Best Dirt Bike Helmet Under $200

We all know dirt bikes can be an expensive hobby and many of us have a strict budget when buying gear. If that is the case – first try saving on the less essential areas than your head. Check out these awesome dirt bike helmets under $200 that meet all the right safety measures and desirable features.

Helmets – Essentially one of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll need when taking up this thrilling & exhilarating sport. I’ve always been a big helmet guy! Comfort for those long rides and a sleek appearance so you look good while on them! But some fail to remember the principal job of the helmet – Safety! 

Not to worry though, we at the First Checkpoint have put together a few options of cheap dirt bike helmets that won’t break the bank, and have all the necessary safety criteria to keep that head of yours protected!

Reviews: Best Dirt Bike Helmets Under $200

With safety in mind, these are the 5 best dirt bike helmets under $200.

Most Comfortable Dirt Bike Helmet under $200

HJC FG-MX Motorcycle Helmet

Protection & Durability:★★★★☆

Value For Money:★★★★★




Value for Money

With the HJC coming in at around the mid mark of our $200 budget, we have another great helmet here! A well-known and trusted brand, who have made a helmet that has all the fundamental, but very functional features included. This is a great option & certainly one to consider. It is worthy noting that prices may vary due to vinyl chosen so just be aware of that.


The HJC FX-MX helmet is DOT and Snell certified with the latter one of the tougher to quality for. This means you should have absolutely no concerns over its protection & durability.

Comfort & Features

Fitted with washable and removable SilverCool Plus lining, its moisture-wicking pads are designed using antibacterial materials which minimizes any possible odor retention. This helmet is also manufactured with CAD technology (Computer Aided Design) which assists with keeping the helmet lightweight. A light helmet is a comfortable helmet! It also improves the overall fit on your head, and comes with three different color interiors and liners depending on the vinyl you decide on.

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Most Durable & Functional

O'Neal 5 Series Savage Helmet

  • Sturdy shell construction
  • Efficient ventilation system
  • Removable and washable liner

Value for Money

If value for money is what you are looking for, We’re off to a good start! The O’Neal series 5 is a helmet you will certainly get your money’s worth out of. Slick features as well as new tech, light materials used to manufacture it are just a few of the reasons it receives this outstanding rating. 


The O’Neal 5 Series Off Road Helmet is both DOT, ECE 22-05 and AS/NZS certified. This makes it a very safe and durable helmet.

Comfort & Features

Equipped with the Coolmax® plush liner which will keep your head comfortable as well as wick away any sweat, this is a great added feature for those longer, harder rides. It also has great ventilation with multiple air vents to help draw out the heat from your head as well as vents replacing that warm air with cool outdoor air which makes for great circulation.

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Advanced Protection for Off-Road Riding

Bell MX-9 Helmet

Value for Money

I personally believe the Bell MX-9 ranks right up there as one of the best helmets under $200. Coincidentally my very first dirt bike helmet was the Bell Moto 7K, although that being a very long ago now! Fast forward 10+ years and we got the MX-9 – A helmet with an array of features and super sleek look, it has certainly earned it’s great rating.


This is a 3 shell helmet with EPS sizes that are DOT certified, as well as meets the FMVSS 218 standard. It also usually comes with (depending on the retailer) an industry-leading five-year warranty.

Comfort & Features

Made with lightweight polycarbonate and ABS shell construction, and fitted with a fully adjustable Flying Bridge Visor and a Velocity Flow Ventilation system for best cooling, this helmet has all bells and whistles – excuse the pun!

The interior is also removable & washable after those long sweaty rides. Nothing over the top or extravagant but for a dirt bike helmet under $200 it will certainly leave you a happy customer!

Interested In Helmet Safety?

Check out this article on helmet crash statistics and how helmets have helped save lives.

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Sleek Design with Reliable Safety

Fox Racing V1 Helmet

  • Sleek, matte finish design
  • Magnetic Visor Release System (MVRS)
  • Efficient airflow and ventilation

Value for Money

The Fox V1 2021 is a great, if not overachieving, entry level helmet. It comes in considerably above the usual beginners helmets, but with more of a simplistic approach in terms of features when compared to the more premium helmets. It recently went through a redesign a few seasons ago and now stands as a reliable helmet that certainly looks the part! Ranging at the high end of the sub $200 mark it’s certainly not number 1 for Value for Money, but its modern technology makes its price tag justifiable. 


Safety is number one priority and over at Fox Racing this is no different. The 2021 V1 exceeds both the ECE 20.05 and D.O.T and meets A.C.U Gold for competitive riding in the UK. I’d say that’s a pretty decorated resume!

It also features a visor designed to release in the event of a crash, as well as new MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) technology, which is scientifically proven to reduce rotational forces on impact.

Comfort & Features

Comfort is one thing that is a given with this helmet. Plush interior and fitted cheek pads, while being designed with best-in-class airflow for improved moisture management are a few of the great features of the 2021 V1. Its safety features which are mentioned above are modernized & real top end making it a real competitive helmet.

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Most Versatile & Comfortable

LS2 Off-Road Subverter Evo Dirt Bike Helmet

Protection & Durability:★★★★☆

Value For Money:★★★★★




Value for Money

The LS2 Off-Road Subverter Evo Dirt Bike Helmet is a smart choice for riders looking for superior ventilation and comfort. It offers commendable value for money. Considering its exceptional ventilation system, Kinetic Polymer Alloy shell, and emergency release cheek pads, you're definitely getting a great return on your investment. While it lacks an integrated sun visor, the overall features and benefits provided align well with the price point.


Safety is a key consideration for any helmet, and the LS2 Subverter Evo shines in this aspect. The helmet's shell is constructed from LS2's proprietary Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA), offering high-impact resistance and providing an added layer of protection. Another remarkable feature of the Subverter Evo is its emergency-release cheek pads. This is an important safety feature for any off-road adventure, allowing for easier helmet removal in the event of an accident.

It also meets both DOT and ECE safety standards, a testament to its high safety rating.

Comfort and Features

The LS2 Subverter Evo Dirt Bike Helmet stands out with its superb ventilation system when it comes to comfort. The myriad of vents scattered across the helmet ensures a constant flow of cool air, contributing to rider comfort, especially in warmer weather or during strenuous rides. The helmet might run a bit larger on sizing, so it's important to ensure the right fit for optimal comfort. Despite the lack of an integrated sun visor, the helmet's overall comfort-focused features are impressive.

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Riders often buy a pair of goggles at the same time when buying a helmet. This helps to make sure your new goggles get you the same comfortable fit as your old ones. Check out this review of the best dirt bike goggles if you’re considering a nice upgrade. Here’s an article for your kids dirt bike goggles as well.

What to Look For In A Sub $200 Motocross Helmet

When it comes to your head, there is little room for compromise. Whether you’ve spent $800 on one of the premium Dirt Bike helmets or $200, A head impact is the same! It is for this reason that we suggest making both your helmet and boots your first priority when buying your riding kit! If it is the budget you are concerned about, first try trimming from the less essential areas, 


Depending on where you reside or the make of the helmet you are purchasing, there are many different helmet safety standards out there. It is therefore up to the customer to ensure the correct safety rating is obtained for the relative activity you are buying it for. 

A helmet used to travel down to the local supermarket, may well be completely unsuitable for off road terrains on the weekend with your friends, or even further entry level competition racing. Because of this it is important to do your research and know which relevant certification you will need. In this article we mentioned ratings like DOT, ECE, Snell – these are all the top safety standard ratings. Read here for a more detailed read on helmet safety standards.


It is also suggested that when making your next purchase you look at the comfort of each helmet as well as the materials used in the production of it. These are definitely great components to look at and things you should take into account so that you are able to make the best decision when it comes to purchasing your helmet. The helmet liners and moisture wicking pads make for the most comfortable helmets as well as weight.

Key Features

Key features are also another component to take into account: With the latest helmets these days all having new technology safety, comfort and ventilation systems – you really can tell if you are getting your money’s worth just by simply checking out for these things. Weight also makes a big difference, particularly for longer trail rides.

Top Budget Dirt Bike Helmet Brands

Many of these brands also make some of the best high-end helmets. If you’re shopping in the $200 range, you might want to check out the helmets under $300.


O’Neal distributions was founded by Jim O’Neal in 1970 when racing was just starting to get serious. Since then they have consistently featured in conversations when talking about the best motocross gear. A brand that can definitely say they’ve been there and done that, and personally one I seriously vouch for. 


HJC is a South Korean helmet manufacturing company & have been manufacturing helmets for the past 50 years. They don’t only sell helmets, but have made making top-quality helmets their top priority since 1971. With their Eastern spin on things they have become renowned as a great and reliable brand.


Bell is a company built around helmets, and some pretty good ones at that! Established 1954, they have done it all & look at themselves as one of the pioneers in the development of the helmet and its safety protocols throughout the years where more extensive research has been done. If you want functionality and reliability you don’t really need to look any further! Check out all their motocross helmets and you’ll see exactly what I mean!

Fox Racing

Fox Racing is one of the world leaders in motocross and mountain biking gear and apparel. They kit some of the world’s best competitive athletes and thrill seeking enthusiasts with top of the range apparel for their respective codes. Fox Racing looks to combine innovation with style, and has a deep rooted relationship with the motocross scene.

Fly Racing

Fly Racing is another world renowned gear and apparel brand hailing from the Great United States. Established in 1998 they are not the oldest brand around but their rise has been truly astronomical! Kitting out World Champions in multiple different extreme Sports they are definitely ones to consider regardless of the piece of gear you are looking for.

Last Checkpoint

As always, Thank you for checking out the First Checkpoint.

I hope this read has provided you with the necessary insight and knowledge when looking at cheaper helmets. I also hope you are in a much better position now to make the right buy, than when you started reading this review! 

Always keep in mind that safety is your number one priority and if after reading this you are willing to stretch that budget out a little further feel free to check out my Best Dirt Bike Helmets review. Otherwise with this guidance there definitely are some great sub $200 picks out there! Whether it be the Fly Racing F2 which has some seriously good reviews but tops the price chart, or something a little more rounded in all departments like the Bell MX-9 or the HJC FG-MX

Lastly, if you have any questions, feedback, thoughts, or advice for myself and/or other readers, I encourage you to drop a comment below.

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