Best Dirt Bike Grips For Motocross & Enduro

Few things make the difference that grip selection and installation do. Choosing the best dirt bike grips for you and your bike need not be a mystery.

Your grips are your main connection to your bike. Sure, there are other contact points, but your grips are your means of control and input. They provide tack for control and absorb vibrations and impacts. The best dirt bike grips do all of these things, continuing to function for as long as possible.

Best dirt bike grips - Orange ktm dirt bike with motocross grips

There are many facets to selecting the right grips and installing them. Riding style and motorcycle type dictate much, but there is also a matter of preference. The low cost of most grips allows for some experimentation, but it helps to know which grips are leading the dirt bike industry.

My personal preference is to go for a simple, thin half-waffle grip. I find the dual compound grips my gloves in already the right places and the thinner rubber helps me fight off arm-pump and fatigue. If you’re looking for grips to prevent blisters, I highly suggest getting a pair of these Risk Racing Palm Protectors. Since I started riding with them I’ve never looked back.

Best Dirt Bike Grip Reviews – Our Top Picks

Best Enduro Grips

Renthal Tapered Dual Compound Half Waffle Grips


Value For Money: 5

Style: 4

Compound: 5

Features: 3

Ease Of Install: 5

Durability: 5

A classic in every sense of the word. These dual-compound bike grips utilize a half-waffle pattern to improve rider grip.

If you don’t know the Renthal name, you’ve been living under a rock instead of riding over them. Known more for their high-quality handlebars and sprockets, Renthal grips are nevertheless extremely popular among MX grips.

Renthal’s Tapered Half-Waffle grips don’t actually taper in size. Rather, it is the size of the diamonds in the texture pattern that gradually gets smaller (larger at the flange to smaller at the bar end). The intention is to mimic the different ergonomics of a closed fist, and the improvement in grip can take some new users by surprise.

These dual-compound Motocross grips also utilize a half-waffle pattern to further improve rider grip. However, unlike some other dual-compound grips, there is no difference in density between a full diamond and the waffle pattern.

Instead, the ends and underlying colored rubber are firmer to increase the lifespan of the grip. The gray rubber on top is softer for comfort.

  • One of the most popular half-waffle grips
  • Cushy and soft for a noticeable change when renewing grips
  • Hard underlying layer prevents slippage on handlebar
  • A classic design from a trusted Brand
  • Light gray color shows dirt quickly
  • Only Renthal glue will work with this compound
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Best MX Grips For Arm Pump

Scott Sports Diamond Dirt Bike Grips


Value For Money: 5

Style: 4

Compound: 5

Features: 3

Ease Of Install: 5

Durability: 5

Scott’s Diamond Grips are supremely popular in many off-road riding circles because of their ability to reduce the dreaded arm pump. The secret to their grip comes from the Diamond Grips’ three compound densities.

Scott Sports may have started with a revolutionary new ski pole in the 1950s, but its entrance in the dirt bike market in 1970 put it on the Powersports map. Scott grips have consistently pushed the market forward since that time. Scott’s Diamond Grips are supremely popular in many off-road riding circles because of their ability to reduce the dreaded arm pump.

Among many other reasons, arm pump occurs because of riders taking a very firm grip on the bars. The strain backs up blood flow, causing painful swelling and a dangerous lack of grip strength. A common cure is to make sure that your grips provide enough, well, grip. Scott Diamond Grips have that is spades. Another great way to try to deal with this is to try a set of dirt bike gloves for arm pump. Thinner gloves often result in less strain on the muscles in your hands and forearms and make for some the best mx grips.

The secret to their grip comes from the Diamond Grips’ three compound densities. The full diamond pattern is a medium compound to help absorb vibrations and provide a tacky base. The grips also incorporate a raised, medium-density, wraparound waffle pattern for added grip.

The end caps are firmer still, providing durability and a tactile sense of the hands being on the bar end. It all combines to reduce the rider’s grip pressure, which then reduces fatigue.

  • Designed to reduce arm fatigue and arm pump
  • Provides superior tack
  • Large flanges with included donuts to prevent blisters
  • Thicker material on the clutch side so left and right feel no different
  • Can deteriorate quickly if left in the hot sun too long
  • Lose their tack (but not vibration dampening) quicker than some
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Most Popular Dirt Bike Grips

PRO TAPER Pillow Top Grips


Value For Money: 5

Style: 3

Compound: 5

Features: 3

Ease Of Install: 5

Durability: 5

The popularity of Pro Taper Pillow Top grips is owed to their gel-like compound that reduces felt vibrations. The grip surface is quite tacky, reducing the need to invoke a vice-like grip on the bars.

Pro Taper is one of the most popular and well-known brands in motorcycling. The company’s grips have a reputation for comfort and durability that is hard to equal. Pro Taper Pillow Top grips have consistently been rated as the best grips in the dirt bike world.

The popularity of Pillow Top grips is owed to their ability to reduce felt vibrations. The grip surface is quite tacky, reducing the need to invoke a vice-like grip on the bars. However, the compound of the inner core is much stiffer, which increases the bond between grip and bar. The ends on Pillow Tops are easy-to-remove, allowing for wrap-around hand protectors or the bar-end weights on older dirt bikes.

Of course, reducing vibrations is useless if the grips leave you hanging on for dear life. Pillow Tops incorporate ample spaces between their raised lugs to help provide better traction. The spaces also help the grips shed dirt and mud, much like a self-cleaning MX tire does.

Available in a variety of colorways to match the Big Four’s schemes, Pro Taper Pillow Top has earned its place as possibly the best dirt bike grips available.

  • Soft, gel-like compound reduces felt vibrations
  • Multiple colorways to match manufacturer schemes
  • Provide unsurpassed traction to help lighten grip pressure
  • Among the most comfortable and best grip available
  • Shortish length can leave gap between grip and controls.
  • Require replacement sooner than some other (harder) grips
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Best Lock-On MX Grips

ODI Emig Pro V2 Lock On Grips


Value For Money: 4

Style: 5

Compound: 5

Features: 5

Ease Of Install: 5

Durability: 4

ODI originated the lock-on grip, and the grip industry will not likely ever be the same again. Long-lasting, comfortable and easy to replace, the EMIG V2 may well be remembered as being as legendary as its namesake

After decades in the off-road market, ODI (oh-dee-eye) has developed a cult-like following. Its success comes from a dedication to R&D in rubber compound tack and longevity. The recent development of the EMIG sister brand (helmed by legendary MX racer Jeff Emig) and the V2 grip has only added to the ODI appeal.

These are the original EMIG V2 grips, which incorporate a waffle diamond base with a medium-density half-waffle overlay. The waffle pattern stops where the thumb grasps the grip, providing relief from blisters. While there is a newer version of this grip, only the original has end caps that are easily removed for use with wraparound handguards.

Another key feature of the grip is that it is a lock-on type. There is no need for safety wire and an little fuss during installation. ODI originated the lock-on grip, and the grip industry will not likely ever be the same again.

Long-lasting, comfortable and easy to replace, the EMIG V2 may well be remembered as being as legendary as its namesake.

  • Originated the lock-on grip revolution
  • The soft diamond pattern makes these grips extremely comfortable
  • Iconic EMIG name
  • Half waffle design leaves space for the thumb, prevents blisters
  • Not the softest compound on the market
  • Lock-Ons require thinner rubber, so softness is further compromised
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Best Dirt Bike Grips For Vibration

ODI Vans Dirt Bike Grips


Value For Money: 4

Style: 5

Compound: 5

Features: 4

Ease Of Install: 4

Durability: 4

The ODI Vans Grips look awesome and are an excellent option for dirt bike riders looking for a comfortable and non-slip grip. From a user's perspective, the ODI Vans Grips have a soft rubber material and a unique waffle pattern design which makes it a great non-slip grip particularly helpful in wet or muddy conditions. The grips also fit well on the handlebars with easy installation, reducing any slipping or twisting during rides.

The rubber material is sturdy and withstands wear and tear in motocross and enduro. The grips' shock absorption properties also reduce hand fatigue during long rides, although the thickness may lead to some arm pump issues.

The unique waffle pattern design is what sets the ODI Vans Grips apart from other dirt bike grips.

Comparable products to consider include the Renthal Dual Compound Grips and the ProTaper Pillow Top Lite Grips. These grips offer similar performance and durability to the ODI Vans Grips but lack the unique waffle pattern design and the really interesting look and colors.

In terms of drawbacks, some riders may find the ODI Vans Grips to be slightly thicker than other grips, which may take some getting used to.

  • Awesome colors and styles
  • Super-soft rubber grip
  • Great grip and anti-slip texture
  • A little too thick for my liking
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Since picking the right dirt bike grips for your bike can be a challenging task, we’ve decided to share the answers to the most common questions people have while buying bike grips. Let’s figure out what are the crucial features and how to pick the best grips for your bike.

Street motorcycles and most dirt bikes use 7/8-inch handlebars. The larger, 1-inch size is almost exclusively for Harley-Davidsons (and some other cruiser motorcycles). Even a 1 1/8-inch oversize bar will taper down to 7/8 of an inch at the grips. Even dirt bike handlebars designed specifically for tall riders have the same bar dimensions and will work just fine with your grips.

Measure your dirt bike’s handlebar diameter (usually 7/8-inch or 1 1/8-inch) and choose a grip length based on hand size and preference. Ensure compatibility with your bike’s controls, and consider material and design for comfort and control.

To test if the grip fits your bars correctly, slide the grip onto the handlebar. It should fit snugly without excessive force or looseness, ensuring a secure and comfortable hold during rides. Rotating the grip around the bar will be possible, although it should not be easy. Use grip glue before final installation to secure the grips and prevent rotating.

Types of Dirt Bike Grips

Regular Dirt Bike Grips

Dirt bike grips are rubber tubes that go over the handlebar, providing a tacky surface for the rider to grasp. They reduce the vibrations that a running bike sends into the rider’s hands, but they don’t last forever. Grips wear out from use and age. (source)

Once a set of Motocross grips no longer provides tack, the rider’s hands will start to slip, which is dangerous. When grips get to this point, it is time to replace them. It’s best to renew the grips before they get to that point.

Lock-On Dirt Bike Grips

Lock-on grips do not look much different than regular dirt bike grips, but they are easier to remove and install. They consist of a plastic sleeve, around which a rubber grip is molded into place. The plastic tube slides over the bar.

On the throttle side, the sleeve in the lock-on grip replaces and renews the throttle tube. There will also be a variety of bike-specific throttle-cable cams included, one of which should fit your motorcycle.

Lock-on grip has clamps located on the flanges on the grips’ inward side. The grip will rotate freely until the clamp is tightened, so there is no need to fret about alignment. Once the clamp is tightened, the grip is locked into place.

Note that lock-on grips can cost twice as much as regular grips, but that investment pays dividends when it’s time to replace them.

What Grip Textures Should You Choose?

Before picking new bike grips for your motorbike, it’s important to understand differences in textures and how it affects your driving. The most common textures feature a diamond or waffle design, but not in a literal way. For example, waffle design features a ‘waffle’ texture over the grip, while a diamond is similar to a waffle texture, but with a tiny tilt on the sides.

There are hundreds of debates on which grip texture is the best, but the safest bet would be to start with a half-textured grip. You can go with a half diamond or half waffle as it will give you a perfect feel during the ride.

Once you figure out which texture offers the best grip, you can upgrade to a full-textured grip. Our favorite grip texture is by far a full diamond as it provides a steady grip during the most challenging rides.

How to Remove Dirt Bike Grips

Method 1: Removing Dirt Bike Grips the Peel it Method

Depending on if the grips were installed with glue, it may be possible to peel them from the handlebar. This method reduces damage to the bar and the throttle tube. However, it will require patience as you work the grip off of the bar.

Removing bike grips

Take hold of the grip at the flange and peel it outward. Work around the circumference of the bar, peeling it toward the bar end. Work the flat part of the grip back with your other hand. The clutch side of dirt bike handlebars is textured to keep the grip in place, so expect to use quite a bit of force to get the grip moving.

If there is glue present, acetone or a lubricating fluid such as WD-40 (available from Amazon here) can help break the adhesive bond. Once the grip is moving on the bar, simply twist and pull at the same time to gradually pull the grip off. This is where patience is important. Using too much force can cause blisters on your hands. (source)

Method 2: Removing Dirt Bike Grips the Razor Knife Method

If the grip will not move with force alone, use a utility knife to slice it along its length. It is possible to damage the surface of the bar by cutting too deeply. A cut in this location won’t ruin the bar, but it’s best not to cause unnecessary damage.

Once the grip is sliced, it will be relatively simple to peel it from the bar. If you use a chemical to remove the old glue, be careful not to allow it to drip onto any painted surfaces. Whichever method you use, be sure to completely remove any glue residue from the previous grips.

How to Install Dirt Bike Grips

Method 1: Installing Dirt Bike Grips Using Compressed Air

The first method of grip installation involves the use of compressed air (like in the video below), which requires that you have an air compressor available. Be aware that a set of grips will have two different inside diameters. The larger size goes on the throttle tube.

First, place the grip on the bar and push it as far as it will go without forcing it. Place the tip of a nozzle under the flange and hold the other end with your hand. The compressed air will cause the grip to balloon out, making it simple to slide the grip over the bar.

Method 2: Installing Dirt Bike Grips the Wet Method

If you don’t have an air compressor, the wet method is the way to go. Many people use hair spray or some similar product for this, but the chemicals present may damage your new grips (source). Rubbing alcohol is better, as it leaves no residue behind. Grip glue will also work.

Hold the grip vertically but at a 45-degree angle and apply liquid to the inside of the grip. It doesn’t need to coat the whole surface. It will spread out as you install the grip. Next, simply slide your new grips over the handlebar. It may require a bit of force to slide the grip on, but with persistence, it should go.

Align the grip on how you’d like it to be before allowing the liquid or glue to dry. Wait for 12 to 24 hours before riding.


Without the proper grips, you are likely to go flying off your dirt bike in no time. You could even argue that a decent set of grips are as important as your boots when it comes to staying safe.

As was mentioned at the start, grip choice is subjective. What works for one person may feel alien and just plain wrong to another. Still, the Pro Taper Pillow Top takes our top spot as one of the best grips because it does the most things well for most riders. Soft, tacky, and long-lasting, it remains one of the most popular grips in the dirt.

It also scores high marks for easy installation (wet or dry), even if it may leave a bit more bar exposed than some of its competitors. Yet, though they may compete in a few areas, not every grip represents the complete package that the Pillow Top does. It’s been the leader for a while, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.

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