Best Harley Davidson Boots Reviewed

What’s a weekend cruise without a pair of strong Harley boots? The best motorcycle, ranger, harness and scout boots… Harley Davidson offers it all.

Harley Davidson – the iconic biker brand, possibly the best-known bike brand to this day. Every Harley rider needs a set of Harley boots to keep them safe and complete the iconic Harley Davidson look. And if you can’t afford the Harley, the boots show your love for the true American biker brand. We look at some of the best Harley Davidson motorcycle boots.

The Harley Davidson Company, founded by William S Harley, Walter and Arthur Davidson engineered the first Harley motorcycle in 1901 and have built a strong global “bootprint” that you either love or hate – and it’s easy to see why.

The Harley-Davidson rider is often associated with underground biker gangs, being covered in tattoos and of course the compulsory abundance of facial hair. The bike itself can come across as obnoxious and both unnecessarily and unapologetically loud.

However, when you look a little deeper you what you will find is that the iconic Harley-Davidson brand is simply a way for riders to unite in expressing their personal desire for freedom.

“Harley-Davidson,” she said. “Sweet.”

– Stieg Larsson

Best Harley Boots

5 of the best Harley boots for every Harley Davidson motorcycle rider.

ProductBest ForOur Rating
1. Harley-Davidson Scout BootsOverall★★★★★
2. Harley-Davidson Ranger BootComfort★★★★
3. Harley-Davidson Beau BootCasual Boot★★★★
4. Harley-Davidson Darren Harness BootsValue For Money★★★
5. Harley-Davidson Chipman Motorcycle BootVersatile Utility Boot★★★

Top Choice: Harley-Davidson Scout Boots

You can’t ask for a more professionally made and timeless pair of boots than the Harley Davidson Scout boots

Whether you’re an owner, admirer, hater or bystander you can’t help be impressed with the loyalty and unity the Harley-Davidson riding community display. Harley riders truly are a bird of a feather that flock together, and it all starts with the boots.

Harley Davidson riding boots have an important job to do, they need to keep you secure and protected from the elements as well as misfortune. However, they must also look good and be comfortable to ride or walk in all day.

Having said that, striking the right balance between looks, performance and safety could be a daunting task for many bikers. This is why we will help you choose the best Harley riding boots in this article and tell you why standard boots just won’t cut it. Some people like casual motorcycle shoes, some prefer their Harley boots.

Why Harley Boots?

Harley Davidson Logo

Contrary to popular (ignorant) belief, the idea of cruiser boots is not just a marketing gimmick. This is because motorcycle boots are designed carefully while keeping in mind rider-specific features. A lot of these features are not visible, such as increased torsional stiffness and molded ankle protection to prevent flexing.

A majority of these boots also feature oil-resistant soles to keep riders from slipping. Basically, their boots are good quality, whether considering their men’s boots, women’s biker boots and even their unisex classics.

Other features include built-in buckles, shifter pads or lace-retention designs that help prevent snagging, as well as double (or even triple) seam stitching that would not come apart if you are involved in a crash. Although top-notch Harley boots share a number of characteristics with premium work boots, these important features set them apart from other types of Harley shoes and footwear.

The Harley’s got a little too much torque when it comes to jumping.

Evel Knievel

Features Of The Best harley riding boots

There is a lot to consider when purchasing a pair of Harley Davidson motorcycle boots. They don’t come cheap so you don’t want to get this decision wrong. Here are some factors to consider before spending your money:


A lot of regular boots are made of soft leather which is not sturdy enough when it comes to adventurous biking . That is why a majority of Harley riding boots are often made of thicker, sturdier and more durable leather.

The best boots for Harley riders are the pair that feel the most comfortable, give the best feeling on the pegs and the ground, feel great to walk in and last for a long time. Most Harley motorcycle boots are built with the rider in mind and quality as a top priority.

This helps provide more abrasion resistance. Of late, however, a few boot makers have started producing motorcycle boots using textile materials. This makes the boots both more breathable and abrasion resistant.

A very important aspect to consider is the sole of the boot. This is your main point of contact with the ground when you come to a stop. Many cruiser boots do not take this into consideration.

Ideally you want a pair of boots that has a welt constructed sole, which basically means the sole is both glued and sewed on to the boot making it possible to replace only the sole and not the whole boot when the sole wears thin.

You also want to ensure that your boots of choice have an anti-slip sole for maximum traction giving you an edge over smooth surfaces like polished paving, slippery surfaces such as water puddles or oil spills and loose surfaces like gravel roads.


A common feature across most cruiser style boots is the extra height of the sole. Generally cruiser boots have a bigger sole than normal boots as cruiser bikes can be quite wide, meaning you have less vertical leg reach so the extra sole thickness really comes in handy when your feet are searching for the floor.

A minor drawback to thicker soles is that you might need to adjust your bike’s levers, although this can be easily done with a few simple handle tools

The second component of height you want to think about is the ankle height of the boot. Protection is ultimately the name of the game and for a boot to offer you sufficient protection, it should at least cover your ankles. If you’re looking at a pair of ankle top boots check for sufficient padding around the ankle, this protects you not only in a crash but also provides more comfort when walking around.

Ankle tops are not ideal if you’re planning to do some wet weather riding, in this case you’ll want to consider a longer boot with a waterproof inner. Although a longer boot does provide more protection and support, they tend make make your walking a little more difficult, especially if you have lace ups.

Many riders often complain about the comfort of their stock Harley seat. This leads them to either upgrading their Harley seat or looking into a motorcycle seat pad. The only issue with this is that these options often leave you sitting a bit higher off the ground. If that is the case, a thicker boot sole will solve the problem.


The way you get your foot in and out of your boot all comes down to two factors, personal preference and protection.

harley motorcycle boots

While I tend to be a naturally cautious rider, I generally prefer a pair of slip on boots with a buckle strap over a pair of high lace up’s. A pair of lace up’s certainly have have the edge when it comes to increased support and protection if things had to go wrong, but I’m honestly to lazy to fasten them every time I take the bike out, and undo them again when I get home.

To defend the decision of ditching protection over preference, a set of loose laces could be disastrous if I had to trip over them or, even worse, get a lace caught on or in my bike.

Reviews: Best Harley Davidson Boots

Step into the iconic world of the 5 best Harley Davidson boots

Best Overall

Harley-Davidson Scouts Boot

You can’t ask for a more professionally made and timeless pair of boots than the Harley Davidson Scout boots

The Harley Davidson Scout Boot matches iconic moto-inspiration with a classic harness silhouette. This is definitely a fan favorite when it comes to men’s leather harness riding boots. If you’re not phased by having the same pair of boots as your pal, these would be my recommendation.

They feel lighter than your typical boot while still offering the core features such as the Goodyear welted outsole which is also oil, abrasion and slip resistant. This lets the scout double as as a great pair of Harley Davidson work boots.

From our Harley Davdison Scout boots review these are a great option if you’re looking for a pair of boots that you can wear for riding and walking in all day I’d highly recommend a pair of Harley Davidson Scout boots. These are also ideal for anyone looking for a low cut non-insulated boot who enjoys a good ride on a hot and humid day.

The neck can be a bit tight if you have larger legs but the side zipper really does help in getting your foot in easily. Overall I really really like this pair of boots and have little bad to say about them.

Keeping in mind that majority of Harley motorcycle boots run a size big I would suggest ordering a half a size to a full size lower than your regular shoe size.

  • High Quality
  • Rubber Insole
  • Instep zipper
  • The boots can feel narrow in the front
  • High popularity means boots are not very individual
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Best for Comfort

Harley-Davidson Ranger Boot

If comfort is what you’re after, look no further.

After slipping into a pair of the Ranger boot’s, I can say these may be among the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn at first feel. It’s as though these boots are made with the intention of wearing them in before purchase.

This is a high quality riding boot that goes the distance, built with the classic Harley Davidson style intertwined with a combat boot that could make for the ideal pair of Harley Davidson work boots

Although they might feel a bit heavy if you’re used to wearing trainers, you’ll still be surprised be the flow of movement and ease of walking in these Harley Davidson Ranger boots. What I thought would be my favorite aspect of this pair of boots is the inner zipper which ideally, should mean you get the benefit of tailoring the fit with the laces and buckles while also being able to take advantage of easily sliding into and out of them, however, I found it a bit of a challenge to climb into these after I had tied the laces.

If I had chosen a better day to test these boots, they would probably be my top choice but because I took these out for a ride early in the morning after a night of rain and I have to mark them down on waterproofing and insulation as my feet were left completely frigid.

Keeping in mind that majority of Harley Davidson biker boots run a size big I would suggest ordering a half a size to a full size lower than your regular shoe size

  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Slip in Slip out with inner zipper
  • Adjustable fit with laces and straps
  • Not fully waterproof
  • Minimal shaft lining
  • Slightly Heavy
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Best Harley Davidson Casual Riding Shoes

Harley Davidson Beau Boots

Although I would not consider these to be your typical cruiser boot, if you’re more into your casual weekend rides, a pair of these Harley shoes wouldn’t be a bad idea

The Harley Davidson Beau boots are a special take on the classic HD boots taking inspiration from the Wolverine series – resembling the silhouette of a boot and having the sole of a sneaker. These portray the image of a pair of elegant Harley Davidson shoes. Quality is assured with top notch full grain leather and Goodyear welt construction.

The perfect combination of style, comfort, security and durability. The Harley Davidson Beau boots have a slightly different look to your typical cruiser boot as they feature a white stitching and a white sole – I’ll let you decide if you like the look or not, but you will definitely notice heads turn if you wear them.

A key highlight for this boot is the side zipper, enabling you to slip them on and off without much fuss. Although these boots feel a bit tough at first, with enough time you’ll have no problem with comfort. The shoe’s rubber out-soles are regarded as the finest for oil and slip-resistance ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride.

Keeping in mind that majority of Harley Davidson riding boots run a size big I would suggest ordering a half a size to a full size lower than your regular shoe size

  • Contrasting stitch style
  • Side Zipper
  • Padded ankle protection
  • Longer break in period
  • White Sole gets dirty
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Best Value for Money

Harley-Davidson Darren Harness Boot

An excellent value for money boot that offers great comfort and protection with added benefit of guarding against the impostors of pretended patriotism (as George Washington once said)

The Harley-Davidson Darren Harness boot is a must for the passionate Harley rider. The boot blends the iconic Harley Davidson style with a classic Western Harness Silhouette. Sporting a bad ass full color eagle front and center – a proud injection of patriotic DNA portraying the ideal Harley Davidson cowboy boots.

I’ve seen other riders wearing this pair of boot and I’ve always wanted to give them a try and I figured this would be a good time. At first feel they’re not as comfortable as something like the Ranger boots (read below), these definitely need a bit of extra time to break in but after a week or so they fit great.

I quite like the built in side tabs which make pulling the boots on and off a breeze. As with most Harley boots, these are built with premium full grain leather, Goodyear welt construction and slip resistant sole. Keeping in mind that majority of Harley Davidson motorcycle riding boots run a size big I would suggest ordering a half a size to a full size lower than your regular shoe size.

A potential issue you may experience is that these Harley Davidson cowboy boots do not have adjustable straps or laces so you can’t exactly adjust they way they hug your foot or leg, you could look to get yourself a nice pair of insoles to help with the fit, as well as comfort – I’m not a fan of the standard insole this boot comes with.

Another suggestion I have when wearing these is to wear an old pair of socks or even a dark pair of socks as the leather dye tends to rub off rather easily and continuously.

  • Value for money
  • Extended height for protection
  • Patriotic
  • No adjustable straps/laces
  • Uncomfortable Insole
  • Inner dye stains socks
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Best Unisex Motorcycle Boot

Harley-Davidson Unisex Chipman Motorcycle Boot

The Harley-Davidson Footwear Unisex-Adult Chipman Motorcycle Boot offers a stylish and functional option for riders seeking a comfortable and supportive unisex boot. With a classic design that is both versatile and appealing, the Chipman Motorcycle Boot is suitable for various riding styles and motorcycle models.

Constructed from durable full-grain leather, this boot is built to last and withstand the rigors of the road. The rubber outsole provides excellent traction and stability, ensuring riders have a secure grip on their foot controls.

The boot's lace-up design allows for a customizable fit, ensuring comfort and support for long rides. Additionally, the reinforced toe box provides extra protection for your feet during your ride. However, the Chipman Motorcycle Boot offers limited ankle protection, which may be a concern for some riders seeking comprehensive foot protection.

It is worth noting that the boot may require a break-in period, as the full-grain leather construction can be stiff initially. Once broken in, the boot becomes more comfortable and conforms to the rider's foot shape.

The boots are comfortable, durable, stylish, protective, and fit well. If you're looking for a high-quality pair of motorcycle boots, I would definitely recommend giving these a try.

  • Unisex design
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Durable full-grain leather construction
  • Limited ankle protection
  • May require break-in period
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Are Harley Davidson boots true to size?

Harley Davidson boots have been in production for decades. With so much time in production the boots have been tailored to fit true to size. Some models are designed for narrower and wider feet ensuring a good fitting boot for all riders.

Last Checkpoint: The Best Harley Boots

Among the five products, the Harley Davidson Scout boot is my personal favorite. These boots are classic and take the top position as they provide:

  • Supreme Comfort
  • Modern Style
  • Easy and Convenient

Of all the boots covered in our Harley Davidson boots review, they have the best material. In addition, they are ideal for both amateur and professional bikers looking for a pair of boots that can meet your every need.

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