Best Dirt Bike & Motocross Music

Ultimate list of music for two wheel petrol heads like myself. A complete collection of 80’s classics through to modern day masterpieces.

Just about every great athlete has a list of music they listen to when getting into the zone or pumping up for their next event. We all have our own taste and preference and music is completely subjective. But when it comes to dirt bikes there’s a couple go-to tracks that feature in just about all the most popular dirt bike movies. So if you’re looking for music to go with your dirt biking videos or for your vlog check out the link I just shared to get some awesome ideas and tips for making your own vlogs from some of the coolest dirt biking movies out there. 

So, listen to my playlist here or on Spotify. You’ll find a list of music used in moto movies and games below.

My Motocross Music Playlist

Awesome Dirt Bike Bands & Songs

I’m about to make your life a whole lot simpler, I’ve gone and found all of the music titles that I could come across in those movies and videos and you’re about to get into the full list of the most awesome pump up music for dirt bike riders and Motocross enthusiasts. Don’t judge me on the list of music that you’re about to read because this is pulled straight from the movies and straight from all the popular dirt biking vlogs you’re going to find on youtube. It includes some of the crazy headbanging rock and roll from the ’90s, some of metal’s finest moments as well as some pure feel good music that calms your mind just before the race starts. 


Get pumped with go-to classics from Metallica. Calm yourself and focus on the moment with tracks like “Nothing else matters”, “Enter Sandman”, “Master of puppets”, and “One”. Watch the movie Crusty 4: God Bless The Freaks and listen out for “Fuel“.


American nu metal band straight outta Bakersfield, California. These guys first took everyone by surprise back in 1994 but have since taken the world by storm. Hugely popular in the punk and moto world. My go-to track is “Freak on a leash”.

Rob Zombie

Come on – you just can’t go wrong with “Dragula”. This may be one of my all-time favorite pump songs. It even featured in an epic PlayStation game I used to play on PS1 “Twisted Metal. “Superbeast” really gets the blood boiling as well as “Demon Speeding” which plays in the Crusty Demons movies. Check out scenes from Terrafrima 7 which feature the track “What Lurks On Channel X?

White Zombie

Their songs often have unique intros including the moaning in the beginning of “More Human Than Human”. A song played frequently across the Crusty Demons Of Dirt Movies is “I Zombie” and “Electric Head pt.1 (The Agony)” in Crusty Demons of Dirt 7.

Bloodhound Gang

Taking a break from the harder metal songs is Bloodhound Gang who were originally a hip hop group. They later took a few different turns and became well known for their punk rock, alternative hip hop and funk metal tracks that just about everyone has heard with their most popular “The Bad Touch”, “Foxtrot, Uniform, Charlie, Kilo” and “Fire Water Burn”.

(HeD) P.E

Guaranteed to get you going. American rock band from California. Their genre is a mix of punk rock and gangsta rap. An old school classic. Epic race music like “Bartender” and if you need to wake up – like literally wake up – listen to “Wake Up” and get yourself going. “Suck it up” and “Killing Time” are among some of their most popularly listened to tracks.

The Offspring

Well known for their more melodic punk rock tracks than any type of heavy metal. The Offspring is really known as a skate band for the punk kids but nonetheless, their music makes for epic video footage and has been used in games like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 and Forza Horizon 3. Check out their most popular tracks, “Self Esteem” “The Kids Aren’t Alright”, “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid”. Crusty Demons Of Dirt 3 make use of the epic “All I Want” track.

Iron Maiden

A well known English metal band that first launched their epic music in the ’70s. Find your appreciation for the 70’s dirt bike scene in the movie Death Riders where America really and truly was young, wild, and free. “The Number Of The Beast” might have some riders “Run To The Hills” in complete “Fear Of The Dark”. Listen out for “Ru to the Hills (Video)“ in Crusty Demons 10 which makes for great dirt biking music. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City drops “2 Minutes to Midnight” in their soundtracks as well. “Wrathchild” is another epic track which features in the Terrafirma movies


Symphony of Destruction” is probably one of the most well-known Megadeth songs and is also used in Crusty Demons 10. “Peace Sells” is often considered their number 1 song with it’s throbbing bassline and accurate depiction of society’s judgmental attitudes toward those nonconformists.

The Prodigy

Here’s one for the 90’s kids like myself. Although I didn’t hear of these guys until I was in high school. The Prodigy are AWESOME. An English electronic music group with epic titles like “Smack my bitch up”, “Breath”, “Firestarter”. I actually have a couple of The Prodigy tracks in the gym playlist which is perfect for my motocross training.

Burnin’ Groove

Burnin Groove songs are epic motocross and dirt bike theme songs as many of them are actually about riding. They even drop some big names like Travis Pastrana, Evel Knievel, Seth Enslow, and Carey Hart. You have to check out the song “Steppin’ Up” which drops in Crusty 4: God Bless The Freaks.

Foo Fighters

You can’t go wrong if your pre-ride ritual includes some of the Foo Fighters music. “The Pretender” is one of their most popular tracks and perfect for the road. Shift your mindset into the right gear and get ready to rip the track with a whole new level of energy. “Everlong”, “Best of you” and “Learn to fly” are some of their top biker songs all your riding buddies are sure to enjoy either before or after your ride while enjoying an ice-cold victory beer.

Motley Crue

While they stopped performing a few years ago, their music is legendary among moto riders. The ultimate bad boys of Hollywood left a few golden gems blasted at every motorcycle campfire. Listen to their moto mood movers like “Kickstart my heart” and “Home sweet home” which both play in the Nitro Circus shows, guaranteed to kickstart your energy levels right into first gear. “Girls, Girls, Girls” has an epic intro with an engine revving up and getting ready to race.

Agent Orange

So tried my best to do the research and find all the movies and games where these bands have featured, and what I’ve found is that Agent Orange is by far the most popularly used music in MX and dirt bike movies throughout the years. It’s said that these guys were the first to mix punk music with surf/motocross music. Songs like “Mr Moto” drops in the Organ Donors MX movie. “Bloodstains” is in Crusty Demons of Dirt 2. “Everything Turns Grey” Crusty Demons Of Dirt 3. Crusty 2000: The Metal Millennium, features three of their tracks, “The Truth Should Never Be Concealed“, “This Is All I Need“, “Unsafe At Any Speed“. So yeah, if you’re looking for songs about dirt bikes – check these guys out.


With three consecutive number-one albums (Faceless, IV, and The Oracle) on the Billboard 200 and 25 top ten rock radio hits, Godsmack will have your riding group headbanging in pure bliss. Reminisce on the good old days of the early 2000s. Popular features for Godsmack tracks are in the games Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2, and ATV: Quad Power Racing 2. Hugely popular with wrestling fans as well. My personal favorite “I stand alone” resembles everything dirt biking means for me. When you’re out there shredding, nothing else matters. It’s just me and my machine. “Bulletproof”, “Cryin like a bitch”, and “Awake” are epic moto music for videos or just hanging out with your buddies.

1200 Micrograms

Probably the most epic electronic music for motocross fans. As I sit and write this roundup post I’m busy blasting “Acid for nothing” and I can’t stop myself from fasfnqwhfascnajn asfd nlawfdjkafk ass ss sflo (See what I did there?) Not everyone is a fan of EDM, but some of their tracks make for epic intros and exits for dirt bike video edits. “Rock to the future” is an epic song to tie in the older 90’s rock into the newer electro MX scene. Check out “Numberstruck” which is a cool remix of the infamous AC/DC thunderstruck and “God of rock

So that’s it from me – but I’ve got one more treat for you in case you’re not happy with my selection of tunes, here’s a list of tracks and the movies/racing games you’ll find a bunch of dirt biking songs. Drop a comment below and let me know what you think of my taste.

If you want to listen to all these songs – I’ve put together a little playlist on Spotify which features a few of my favorite. You’re welcome :)

Ultimate List Of Music From Dirt Bike & Motocross Movies

Check out my roundup of the best dirt bike and motocross movies.


  • “Follow The Leader” – Eric B and Rakim
  • “Swirl” by Sprung Monkey
  • “Happy Guy” by NOFX
  • “I Am What I See” by Single Gun Theory
  • “A Bomb” by SNFU
  • “Surrender To Your TV” by Shelter
  • “Believe” by Sprung Monkey

Wrath Child:

  • “Paranoid[Live]” by Black Sabbath
  • “The Sickness” by downset.
  • “Wrathchild” by Iron Maiden
  • “Eyes Shut Tight” by downset.
  • “The Host Of Seraphim” by Dead Can Dance
  • “I’m Your Pusher” by Ice-T
  • “I’m With Stupid” by Static-X
  • “Drama” by Ice-T
  • “(untitled)” by Strife
  • “Bark At The Moon” by Ozzy Osbourne
  • “Call To Arms” by Sick Of It All
  • “Big Calm” by Morcheeba
  • “Part of the Process” by Morcheeba
  • “Seeing Red” by V12
  • “Fullblood Freak” by Psycore
  • “Medication” by Psycore
  • “Gollaxowelcome” by Styles of Beyond
  • “Conviction” by Straight Faced

Terrafirma 1:

  • “Calcium” by The Future Sounds of London
  • “It’s up to me” by Pennywise
  • “Same” by Lucy’s Fur Coat
  • “Still I Complain” by Lucy’s Fur Coat
  • “Nutshell” by Alice in Chains
  • “Them Bones” by Alice in Chains
  • “Can You Feel?” by AnnieJ (Wrongfully credited as “Sandbox” which is actually the album name, not the artist)

Terrafirma 2:

  • “Disconnected” by Face To Face
  • “Albatross” by Corrosion of Conformity
  • “My Grain” by Corrosion of Conformity
  • “Without Wings” by Corrosion of Conformity
  • “Sympathy For The World” by Down By Law
  • “Saturated” by Sprung Monkey
  • “No Solution” by Sprung Monkey
  • “Mi Mundo Esta Muerto” by Sprung Monkey
  • “Peaceful Day” by Pennywise
  • “Same Old Story” by Pennywise
  • “Sympathy For The World” by Down By Law

Terrafirma 3:

  • “All Our Ancestors” by Tuu
  • “Modern Democracy” by Biohazard
  • “Plugged In” by HeadCrash
  • “Safehouse” by HeadCrash
  • “Southbound Pachyderm”by Primus
  • “Charlie Still Smirks”by SNFU
  • “State Of Mind” by Pro-Pain
  • “Mercy Killings” by Pro-Pain
  • “Dark Lady” by DJ Food
  • “Sarcastic Existence” by Sepultura
  • “Scream Against Walls” by Jerk
  • “Here’s Where The Story Ends” by The Sundays

Terrafirma 4:

  • “(Here Comes) The Monster” by Stuck Mojo
  • “The Crucifixion Is Now” by The Dwarves
  • “Caught Up In The Game” by Infinite Mass
  • “War Pimp Renaissance” by LARD
  • “Yikes” by Facepuller
  • “Shake Hands With Beef” by Primus
  • “Reality” by Pulley
  • “Fallin’ Up” by Black Eyed Peas
  • “On-Line” by Crutch
  • “Demonic Refusal” by Testament
  • “Nothing Is Something” by MD.45
  • “Easy Money” by Wise Monkey Orchestra

Terrafirma 5:

  • “These Streets” by Samsara
  • “Sal Pa’ Fuera” by Puya
  • “Eva” by Ozomatli
  • “I Wanna Be A Drug-Sniffing Dog” by LARD
  • “Pollution” by Limp Bizkit
  • “Alive” by Artsonic
  • “Death Valley Dreams” by Melliah Rage
  • “O Le Le” by Ozomatli
  • “Johnny’s Got A Problem” by D.I.
  • “Dogs Of War” by Mötorhead
  • “Cubical” by S.O.L.*
  • “Bit Cosy” by SNUFF
  • “Tired” by Sprung Monkey
  • “One Shot” by Mad Caddies

Terrafirma 6:

  • “D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)” by Testament
  • “Down For Life” by Testament
  • “Other People’s Misery” by Therapy?
  • “Ten Year Plan” by Therapy?
  • “Remain Calm” by One Minute Silence
  • “Empty Promises” by Hatebreed
  • “Metalone” by Dogpiss
  • “The Next Level” by Bolt Upright
  • “Before” by Bolt Upright
  • “Bück Dich” by Rammstein
  • “You Can’t Bring Me Down” by Suicidal Tendencies
  • “Nicky Fry” by Consumed
  • “B-Boy Document” by The High And Mighty
  • “Blemish” by Snapcase
  • “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due” by Megadeth
  • “Sweet & Low” by Fugazi

Terrafirma 7:

  • “Pass Out Of Existence” by Chimaira
  • “Vexation” by Chimaira
  • “Future Breed Machine” by Meshuggah
  • “New Noise” by Refused
  • “Come On My Selector” by Squarepusher
  • “Summertime Romance” by Incubus
  • “What Lurks On Channel X?” by Rob Zombie
  • “Umi Says” by Mos Def
  • “Tremere” by Ivet
  • “Ename” by Ivet
  • “Enfilade” by At The Drive-In
  • “Durian” by Cinematic Orchestra
  • “Only” by Anthrax
  • “Be Quiet And Drive” by Deftones

Crusty Demons Of Dirt:

  • “Rag Doll” by Soak
  • “Age of Panic” by Senser
  • “Big Black Woman” by Shrinky Dinx
  • “Gadnium” by Gadnium
  • “(Untitled)” also known as “Penetration” by Purple Bosco
  • “Jing Faucet” by Soak
  • “Ashes” by Strung Out
  • “States of Mind” by Senser
  • “Down On The Farm” by Soak
  • “Anybody See” by Burnin’ Groove

Crusty Demons Of Dirt 2:

  • “Ride Hard, Ride Free” by Gadnuim
  • “Bloodstains” by Agent Orange
  • “Malted Vomit” by Guttermouth
  • “The Ice Below” by Tribe After Tribe
  • “Rapture” by Gadnium
  • “Whiskey” by Guttermouth
  • “Tehran” by The Offspring
  • “Let’s Ride” by Burnin’ Groove
  • “How Long You Wanna Live?” by The Grabbers
  • “Devil May Care” by Glü Gun
  • “The Fight Has Just Begun” by Gadnium
  • “Fuck It Up” by Darylistyk
  • “Burning Sands” by Shoot The Moon

Crusty Demons Of Dirt 3:

  • “A Drug Against War” by KMFDM
  • “Hessian” by Los Infernos
  • “Thanks” by The Grabbers
  • “Clean Cut American Kid” by Ill Repute
  • “Kids of the Black Hole” by The Adolescents
  • “Lock Down” by Guttermouth
  • “Electric Head pt.1 (The Agony)” by White Zombie
  • “Buck Naked On A Big Wheel” by Smut Peddlers
  • “Alan’s on Fire” by Poison Idea
  • “Thieves” by Ministry
  • “Everything Turns Grey” by Agent Orange
  • “All I Want” by The Offspring
  • “Trouble Follows” by Backbone

Crusty 4: God Bless The Freaks:

  • “Filth” by FYF
  • “Fuel” by Metallica
  • “Steppin’ up” by Burnin’ Groove
  • “Ripped Off” by Gadnium
  • “Cuban Cigar” by Skiptooth
  • “Umbabarauma” by Soulfly
  • “Restless And Wild” by Accept
  • “Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny” by Bloodhound Gang
  • “American Made” by Guttermouth
  • “Hideaway” by The Playboyz
  • “Stubborn” by Senser
  • “Spider-Man” by Gadnium
  • “More Human Than Human” by White Zombie
  • “Pachuco” by Skiptooth
  • “Reverse… Almost Religious” by Moonspell
  • “Opium” by Moonspell
  • “True Life”by T.A.S.C.

Crusty 2000: The Metal Millennium:

  • “Voodoo” by Godsmack
  • “Whiplash” by Metallica
  • “Jack N’ Coke” by Undermind
  • “Just One Fix” by Ministry
  • “Open Your Eyes” by Guano Apes
  • “The Truth Should Never Be Concealed” by Agent Orange
  • “Dragula” by Rob Zombie
  • “Misery Train” by T.A.S.C.
  • “This Is All I Need” by Agent Orange
  • “Champion” by Grinspoon
  • “Velvet Fungus” by Orpheum
  • “Killer Freeze” by Another Brother
  • “New Dogs New Tricks” by One Minute Silence
  • “Unsafe At Any Speed” by Agent Orange

Steel Roots:

  • “Symphony Of Destruction” by Megadeth
  • “Every Time” by Pennywise
  • “The Meaning Of Life” by The Offspring
  • “Just One Fix” by Ministry
  • “Car Crash” (wrongfully listed as “Organized”) by Powerman 5000
  • “Long Whip / Big America” by Corrosion Of Comformity
  • “Speed Home California” by Sugar Ray
  • “Orange Sunshine” by LEAD**
  • “Hang Ten” by Rudy And The Surf Kings
  • “A Secret Place” by Megadeth
  • “One Track Mind” by Hellafied Funk Crew
  • “Don’t Drag Me Down” by Social Distortion

Steel Roots 2:

  • “Coz I Can” by Hardknox
  • “Dissolve” by Profesional Murder Music
  • “One Step Closer” by Linkin’ Park
  • “Peaceful Day” by Pennywise
  • “Kryptonite” by 3 Doors Down
  • “Rookie” by Boy Sets Fire
  • -[unspecified title] by Karma To Burn
  • “Everything In The World” by Profesional Murder Music
  • “The Game” by Disturbed
  • “Take A Look Around” by Limp Bizkit
  • “Great Expectations” by Jurassic 5

Steel Roots 3:

  • “Coming Back With A Sword” by Hardknox
  • “Fire Like This” by Hardknox
  • “Some Kinda Freak” by Mephisto Odyssey
  • “Mother” by Danzig
  • “Turntable TV” by DJ Q Bert
  • “Du Hast” by Rammstein
  • “Take California” by Propellerheads
  • “I Sit On Acid (Mickey Blotter Mix)” by Lords Of Acid
  • “Stem” by DJ Shadow
  • “Dr. Feelgood” by Mötley Crue
  • “Bounce” by System Of A Down
  • “Crawling In The Dark” by Hoobastank
  • “All Over Me” by Drowning Pool
  • “Prosthetics Of Steel” by Hotwire
  • “Structural Defect” by Static X
  • “Magic Carpet Ride (Phillip Steir Remix)” by Steppenwolf
  • “Speed” by Atari Teenage Riot
  • “Got The Time” by Anthrax
  • “Magic’s Wand” by Whodini
  • “The Winner” by The Crystal Method

Organ Donors:

  • “Electric Head pt. 2 (Sexational After Dark Mix)” by Rob Zombie
  • “In A Moment” by No fun at all
  • “Big Red Rocket of Love” by Reverend Horton Heat
  • “Blood In My Eyes” by Dimestore Hoods
  • “No Solution” by Sprung Monkey
  • “Young Boys” by Lords of Acid*
  • “Plugged In” by HeadCrash
  • “Stains” by HeadCrash
  • “Bleed” by Sentenced
  • “Mr. Moto” by Agent Orange
  • “G-Man” by Los StraightJackets
  • “War Machine” by Dimestore Hoods
  • “What’s Going On” by Senser
  • “Need to Die” by Psykosonik

FMF Factory Practice:

  • “Lying On The Floor” by Getting Red (wrongfully credited as “Otis” which is actually the album name)
  • “All I Want” by Purple Bosco
  • “Tom Song” by The Lemmings, New Jerusalem and 30 Foot Whipper 
  • “Murder Me, I Die” by I.C.U.
  • “Burning, Itching Irritation” by Sinkhole
  • “Black Sabbath” by Black Sabbath
  • “Sunday School” by Karl Denson
  • “Big Sky” by The Reverend Horton Heat
  • “Deep Shag (Aqua Magic Remix)” by Luscious Jackson
  • “She Just Wants To” by The Skeletones
  • “Root Down (Free Zone Mix)” by Beastie Boys

Motocross Video Games Music:

Check out my roundup of the best motocross and dirt bike racing games

Championship Motocross ft. Ricky Carmichael:

  • “All Star” by Martine Schioeler
  • “RIOT NRRRD” by 2 Skinee Js
  • “Moon Baby” by Godsmack
  • “The Weed, The Tree and Me” by Aversion
  • “Hit Machine” by Guttermouth
  • “Food Storage” (wrongfully listed as “I Have A Dream”) by Guttermouth
  • “Sal Pa’ Fuera” by Puya
  • “Too Cold” by Vanilla Ice
  • “Champion” by Grinspoon

Championship Motocross 2001 ft. Ricky Carmichael:

  • “1845” by One Minute Silence
  • “Ashes” by Strung Out
  • “Secure Horizons” by Guttermouth
  • “Loose” by PRIMER 55
  • “Open Season” by Bomb 32 (Name that the band Headstrong used to go by)
  • “Again And Again” by Taproot
  • “Caught It From Me” by Pimpadelic
  • “One For the Braves” by Good Riddance

Monster Energy Supercross 2018

  • “Rapcore” by Brute Force 2
  • “Immortal (with Scott Stallone & Steven Stern)” by Matthew Todd Naylor
  • “No Regrets” by Mitchell Ray Marlow
  • “Grave Rider (with Darren Barrie Loveday)” by Stephen James Loveday
  • “Black Heart Army (with Darren Barrie Loveday)” by Stephen James Loveday
  • “No Mistakes” by Mitchell Ray Marlow
  • “Empire of the Dark (with Darren Barrie Loveday)” by Stephen James Loveday
  • “Blind Faith (with Oscar Neidhardt & Dorian Neidhardt)” by Nicolas Neidhardt
  • “Full Guard (with Oscar Neidhardt & Dorian Neidhardt)” by Nicolas Neidhardt
  • “Iron Fists (with Oscar Neidhardt & Dorian Neidhardt)” by Nicolas Neidhardt
  • “In The Red” by Mitchell Ray Marlow
  • “Young Blood” by Andrew Britton
  • “Raise Hell (Hell Yes)” by Dorothy
  • “Say I Won’t” by Slowburn

Monster Energy Supercross 2019

  • “I Don’t Like Me Anymore” by NOFX
  • “Road Less Traveled” by Sick of It All
  • “Get Bronx” by Sick of It All
  • “Clatter and Hiss” by Western Addiction
  • “Fast One” by Avail
  • “Biomag” by No Use For A Name
  • “Victim To Be” by PEARS
  • “No Greater Fight” by Good Riddance
  • “Class War 2000” by Good Riddance
  • “Ace of Spades” by Motorhead

Monster Energy Supercross 2020

  • “Shotgun (with Syed Saif Haider Naqvi & Higgi Sauce)” by Azita Qazzaz
  • “Pressure (with Marcelo Rodriguez)” by Kyle Devine
  • “Bronx Block Party (with Runone)” by Simon Tew
  • “Elixir” by Laurent Lombard
  • “Get You” by Stephen Cornish
  • “Avalanche (with Cat Gray)” by Steve Ronald Ouimette
  • “Cold Sweat” by Jules Bromley
  • “Blastwave” by Ryle

Ridge Racer Unbounded

  • “Stand By (Krafty Kuts Remix)” by Scratch Perverts – Electronica
  • “Exit” by Unknown Error – D&B
  • “Blindfold (with The Upbeats)” by Noisia – D&B
  • “Crash and Burn” by Overseer – Electronic rock
  • “Double Down Under” by The Crystal Method – Electronica
  • “Survive The Drop” by RuN RIOT – Electronic rock
  • “Persecution” by Ever Never – Electronica
  • “Kill Everybody” by Skrillex – Dubstep
  • “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites” by Skrillex – Dubstep
  • “Tsui Tsui” by Yu Miyake – Electronica
  • “Road Mauler” by Rio Hamamoto – Electronic rock
  • “Beat Assassinator” by Rio Hamamoto – Electronic rock
  • “The Finger” by Rio Hamamoto – Electronic rock
  • “Freak Out” by Ajurika – Electronica
  • “Explorers” by Hiroshi Okubo – Electronica
  • “Orbital Rock” by Hiroshi Okubo – Electronic rock
  • “Take a Ride” by Hiroshi Okubo – D&B
  • “Drifting Spiders” by Ajurika – Electronica
  • “Mushrooms” by Sampling masters MEGA – Electronic rock
  • “Wrong Way” by Sampling masters MEGA – Electronica
  • “1 Halen” by Sampling masters AYA – Electronic rock
  • “Lederhosen Samurai” by Sampling masters AYA – Electronica
  • “Down & Under” by Sanodg – Electronica
  • “Bad Day (Fools Edit)” by Devolt – Rock
  • “Nocturne (Dubstep Remix)” by Frederic Chopin – Dubstep
  • “Psych Out (with Toby Bricheno)” by Jan Josef Cyrka – Electronic rock
  • “Disarray (with Mac Lane)” by Greg Hatwell – Electronic rock
  • “???” by Bronx Block Party (with Runone)
  • “Rap” by Elixir
  • “Electronica” by Get You
  • “Rock” by Avalanche (with Cat Gray)
  • “Electronica” by Cold Sweat
  • “Dubstep” by Blastwave

Twisted Metal 4

  • “A More Violent Approach” by One Minute Silence – Metal
  • “Grease Paint And Monkey Brains” by White Zombie – Metal
  • “Alien Magnet” by Ghoulspoon – Metal
  • “Lightning Strikes” by Cypress Hill – Rap
  • “And Some Ya Lose” by One Minute Silence – Metal
  • “Time’s Running Out” by Cirrus – Electronica
  • “Superbeast (Girl On A Motorcycle Mix)” by Rob Zombie – Metal
  • “Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Mix)” by Rob Zombie – Industrial
  • “Chaos” by Skold – Metal

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