route history functionality is another feature that’s nice to have and included with some tracking devices. It’s always cool being able to look at your data and see where you’ve been. But, do you know what’s also cool? Knowing what lies around the next corner. Especially if you’re riding above the speed limit. We have some special recommendations when it comes to using radar technology to pick up any scanner before you even get to them. Check out our post on motorcycle radar detectors for more information on syncing a radar detector.

Features To Look Out For In A GPS Tracker

If you’re looking for the ultimate GPS tracker, consider finding one with the following extra features:

Sleep mode to save battery life: This seems like a minor feature but if you’re away from home often and have a secure place to store your bike at those times, having a GPS tracker with sleep mode capabilities can do wonders for the battery life. GPS trackers usually have high battery usage and cause battery drains relatively quickly.

GPS trackers that connect magnetically to the motorcycle: Maybe you struggle with wiring and installation – no judgement, not all of us are Mr. DIY. Getting a magnetic GPS tracker makes it easy to connect the device to your motorcycle with no wiring.

Alarm buttons: Some trackers have a feature that allows you to activate an alarm button if suspicious activity is reported. The alarm button provides location updates and sends a theft report directly to the police.

Dust and waterproof: Living in an area with extremely wet or dry weather and severe temperature fluctuations can easily harm the device. A dust and waterproof GPS tracker will last much longer.

Offline location reports: Some units can continue monitoring location even when GPS signal is lost. This is a great feature if you live in a sparsely inhabited area.

Do Bike GPS Trackers Have A Monthly Service Fee?

Most motorcycle GPS trackers require a monthly service fee for alerts and updates. This price usually ranges between $20-30. Many providers don’t require cancellation or registration fees but this is definitely something to keep in mind – it doesn’t help to get a device that ends up costing more than your motorcycle.

Installing A Motorcycle GPS Tracker

GPS trackers can easily be installed on motorcycles, ATVs and scooters. Installation of wired devices will usually require hooking it up directly to the battery. Things to consider that will help you find and install the best GPS tracker for motorcycles:

  • Location: The device needs to be hidden from view yet easily accessible to you.
  • Fit: make sure that the device is compatible with your motorcycle model and can be mounted successfully.
  • Power: The device needs to be compatible with your motorcycle battery for optimal performance. If it draws too much power, it could harm your bike’s battery.
  • Connectivity: Tracking devices could require Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM Cellular networks, NFT etc. to operate.

Some devices may require extensive technical knowledge for installation so if that’s not up your alley, make sure to find a motorcycle GPS tracker with easy-install properties. Check out the video below for what installing a GPS tracker entails.

Last Checkpoint – Best GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker will make the chances of recovering your stolen motorcycle that much more likely. In addition to using common sense anti-theft measures (using extra locks, alarms and storing the bike in a safe area when possible), get a GPS tracker for extra peace of mind. Our vote for the best motorcycle GPS tracker is the Americaloc GL300W Mini. It has some awesome features:

  • Nearly worldwide coverage, making it perfect for remote areas
  • Compatibility with most motorcycles and add-ons such as protective casing
  • Great battery life
  • Real-time alerts and location updates
  • 1 year tracking history

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