The Best Dirt Bike Chest Protectors For Motocross & Enduro

Ready for a wild ride on your motorcycle? You should cover your core with the best chest protector or roost reflector for motocross and off-roading.

One of the most exciting activities out there is motocross, trails, and off-road riding. There’s the thrill of speed and adventure, but there’s also the chance that you might get hurt – in fact, as many as 95% of motocross riders suffer from a riding-related injury at some point.

Common motocross injuries include broken collarbones, shoulder dislocation and bruised internal organs. Ouch, ouch and ouch. Luckily, a lot of these injuries can be mitigated by putting on the right protective gear. Here are the best chest protectors and roost deflectors help protect against crashes and falls.

What is the best Dirt Bike chest protector For Enduro & Motocross?

These are the five best chest protectors for enduro and motocross dirt bike riders

Best Motocross Chest Protector

Leatt 4.5 Chest Protector

I like buying gear that’s safety certified. There are a lot of companies out there that try to trick you with false features so a universal safety stamp gives me that peace of mind.

This is a full chest protector with the CE certification that we mentioned above. The back is CE EN16210-2 level 2 certified, while the front plate is CE EN 1621-3 level 2 certified for impact protection. Safety: check!

The Leatt chest protector has everything you need: a strong outer shell, an interior with ventilated soft impact foam and even a compatible fitting system for a neck brace. The protector covers the chest, back, shoulder and flanks well for ultimate protection. It fits securely and complements a rider’s motions so if you hate bulky gear that feels heavy and limiting, the Leatt model is a good choice for a dirt bike chest protector.

  • Full protection
  • CE certified
  • Lightweight
  • 3DF AirFit ventilation
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Best Chest Protector for Trail Riding

Alpinestars Max Motorcycle Chest Protector

In the realm of motocross and enduro, nothing quite compares to the peace of mind that comes with wearing a well-constructed chest protector. The Alpinestars Max Motorcycle Chest Protector stands tall in this regard.

The Alpinestars Max has consistently shown an impressive level of protection. The robust shell does a remarkable job of dispersing impact energy, reducing the chance of injury. The lightweight design does not compromise its protective capabilities, allowing for comfortable wear for extended periods.

What sets the Alpinestars Max apart from its competitors is its modularity. The back protector can be detached from the chest piece, offering the rider customization options depending on their riding needs. Additionally, the under-arm adjustable straps offer a secure fit, making it suitable for a variety of body sizes.

The Fox Racing Raptor Vest is a notable competitor in the motocross chest protector market. However, the adjustable and detachable features of the Alpinestars Max offer a unique selling point, enhancing both comfort and protection.

  • Modular design for customization based on riding needs.
  • Robust shell for optimal impact dispersion.
  • Lightweight design for extended wear comfort.
  • Adjustable straps for a secure fit across various body sizes.
  • The straps might take some time to adjust for a perfect fit
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Best Dirt Bike Chest Protector for Trails & Enduro

EVS Sports Chest Protector

EVS are well known for making high-quality riding gear, and there is no exception with their chest protectors. This roost guard is simple and clean. It covers all the core areas like your chest and shoulders, which make it a perfect chest protector for enduro and trail riding.

It’s light in weight, it’s ventilated, it provides full coverage, and both the front and back panels are adjustable. Not only stylish but practical too.

Don’t play around with safety. There’s really no excuse to slack off with good gear – as you can see, there are a lot of affordable options that still look amazing and won’t be dragging down your style (like this one).

  • Full chest and spine coverage
  • Adjustable
  • Really affordable
  • Flimsy Shoulder Straps
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Best Dirt Bike Roost Guard

Fly Racing Revel Race Roost Guard

The Fly Racing Revel Race Roost Guard is a noteworthy addition to any rider's protective gear. For the uninitiated, a 'Roost Guard' is designed to protect your chest and back from debris (commonly referred to as 'roost') thrown up by other bikes.

The Revel Race Roost Guard, with its extensive coverage, ensures ample protection. The guard envelops the rider's chest, back, and shoulders, the areas most susceptible to injury. A valuable characteristic, and the highlight of the guard, is its commendable level of flexibility despite the comprehensive coverage. This flexibility doesn't hinder mobility, which is of utmost importance in motocross and enduro.

Quantitatively speaking, the Revel Race Roost Guard has been subjected to rigorous impact tests and comes certified with CE EN 14021 stone shield certification. This certification implies that it can handle high-impact debris without compromising the safety of the rider.

Of course, there are other commendable options in the market, like the Alpinestars Max Motorcycle Chest Protector or the Leatt Chest Protector 4.5. However, the Revel Race Roost Guard particularly excels in providing extensive coverage with great flexibility and ventilation.

While it's not the only choice for motocross or enduro riders, the Fly Racing Revel Race Roost Guard certainly offers impressive features that go beyond traditional roost guard design. It's a reliable choice for those looking for comprehensive protection without sacrificing comfort and flexibility. 

  • Full Coverage Protection
  • High Impact Resistance: CE EN 14021 stone shield certification.
  • Adjustability: Suitable for riders of different body types and preferences.
  • Ventilation:Allows substantial airflow, reducing rider fatigue during long and strenuous rides.
  • Flexibility: Doesn't hindering the rider's mobility which is crucial in motocross and Enduro.
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Best Motocross Chest Protector

Fox Racing Motocross Roost Deflector

To start, the Fox Racing Roost Deflector excels in providing ample protection to the user. The polycarbonate and expanded polypropylene materials used in its construction provide strong resistance against the stones, debris, and other hazards you might encounter on the trail, minimizing the risk of injury.

A significant asset to this chest protector is its thoughtful design concerning fit and comfort. The Roost Deflector offers adjustable and removable shoulder and back coverage, allowing the user to adapt the product to their specific needs and riding conditions. This attribute, paired with a secure buckle closure system, ensures a snug fit for a broad range of body sizes and types.

With strategically placed vents, the Roost Deflector allows for optimum cooling during your ride, a feature much appreciated when considering the intensity and length of such races.

Fox Racing also considers the integration of the Roost Deflector with other protective gear. Its neck brace-compatible design offers the opportunity to couple it with your preferred neck brace for an all-encompassing protective setup.

Fox Racing's Roost Deflector stands as an efficient and comprehensive solution for riders seeking enhanced protection. 

  • Durable Construction
  • Adjustable Coverage
  • Secure Closure System
  • Ventilation - promotes airflow
  • Neck Brace Compatibility
  • Aesthetic Design
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What To Look For In A Motorcycle Chest Protector

What is a motorcycle chest protector? It’s all in the name: it protects your chest while you are riding! But there is a bit more to the subject, which is what we’re here to share with you. We’ve given you an idea of how important kidney belts are while riding, and this is a similar piece of gear but extends farther upwards and across the torso to provide safety for the upper body.

Like most pieces of gear, there are different styles available across all price ranges but the basic concept is the same. A motorcycle chest protector is sturdy, strong and designed specifically to provide support and protection for the upper body and vital organs such as the heart and lungs while riding and/or racing.

Although chest protectors can be worn for casual riding and touring, this piece of gear is probably better suited for motocross racing and dirt bike riding. Chest protectors and roost deflectors are most commonly worn by off-road and MX racers for extra protection against the elements, crashes and flying rocks, dirt, sticks and everything else that attacks you while riding off-road.

Riding out on trails without a chest protector or roost guard could mean a stick in the chest or a hard rock to the collarbone, while motocross could even mean a handlebar or foot peg bruising your organs if you should fall.

Many professional riders wear their chest protectors underneath their jerseys or racing jackets so if you don’t see anyone else wearing a chest protector, don’t be fooled – it’s there, it’s just hidden out of sight. Even if you’re just out there riding trails, a dirt bike chest protector could mean the difference between a plain old bruise and a nasty fall that could leave you with permanent organ damage or broken bones.

Motocross falls and crashes are inevitable. You need every piece of safety gear you can get. Not convinced yet? Check out this motocross fails video compilation and think again.

Chest Protector Vs Roost Guard

There’s a bit of a difference between an mx body armor chest protector that covers the full upper body and a roost deflector, which is more lightweight and allows a wider range of motion while riding. Some riders find a full chest protector to be a bit uncomfortable and opt for the latter, which serves to deflect rocks, dirt and debris.

Keep in mind though that a roost protector does not offer the same level of protection and probably won’t hold up as well as a full chest protector in a crash. Most modern chest protectors have been designed with comfort in mind and have contoured fits for a less intrusive effect.

Chest Protector Vs Full Body Armor

Impact armor differs quite a bit from a chest protector and is primarily used by pro road racers and motocross/enduro riders. Impact absorbing pads are held in place by a tight race suit to provide maximum protection and safety.

In terms of safety it’s much more encompassing than a chest protector and fully covers parts like collarbones that are most likely to be injured with MX riding. However, in terms of comfort, it’s far from ideal. Full body armor is prone to heating up way too fast, like a hot summer day but inside your suit. It may also impede your flexibility a bit.

motocross body armour

Considerations When Choosing The Best Motocross Chest Protector

Body Type

People are like potatoes, no two are the same. Make sure to find a motocross chest protector that suits your body type – and we don’t mean in terms of fashion sense. Your chest protector doesn’t have to flatter your body type. It does have to fit properly in order to provide that maximum protection and the best level of comfort possible. If you’ve got kids that are into riding dirt bikes, you want to make sure their chest protector fits properly. Large enough to leave some growing room, but secure enough to give them protection. Check out my review of the best youth chest protectors to keep your little one safe.


Some chest protectors come with additional features, such as removable upper arm guards. It might seem like a minor addition but don’t underestimate the power of arm guards. As soon as you head into overgrown terrain and those tree branches give you a good whooping, you’ll realize that the arm guards make it much easier to prevent these stinging injuries and enjoy your ride at peace with Mother Nature.


Like with helmets, chest protectors and roost guards need to be ventilated. Well-placed vents allow air to flow naturally through the gear, thereby lowering the rider’s body temperature. If it’s not well ventilated, you’ll be ripping that chest protector off within minutes so go the extra mile and find one that gives you the breathing room you need.


Not surprisingly, different brands and models of chest protectors and roost guards will offer coverage in various areas. Roost deflectors can often be worn as a chest (front) plate only, with adjustable and removable back plates. Some heavy duty motocross chest protectors will have extra removable coverage for the arms and shoulders, and some include full chest and spine coverage. What you end up getting will depend largely on your personal preference and the type of riding that you will be doing, so think wisely about what you’ll need.

CE Certification

CE certifications indicate that the minimum safety standards for the gear in question have been met. It’s actually a European safety standard and mostly comes on products intended for the European market. However, it’s widely accepted as an international safety standard since there isn’t really anything else to go by. The DOT safety standard for helmets is specifically for the American market but there’s no equivalent measure for other protective gear.

For protective motorcycle gear including shoulder pads, kneepads and back protectors, CE certifications should be EN 1621-1/2/3 and preferably level 2 or 3 for maximum safety. Chest protectors with CE certification are recommended as they will provide the best protection for activities like off-road riding and motocross racing. Roost deflectors may have CE certification for certain parts of the gear, such as the front plate but often come without the CE label. If you’re getting a piece of gear that’s not CE certified, make sure that the materials used are good quality and that the gear will hold up well in case of accident.

So Which Is The Best Motocross Chest Protector?

In keeping with the idea of putting safety first, our vote for the best motocross chest protector is the Leatt 4.5 chest protector. The CE-certification for the plates are on point and if I’m buying a chest protector that’s meant to withstand the hardest blow from a tree or rock or whatever else, I’m not taking chances. The interior material is breathable and the ventilation seems more than sufficient for off-roading purposes.

If you have to go with a lighter option and are willing to risk the odds with a roost deflector, the Alpinestars A1 is a great mid-range option. The front plate is CE-certified and the interior padding is bio-foam – Alpinestars didn’t skimp on the material and although the roost guard doesn’t provide the ultimate safety for motocross or off-road racing, this option will surely protect the front areas that are covered. Safe riding, folks!


  1. Hey Wes. Thanks for the write up. Been a long time since I wore a chest protector and going to go back to one. Been taking too many sticks and branches to the ol titties lately. Will be checking out the ones you recommend.
    Keep on riding! Braap x 2

    1. Glad to hear that my write-up was helpful to you! It’s definitely important to protect yourself while riding, especially when it comes to taking sticks and branches to the chest. Wearing a chest protector can help prevent injuries and keep you comfortable on the trails.
      I’m glad that you’re considering the recommendations I provided, and I hope that you’ll find the perfect chest protector for your needs. Remember to always check the sizing charts and read reviews before making a purchase.
      Keep on riding and take care of yourself! And always remember safety first.
      Braap x 2 to you too!

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