Best Dirt Bike Boots For Kids Of Every Age

Getting your kids set up with a good pair of boots should be your a priority purchase. Some of the best kids dirt bike boots won’t even cost you a leg, but they could save one.

Buyers Guide: Best Youth Dirt Bike Boots.

If motocross is a sport you are going to get into, we need to start thinking of our boots like we do our runners. You’d never hit the road for a long run in a pair of thin sole sneakers (or so I’d hope not!) so let’s not hit the track or enduro routes without a good pair of dirt bike boots!

Your boots are super important! Not only are they supposed to keep your feet and ankles safe, but they are also the closest thing to those gears of yours! They may also be needed to guide your way through that tight right berm or to keep yourself upright through that incredibly bumpy terrain filled with rocks and rubble! Throughout this article I will review and give my personal opinions and experiences of some of the best youth dirt bike boots on the market.

I want to also remind you that while the internet has many products that are probably cheaper and more readily available, everything I recommend here are items I would personally buy myself. They are from reputable brands in the motocross apparel industry and go above and beyond the criteria expected. I can confidently say if you purchase any of the products reviewed below, not only will you be a very happy customer once they arrive, but that they will last and keep you safe! Let’s get into our youth motocross boots review!

Best Youth Dirt Bike Boots Reviews

The top dirt bike boots for kids offer excellent protection, without sacrificing comfort and maneuverability. All of the following boots are considered as top choices.

Fox Racing 2021 KidsComp Boots

The Fox Racing Kids Comp boots, also known as Peewee Comp boots are a great starting point! With both a pink and black design and immaculate kids sizing, these boots are definitely some of the best toddler racing boots in their department!

Fitted with an updated rubber outsole and medial leather for better grip to the bike and foot pegs, the 2021 boot has really stepped it up in terms of the features. They also have a reinforced TPR shinplate, toe cap and calf guard giving full coverage to the bottom leg and foot. The Fox Racing Kids Comp boot is then finished off with removable insoles which leave space for growth!

They are also shorter in height allowing for wider flexibility and mobility of the legs and come in at a good weight really improving the overall comfortability of the boots! Overall, this is a great boot for your youngster between the ages of 4 and 6/7 depending on shoe size. If we are looking at a bit bigger than that I suggest you look at the Fox Racing YTH Comp Boot

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Fly Racing Unisex Youth Maverik Mini MX Boots

Fly Racing is one of the leading motocross apparel brands globally and these boots show us why. Designed with the iconic FLY logo across the newly molded outsole, and adjustable quick-lock buckles to ensure no unwanted dirty or debris finds its way into your boots, these are another pair of boots high up on the youth boots list.

They also have an inner leather heat shield meaning no more burn marks and a steel toe guard to give it that finished look and stop the front of the sole from delaminating. The shin has a protective covering and on the area above the toes are purposely placed grooves to assist on the shift lever so you never miss a beat!

Tie that all together with a 3 range colour scheme (red, white, & pink) they are a gorgeous looking boot that will still keep you safe through all scenarios. (CE Approved to EN13634: 2015)

All in all they are a comfortable, durable, and very aesthetically pleasing pair of boots. They are also sized from kids size 13 to adults size 6. If you are looking for any bigger than that look at the Fly Racing 2021 Maverik boots.

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Alpinestars Youth Tech 3S Boots

Designed and manufactured for the world champs of tomorrow, Alpinestars have put together a great youth boot here with absolutely zero compromises from the adult version. Made with performance, comfort & safety front of mind, the Tech 3S’s punch above their weight!

Designed with comprehensive support and security built into the external and internal side of the boot, advanced techno-polymer buckles, outer soles thats primary focus is on comfort, durability, grip and functionality, and antibacterial insoles that provide padding and extra support, these are a pair of boots FULL of features!

They do however come in priced over the two pairs mentioned above, but in my personal opinion can justify it. Not only do you get a boot with all the bells and whistles, but Alpinestars is no mug in the motocross gear industry! A company that is always pushing the limits and putting their customers’ needs first! The Tech 3S’s (sizes kids 10 to adult 4) also comes with an additional fitted insole that is made a size smaller that the actual boots size. This is worn first off but can be removed once the rider’s foot starts to feel tight and squished. Remove this and now you have another entire size to grow through with these great boots, increasing the lifespan of them!

In layman’s terms if you are a size 4, you buy a size 4 and once you outgrow your size 4, you remove the insole and have a pair of size 5 boots! How cool?

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O'Neal Youth Rider Boots

Built like a pro rider boot but sold at an extremely affordable price, the O’Neal 2021 Youth boots are every customer’s dream. Packed with all the features at a ridiculously good price as well as been stylish as hell! If you are looking at getting a pair of new boots, these need to be in consideration!

Let me wax lyrical for you quickly; Injection molded plastic plates for protection, metal inserts reinforcing the shape of the boot adding support to the ankle, 4-buckle closure system which is super easy to use!, metal toe guard to protect the front of the sole from delaminating, outer sole full of grip and great for track, trail & ATV riders, synthetic leather heat shield to prevent heat damage, and a cushioned insole for extra comfort!

A mouth full right? But these really are the best boots for the money that you’re going to find.

They also include the new styled O’Neal logo in white which really kicks off the black and makes them stand out. The sizing goes from Kids 10, all the way up to adults 6. For a bigger size check out the O’Neal Rider 2021 boots.

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Thor Youth Blitz XP Boots

The Thor 2021 Youth Blitz MX Boots are the last on our list. Available in a wide variety of eye catching colour schemes and tailored specifically for our young riders, these are a stylish and comfortable pair of boots manufactured by a trustworthy and reputable brand in the motocross industry.

With a true lock system, steel shank inserts on the outer soles and injected molded panels for full protection and support of the lower leg, ankle and foot – these boots live up to the necessary safety standards needed. (Tested and CE Certified according to standard EN 13634:2015)

They are also fitted with three adjustable straps which allow for a nice rider-specific fit and a metal toe cap to reinforce the outer soles’ strength and durability. The shin plate is precurved and the mesh lining inside the boot allows for airflow on those hot days. Available in sizes 1-7 these nearly cater for all youth riders and for their great price, could be your next trail, track or ATV boots!

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What to look for in kids dirt bike boots

Don’t let the internet overwhelm you, a lot will pop up but unless it meets the following requirements, i suggest you keep scrolling!


Boots are primarily worn for your safety! It’s the number one reason they ever got invented! The rest just followed. Because of this I urge you to make sure you are always spending that hard earned cash of yours on a product that is going to fulfill its primary job correctly!

Most of the recognized boots and apparel brands would never even launch a product unless it is able to carry out this function. My advice to you, always make sure you know the brand you are buying. If you can guarantee this, your safety shouldnt be a worry.

Look out for safety ratings too. These also show that the pair of boots you are purchasing has passed all necessary tests it’s been out through. If you can’t find this however, a boot needs to always protect your shin, provide coverage for your lower leg, ankle and foot, and use plates to maintain its rigid shape at all times.


Durability is a tricky one with kids, usually as an adult you can buy a pair of boots and the only durability you need to worry about is if the materials used are strong enough, or wear and tear. However with kids you also need to take into account that their feet are most likely still growing! That’s why when I speak of Durability here, I don’t want to just cover wear and tear, but also sizing. Some of the big companies producing these boots nowadays are increasingly aware of this and therefore go the extra mile to make sure once purchased, your boots will have a longer lifespan than just one season.

Take the Alpinestars Youth Tech 3S for example and their double insole. This is another thing you can definitely be more aware of if for instance you are buying for someone who’s still got a lot of growth to do.

Apart from that make sure your boots have a steel toe guard. This protects the sole and keeps your boots from falling apart in the front as the sole is made of many different layers. Also keep an eye out for an inner patch, usually made from synthetic leather, to prevent heat burns off the exhaust. Most of the new boots come with this as a standard feature though nowadays. Strong panels over the shin, calf and ankle are also good so the boot is able to maintain its structure.


Comfort is one of the more obvious ones, and with purchasing online this can sometimes be a challenge as you cannot physically try them on. This is why I always look through the sizing charts as well as skim the reviews with regards to any sizing/comfort comments.

Buying a size bigger than you would a pair of trainers is a regular comment from fellow bike riders. This makes even more sense when purchasing for kids as it will also allow for some room to grow.

Other than that, most boots nowadays are equipped with lush padding for comfort and a soft inner sole. Check for this in the features, but it being 2021 this has now become a prerequisite if you are buying from a globally renowned brand.


What are the best kids dirt bike boots?

Almost all of the best dirt bike apparel brands now produce motocross boots. These brands don’t only specialize in adult sizing but have their own youth and kids ranges too. These brands are Fox Racing, Fly Racing, Alpinestars, O’Neal, Thor, and Sidi.

Are dirt bike boots necessary for children?

If you are using your dirt bike to ride trails, tracks or anything off road I would strongly advise you to get yourself a pair of motocross boots. They are the only thing that’s going to save your legs and feet in the unfortunate event of a fall where your foot gets stuck between your bike, and the ground.

Last Checkpoint

As always, I thank you for checking in at the First Checkpoint.

All the products I have reviewed above I would personally recommend and have no doubt you’d be happy with when they arrive at your front door! If you were to ask me for my favorite I would probably say either the Alpinestars Tech 3S’s or the O’Neal Riders – but that may just be personal preference ;) 

Otherwise, I hope this article has helped and that you have many amazing miles with your next pair of youth dirt bike boots.

Until next time!

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