Best Dual Sport Helmet With Bluetooth

As the name implies, Dual sport helmets offer the advantage of being compatible across multiple riding and sport disciplines. Combining this advantage with a built in bluetooth piece makes a bluetooth enabled – dual sport helmet, the best multipurpose helmet a rider could own.

best dual sport bluetooth helmet

The Best Dual Sport ADV Helmet With Bluetooth

It’s important to note that not all dual sport helmets are bluetooth ready out of the box. Some of them are not bluetooth compatible at all. While most of them require you to buy an additional bluetooth set that fits neatly in the cutout areas of the check pads inside the helmet.

In this review of the best bluetooth dual sport helmets I’ve included a couple helmets that are 100% bluetooth ready right out of the box. I’ve also included well as a few cheaper helmets that would need to be fitted with an external bluetooth device. In this case, I’ll provide you with my suggestions for each helmet as we go.

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5 Best Bluetooth Dual Sport Helmets

Klim Krios Pro Helmet

best bluetooth dual sport helmet

The Klimb Krios has become one of the most popularly recommended dual sports helmets on the market – and for good reason. It’s stylishly designed and Klimb has made some vast improvements over the older version.

It packs an extremely lightweight carbon fiber shell that comes in two different shell sizes and EPS’. It’s 3.4lbs or 1.4kg in a size large which is a really good lightweight dual sport helmet.

The build is a really comfortable intermediate oval face shape and generally fits about a half to full size small so I’d advise bumping your size up by one.

So for the extra cash you’re getting your money back in a few different areas like the added transition shield. The transition shield doesn’t come standard on the regular Krios model. If you were to purchase the shield separately it would cost you around $150 so you’re nearly making your money back on the Krios Pro, just by having the transition face shield alone.

The face shield is extra easy to remove and swap out with a simple quarter turn of the release mechanism.

The Pro version also offers a real vented chin bar which was lacking in the base model Krios which actually dispersed the air upwards which tended to dry out your eyes.

The internal parts of the helmet have also changed to a Koroyd material which allows for a huge amount of ventilation. 

An additional value add to the helmet is the Fid-lock strap closure system which makes it super easy to close and open the chin strap with gloves on or in a hurry.

Now when it comes to the bluetooth part of this dual sport helmet, there are actually no speaker cutouts on the inside of the helmet. However, there are indents that allow the helmet to be perfectly compatible with the Sena SMH10R which is sold separately.

Scorpion EXO-AT950

best adventure helmet with bluetooth

There are not many modular dual sports helmets on the market. The modular nature allows the chin bar to rise up converting the helmet into an open face helmet. When we think of adventure helmets we think of a peak and a slide down face visor. Combining the modular and adventure styles is really rare in motorcycle helmets which makes the Scorpion EXO-AT950 quite the specimen.

What makes this helmet extra special is the low price point for a modular bluetooth capable adventure helmet. I would consider this a mid range helmet and it weighs in at 3.14lbs or 1.4kg.

Typical fit from Scorpion is the intermediate oval head shape which is a comfortable fit for most people. A few things I don’t particularly like is the venting on the helmet. While it does have the top venting through a single vent under the peak, and a two-position chin vent for defogging. The visors are also chemically treated to help with any fogging. Back to the vents – it would have been nice to see a few more top vents or possibly some wider exhaust vents. Other than that, I really can’t complain about this helmet at this price point.

Just to smooth out my nitpicking of the ventilation, the few external vents are supported by a well ventilated inner shell which will allow the air to flow around inside the helmet.

Now, on the bluetooth front, the Scorpion EXO-AT950 dual sport helmet has extra space for bluetooth communication speakers through the use of cutouts around the ear pockets. The cutouts are large enough to accommodate just about any bluetooth speaker system while maintaining comfort for the rider. I’ve seen a lot of guys mount the Sena 20s on one side and a sena camera on the other side which fits perfectly with speakers on the inside.

All in all, you’re not going to find another helmet with all this functionality for a better price. In fact, in my review of the best ADV bike helmets, the EXO AT 950 claimed the title of best value for money.

Arai XD-4

best bluetooth adventure dual sport helmet

The Arai XD-4 helmet has to be one of the most popular dual sports helmets available. One common misconception is that the XD-4 is not bluetooth compatible. Well, I’m here to tell you that it is. You won’t find this mentioned on any product description on any website but it’s been tried and tested, and guess what, it works!

I’m not going to go into a full review of the XD-4 helmet as there are tons of reviews on the internet. What I will tell you is that this helmet sits right up on the top shelf with the many other great helmets you’ll find at this price range.

The XD-4 is increasingly become the go to helmet of choice for most hardcore adventure riding enthusiasts as it sets the industry standard when it comes to comfort, quality and safety.

Key Features:

  • Comfort headliner, with micro fitting peel away temple pads
  • Fully removable Interior: Comfort headliner, Cheek pads, Chinstrap covers
  • Dry-Cool technology 
  • Facial Contour Support cheek pads
  • Improved aerodynamic stability at higher speeds
  • Large exhaust ports
  • Ample chin vents with intake ports
  • Snell M2020 approved

Arai are well known in the world of motorcycles for their outstanding quality, safety and comfort. A few of the Arai helmets have featured in my review of the quietest motorcycle helmets of all time. The XD4 has also been rated as one of the quietest dual sport helmets.

Let’s talk about the bluetooth readiness of the dual sport helmet. Now, I’m not saying this helmet is completely ready to simply slide in a set of speakers and you’re off to the hills. It’s going to take a little bit of manipulation, but nothing that a sixth grader couldn’t do.

It seems like the Cardo Packtalk system was the most complex for riders to install, but at the end of the day it is possible to use this system with the helmet. 

In one particular review section I found the commnet: “I installed a Cardo Packtalk bold and it went well. I know you were asking about the Sena.” Another reviewer with the same comms system left the following review: “Great looking and fitting helmet. Multiple vents are great! Fits Cardo Packtall Bold really nicely.”

Here’s another: “ This is my second XD-4, they have unbeatable protection for my head. Moved my Sena 10U to this helmet without any problems.”

Another reviewer using a Sena system left the following comment:”While installing the Sena, one very nice touch are all of the removable pads and customization that can be done. I left mine stock, as it fits really good out of the box…..Also the Sena is mounted further back because of the wide opening. This isn’t really a complaint about the helemt, but if you plan on using a Sena be aware of the expectations.”

And another, “I am using the Sena 10c Pro Bluetooth communications and camera set up, it was a tight fit for the speakers, but it is doable.”

So all in all, it’s definitely possibly and I would recommended this helmet as one of the best dual sport bluetooth helmets around. If you’re unsure of which bluetooth speakers would be the best option, check out this review on the best motorcycle helmet speakers

Airoh Commander Adventure

best dual sport helmet with bluetooth

At the top of the spectrum is the Airoh COmmander helmet. It’s lightweight, packed with features and extremely versatile. This is the perfect top shelf helmet for adventure riders eagar on a solid mix of both dirt and road riding.

One of the main challenges faced by Dual Sport helmet manufactures is managing to keep the weight down while still loading the helmet with multipurpose features.

Airoh have been notorious for constructing incredibly lightweight helmets and the Airoh Commander Adventure helmet is no exception, weighing in at just 1.4kg or 3lbs.

Some of the key highlights on the helmet are the high quality finish and aggressive look when the peak is removed for road riding, and of course it’s ultra lightweight comfort.

Airoh has gracefully set up this helmet for additional tech equipment like bluetooth bluetooth communication sets. The helmet sports indents over the ears panels as well as an opening at the base for wires to thread through. The most popular BT device to be used with the helmet is the Sena SMH10R

I’ve spent a great deal of my enduro riding days using an Airoh Aviator helmet and I can definitely say that it was a great lightweight helmet. If my Aviator is anything to go by, the Commander will live up to the same great quality and expectations.

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Schuberth E1 Adventure Helmet

At a first glance the E1 Adventure helmet looks just like the Schuberth C3 Pro helmet – which is the granddaddy of all modular helmets on the market. This just goes to show that Schuberth don’t mess around with their helmets and try to offer top quality at every stop.

The E1 takes pretty much all the technology and features of the C3 and adds a roost guard and adjustable sun guard as well as increasing the ventilation by 60% through the new chin vent. Looking at the E1 simply screams ADVENTURE!

Key Features:

  • Interior liner has fewer seams and an improved universal fit
  • Improved EPS with integrated antennas for SRC-System improving radio and Bluetooth range
  • Simple and efficient micro-lock ratchet chin strap
  • Large reflective panels on neckroll
  • Improved face shield ratchet mechanism
  • Fully integrated sun visor

SRC-System Ready:

The E1 is equipped to accommodate the SCHUBERTH SRC-System (sold separately). The E1 helmet is also able to boat the reception of both FM and Bluetooth signals through the use of two integrated antennas. This allows for optimal reception no matter where you are.

Although the system is ready to handle the SRC system, some riders have found the signal to drop when connected to the Schuberth SRC system but works better than any other helmet when connecting to a cell phone, bluetooth headphones, other helmets and even laptops.

Last Checkpoint

I’ve covered a couple the best dual sport bluetooth helmets and I hope I’ve helped you find something that fits your needs. While I do admit I haven’t gone into full detail reviewing the specs of each helmet in this article, my goal was to help you find a dual sport helmet with bluetooth capabilities. If you’d like me to cover these helmets in great detail, drop a comment below and I’ll get to it. But if you’re simply here for my recommendation, I’d have to split my decision into two options based on price. The best budget option would have to be the Scorpion EXO-AT950, while my top pick would be the Klimb Krios Pro Helmet.

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