Best Motorcycle Cup Holders To Avoid Spilling Your Drink

A motorcycle rider’s guide to staying hydrated: expert advice on the fun motorcycle accessory you didn’t know you needed, a motorcycle cup holder!

There’s nothing quite as useful as a cup holder on a bike. Cars even have built-in cup holders for convenience. This leaves us with two questions: Why don’t motorcycles come with pre-installed cup holders? And since they don’t, why haven’t you gotten one yet?

Cup holders are wonderful inventions that actually deserve a much cooler name, like ‘hold it all’ or ‘everything holder’. There’s so much more to be done with a cup holder than just hold your drink. Here’s our review of the best motorcycle cup holder to make your ride so much better.

Motorcycle Handlebar Cup Holder Review

5 of the best cup holders for your motorcycle

Best Cup Holder for Motorcycle Handlebars

Cool Rider Motorcycle Cup Holder

This cup holder fits a 32 oz. drink – that’s so big you could practically go riding for a whole day without needing to refill. Which is exactly why we’ve given it the title of the best cup holder for your motorcycle handlebars.

I love ‘value for money’ deals and this is a good one if you’re looking for a mid-range cup holder. Barefoot Willies has been selling this cup holder for more than 10 years and it’s still here for a reason. It attaches securely on the handlebars and won’t move around, rotate or spin to spill your coffee before you even hit the road.

Although not made from chrome, the polycarbonate composition of this cup holder makes it durable and steadfast. It has an opening for cup arms making it ideal to carry mugs and also comes with a coozie to hold smaller items. Without the coozie, it comfortably holds a 32 oz. sports drink.

  • Fits any vertical bar
  • Free coozie included
  • Attaches securely
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Great Value
  • Not easily removable
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Stylish Motorbike Cup Holder

Kruzer Kaddy Bar Mount Cup Holder

Black, chrome, leather… the choice is yours! Or maybe just dive in headfirst and get all three with the best motorbike cup holder by Kruzer Kaddy.

Shiny items and gear in black seem to make the perfect motorcycle gear – they’re sleek, sexy and match with everything. Kruzer Kaddy has cup holders available in chrome, black and leather and honestly, I’m tempted to get all three. The cups come with two insulated liners that make it possible to hold all sizes of items, making them the perfect roadside companion for holding beverages, snacks, tissues and anything else you can think of.

A special feature of this cup is the reversible mounting stud which allows you to pivot the cup to pretty much any tilted position. The cup can also be removed for rides where it’s not needed.

  • Good price
  • Four different styles
  • 2 insulated inner liners
  • Easily detachable
  • Requires installation
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Chrome Skull Cup Holder

Kruzer Kustom Kaddy Chrome Skull Motorcycle Cup Holder Mount

Skulls, chrome and motorcycles go together very well. Like bread and butter, only better.

Sometimes awesome things collide, like with the merging of cup holders and cool designs that resulted in this chrome skull cup holder. It’s viciously cool and doesn’t necessarily look like a cup holder – it’s tough and as manly as a cup holder could ever be. Even an iced strawberry frappucino from Starbucks would look edgy nestled in this baby.

This cup holder from Kruzer Kaddy can be attached to the clutch or brake perch and bolts to the handlebars to ensure stability. It’s ideally suited to Harley models to fit in with with your Harley boots, and can be used as the perfect multi-purpose ‘hold it all’. It’s a bit pricey but can you really put a price on a simultaneously cool and functional motorcycle accessory? Maybe your kids can all pitch in to get you this cup holder as a joint early birthday gift.

  • Chrome
  • Awesome design
  • Fits all Harleys
  • Fits soda cans, bottles and Yeti cups
  • Expensive
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Universal Motorcycle Mug Holder

Xfmt Motorcycle Handlebar Cup Holder

Mesh holders expand really well – you can stuff things in here and they won’t fall out since the gaps are quite small. Perfect!

This one is a bit different: it attaches to the motorcycle with an adjustable clamp and has a mesh holder. Mesh holders are lightweight and a bit roomier, making it easy to stuff things inside that might not fit into a rigid holder.

This is a great option for guys who want a hassle-free, easy-install solution. No hardware is required to mount the cup holder so you won’t be fighting with a hammer or any other tool – my type of gear!

  • Adjustable clamp
  • Easy to mount
  • Affordable
  • Mesh holder
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t fit all bikes
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Motorcycle Handlebar Drink holder

Ciro Perch Mount Drink Holder

There’s nothing like a cool and edgy design to complement your motorcycle.

I love a cool design. Whether it’s a motorcycle helmet, riding gear or something as small as a cup holder, unique designs are fun and seem to spice up life. This cup holder is the epitome of cool design. It has a contoured sturdy rubber net and a diagonally-cut curved chrome top. The lines really stand out and catch the eye in a new way.

The neoprene rubber net is durable and holds up well against the elements. It also stops cans and bottles from vibrating and holds items securely. This is one of the few cup holder options that can take a 32 oz. Yeti cup, as well as smaller shaped beverage holders.

  • Strong neoprene rubber net
  • Easy install
  • Unique design
  • Chrome finish
  • Doesn’t vibrate
  • Large gaps – could lose small items
  • Slightly expensive
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Why You Need A ‘Hold It All’ Motorbike Cup Holder

Cup holders are not lame. No matter what your friends might tell you as they chuckle at the site of your new cup holder, they’ll be getting one themselves soon enough. A motorcycle handlebar cup holder has unlimited uses:

They Hold Drinks

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Cup holders perfectly fulfil their purpose of holding beverages while you ride. They can hold everything from regular-sized water bottles to travel mugs, take-away cups and soft drink cans with up to 20 oz. capacity.

Unless you are trying to off-road with an open beverage in the cup holder (which would be a terrible idea under any circumstance) the drinks hold well and generally don’t spill all over the place. For extra precaution, use bottles that close well and ask for take-away cups with closed tops.

Cup holders are great for holding food. Simply pop in a take-away cup and voila, the perfect snack compartment is born. Energy bars, gum sticks and mints can easily be kept in a cup holder for easy access while riding. Those times when you’re out on the road and need to grab a bite but don’t really have time to stop? Head to the nearest drive-through, grab a burrito or wrap and pop it in your cup holder until you’re ready to eat.

A Tissue Dispenser

A disposable cup can easily be filled with tissues or wet wipes. Perhaps you have a terrible cold and riding around makes your nose run like a champion. No problem – there’s a tissue within arm’s reach. Wet wipes are handy to have around on rainy days when the mud gets everywhere and you need to be clean for an important job interview or even a date.

A Place to Put Your Disposables

If you thought the tissue idea was good, this is even better. Your motorcycle drink holder can double up as a small trash can! Once your drink is finished, keep the cup in place and use it as a holder for wrappers, gum or any other small objects that you might end up using while you ride or just before you get on your motorcycle. This will keep you from having to stuff odd bits into your favorite motorcycle backpack.

You Can Add Extras

Cup holders are compatible with add-on devices such as phone mounts for your mobile phone or even a tablet. Although it’s dangerous to look at a screen while driving, an adjustable mount that fits tightly into your cup holder can be extremely useful if you need to navigate with GPS in an unknown area. A quick glance at the screen while you are waiting for the light to change can save a lot of unnecessary riding and makes it easy to check for urgent messages or emails – remember to put safety first and keep an eye on the road, though!

Motorcycle Cup Holder Tips & Tricks

Put a cupcake wrapper or a few layers of paper towels into your cup holder to make cleaning up after spills a lot easier. This is exactly the type of advice my wife would give me and although it’s tempting to blow it off and just go without, trust me on this one. Roads are bumpy, twisted and sometimes full of surprises – it’s hard to avoid spillage when taking a sharp turn or braking unexpectedly.

This tip will make cleaning up a breeze; simply replace the wrapper or tissue paper with a fresh one and spill away. You don’t have to take my word for it but once your first big spillage has occurred and you are deeply ashamed for not listening, man up and post a picture of your epic fiasco below. A rubber band placed around take-away cups will also help to secure items and prevent them from flying out of the holder once they are empty.

Last Checkpoint – The Best Motorcycle Drink Holder

Our choice for the best motorcycle cup holder is the Kruzer Kaddy Bar Mount cup holder that comes in different materials. Being able to choose between leather, plain black and chrome gives you the opportunity to select gear that matches perfectly with your motorcycle.

The cup is functional and comes with 2 insulated liners – it fits pretty much any beverage holder and can be tilted to different positions for extra convenience. The Kruzer Kaddy mount is affordable and can be clicked out and removed when you don’t need it.

Let us know how you feel about motorcycle handlebar cup holders in the comment section below! Feel free to share a snap of your own cup holder.

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