Ultimate List (50+ Free) Dirt Bike Movies, Series & Films

I’ve created a comprehensive list of awesome movies, series and documentaries for motorcycle enthusiasts. I’ve also clubbed them into Genres so check the table of contents below to find what you’re looking for. Motocross / Enduro / Adventure / Documentaries / Travel. Please also drop a comment below if you think I should add anything else to the list. Enjoy!

Alright, so If you haven’t figured it out already, I love bikes and I love movies/series. I’m a huge enduro and motocross fan so I thought instead of creating multiple articles for these – let me make one awesome moto resource for everyone out there that shares my passions.

Some of my personal favorites are the Crusty Demons and The Moto movies which you’ll find below. Wherever possible I’ve included links for you to watch the movies for free, usually on the RedBull website. For some of the others where I was not able to find the full movies, I’ve added links to Amazon streaming or the page where you can purchase the VHS and DVD copies as gifts for your friends and family.

Let’s get it into the films.

Motocross & Freestyle MX Movies

Moto Spy

Red Bull Moto spy is a trackside documentary film covering the latest action from the AMA supercross stadiums around the world. Following the names of the top riders as they battle to fend off the competition along with the curveballs of life as they try to make a name for themselves.
Watch it free on RedBull

Crusty Demons

The Crusty Demons box set is a traditional go-to set of films located on the top of my TV cabinet. Every time family and friends come over for a couple of beers, things tend to get lively and our go-to moto-motivation is the Crusty Demons. These movies have some of the most epic music, if you enjoy the tunes, check out my list of dirt bike music & playlist to rock your world. They’re an incredible band of freestyle riders tackling insane terrain all over the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. This set makes for an awesome gift for anyone interested in dirt bikes.
Watch on Amazon

  • Crusty Demons of Dirt (1995)
  • Crusty Demons of Dirt 2: Twisted Meta (1996)
  • Crusty Demons of Dirt 3: Aerial Assault (1997)
  • Crusty Demons of Dirt 4: God Bless the Freaks (1998)
  • Crusty Demons of Dirt 5: The Metal Millennium (1999)
  • Crusty Demons of Dirt 6: The Next Level (2000)
  • Crusty Demons of Dirt 7: The 7th Mission (2001)
  • Crusty Demons of Dirt 8: The Eighth Dimension (2002)
  • Crusty Demons of Dirt 9: Nine Lives (2003)
  • Crusty Demons of Dirt: Global Assault Tour (2004)
  • Crusty Demons of Dirt 10: A Decade of Dirt (2004)
  • Crusty Demons of Dirt 11: Chaotic Chronicle (2005)
  • Crusty Demons of Dirt 12: The Dirty Dozen (2006)
  • Crusty Demons of Dirt 13: Unleash Hell (2007)
  • Crusty Demons of Dirt: Night of World Records (2007)
  • Crusty Demons of Dirt 14: A Bloodthirsty Saga (2008)
  • Crusty Demons of Dirt: Night of World Records II (2008)
  • Crusty Demons of Dirt 15: Blood Sweat & Fears (2010)
  • Crusty Demons of Dirt 16: Outback Attack (2012)
  • Crusty Demons of Dirt 17: World of Insanity (2013)
  • Crusty Demons of Dirt 18: Twenty Years of Fears (2015)

Jorge Prado: Feet in the Dirt

An inspiring film that takes you behind the scenes and into the life of Jorge Prado. He was the 2018 MX2 world champion and this film documents his rise and the inherent pressure as it makes his claim to fame with the KTM Factory Racing team. The film also shows the immense family commitment to his racing and portrays the sacrifices made in difficult times.
Watch Free on RedBull

MOTO The Movie

Moto The Movie is possibly one of the best-known set of films for dirt bike riders around the world. These guys cover everything from the world’s best motocross tracks, the gnarliest jumps, insane freerides in the outback, and venture out into places of the earth many of us would struggle to walk in, nevermind ride in. This movie collection definitely has something for everyone and is guaranteed to get your moto-vation burning again. Some of the most ground-breaking riders and breathtaking scenery sure makes for one of the best motocross movies available. #Supercross #Motocross # Freeride #BigAir #Woods #Trials #ExtremeEnduro

At the time of writing this, RedBull is currently airing Moto 8: The Movie which you can watch for free right here. If it’s not still available, please drop a comment below and let me know.
All The Moto Movies Available On Amazon Prime.

  • Moto: The Movie
  • Moto 2: The Movie
  • Moto 3: The Movie
  • Moto 4: The Movie
  • Moto 5: The Movie
  • Moto 6: The Movie
  • Moto 7: The Movie
  • Moto 8: The Movie
  • Moto 9: The Movie
  • Moto 10: The Movie

Here is the trailer for the latest Moto 10: The Movie

Nitro Circus

If you haven’t heard of Travis Pastrana and Nitro Circus you must be living under a rock. Nitro Circus is a wild group of freestyle riders that perform inside tricks and stunts on bikes, cars, and pretty much everything else that has a set of wheels. Nitro Circus has a series as well as a collection of movies, and a literal circus that travels the world demonstrating their impressive ability to pull off rad tricks and stunts.

They have a list of DVD’s which are all available online including the following the titles:

  • Travis & the Nitro Circus
  • Travis & the Nitro Circus 2
  • Nitro Circus 3
  • Nitro Circus 4: Lock N Load
  • Nitro Circus 5: Thrillbillies
  • Nitro Circus 6: Thrillbillies Doublewide
  • Nitro Circus 7: Country Fried
  • Nitro Circus: Greatest Hits

Check out the Nitro Circus website for their latest content

Ride: United

We love to ride. We are all United. This is exactly the motto of this movie which covers some of the biggest stars across all riding disciplines. From freestyle MX, Enduro, and Motocross racing. This really is a movie that shows the passion for moto across riding styles.
Watch for free on RedBull

Revelation 199: Travis Pastrana

This is a movie showing all the crazy things a young Travis Pastrana got up to in his youth. It shows how he grew himself into an absolute legend in the world of motocross and Freestyle MX. It also gives some interesting perspectives into his life as a teenager and his very first races. I’d say this is an awesome video for anyone that’s new to the world of two wheels as it shows you exactly what’s possible if you fully commit to your passion. Watching this movie after watching the Nitro Circus saga really puts a lot of things into perspective for me.
Watch on Amazon

50 Nuts

The guys in this movie really are nuts. They take 50cc dirt bikes to places where they don’t belong. Highways, byways, cities, and suburbs. It’s actually quite impressive what you can do on one of these bikes if you have big enough nuts.
Watch 50 Nuts on Amazon

50 Nuts 2: More Boobs

Hey, I’m not gonna complain about this one. Who could possibly complain about more boobs?
Watch 50 Nuts 2: More Boobs

Death Riders

Take a step back in time and enjoy what it used to be like living in the ’70s. Fearless stunt riders doing crazy things with pretty much no protection or care for the law. A film for the elder generation, it brings back that nostalgic feel of living wild and free in America. Just check out the reviews – there’s nothing but love for the Death Riders.
Watch Death Riders


The Terrafirma movies are an amazing set of collectors’ editions. The movies are pretty old, with Terrafirma 1 being released in 1994, but they’re so good it’s still worth bringing out the old VCR machine. The movies cover some of the latest and greatest riders, some of whom are still massive in the AMA scene today. Big names like Doug Henry, Robbie Reynard, Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Travis Pastrana, Ezra Lusk, Ricky Carmichael are just a few. The films cover the early days of AMA supercross racing, Freerides, off-road trails and even epic desert wasteland exploration.

The Terrafirma movies make for an awesome gift for anyone that’s been involved or passionate about the moto scene from the early ’90s. I’ve included a few links below where I was able to find either VHS or DVD copies available for gifts or memorabilia. You can also find the remastered copies of Terrafirma films which you can watch for free on the Fox Racing website, or some of them are available on YouTube as well.

Wrath Child

Another old school film released back in 1999 by Fox Racing. This one shows an incredible mixture of riding landscapes from Freerides, Supercross, and extreme outdoor moto. It’s only available on VHS but it’s definitely one of the classics that paved the way forward for moto movies. Key riders include Pastrana, Travis, Carmichael, Ricky, Seth, Metzger.
Available on VHS from Amazon

The Great Outdoors

TGO is an epic behind the scenes look into the world of professional AMA supercross racing. Riders of the track gave the film crew full access into their lives and training schedules. It’s incredible to see exactly how hard these guys train and what it really takes to be one of the best motocross racers in the world. The first docuseries launched back in 2002 and have been running ever since.
Check out the 2018 season on Amazon

MX Nation

MX Nation is a really cool series that you can watch for free on RedBull. It documents the real side of life of profession motocross racers and their struggles to compete for both the title, and day to day challenges.

MX World

MX World is similar to MX Nation. It follows the lives of the European Motocross racers as they compete for the top step on the podium. You can also watch this for free on RedBull.

Legacy of Motocross

This is really documentary film for anyone that’s been around long enough to have been following motocross from the late ’60s to the late ’90s. This was around the time when MX racing first started gaining popularity. The interviews are really interesting and actually have a few behind the scenes strategy sessions with pro racers.
Grab the DVD from Amazon

On the Pipe 7: The Last Hit

A very cool enduro-style movie that has the riders exploring some epic trails all around the world, while throwing in some seriously MONSTER jumps.
Watch free on RedBull

Enduro & Extreme Enduro Movies

Tougher Than Iron

I’m all about extreme enduro. So I might be a little bit biased but this is the movie for me. If you’re into enduro and trail riding, this is the movie for you too. Watch the best of the best tackle the Iron Giant know as the Erzberg Rodeo.
Watch Tougher Than Iron

Adventure, Rally, Desert Racing Movies


MOTONOMAD II – Riders of the Steppe

MOTONOMAD III – Riders of the Andes

Words just can’t describe the amazing scenery these guys pass through. I think out of all the movies and adventures on this list, this is the one that makes me get my bucket list out. The full movies are available for purchase on the Motology Website.

Dust To Glory

Dust To Glory is a 2005 documentary-style film covering what is arguably the most dangerous desert rally in the world: the Tecate Score Baja 1000 which takes place in Mexico. The film covers the full 24-hour races and uncovers real interviews with the drivers competing in all sorts of vehicles from trucks to bikes.
Watch the full movie on Amazon

Official Trailer

Somewhere Else Tomorrow

This is an incredible film for all the digital nomads out there with a dream of traveling, riding bikes, and making money – sounds just like me. In this docuseries, Dan and Lars have the ambitious goal to travel the globe by bike, while surviving only on the money that they make along the way.
Watch on Amazon


Long Way Round

This is an awesome docuseries following the lives of Ewan McGregor, Charley Boorman as they somehow manage to take their BMW motorcycles through ridiculous terrain, crossing insane rivers, broken bridges, pathless roads and melted ice. Their adventure passes through twelve countries, starting in the UK, then through France, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Canada, and the US, ending in New York City.
Full series available on Amazon


Guy Martin: Our Guy In India

Explore India for the comfort of your home with Guy Martin as he makes his way on a 1000 mile motorcycle journey around India where he meets locals and attempts to enter one of the world’s craziest races.
Watch on Amazon

Achievable Dream – Motorcycle Adventure Travel Guide

The Achievable Dream is highly informative as well as joyful docuseries that both entertains and educates. After watching this you should feel pretty much ready to take on any motorcycle travel adventure. The collectors set comes complete with 5 DVD’s. The riders and actors include a few familiar faces as well as contributors who have shared their stories from all over the world.
View the collectors set

The World’s Fastest Indian

A highly entertaining film which features Anthony Hopkins as he restores a 1920 Indian Scout and attempts to set land speed records in the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah during the 1950’s. This is more of a heart warming movie to watch at home with the family and kids.
Watch on Amazon

MotoGP & Superbike Movies

On Any Sunday | On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter

You can watch On Any Sunday on Amazon or you can check out the free stream of On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter on RedBull. This is a great adventure movie shot in a documentary style by the Brown Family productions. It shows how exhilarating and exciting life on two wheels can be, whether that’s riding over mountain trails and hammering the corners on a MotoGP bike. This really is an awe-inspiring moto movie worth watching.


The first of the series of MotoGP movies which documents riders in the 2001 and 2002 era. These include all-time champions like Valentino Rossi, Max Biaggi, Australian veteran Garry McCoy and young American John Hopkins. It also has fantastic interviews with former world champs like Mick Doohan and Kenny Roberts.
Buy Faster on Amazon (Collects Edition)


This is the final sequel to Faster. The movie was released in 2011 and features 9-times World champion, Valentino Rossi, two-time champion, Casey Stoner, Jorge Lorenzo,  and former World Superbike Champions, Ben Spies, and double-winner Colin Edwards.
Watch on Amazon Prime Video

The Bonneville Project

This movie covers the incredible journey of a small-time moto shop’s big-time dreams of making it in the motorcycle industry. It shows different types of racers and how we all face different kinds of obstacles, but most importantly, what it takes to overcome those obstacles. A story of struggle, grit and determination which ultimately lead to the iconic Bonneville.
Watch on Amazon

Last Checkpoint

You’ve made it to the end of what I think are some of the most iconic dirt bike, motocross, motogp films created. I have a bunch of these DVD’s sitting on my shelf right next to my favorite dirt bike PlayStation games and I think I’ll be treating myself to a few cold beers and full night of Crusty Demons. I’d love to know which movies you enjoyed the most, and if I forgot any of the classics – please drop a comment below and I’ll be sure to add it to the list.

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