Optimal Performance Motorcycle Coolant & Anti-Freeze

Prevent any unnecessary damage to your engine by topping up with some of the best anti freeze and motorcycle coolants around

High quality coolant is important to keep your motorcycle engine temperatures running at safe and operable temperatures. While this is one maintenance item that tends to be neglected, it is extremely vital to the long-term health of your motorcycle that coolant is changed on a scheduled basis.

Many experts and technicians agree that a flush of the coolant system every two years is recommended. It is possible to replace the coolant at home or at a repair shop.

While being a simple enough process to complete, you may be left wondering what coolant is best to pick for your motorcycle. There are many products on the market which feature confusing marketing and labelling standards. Read on to learn about some of the best motorcycle coolant options.

Summary: Best Motorcycle Coolants

Top Choice: Maxima 50/50 Performance Coolant

Ideal for those who need a quick top-up of your coolant since this product comes in small container sizes and common mix ratios.

ProductBest ForOur Rating
1. Maxima 50/50 Performance CoolantBest Motorcycle Coolant For Hot Weather★★★★★
2. Engine Ice High Performance CoolantBest Motorcycle Racing Coolant★★★★
3. Zerex Engine Coolant/AntifreezeBest Rated Motorcycle Coolant★★★★
4. Honda Coolant Ready to UseBest Small-Container Motorcycle Coolant★★★
5. Royal Purple – Purple Ice Super CoolantBest Motorcycle Coolant For Aluminum Engines★★★

Reviews: Best Motorcycle Coolants

We’ve picked out some of the best motorcycle coolants on the market

1. Maxima 50/50 Performance Coolant

best motorcycle coolant for hot weather

Offering peace of mind for motorcycle-specific applications in a ready-to-use package.

For those looking for the simplest to use motorcycle-specific cooling option, look no further. The Maxima 82964 Coolanol is specially designed for motorcycle and ATV applications. It offers rust and corrosion protection for aluminum and magnesium engines.

Because it is a low-silicate coolant, it is especially well suited for motorcycles. An added bonus with this coolant is that it is rated at a remarkable temperature of up to 265 degree Fahrenheit, meaning it is ideal for hot climates.

This coolant is ready-to-use because it is a pre-mixed solution featuring ethylene glycol anti freeze and deionized water. This is an especially easy option to grab off the shelf because you won’t need to be fussing with getting the right product mixture.

  • Motorcycle-specific
  • Pre-mixed and ready to use
  • Best motorcycle coolant for aluminum engines
  • Size of bottle is restricting

2. Royal Purple – Purple Ice Super Coolant

best motorcycle racing coolant

Ideal for the added protection required for modern aluminum engines.

Today’s modern engines require more than just cooling and heating protection. Aluminum components, including engine blocks, headers and radiators prefer heightened protection from rust and corrosion. For this protection, check out Purple Ice, which acts as a 2-in-1 protective solution.

The formula prevents scale deposits from formulating in the radiator and lubricates the radiator pump seals for added maintenance and longevity. Royal Purple is a widely trusted brand and by looking at the vast number of reviews all over the interest, it’s safe to say that this is one of the best rated motorcycle coolants on the markey.

A unique product compared to others on this list, Purple Ice is intended as an additive to your cooling system. It is not intended as a stand-alone mixture, instead requiring a combination with other anti freeze products. This is a great option if you are looking to add a little extra corrosion protection and cleaning power to your motorcycle coolant.

  • Corrosion protection suited for aluminum engines
  • Cleaning and protective formula
  • Still requires other anti freeze products for cooling
  • Comes in small containers

3. Engine Ice High Performance Coolant

best engine coolant for hot climate

Everything you could possibly want from a motorcycle racing coolant.

If you take your motorcycle out to the track, you may need a high-performance coolant. What more could you want from a motorcycle racing coolant than being American Sportbike Racing (ASRA) and Champion Cups Series (CCS) approved?

Engine Ice is an extremely popular option for racers and leisure riders alike. Known as a high-performance product, Engine Ice works to keep temperatures under control so that you don’t lose power on the track. It’s one of the best best engine coolants for hot climate motorcycle riding.

The benefits of Engine Ice are not only in the performance department but also for ease-of-use. Pre-mixed with deionized water, you won’t need to be measuring quantities and ratios in the pit lane. As an added bonus, Engine Ice is also biodegradable and non-toxic, meaning it is easier to safely dispose of than other products.

  • Meets racing standards
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • More expensive than non-specialty coolants

4. Zerex Engine Coolant/Antifreeze

best honda motorcycle antifreeze

This general-purpose anti freeze coolant is an excellent value for the money.

Don’t let the name throw you off with the Zerex 675130 Engine Coolantant. While the description and branding may portray usage for “asian vehicle” applications, this engine coolant is an all-purpose option to suit your needs for motorcycles. It offers silicate-free and phosphate-additive features that meet the specifications of many asian vehicle manufacturers. Just make sure to double check your required motorcycle specifications to make sure it is right for you.

Like other products, it is pre-mixed for convenience and even adds a 150,000 mile (241,401 km) guarantee. Just be sure to verify the product labelling to make sure you follow proper procedure to be eligible for the warranty. All-in-all, the Zerex 675130 Engine Coolant is a top-rated product in the marketplace because of its affordability and value.

  • Affordable value
  • General purpose
  • Not universal

5. Honda Coolant Ready to Use

best motorcycle engine coolant

Ideal for those who need a quick top-up of your coolant since this product comes in small container sizes.

Certainly a good option for Honda-specific models, this coolant nonetheless works with all manufacturers. Specifically listed as a motorcycle coolant, this product comes in smaller batches, at 1 quart (946 ml), which means it is ideal for topping up your motorcycle if you notice your coolant is getting low.

It offers similar protection and features as other products in the category, such as a pre-mixed 50/50 blend and corrosion inhibitors to protect your engine and radiator. Similar to other products it protects down to -35 degree F (-37C) and up to 265 degree F (129C).

If you are looking for all-purpose coolant for your motorcycle and like that good things come in small packaging, then this is the product for you.

  • Small size suitable for top-ups
  • Motorcycle-specific
  • Not cost-effective

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Motorcycle Coolant FAQ’s:

What Is The Purpose Of Motorcycle Coolant?

When reading the labels of coolants, one thing to understand is that performance and specifications will vary by many factors. These include the geographic location, altitude, air condition, or condition of the engine and cooling system on the motorcycle itself.

The term anti freeze and coolant are often used interchangeably. The coolant you want to use in your motorcycle radiator actually serves a dual-purpose of preventing the coolant system from freezing solid in cold weather while also preventing extreme temperature in hot weather or heavy usage.

What Coolant Should I Use In My Motorcycle?

In many cases, the purchase decision is at the hand of the consumer as there are plenty of specialty coolant products on the market and several different brands to accommodate any brand loyalty that exists.

The important component that you should be looking out for when shopping for coolant is the presence of ethylene glycol. This chemical compound is so widely used in coolant products that it is commonly referred to as simply “anti freeze”.

What Is The Boiling Point Of Anti Freeze?

Using proper coolant is essential because it substantially raises the boiling point of the liquid in the cooling system. A 50/50 mix of anti freeze and water will substantially raise the boiling point to 106 C (223 F). A 70/30 mixture can reach temperatures of up to 113 C (235 F). To increase the cooling effects of the anti freeze solution, radiator and cooling systems are pressurized, which effectively raises the boiling and freezing points of the coolant.

Can I Use Car Coolant In A Motorcycle?

If you are interested in frugality and simplicity, you may be considering using car coolant in a motorcycle. Luckily, this is in fact possible. Many coolant manufacturers describe how their coolant products are versatile for use in many different vehicle types such as all-terrain-vehicles (ATVs), motorcycles, and cars and trucks. To be sure, it is always best to read the label carefully or check with a local repair expert.

Can I Use Water Instead Of Coolant In My Motorcycle?

Simply put, the boiling point of water is lower than coolant and the freezing point is higher. This puts your motorcycle in a risky situation if exposed to extremely high heat or being stored or operated in a cool climate. Always plan to use one of the widely available coolant products available today.

While you may have heard that coolant systems utilize a ratio of water and coolant, please think twice before assuming that means you can use water alone to cool your motorcycle. Decades ago, water used to be commonplace as a coolant for industrial and mechanical applications. However, with the advent of manufacturing techniques and discoveries in cooling technologies, chemical coolant products are widely available on the market today. Affordably priced for a simple maintenance exercise, there is no excuse for attempting to use water in place of proper coolant products for your motorcycle.

Can You Mix Engine Ice With Other Coolant?

Engine Ice is a very popular coolant product for motorcycles. It is considered a high-performance engine coolant for racing vehicles including cars and motorcycles. However, it is possible to use in everyday passenger vehicles for leisure.

To save on cost and the effort involved in doing a complete coolant flush of a motorcycle, you may be considering “topping up” the coolant in your motorcycle. This leads to the situation of a mix-and-match of coolants in your radiator and cooling system.

While many manufacturers, including Engine Ice, recommend that you flush and do a complete replace of your coolant prior to installing, it is possible to mix small amounts of other coolants with each other. The Engine Ice manufacturer, for instance, agrees it is possible to top up your coolant levels with Engine Ice. However, preference should always be given to doing a complete refresh of your coolant in order to keep your machine running in the best form possible.

Last Checkpoint – Keep it Cool

When it comes to picking the best motorcycle coolant, the main thing to keep in mind is your usage. Whether in a hot or cool climate, racing or leisure, there is a coolant that is perfect for your motorcycle.

Taking in all these considerations, the pick for best motorcycle coolant goes to the Engine Ice TYDS008 High Performance Coolant. It may be surprising that the best coolant for racing purposes is also the best all-around product. However, Engine Ice is a widely-used and available product which has motorcycle-specific features and protection. It is a trusted brand and well-tested coolant for using in your motorcycle

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